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JUVENILE lyrics - Cocky & Confident

You Can't Stop Me

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] I came from the streets homeboy, I get mine and I gon let you stop my grind. There ain't no way, no way. Imma let a motherfucker come stop me. To getting this cheese to getting this dough. Ain't no way no way Imma let a motherfucker come stop me. [Juvenile] You can't stop the train little nigga, I'm a chew chew. Probably ain't feelin like me cos you ain't used too. Living like this cos little wawday you broke. Searchin for a hustle every where dat you go. Lookin like a snail cos you moving too slow, Trying hard as hell, but you need to do more. But that's on you boy, cos Imma do juvie. Watch that wawdy you stepped on my guccis. Money don't make me money don't move matta fact money ain't shit to me truely. Haters know I got it, and they say they gonna abuse me bitch. I don't know who the fuck they confuse me wit. Ain't stoppin me from gettin what I usually get. [?] I don't care how many goons you wit you can mess around and catch a zulu fit. [Chorus] [Youngin'] Ugh 18 young and gettin big money, haha and nigga ain't shit funny. I get money strapped with a [?]. It might be under my arm like right guard. I say I'm in a swamp with white hard. And in that water like a life guard. I'm from the Big Easy ohh But life hard. So when I spit niggas get like lard. I did it like OJ, Made em all stop like a 4-way. No way Imma let a motherfucker come stop me. I got Me as sure as I got chu, I'm a street fighter like Ryu. Kin and em, left and right I'm sending them. Splittin with ease, gettin cheese. [Chorus] [Kango Slim] I said everytime, this gon be my last time. This my last goal this gon be my last grind. Addicted to the shine, streets got me caught up. Hustlin gettin mine that's how I was brought up. Mama always say I shouldn't do the things I do. But mickey d's cant buy me no gucci shoes. Or them louie loafers, or a maybach. I love weed mama 800 for the sack. I'm up early I didn't go to sleep last night. I'm on the junkie flight tryin to get my fetti right. I'm tryin to serve dem hard and your boy too. Those my customers you know who they belong too. Jealous nigga hatin on a niggas pocket. I got product guranteed to make a nigga profit.

Words Of A Chameleon

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
Check it, I'm the voice of every dead nigga's secrets That's why the fucktards want me dead before I can speak it Yall call it crazy, I'm the heartbeat of every aborted baby High off every line snorted in the 80s Let it breathe, no wonder why his thoughts ratchet See the world through the shades that Stacks wore in his casket I steal his body from the graveyard on foot, ain't no looking back Bring him on tour with me and when it's over put him back If you couldn't tell, the behavior says if a nigga send me to hell it's a favor I never felt that was major, God forgive me or don't, maybe He'll help later Until I'll share pop's nightmares [?] elevator Which taught me not to doubt a coward for a thing Yin-yang theory, shit Juwan Howard got a ring All it takes is the smallest nigga in your camp to get eternal Half a match book will transform to an inferno And jail's so grotesque That cause of my past, I can't bask in my success Peep how my brain masturbates, I mean, I wake up Walk on my deck and stare at a beautiful yard that just reminds of the yard I unlock a cell, a buried man, wrongly accused Bet it all, the judges to put him there, won't be amused This ain't Joe yall, more like the mind of every rape victim Who can't retrace the face of the nigga that had his way with em When my heart stops it crops Every 9-1-1 call that took too long But don't look at it wrong Cause the irony of my group's name is though he seem the luckiest Where we lay our heads seems to be where it's bloodiest To say we're rebels would imply we're against That's a lie nigga, we just convinced So in case the puppet-masters didn't know Joe They tried making us the guinea pigs We just killed it and kept it as a logo

Buckingham Palace

[Canibus] Aiyyo I stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace Selling reefer, puffin the chalice with the Beefeaters Gettin so high that whenever I drop shit it'll land on the window of your airplane cockpit Canibus with the hot shit, Crazy I. Click Niggaz is bloody idiots thinkin that they can stop this I'll increase my strength, to a super human extent Nigga your rhyme ain't worth sixpence And if you can hear, smell, see, touch, and taste then you don't need six senses to feel me punch you in the face From Brixton, to Clapham Common, my lyrics invade Europe like Joseph Stalin, and murder niggaz for rhymin Spittin fire, with gasoline for saliva As drunk as Lady Diana's driver wit reporters behind her Alcohol in the hands of a minor I got you panickin like bombs, with 30 second timers Clear the buildin, evacuate women and children Fuck what you feelin nigga, I came here to kill em Straight shittin, from New York to Great Britain And when we do shows we make the Queen pay admission, what! Chorus: Canibus (and crowd) When I say Can-I you say Bus Can-I (BUS!) Can-I (BUS!) Yo, when I say Can-I you say Bus Can-I (BUS!) Can-I (BUS!) [Canibus] Yo.. yo.. Yo prepare for the worst This next verse is the face of death Me without lyrics is like a porn flick without sex Illmatic, my lyrical skills are Jurassic With more flavor then Skittles when I'm digitally mastered I go off like a cannon and blow up the planet with No Fear, like them clothes white boys be wearin I'm tougher than denim, lethal like venomous snake bites The marijuana makes my eyes bright red like brake lights There ain't a party I couldn't rock, believe that There ain't a microphone brave enough to give me feedback I'm strong, my word is Bond like James Niggaz be tryin to test, but they 'week' like seven days MC's run away when I kick it; they act so chicken they should come with a large drink and a biscuit My style's radioactive, massive atomic I plan to push the Earth in front of Halley's Comet Breakin the +Facts of Life+ down like Tudy, I'm raw like sushi with more +Vocab+, than three fuckin Fugees So recognize or be hospitalized cause lyrically on a scale of one to ten I'm twenty-five Chorus [Canibus] Yo, yo, a little bit of weed and some Henessey got me ready to set it with kinetic energy See I need much more energy then my enemies If I wanna make more Bill's then Bellamy So I could be on MTV with women constantly tellin me I resemble Billy Dee I make fly rhymes to get my name on the scene Then when I'm on the scene I do shows to get the green Then I take the green, buy a automobile machine for that thing on page 43, in Jet Magazine Canibus is the ultimate executioner's dream Swingin the guillotine, cause whenever the head is severed from the human body with a sharp enough weapon the brain remains conscious for ten seconds Long enough for me to give you one last message And when you get to Hell you can tell Lucifer I said it Don't ever get it confused, fuckin with Canibus the human Rubix Cube like you got somethin to prove Yo, whoever grabs the mic after me'll get booed Get everything in the club thrown at you and your crew From Moet bottles to bar stools, fruits and foods You got a album out, you get hit with your CD too Runnin outside, cryin, lyin, denyin that you ain't The Gay Rapper, but you got fucked by him What's the difference Y'all niggaz still ain't in lyrical fitness Too busy mixin your bid'ness with your bitches While I be in the lab composin forbidden scriptures So wicked I got, Satan ejaculatin on his fingers Like Dirk Diggler, in the middle of +Boogie Nights+ Sniffin white, livin the hype, he ruined his life But I'm a MC of a different type, yeah that's right Make sure your shit is tight, or I'ma snatch yo' mic, nigga! Chorus

Get Up Get Down

COOLIO "Gangsta's Paradise"
Verse One: Malika Steppin up out the shadows I comes equipped to wreck Hold up just a sec Coolio I'm on deck (Malika) Yes the diction is on point Causin, friction when I flex up the jaw or hit the joint That can actually give a blood mob like Gotti Like the body cool, keep the scrap for the naughty Niggie trippin why you scheme so don't step up with no bullshit See that there it's clip for this stickup on the hip Peep the correct way to get your pimp on Let me hit the bong oh and my mind's quite strong Wreck it nice and proper if it's on I'm finsta to stop her If I'm swingin for the knockout, best believe I'm fit to drop her Ninety-five's on pocket, representin I keep stompin Throw up my fists just like this when I'm mobbin Verse Two: Shorty I killed the last, killed the ass, with my ninety-five drive I'm deep like d-cell with my Crimson Tide, nigga Like Chaka Khan, I tell you something good I'm Hi-C like Spike Lee with a Tale From the Hood You need it, I'll feed it, baby check the size Have you Goin Down like Mary J. Blige When it's popping like this, you can't be a coward Shorty freaks fuckin beats like Adina Howard My squad, is hard, with players, and hustlers No toleration, for fakers and busters Fuckin with me with all honesty You get bombed rap songs coming constantly Bumpin G-15's, Westside scene Killin the competition, while making a fuckin green So ring, around the rosie, and mosey to the Rosie And I want you to know G Chorus: We bust and cuss and kick up dust Don't none of y'all niggaz want to fuck with us So what's the time? It's time to get paid Why you bust your rhyme? Cause I got skills We bust and cuss and kick up dust Don't none of y'all niggaz want to fuck with us So what's the time? It's time to get paid Why you bust your rhyme? Cause that's how I bail Verse Three: Leek Ratt (of 40 Thevz) Watch me swallow this nickel and shit five pennies I'm the loc'est of them all though the rat is kinda skinny How many linny and squidgy think they can see me? I'm from Compton where even in the summer niggaz wear beanies Bustin lyrics sharper than razor blades catch it from head to toe if you're shocked, then amazed, when you see me at my stage show For my stage show beat em up 40 Thevz gettin busy rockin coast to coast Dogs the most rap the hoes then rocks em up Givin it up for hip-hop vicitims how should I drop em and then pop em for poppin like to get what I got, and I ain't got a whole lot of nuthin cuz I been ruffin and scuffin so give it up when I'm bustin or get to duckin cuz I ain't given em nuthin Fools can't get none, so fuck em! Verse Four: PS Let me rock the motherfuckin mic Smoke a whole stick of dynamite, then fight all night I got jabs like a welterweight champion The pocket-pincher purse-snatcher pistol-packin quick to get it crackin Went from jackin to rappin to runnin with a pack of mad men Pull a trick out my sleeve like Aladdin Some fool tried to play me for a punk I had to have him like lunch or dinner, he's just a beginner Fuckin with a winner, number one contender top dog Head nigga in charge runnin with a group of hogs 40 Thevz, MAAD Circle, Cat, and Crowbar Best to put your daughterWack ass rappers get tossed upTrying to come in here with that garbageMy crew see the dopest and the hardest So clear the path or get your punk ass Bogart-ed Chorus 1/2 Verse Five: Ras Kass I peep game and get recognized, biting on the hard liquor toothpick and beedy-dyin Bitch you got dealt, peeled your cap the other way like a reversible Louis-Vitton Gucci belt And ain't nothin crackin For them niggaz steppin up with the funk I'm packin Tinactin Cuz I be earnin stripes in tight bunches All the homies carry nines I carry rhymes with sucker punches What? Tootsie, my knees don't bend Just like that actor Hoffman I be Dustin off men often Jay-walking over your coffin with an eleven shot loss and jaw wrecked that Osten won't soften you're lost and see arson, to exterminate the flyest nigga like Orkin Stalkin lofts men to New York and in between so take caution, leave the flossin for dental hygeine Mental plus my gene equals nasty young bastard The raps be lung mastered takin vinyl virginity Coincidentally I run shit like Walter Payton Niggaz player hatin cause I spoke like a Dayton I hit the face like Ron Carter at the corner when C and B came strollin Blowin niggaz up like when Mookie's stupid ass got caught smokin Figure, your stigma is lack of enigma So bitch-ass niggaz better step, like the Delta Sigma Thetas Verse Six: Coolio We don't give a fuck, fools better duck 39 deep in the back of Wino's truck Like robbin in the paint, fool think I ain't? Your crew is on stank, that's why I'm pullin rank I rev like a motor float ON like a boat to kick a style like Tical from here to North Dakota The ambassador of funk with amps in the trunk And when it's time to rock a mic I won't be no punk I bring death to the evil and power to the people My name ain't Steve Miller but I Fly Like an Eagle Don't play me for a chump, I get around like Gump And I, got more con in my verse than Chuck And you don't want no motherfuckin problems here Cuz I can round up a posse like Paul Revere Your whole crew'll get took out, turned out, shook out Burned up like a cookout, so fools better look out Verse Seven: WC Fresh out the penalty box Sportin a stockin cap, cut off dickies, and some high-top striped socks The freestyle finatic pyschosomatic back at it causin static with lyrics still as tight as a straight jacket The last in line but one of the first to get wit cha bringin more terror to MC's than a Michigan militia Click click boom, nigga fuck your crew It's the chanky hip-hopper, takin over pissin in your stage monitor socket you think that you can fuck with mine in your wildest dreams You best to wake up and apoligize Niggaz penetentiary yearn me cuz I, burn like Parker but anyway, half of y'all couldn't see me with a pair of Blu Blockers The lyrical night stalker stalkin at night in a pair of creased Khakis Chuck Taylors, my pistol grip tight Dub-C, that nigga from Westside MAAD Circle Ay man! Ay ay. What's up Wino? Uh like loc, it's like late, let's get the fuck up out of here Are we out? Yeah yeah fuck it Fuck it, MAAD Circle bitch!

Enjoy Da Ride

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Streetlife] Yo, I know the streets is watchin' Dirty date niggas caught blockin' or glockin' Waitin' for my down four street got options Fuck y'all, y'all can ball, im'a stay rockin' All emcee's falled when I heard the albums droppin' Nuttin but the hottest hip-hop rap concoction Rap's in a state of emergency, it's shockin' I produce joints that loosen up the socket Crowd surf through the mosh pit on some rock shit Bang your head to this, pump your fist if your feelin' it Ride the fuck out, bust a clip for the fuck of it This is as good as it get, who you rollin' with (You) Who the ultimate (Wu) Stay commited, sold my soul to this rap shit Slow your roll, strike a bowl, you get glapped quick I roll with, ghetto bastard with biscuits And grab my dick and flick it, get the picture [Redman] Yo, Yo, Yo, I cop a new Benz, crash the front So hard the airbags use nasal pumps Jump out, cock the shoti (Rasie em up) I stomp holes if the ground aint paved enough Inform the former the first step was a warm-up The next step'll bomb on where your car alarm was Chikens that'll run in, burn the barn up Shots'll tear Sean John and Phat Farm up I never gotta Soul Train award Never lost to emcee's as lame as y'all Never, trick a bitch car payment off Im a orangatang when the chain is off Nigga, ecentric and I slowly blast with a axe, and a pump, and a goalie mask Leavin' stains of blood on your Rolie Glass When im in your hood nigga throw me bags [Method Man] Lets trick the night fantastic Im flexable, they used to call me plastic These big butt bitches get they ass kicked It is what it is, shittin' on y'all kids Couldn't live where we live I can't be defeated like nobody used to wizz Like, when daddy's home can't nobody beat the kids Right You know the clan and you know the fuckin' man Meth rock a mic without a kickstand Two blunts, and razors in his wristband Slap you and your bitch man Lookin' in your lobby, call me stick-man When it's goin' down, call me quicksand Zero to sixty in a second, pack a Smith & Weston And if the price is right, you can be the next contestant For this aggression, no question, M-E to the F it be flexin' As hard as my erection, kid learn your lesson Cuz what if I decide to start testin' the joint in the muthafuckin session [Saukrates] Let a nigga get into it Lubricate y'all veins with your 'Do-It' fluid I Einstein these rymes, spit these thangs to prove it Cross with the mac, in fact my games are truest Now im on the highway, doing it my way With Street the legal, Meth, Roc, and Doc friday Performin' like the weather was warm And drop heat on the streets through zero degree storms And keep the ghetto, pop your metal Smoke it like a cigarette till ya optic yellow The addiction, aint no friction I got them rap heads fillin' out a prescription With diciton, they in thick, when I put fire to the stakes And burn the arch, like a iron to your face These long hard years spent Oxy-Cleanin' - make it clear Look out! Big 'Sauks is here, hit the button

Go For Your Guns

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Live and Let Die"
I'm on the verge of commitin murder My girl is gettin on my last nerve and I don't wanna hurt her She wants me to get a job I get harassed cause I'm laying on my ass like a big slob But everywhere I go I get rejected They won't hire a motherfucker with a jail record So the least I could do is look presentable But I'm labelled by the city as a criminal They won't give me no slack Jack And I got one strike against me already because my skin is black See I'm irrelevant to Help Wanted signs And they wonder why niggaz commit crimes My girl pays the rent gas and light Goes to class at days and works at night I'm trying to get some money I can hand to her But I ain't with bein a motherfuckin janitor Plus I got my little nigga And I'm tryin my best to be the right kind of father figure But my hands is startin to shake I'm tryin to hold my head because I'm reachin for the thirty-eight I pick it up, man fuckit I gotta go out and hit the street and get some ducats Lookin for somethin to hit I throw on my hood, cause I'm about to do some stupid shit I step in the Seven-Eleven Come fast with the cash or get your ass sent to heaven He must hit the alarm, cause I'm perspirin cause now I'm hearin motherfuckin sirens I tried to run out, three thousand decent Next thing I know, I'm sittin in a fuckin precinct for tryin to feed a family I need rubber balls, cause I'm fallin off the edge of sanity Edge of Sanity (2X) What a fucked up night And I'm mad because the cop put on the handcuffs too fuckin tight Central Bookin is where they sent me So they could take a couple of pictures after they fingerprint me Then they put me in a cell And it was all full of niggaz that was dirty and stinkin as hell Four hours passed already, so now I'm yawnin And I'm hopin to see the judge in the mornin Finally they call my name and I get up with speed to appear before the judge, and make a plead I saw the judge, he was a brother He said, How do you plead? I said, Not guilty, motherfucker! Then I got kicked out of court, sent to the Island where they got all of these young brothers wildin And all I seen was teenagers And brothers just slicin one another with straight razors I saw this nigga, he was stone tall I said, Yo, I gotta make this motherfuckin phone call He said, These whores are mine, and you ain't widdit and put his face all up in mine, so I hit it C.O.'s came, niggaz started to zing Now I gotta do about three days in the bank I did my time and now I'm back from my vacation Right on track, they put me back in populations I got dressed, and hit the mess hall Then when I came back, FINALLY I got to make my phone call My girl is bringin out the man in me Cause she's yellin and shit, while I'm hangin on the edge of sanity Edge of Sanity (4X) I'm sittin Up North, and doin three to nine And it feels like my whole life is bein left behind I'm goin crazy in this place And I'm countin the days, cause I'm about to be a mental case My little son is gettin bigger And he picked up the phone one day and thought I was some other nigga Yeah that bitch is tryin to play me like a sucker Cause on the down and low I heard another nigga fucked her Now homicide is on my mind for knowin that this bitch is at home, screwin while I'm doin time And the nigga that's hittin the skins is a bold motherfucker cause he's one of my own friends But that's alright cause I got somethin for they asses And when I see him I'ma smash his fuckin glasses Livin in hell but now my blood is gettin cold Two months later, I got released on parole So now I'm rollin colder than a blizzard I got some iron from my man and went to pay the stupid bitch a visit I'm ringin the bell like hell Oh nobody's home huh? So I kicked it til the shit fell Stepped in the house with my finger on the trigger Butter ass nigga stuttered, Wha-wha-what's up nigga? My bitch was scared, cause she knew that I was steamin She ran her ass to the back and started screamin *one shot fired* to the body *two shots fired* to the head *one shot fired* put the barrel in his mouth, makin sure he's dead And the police ain't cannin me inside a cell, cause I just fell off the edge of sanity Edge of Sanity (2X)

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