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JUVENILE lyrics - Cocky & Confident

It's All Hood

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] Ha Ha Ha Ha Ain't nuthin shakin, I'm the same old nigga Still sit back in these and hang with and dope dealers Break the crew off, ride in new cars Get information from hoez about the new wars Hangin in the middle of a battlefield, dog Boys playin it hot, but I gotta chill y'all And all them little kidz done got a dollar apiece And some knowledge ain't gon help em, keep em outa the streetz [Baby (Big Tymers)] It's all good, Lil one, won't u give me them [rifle cocks] I'ma break em all down for me and my peepz Half round, 28 ounces give me two g's Uptown, Hot Boyz, tryin to stack me some cheese And I'ma hit my hood, and let it be known When I holla at them niggaz they better be gone And I'm a frontin lil ward and I want mine And I'ma break em off propa and I need mine I got my money straight nigga, so don't lie You better respect this game, so niggaz lie 28? 36? Nigga 45 100 g's two [rifle cocks] and they all mine [Chorus x4] I bounce thru the Hood My niggaz they give me love Boy, what's happenin nigga? Dog It's all good [B.G.] But when the hood, fuck wit niggaz I came up wit Entered the game wit, snorted and caught a train wit The same niggaz I hsutled and felt pain wit I'm the B.G. off the block, do the same old shit Just cause I got big hits I still remain a street nigga Still pile up in my benz and when I'm 4 deep nigga Change cause I got bank? I don't think I could, wit me for life it'll be all good in tha hood [Young Turk] It's all good where I stay, niggaz hustle all day They don't play, you fuck wit em Won't neva take [click] put a end to yo day When I bust on yo face and where ever you're caught slippin That's where you're gonna lay Nigga think it's a game? Will they, lose yo brain ? If you got a loud mouth, better watch what you say on it Got some thangz for them, they slangin em nigga All that guerilla, hang drain and they bangin it nigga [Chorus x4] I bounce thru the Hood My niggaz they give me love Boy, what's happenin nigga? Dog It's all good [Manny Fresh] You wanna second linee! Buy yo bitch Armani? If you ain't got a million dollars, nigga stand behind me It's all good ha 'cause a nigga ride a benz It's all good ha 'cause now we got some N's (money) It's all good Ha Cause a nigga sleepin right It's all good huh 'cause my kids eatin right Now hoooold up, wait a minute Or go to my nigga put some sould up in it [Lil' Wayne] I'm from the south where they be hustelin Niggaz drug smugglin Big guns comin in Police steady runnin in We gon keep on thuggin, baby, smokin, ridin, drinking slangin Gte a lick and get that thang, grab yo manz and get that thang Time for the dro, we bring them catz south Niggaz clutchin they nuts they druged the fuck out And niggaz like, let it off in the hood 2 drinks for twenty, nigga don't that sound good [Chorus: repeat 4X] I bounce thru the Hood My niggaz they give me love Boy, what's happenin nigga? Dog It's all good

What Ya'll Wanna Do

LIL' FLIP "Undaground Legend"
i rhyme at school/ i rhyme in tha club i got mo cheese than a rat/(want some) my game so deep/ like 2,000 sumthin leagues/ up under tha sea/ but i be on tha streets/ hustlin wit speed/ last of a dyin breed/ niggaz know my magic / i got tricks up my sleeve/ look at how i spit/ look at how i flow/ bet if i fucked up/ that i wouldn't hit tha floe/ case ya'll ain't know/ i ride wit guns n clips/ n got some wise words/ that'll be told like myths/ givin tha game whiffs/ on they shirt it might stain/ my words overflowin, like you caught in heavy rain/ tempo goes/ cornas covered up in snow/ bitch niggaz don't know how it work from tha stove/ cop it cook it chop it/ what ya'll wanna do/ this that hot shit that ya'll need ta tune to/ what ya'll wanna do/ what ya'll gotta say/ (fuck that screw down hea, okay) how you niggaz actin/ how you niggaz roll/ (fuck that nigga/ southside still on) 2x i'm lettin glocks dispearse/ ta some niggaz i am tha worse/ this tha second verse/ like tuts tomb i'll leave ya cursed/ rock niggaz like babys they be fast asleep/ i got heat/ specially knowin that tha talk is cheap/ but mine cost a whole lot/ of them dollaz n riches/ i keep a hot glock leavin victims wit stitches/ they in obituaries identified by they pictures/ can't be no dj if he ain't scratchin wit mixers/ my rhymes cappable of bein bought by tha latest/ my clique is on tha verge of bein considered tha greatest/ we like ta show off so them hatas gon hate us/ while sippin stonewall/ in tha club i git lazy/ gittin picked up/ bankers we leavin sticked up/ stats leave ya ripped up/ talk shit then step up/ niggaz betta rep(what) they claim/ i'm a head of tha game / cuz they call me beretta cuz i'm sprayin ya brain/ Lil Blake a.k.a Beretta High Point, NC 27260

200 Bars And Running

[The Game talking] What the fuck is all this noise? He from Cali he can't rap He ain't better than this nigga That's my favorite artist Fuck y'all hear the breakdown [Verse 1: The Game] No detox I'm comfortable dog Like the solo Reeboks right up under me dog And it feel like I done it before Sit in the throne pollutin the airwaves like a hummer exhaust Don't let Makavelli fool you homey thuggin it costs Pour out a little liquor for the loved ones that we lost You ain't gotta wait for the album I don't fuck with The Source But I turn up my Eazy-E and let it bump in the Porsche I mean turn up my B.I.G. and let it bump in the Porsche Tell 'em to roll red carpet when he come in New York Hip-hop police on me think they runnin New York Till I lace my and1 show 'em how to run in New York They tryin to take me downtown put me under the court Cuz Joe Buddens told 'em I carry a gun in New York And homey that's strictly fact he got ripped on wax So he snitched just to get me back No matter what you say dog your shit be whack You better watch what you say it might get you clapped Here's a little advice homey switch your raps Cuz that shit on your last album ain't get you plat's What nigga you need a gun? I'll get you that P-89 nigga let Dre stitch you back ??? Industry niggaz I'll admit to that But I don't even want your chain I'll let the Crips do that 12 bars for that bitch he won't live through that Even a nigga with a ten-year bid knew that Put a gun in his mouth yeah, yeah do that He a pussy (sniff, sniff) his own kid knew that I'm Ready To Die B.I.G knew that He ain't eatin look at his white tee you could see his ribs through that You cocksucker let your ears do that Or ride later do me ooh wee now back to rap 2 Lincoln continentals sittin back to back Leavin Jersey City naw nigga Hackensack Where's that somewhere where the crackers at Real far from where the roaches and rats is at Come to Compton I'll show you where the racquet's at Down the street from the staples centers where they hack-a-shack Give the advance money back I am not have to rap Break Harry-O out tell him crack is back That's nine five a bird take half of that Import it, export it in cracker jacks When you get to the projects ask for Black You know what you started with give him half of that He gon give you 50 g's in a plastic sack And I'mma gives you 3500 cash for that Gotta keep your mouth closed or I'mma blast the Mack They won't believe you the whole world know that bastard rap Once you outta the throne you can't have it back Retirement home and ain't nothing after that Except you layin in a casket black Suit on you can't go to heaven with timberland boots on No subliminals I ain't talkin to you Shawn I'm talkin to that heartless mouse with no jewels on Who the fuck put you on Faggot ass nigga let men toss his salad like croutons I fuck with Fab get my DJ Clue on Sit inside Hot 97 with no tools on And it don't matter is it's Sway or KaySlay Angie Martinez I'll take 'em back to k-day They act like they forgot about Dre-day I don't rap for Free that's why they fired AJ It's me leaking through your stereo Envy me is a emcee prepare for your burial I kill niggaz without lettin the Desert blow Razor tongue and I'm far from Haitian son All black like the range rover wheels niggaz whisper around The Game like The Game won't kill Let me show you the stars take you back to the car Rewind time march 3, 1994 I was only in my teen's deuce-deuce in my Levi's When Nas hit the scene I was still rockin knee-highs Runnin with my brother phase he was seventeen Two guns in the upper waist so we hit the block Saw niggaz from a rival gang bumpin Dre Ran up on the '64 and that's all she wrote We runnin through the alley like Bishop chasin ? Ass First murder and I did that without a mask Fast-forward see Game gettin out a Jag Two peeps shoot on he still got his rag Gangbangin forever he still got his swag Let me catch you in Los Angeles without a pass Everybody in New York know that you a fag Come out the closet show the world how to use a pad Speakin death on my red bandana Naw he couldn't have said that so I raised my antennas Look at my Nextel got a call from Santana That nigga a pussy we just saw him in Atlanta So I hopped on the first thing smokin to Atlanta Pulled up at 112 ran up on that black phantom Security hopped out no Joe in here Just Outkast gettin ready for a show in here So I uncocked the .44 hopped in the cherry 'lo-lo Chrome grill with the G-Unit logo We watched Hov go now the world waitin for my solo I'm the man Stat Quo know I ain't gotta explain even Bo know Have of these rap niggaz is faker than rolls gold Get hit in the face with the back of the .44 And pissed on tryin to play The Game with a broke nose My bitch harder than you yeah Vita loco I haven't sold one record got rap in a chokehold I'm Dre certified like the leader of the band Run up you sure to die I'll leave you where you stand Smurf-ette runnin around New York like he the man But he peed in his pants When he saw us at Summer Jam Lucky I wasn't there I had to bury my man Or I would've terrorized New York like the Son Of Sam What you mean terrorize New York? I mean expose these pussy ass niggaz like I'm Too Short Somebody tell Domination I'll leave 'em in parts leg in Jersey, arm in Brooklyn, head buried in Central Park He can't walk through New York no more like john Storch Gotta call cuz i'mma break his ankles like Hot-Sauce Ask niggaz from your hood I'm thorough like 5 boroughs Sit on any stoop ? In the thermo Wait till Alpo come home Like AZ from Harlem Dre gon pay me regardless Cuz he know Jay-Z departed And these other rap labels know don't feed they artists Talkin blueprint shit you got three garages Gettin money off Roc like little E and carter Showin off your little chain like these is flawless Send him 50 cent a day I can see he starvin I got R&B bitches givin me ménage's Deep massages I could hear Eazy talkin Tellin me to have a seat in Tamika's office Buy Ruthless and get Lil' E involved in Promote without that magazine in Boston Take a couple mil make Beans a offer Give him money we don't see that often But it was all a dream like I seen Memph Bleek in Marcy I ain't say you won't see Bleek in Marcy I said my said he won't see Bleek in Marcy I'm from Compton where niggaz used to bleed for barklies Drive lo-lo's and we ain't need keys to start 'em Just a little information for your summer vacation Bring your chain cuz every nigga in L.A. waitin Mad cuz Detroit beat the shit out the Lakers And they'll kill you cuz Joe can't find Gary Payton Meanwhile the throne vacant and Da Band ain't makin it Shyne got a new deal, Def Jam gotta pay us Ray Roy Jones got knocked out shortly after they weighed him in niggaz got beef with G-Unit but ain't sayin shit Quiet as a church on Tuesdays Niggaz say they hate my music but my alerts only two ways Nigga I'm a hazard like Michael Jackson in khakis Touch kids but I do that with a semi-automatic With or without traffic I pull my shit out and blast it I'm blind to the masses like Stevie wonder without glasses I'm a savage spit murder like a .38 Magnum 16 bars of baggum let the hook toe tag 'em Murder any MC throw 'em in that white wagon Let him die and come back look at 'em he white flaggin Spreadin rumors like when I see Game I might jack 'em I'm tellin the world he reach for my chain I might clap 'em Cuz niggaz shot me in 2001 Took one in the heart cuz I was too proud to run The clip was empty when the police found my gun So I don't bring that gangbangin shit around my son Nigga 50 took 9 he know how it feel And I found out Buck got shot up in CaShville And Sha Money told me Lloyd Banks got hit And Yayo just came home G-G-G-Unit Backstage at a D-12 concert A fan asked me how it feel to be walkin in Snoop's converse Niggaz show me love when they see me in the streets But they frown when I don't wanna hear none of they beats Nigga this shit crazy Em said some shit when was 16 now they tryin to warn Slim Shady I forgive him I got problems of my own How you think the streets gon' act know that Suge home These niggaz is birds I can see the feathers on 'em If Doc give me the word I put this Berretta on him When the beef is on my piece is on Them white sheets is on 'em Doc breathin on 'em And I got an extra clip in my Reeboks Cuz I'm in and out my socks every time I see cops Game got the streets locked call 9-1-1 Get the whole fuckin LAPD shot Niggaz snitchin to the street cops Get your nephews and your niece shot With my heat cocked in the beach stop Nigga witta attitude like a heard Dr. Dre doin Detox Niggaz fightin for the throne that ain't shit Tryin to measure the fallin legends but the shoe won't fit Niggaz might think I'm ridin dick Cuz I let the cemetery puttin creases in my G-Unit's Tryin to talk Jesus Christ into lettin me dig 'em up So they could stand side by side again and live it up This might be the last time you hear me biggin 'em up With suicidal thoughts bangin me and my bitch in the truck My conscience tellin me if I put the clip in the buck It might be loud enough to wake B.I.G and them up What if that was P. Diddy sittin in the truck And 2Pac was in jail the day you called to hit him up I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What' Wouldn't be sign to Dr. Dre I wonder is its luck They got me on MTV with Banks, Fifth, and Buck I ain't tryin to be L.A.'s king he carry a pimp cup [The Game talking] Snoop Dogg got the crown nigga What the fuck y'all mad at me for I ain't sold one fuckin record I'm just tryin to use these 200 bars to feed my family nigga I ain't no threat I can't rap I'm from Compton remember You gotta be out your motherfuckin mind Ask KaySlay, ask Clue, ask Whoo Kid, ask Funk Flex I'll murder anyone of you motherfuckin G-G-G-G-Unit Ah!

It's All Good With Me

K'LA "The Coldest Winter Ever"
[Chorus:] It's all good with me (yeah) [x4] [Verse 1:] It's the weekend and I'm feeling good Hop in his chevy fuck the levy we gon' hit the hood And if he rollin' let me hold it let me hit the wood I'm talking backwards cuz they pass like you know they should Cuz we smoke hella weed and we drink hella liquor these niggas sweatin' Me so we take hella pictures Cuz I look hella good can't find a bitch that's sicker And if you think you could Then how the fuck you figure that? Can't even picture that No poloroid Not even Stevie Wonder can make a nigga feel over joy Cuz he on overload Got him like oh my lord Soon as a came Turn on the game Like nigga what's the score? [Pre-Chorus:] I'm down for getting drunk I'm down for getting high I'm down for finding love I'm down with getting mine I'm down to hit the hood I'm down for riding high I'm down for looking good I'm down for getting fye [Chorus:] It's all good with me (yeah) [x4] [Verse 2:] It's all good over this way Just stepped out looking like a fuckin display Let my fuckin disk play Put my shit on replay Cuz I don't give a fuck what he or she say We play these games all night all day Usher in this muthafucka we gon' do it my way Or you can hit the highway Better yet the freeway I cut these niggas no slack cuz I get all the lead way She get all the weak lames that I turn down While I be with the bosses that she heard bout All up on they side like Too tight button downs But if my niggas wanna ride Then they always know I'm down like.. [Pre-Chorus:] I'm down for getting drunk I'm down for getting high I'm down for finding love I'm down with getting mine I'm down to hit the hood I'm down for riding high I'm down for looking good I'm down for getting fye [Chorus:] It's all good with me (yeah) [x4] [Outro] Yeah [til fade]

Premeditated Murder

J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
[Verse 1:] Am I changing right before your eyes? Becoming someone you don't recognize As if I was disguised, I'm on that shit as if I was the Fly I'm touchin' skies, no puffin' lie Man these songs that I made in my bedroom and shit Gon' finally give a nigga leg room and a whip From a Civic to a Chevy must've died and went to heaven Like a passenger on 9/11 - please go find a reverend You see I promise that I'd never change But that was way before I made the dough and met the game Say hello to Miss Thang, I forgot yo name, she yellow And even white women want a nigga - Othello I'm ballin' with nuggets, like fuck it I'm Carmello Now the crib got much room -Portobello She drop it low and then she bust moves for the fellow I sit yo ass down like you was playin' a cello See, you niggas hated and I levitated further Knew I would kill the game, premeditated murder So if it comes down, may the best man win No sweat like a head band [Chorus:] Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me [Verse 2:] I'm a kill the game and invite witnesses No death penalty, I'm givin' out life sentences Like keep grindin' boy, your life can change in one year And even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere Yeah, look here I pay dues My own worst enemy so fuck it either way I can't lose 808's so my south niggas feel me Light-skinned so the house niggas feel me She catch me creepin' out your house she'll kill me Is it worth it what's under that blouse? My heart'll turn pitch black and cold if I split with my girl If I could gift-wrap the globe, I would give you the world But, do you love me like you used to? Even though I ain't that nigga that you're used to Remember back when I was broke, you would fix me Do you prefer the broke me or the rich me The broke me couldn't buy you meals, not even a value meal And now I pay for everything, how you feel? Mixed feelings 'cause now all the chicks feelin' him You gotta adapt though never goin' back [Chorus:] Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me I can't keep running away I can't keep running away I swear I'm coming back today But if I'm wrong And I ain't got what it takes Then all dem people that was counting on me Boy won't you climb down the mountain for me

She Don't Love Me

[Joe Budden - Verse 1] She don’t love me, she love the power She loves a man in my position Loves the sex, loves a man of my positions Love the pool, love the hot tub, my summer bunny Both parents broke, but she come from money And I don’t just beat it up, I pound her She reciprocates it with fresh grits and flounder I counter by letting her put whatever on the counter Cause I never seen a ass better or rounder Plus I never seen ass better around ya No dollars, just ass, bet it surround ya She don’t love me, she love the way I navigate Love the wordplay and how I make her masturbate I drop her off and laugh at you while you chasing it If I was ever in Marvin’s Room, I was casing it But do be calling or right after I’m all in her I be like feel free, pick up, I’m watching SportsCenter I grew up poor, I never had shit So now I don’t hit the mall I hit the flagship I got her thinking that’s her paper to burn But when I lock her out, she won’t doubt David is Stern I mean, they don’t love me, they wanna send me Llamas But I can understand why they envy, kinda Friendly reminder, bank statements with plenty commas Made it right in front of em, gotta thank Benihana If you with these rap dudes, I may have tainted it They blackballed me, I spray painted it Been accused of cheating, but I never take the blame for it They did all the fucking, my ass just entertained the shit Yea, I’m through the hood, red Porsche They been mad, but I’m pistol whipping a dead horse Now execs wanna hop on the phone Cause I snuck in the back door while they was watching the throne I mean, she don’t love me, she just infatuated She was the side chick, then she graduated If she loved me, that would be unusual I think she only say that shit to find out if it’s mutual [Hook: Emanny] [Joe Budden - Verse 2] I’m in the zone, but I don’t need MTV I need pills, not percs, I’m on NZTs Why the fuck would they mess with another guy’s rhymes If the stakes is high, nigga butterfly mines I mean, hate my bars, but she love the way I say the shit Hate my job, but she love it when I pay for shit If she ever wild, tryna ruin my dictatorship I put her in the oven, let her bake a bit One land, one take off One’s annoying, one demand make her take off One’s a older nympho, get mad when I say it’s soft But she feels a way for sports, cried when the Lakers lost She don’t love me, love the company I keep But the fans don’t love me, mean they wanna be the sheep My motto is to do it for the culture, they not of the same gene You want the current wave, stay on the main stream Is it me or is what I’m hearing just pitiful Airwaves the same, even the stereo is typical It don’t love me, it love the models that I be with But when I be talking about all of these models I’m poppin’ at least you believe it Wanna know the secret? I guess it’s how you time the shit You come with wooden jewelry, I give her diamond dick I hit the booth and the track get nervous If you say I sold out, try to track that purchase If we shared the same life, nigga you would understand it When no matter the charges you accrue, you never panic You would take advantage When I feel like you the ruler of the planet Get some head, a little hookah on the hammock Rodman with the trash talk, the Magic will Walt with the black ball The way I bounce off the asphalt with cat paws Tried to trap me till I started to roam Tried to keep me out the game, so I started my own I mean, she don’t love me, she just infatuated She was the side chick, then she graduated 99 problems and a bitch is every one of em How the fuck I’m gonna give dick to every one of em? [Hook: Emanny]

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