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JUVENILE lyrics - Being Myself

It Ain't Mines

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus 2x] Now I don't why you be acting all shady I only want to hit, not to make you my old lady So don't be telling me nothing about no babies You trying to give me a charge you must be crazy [Juvenile] I don't know why you making people think I got you swell You better quit it before one of my bitches pop you hoe I know your baby daddy he ain't got no flow You may be into playing games but its gone stop here though You want more than a fuck, you just trying to tie a nigga up Like my last bitch, I blew a lot of money on her I met her, fast pace, lil mama hard for me to slow down Why the sad face after the results come around You want a nigga to play daddy Should have asked me I would have gladly told you that I have me When you met me you told me you wanted a gangsta to hit Without the wisdom of knowing I'm off the chain with this shit Now your feelings done got involved and you ain't glad with a fuck And you wonder why all the players keep on passing you up Look Juve ain't going through that old Billie Jean shit I ain't gone let you put your babies on me I mean this [Chorus] [Juvenile] You got a fat ass, your chest right, and you dress right But would I fuck without a rubber You're thinking I just might Trying to get an easy pay off, you're fighting for a wild card bitch But I'm in the playoffs, you be scheming all day, hoe take a day off Find another target this one you need to stay off Your looking for a reputation - I'ma give ya one Don't be trying to give me a charge - nothing a nigga done As far as I'm concerned that baby can be for anyone Not til you entered the party there wasn't any fun It's not me it's the attention I draw To make these bitches fill out paper work and lie to the law It's obvious she want to ride in the driver's seat of my car Taking the lotteries to get some properties from a star Look Juve ain't going for that old Billie Jean shit I ain't gone late you put your babies on me I mean this [Chorus] [Juvenile] They be like look at his lips, look at her eyes and her ears Mama said 'If I don't approve it, the baby not his' She said she not gone keep all that () with kids Keep playing mama said she saw 380 ya did I saw the grin on your face the moment I saw you in court Wish I would have saw your face when the test was exposed This ain't your first time you done did before Your not even gonna have a vagina no more You're making accusations you ain't sure bout You had a chance to be a queen but still you chose to whore out Don't even speak you ain't no friend cause you an enemy now Niggaz knowing you ain't the hoe you pretend to me now You done caught a maybe-baby, move you're whoring and drama You needs to try to focus on your daughter lil mama Look cause Juve ain't going for that old Billie Jean shit I ain't gone let you put your babies on me I mean this [Chorus]

The Worst

Tell me what you say now? Tell me what you say Come again? If you cannot stay down Then you do not have to pretend Like there is no way out I shoulda never let you in Cause you got me face down And don't take this personal But you're the worst You know what you've done to me And although it hurts I know I just can't keep runnin' away [Hook:] I don't need you [x4] But I want you I don't mean to [x4] But I love you Tell me what you say now Tell me what you say? You said that you would come again You said that we would remain friends but You know that I do not depend on Nothing or no one So why would you show up So uninvited then Just change my mind like that Please don't take this personal But you ain't shit And you weren't special Til I made you so You better act like you know That I've been through worse than you I just can't keep running away (But I don't need you) [Hook:] I don't need you [x4] But I want you I don't mean to [x4] But I love you Everybody's like He's no item Please don't like em He don't wife em He one nights em I never listened No I shoulda figured though All that shit you was spittin' So unoriginal But it was you So I was with it Then tell you the truth Wish we never did it Cause I usually do Stick to the business But you came out the blue And then you just flipped it God damn baby My mind's blown Be forgettin' You live in a different time zone Think I know what this is It's just the time's wrong Yeah I know what you did But baby I'm grown And my love is patient And kind, and shit This is real we can build Through different types of shit If you was really the realest Wouldn't be fightin' it I think your pride is just In the way Funny how everything changed Once you got all that you wanted Nothing was ever the same [Hook:] And though I don't need you [x4] I still want you I don't mean to [x4] But I, but I love you I don't need you [x4] But I want you I don't mean to [x4] But I love you

Niggas Got Me Fucked Up

PROJECT PAT "Ghetty Green"
[Chorus-16x] These niggas got me fucked up [1st verse] These niggas got me fucked up I'm down for my crown mane If I go out I go out on yo' ass mane Lame ass niggas starting shit like some bastards When I catch ya mark ass slippin' I'm a blast ya Half of ya fools get high before a drive-by I don't need a joint to let me know that a hoe can die Through the eye blast of the elevated scope a Pull the trigger back Watch the bullets smack his throata Nigga starting shit is a nigga whose a coward Only starting shit cause he think he got some power Shower yo' ass wit' a full clip of hollow points When I start to blast bitch I bet yo' ass will get the point Point me tone right dead at ya dome fool Damn he from the hood Fuck that ain't nobody cool Foolish ass,jealous ass niggas know they ain't down You done met yo' match boy and The Patsta gonna clown [Chorus-8x] [2nd verse] Now everybody wanna play the hard role Talkin' bout a bitch,their money and a bank roll I know That if a fool steps to Patsta I'll serve ya I'll be downtown for yo' goddamn murder Jerk a nigga by his collar Pistol to his head When I pull the trigger Bet a dollar that tricks dead Dead on arrival wit' his weak boy at the club Trying to fuck wit' Pat In his back head caught a slug .38 Caliber however at close range Is very,very fatal mane to nigga's brain Train everyday I'm a motherfuckin' soldier When you come up missing motherfucker I done told ya Hold ya nuts up Got and get ya pop gun You must be a fool if you think this nigga's gonna run From yo' ass I'm a pull a jack move Niggas should've known dog Project Pat don't give a fuck [Chorus-1x]

Who Dat?

J. COLE "Cole World: The Sideline Story"
Who dat who dat, the nigga you been waitin 4. I mean the shit was all bad just a week ago. Rappers is bull shittin. Fuck it, I ain't hatin though Cuz Now a nigga hot enough to fuck with one of satin's hoes. & She cant tell the difference. I been through hell conditions. Wishin for air conditions feelin God was never listenin. Now I'm on television And did I fail to mention? Your bitch is tired of missionary, boy you failed the mission. Speakin of positions? Just witness how I elevated. Real niggas celebrate it, finger-fuck whoever hate it. My life accelerated, but had to wait my turn. But then I redecorated, that means my tables turn. Live life, might as well, only way to learn. Is try and fail clientele the only way to earn. So if you're sellin crack.. or if you're sellin rap. Make sure it's mean so them fiends keep on trailin back. [Chorus] Who dat who dat bitch I got the flame [x3] So don't worry bout no muthafuckin name The Mind state of a winner. When you thinkin bout summertime i'm thinkin bout the winter. When you thinkin bout breakfast, I'm heatin up my dinner. I was plottin this moment back when yall was ridin spinners. Now I'm a menace. God as my witness, with this pen I'm insane, yup. Hungry like the nigga who ain't got the taste of fame yet. Cloud told me "ain't you roc? well? where the fuck yo chain at?" Guess it's somethin like your girl, nigga it aint came yet. The man make the chain chain dont make the man how many niggas do we know with hella ice but yet they lame the cloth from which we came me and them is not the same Like we all headed to spain, they took the boat I took the plane.Dang That boy sick.Now Hoes on his joystick. Heatin up like may weather dog I'm on that floyyd shyt. Boy stick, to ya day job. Said you was hot but they lied. Is that ya girl? Well I just g'd her/jeter no a rod. [Chorus] [Andre 3000] Now who else wanna fuck with hollywood cole?! The lil engine that could this lil nigga is good rappers claiming they sick I heal niggas for good a couple of yall aint took a field trip to the hood ay me I'm fresh prince I'm will smith to the hood Baby! aint sayin names but we not the same all that money and the fame dont change the fact that u lame might wanna grab you a chain wanna tip up your hat might wanna purchase some game homie your shit is so wack!!! i got my finger on the trigger tell that nigga hold datt boy I'm picture perfect baby you can check the Kodak hey so anything you can do I can do better and you chick you can screw I can get wetter im young black get to live my life on the run! bet ya bottom dollar before I'm done they I'm the oneeeeeee yeah nigga I'm the onee HA!! [Chorus]

Ahh Shit

JEREMIH "Late Nights With Jeremih"
[Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes Yolo, yo ho, on that, fo sho Bet that shawty wet, I’m rocking her robo Heard she like it going deep May I take her photo No referees up in the ring Yeah I prefer them low blows Her shit pop, paw paw, fo fo I cuff her ass I’m no cop, but she call me robo Never had a four loco, never had a 4 loco But when they po' me up a fo' I'm leaning like a cholo Gone yeah, gone yeah, even on my own man You kid, i’ma type of grown man You rent, i’ma type of own man Your girlfriend up on me, swear he don’t know me Now I’m all in her shit, now like roman Now tell me how many licks does it take to Break her, put her to sleep and bout time now she wake up I’m fresh of a flight from the heat to the lakers And still on a high off these trees from jamaica [Hook: Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes [Fabolous] Digest, I just, live in that projects Now I’m in that penthouse, salute my progress Respect that process, admire my guess Fuck being modest, nigga admire my goddess Cause she bad, that’s obvious She thick, that body is Probably is, hot as Abu Dubai is And it’s going down like Elevators to where the lobby is Into 9 I’m on that brown like bobby is It’s my prerogative, I can show you how to live Every little step you take will be in shoes Guiseppe makes My tender roni, the one and only Fuck me two times in case the first one get lonely Ahhh shit, now we fucking talking Oh is we talking fucking, but what you suckers talking? I keep buying rides, like I suck at walking The models money talk, I said what you suckers talking huhh? [Hook]

The War Iz On

KRAYZIE BONE "Thug Mentality"
Krayzie, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Layzie:Thug Mentality 1999 Intro We so thuggish-ruggish...The muthafuckin' the war is on. You better suit up and do like Krayzie Bone Cuz the muthafuckin' war is on. Whatcha gon' do, whatcha gon' do, gon' do? Krayzie Say nigga we march, stompin' in the big black boots with my niggas in the fatigue suits/ Ready to shoot, runnin' with the AK-47 Niggas tryin' to survive, they ain't tryin' to go to heaven/ Muthafuckers shootin', they ain't even askin' questions It's these young-ass niggas/ They straight up thugged-out/ They killas that lil' soldier, boy, cuz we livin' in the killin' field Tombstone, soldier/ Rest in peace/ A real warrior/ Niggas been ready for war/ We are the muthafuckers on the streets with the heat, knockin' the hoes off they feet/ Say boy, it's a jungle out there/ Get a couple casualties every year/ The goal is to stay alive/ The mission is to make money/ The enemy; the police/ We gotta bust back at 'em, make some muthafuckin' examples out them assholes/ We're not even concerned/ Strike a match, drop it on the gas, and let the muthafucker burn... Baby burn/ Army's strategic, and I pledge allegiance to the 12-gauge Mossberg/ I'm that nigga, Mr. Sawed-off Leather Face Gotta big gun in your face/ Behind that bush/ And when they roll by nigga, we jump out the bush and make a push/ Bustin' Why they runnin'? Buckin' everything, comin', murda/ Y'all ain't said nothing/ Got a couple of niggas for that, stay strapped from the front to the back/ And the extra clip off in my jacket so when I run out I restack it and pap it some more We ready for war -Refrain- So, what? Nigga, pull your gun, that's exactly how we play, screamin' bloody murder mo all day The buckshots spray daily, all day Snoop Dogg Money makes murders, sex, lies, crimes, fo'-fives, nines, heaters, jackers, killas, cap-pealers, and drug dealers/ Snitches, snakes, bitches, fakes, bad brakes and heartaches/ Give and take, shake and bake/ Boy, I got to stack my plate Bad news; it travels fast, and real mashers always mash/ Give a dog a bone, send him on; he bound to come home with some cash/ Get your shit, stack your chips, tuck your heat, and watch that bitch/ She might be cute, but listen here my nigga That don't mean shit/ Duck and dodge, camouflage, my entourage is way in charge/ Krayzie Bone and Dogg Capone Yeah, you know the war is on/ Break a bitch, shoot a snitch, fuck a trick/ Get your grip, smoke some dank, pass some drink And get off into this gangsta shit/ We havin' bread, breakin bread/ Nigga listen to what I said/ Tuck my heat, keep it close Just in case you think I'm playin/ Layin' fools down, Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs, One love And we bangin' from the streets to the clubs -Refrain- Kurupt Check it out: Gangstas, hoes, I suppose, dip and dash, cock and blast/ Kurupt and Snoop, Krayzie, Daz, Layzie blazin' up the hash/ G'd as fuck, gangsta-fy high as the sky, gangsta for life/ Fuck a bitch, hit a switch, gangstas drop that gangsta shit I'm a G, DPG, DPGC, O.G. DP/ Ride on niggas, blast on niggas, dip and put the smash on niggas Layzie It's a war...There's a war goin' on... When the war pop off, where the fuck you gon' be? In the front or the back? City under attack; every nigga from the 99 Front line, marchin' with a Tech 9/ Nigga, where my thugs at? If you scared, go to church/ Muthafucker, matter of fact While you at it, say a prayer for me/ I'm prepared to heat, heat a nigga in the streets with a gotdamn beat/ My heat close to me Khaki suits and fatigues, nigga dressed to kill/ Nigga, yes, I will put a slug in you/ Nigga, what you wanna do Cuz I'm ready to shoot? And my high-tech boots got me feelin' bulletproof/ I'm a Superman/ Nigga, G.I. Joe/ Like the wind blowin' throu a nigga' area/ More dead enemies I count up the merrier/ And you ain't heard no collaboration scarier I'm a walkin' nightmare, and I'm born to die/ If the war goin' on, whats happenin'? If you disrepectin' my family; it'll be hell to tell the captain/ Fuck all you playa haters and you po-pos/ Fuck all you politicians/ This' war/ Dedication to the criminal nation Let the real thugs even the score -Refrain-

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