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JUVENILE lyrics - Cocky & Confident

Break It Down

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Don't stop now get it get it Get it get it, get it get it Don't stop now get it get it Get it get... [Chorus: Q Corvette] Look at how she movin, look at how she do it Pop and know they payin, stayin workin her booty But shorty's a winner, she ain't no beginner Just look at the way she make her ass go up She loves to break it down, break it down (down down down) (Breakin it down) Break it down, break it down (she breakin it down) She loves to break it down, break it down (down down down) (Breakin it down) Break it down, break it down (she breakin it down) [Juvenile] M.J. girl right here "I'm Bad" Fuck that nigga right there, he fag! What'chu lookin for girl I'm on And I ain't gotta tell you shit but I'm grown Don't stop now, get it get it Want dick right now HA! Just admit it As Lord is the witness When times comes, I'ma give you the business Left right then jack that juice All you can say is big daddy is good I can have you in my steak You can be a side dish on my plate and I just ate and I'm still not straight You could be the judge bitch hear my case! I ain't talkin 'bout your girl right there but your girl right there [Chorus] [Q Corvette] She be all on the ground She be poppin it and splittin like the circus in town If that's your girl then oh my bad (my bad) Just tryin to hold that ass (that ass) It's amazing how she make it go rounnnnnnnnd [Juvenile] Shawty what you drinkin? I wanna feel yo' brain, get in yo' thinkin Later on let's lengthen And just tell me the #, I don't need no ink pen Yo' booty talk like reverends And I just cain't pass my blessing Everybody in the club's got questions But ooh girl just keep 'em guessing And get low my dear Niggaz is broke but not right chea Not me, you got me wrong I still got money from the "Bling Bling" song Yeah! I got old (Ca$h Money) Fuckin with me'll get you more (Ca$h Money) I ain't talkin 'bout your girl right there but your girl right there [Chorus] [Outro] Her ass go round and round Forward back up and down And when she back it up Beep beep she make that truckin sound Her ass go round and round Forward back up and down I ain't talkin 'bout her right there but her right there (look at how she move it)

Sulky Girl

She wears a wedding ring her sister lent To throw them off the scent Just let them guess, it's what they expect Who in the world has bitten her neck? She's discovered wearing last night's dress The carnal and cunning, she couldn't express Who do you think she's trying to impress? CHORUS: I think you'd better hold your tongue Although you've never been that strong I'm sorry to say that I knew all along You're no match for that sulky girl She left her European town Before she let the family down She couldn't stand the Massacre Game So she dyed her hair and adopted another name With the evidence of passing out stamped on her hand She glows in the dark He thinks she's from another planet CHORUS Sulky girl I'm sure you look a picture when you cry Threatening the silent treatment doesn't qualify It's like money in the bank Your expression is blank But while the chance appears You'll be nearer to tears Sulky girl [2x] He said Hello, my pretty flower Just trying out his tycoon power Avoiding the mirror, her pitying stare She said You're mistaken, your money's no good in here Just some stupid little know-it-all Who thought she looked easy; he's not that astute He'll pay for the distance Between cruelty and beauty CHORUS So I won't tell you again What do you gain By blackening her name She's smarter than you Oh isn't it a shame You're gonna lose that sulky girl Sulky girl I saw you practising your blackmail faces Suddenly you're talking like a duchess But you're still a waitress I saw through your pretence But in my DEFENSE There are a few events I think will spare the censor Sulky girl [4x]

In Da Club

Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz "CrunkJuice"
[R. Kelly] Hey, hey, boom boom, hey hey, boom boom hey hey, boom boom, hey hey, boom boom What are we doing tonight baby? 'Bout to roll up to this club 'Bout to step up in this club 'Bout to get big in this club 'Bout to get wild in this club [2x] [Verse 1 - R. Kelly] Now we about to show ya how wild it gets When a girl at the party when she backin' it Now this girl dance freaky 'cause she passionate If I ask for some chips, then she stackin' it She don't need no introduction, she's a diamond of daw And I don't mean no janitor, the way she mopping the flow Tattoo on her backs saying 'ready to go' Man this girl must get pimped away I'm ready too hoe I'm going to take you out to ghetto girl around the globe Freaking in the kitchen girl, go somehwere around the stove In the chumps we chilling in some hotel robes I put her towels on her body and massage her toes There ain't nothing like some sex on a friday night But then again nothing like some sex in any night After that gotta go got appointments girl I'm a doctor, I got other clients girl Now listen up close, I won't say it again Skip a dog ya'll cat is a man's best friend Lil' Jon and Luda on the first class flight from ATL we about to get it crunk tonight Where we going? [Chorus] 'Bout to roll up to this club 'Bout to step up in this club 'Bout to get big in this club 'Bout to get wild in this club [2x] [Verse 2 - Ludacris] Hey Kelly! Oh damn! There go expensive Chris At the bar behind all the most expensive shit And his car always got the most expensive kit So his gun always got the most extended clip Hey! Luda Luda, I'm built to last Nicknamed double barrel and I'm built to blast Since your girl ain't a freak, well you gotta convince me Cause im all up in the fifth getting straight Lewinsky And smoking some of that ''Kill Bill'' Ten Mil motherfucker I'm still trill Can't party with the women that like it dick Refuse to cut my hair like Michael Vick Dirty bird even judges say the birds are dirty We the reason that the clubs start closing early Walk up and watch the crowd start moving quick And I ain't gotta pay the DJ to play my shit [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Lil' Jon] Yeah, hey, hey, hey With the bull pimp cup man I'm sloppy drunk I don't broke into club it's the king of crunk Let the anal way find, and and the woofers blow Throw some ass in my lap and I'm good to go I spread a shined out bottle, crack a beer While the ladies are all rubbing my neck and beard No need to even ask it, who's the boss? When the dreadlocks slam and the roof come off The crunk juice got me up all night shit And in last year making that bite shit Not an essay calling me Loc De Niro Stunned with my hell day, Oaklezero Fresh by the front and I'm ready to play Got the dog but I knew my had to lie (ok) BME turn millionaire, and we all like 'what what, yeah' [Chorus] [Verse 4 - R. Kelly] 90 other time I would say it's over Since the party so live, I can keep it going Shit don't stop till six in the morning Come seven o'clock a nigga still ain't yawning Baby girl leaving now on her toes Hangover, wait a minute girl you leaving your clothes And tickets gonna sell for a major show If yousa a hater at the booth and the booth is closed And move out the way I'm a Luda fan Up north, dirty south, west eastside man All strippers in the club stand up right now We wanna see you shake your booty in the place right now Where we going? [Chorus]

I'm Talking About You

CHUCK BERRY "New Juke Box Hits"
Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know I met her walking down a uptown street She's so fine you know I wished she was mine I get shook up every time we meet I'm talkin?bout you Nobody but you Yeah, I do mean you I'm just trying to get a message to you Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know I tell ya now she looks so good Got so much skills and such a beautiful will She oughta be somewhere in Hollywood I'm talkin?'bout you Nobody but you Come on and give me a cue So I can get a message to you Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know She's sitting right here by my side Lovely indeed that why I asked if she Promised someday she will be my bride Talkin?'bout you I do mean you Nobody but you Come on, let me get a message through

We Need To Roll

JOE "Joe Thomas, New Man"
[VERSE 1:] I came here tonight with party intentions Girl you know I'm usually a gentleman I got this feeling, I need some healing I believe that you might have my medicine Damn it's so crowded tonight (I know you just got off work) But you look sexy tonight (show me what's under your skirt) For now, just hide it, girl I like surprises Move closer woman, I just wanna tell you something [CHORUS:] We need to move (move) Girl I really love the things you do (do) Oh, look at what you started Ain't thinking 'bout nothing else I just wanna be by ourselves So we can oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh) We need to roll (roll) Girl I gotta place where we can go (go) Oh, look at what you started Let me hit this last sip of Patron Then it's on, oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh) [VERSE 2:] Girl your smile Has me on the prowl I'm sayin' its cool in here But we gon' need privacy for my idea I got some aches back at my place And it's the middle of the summer time So the pool outside will be feeling right For some dipping, for touching, for some kissing, for hugging Baby I'm damn near bent, so I'm 'bout to go all in Tell the valet, we're on our way Coming on down, right about now [CHORUS:] [VERSE 3:] Girl we're grown enough To do what we wanna do Girl we known eachother long enough To have a fun night or two So lets not lose this alcohol influence Yes I want you oh so bad No more faking Just keep drinking Stop the talking Get to walking Ah girl I'm near bent But I'm 'bout to go all in Tell the valet, we're on our way Coming on down, right about now [CHORUS:]

Food For Thought

[Intro: Joell] Yo I ain't gon' front, shorty used to look GOOOOOD She's just lookin alright nowadays It's crazy {"C-C-C-Cookin Soul"} [Joell Ortiz:] Uhh, I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night I see that it was your love that inspired me to write I remember that day in the summer of 9-2 Everybody gathered 'round and they was talkin 'bout you Eavesdropped for an hour and was happy when I left Went upstairs and wrote what I would say the day we met A little shorty then but I was confident to death They made you sound so fly so I just tried to be my best Crumpled a couple papers, first impressions happen once So I just wrote what I had heard - sippin liquor, rap and blunts Everybody said you liked that so that's what I tried to offer My crush on you was out of this world like a flyin saucer So next day I went outside and told the guys What I'm a tell you when we met and they looked at me all surprised My age was so young yet my words so mature One dude turned and said "She just might let you in the door" [Interlude: Joell] Y'knowmsayin? I had such a crush on this girl cause She was beautiful back then, it was like 9-2 E'rybody's gathered 'round in front of my buildin talkin about her I'm like "Yo I can't wait 'til I meet her" I went upstairs inspired! Y'knowmsayin? Like, start writin down ideas like what I'm a tell her, the day we met Like damn, check it [Joell Ortiz:] After years of talkin to the guys I sharpened my pick-up lines And recorded 'em, makin sure they was delivered to you fine From tryin to find you it was myself that I would find So I told you who I was and the chronicles I designed Then a few years ago Koch Records gave me a sign I was doin the right thing when they put some money behind My story, they figued you like what I had to say I was popular, my story had even got back to Dre Knew we was gon' meet, so I tried to stay calm But I was fin' to be the man if I had you on my arm Ain't get to my head though, still wrote my letters with charm That's when a dude named Nas wrote a letter that you was gone Tried not to believe him but then he was co-signed By writers across the globe that was on they own grind So what was I supposed to do? (what?) For the first time in a long time I ain't have nothin to look forward to [Interlude: Joell] So y'all followin me, right? I mean I'm pretty sure by now y'all should have an idea of who I'm talkin 'bout I'm pretty sure y'all don't think she look as fly As she used to back in the days either So I ain't alone in this vote, but um I'm a try to, I'm a try to save her, man I'm a try to rescue her, man Y'knowmsayin? She deserve that (listen) [Joell Ortiz:] I still wrote to you, even though I heard the rumors That's when I came to my own understandin of who you was No one's actually met you, they just write and hope you hear it And hope that you're attracted to the person in their lyrics Some people try to bag you by tellin you what they have Hopin you're materialistic and like to brag Others try to scoop you by portrayin that they tough Prayin that you're a good girl and you like 'em rough The newest sensation's tryin to get you through a dance So if y'all bump heads at a party you'll give him an extra glance (hey!) Then there's a couple people like I That let you know exactly who they are, why not? But not a soul's met you face-to-face So with every word they write is where they place the faith (Dear hip-hop) Provin the next line in this lyric How can hip-hop be dead when she's a spirit? [Outro: Joell] YAOWA! Joell Ortiz (yeah) Just fuckin 'round with my pen again, you know Food for thought nigga, haha I'm nice! [laughs] Yo man I don't even know, where this gon' end up, but just give it some air Rrrrah!

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