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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez


Original and similar lyrics
[B.G. & Baby] Cash Money slangin nine nigga (Off top playboy) H.B's and The B.G.'s (What's happing little B.G. bring it to these niggas) [B.G.] When I got that iron in my hand I'm going to slang it When I got that drama on my mind I'm going to bring it I ain't backing down from no nigga that's hatin If the nigga say I ain't bout my buisness look here he hatin [Baby] Comin uptown playboy we gonna slang it If I catch down nigga bad we gonna leave ya stainin Fuckin wit my H.B's nigga I'm gonna bring it Rollin uptown stay strap and keep thinkin' [B.G.] Cause a nigga get stolen Better yet get takin Paper is burn They come fast, ya cant shake it Picture this my brother Cash Money done went nation That come's from 7 hard years of dedication [Manny Fresh] Fuckin wit my B.G. nigga I'm puttin ?? and I'm a ?? me nigga That's believing worth six niggas We call hard hitters We uptown riders and we real with this nigga (nigga) [B.G.] Police can investigate but they ain't gonna find shit But a 100 bullet shells without a fucking fingerprint This Hot Boy click laid back and spy on niggas We see them working on something look here we riders Ain't like working niggas Any block with a flussy That goes for the boss too We ain't got no picks to choose it We get cha if we gotta Wig split cha if we gotta I know you ain't got word that B.G.'s a rider So keep it on the D.L If you got keys don't serve nobody but off V.L 'Cause they play for keeps A one way ticket to hizell 6 ft. deep It's a filthy dirty rizell On the U.P.T I was raised in the streets But I put it on my mind By the time I was nine I was pushin nigga I was slangin that nine [Lil Wayne] Na, Na, Na, Na Now them them don't want us They know me and Turk don't fuss in the corners They already know that we brothers, Blood Or whatever you wanna call it Click up wit my dog we get crazy like alcholics Plus we ballers So whatever we spin the Lex or Benz Its gonna be on twenny, twen, twens [Turk] Get off the block when we come nigga (nigga) To the lane Shots that close shop when the bullets start sparying Run your mouth too much, better watch what cha sayin Like a nigga on the sideline, nigga we ain't playin [Lil Wayne] Na, Na, Na, Na Now why O why Lord The nigga wanna try and die Lord [Turk] Niggaz wanna learn hard way Give it to 'em like that Make 'em suffer Put that bitch wit a bag [Juvenile] I guess you probably standin there sayin, "Who's the muthafucka?" Nigga Juv's the muthafucka, thata bruise a muthafucka Either there's been a lot of cross-firing in the bricks And I'm gonna ?? me nigga If they put me in that shit Look I'm gonna tell ya like I tell my folks Play with me if you want but Cash Money going broke Even if it means creepin up slow Busting out shots out my black Volvo Fo sho, 'cause ain't nobody gonna run me I don't want nobody going to tell my mama when somebody done me She ain't bring me in the world for that She ain't raise no ho's She could have had a girl for that I been realized, I'm all in Surrounded by the camoufalge, in ballin Make a nigga recognize, I'm starvin Go in and do a homicide, you fallin, stop callin Cause ain't no peace treaties wodie You better leave that 45 at your house cause you gonna need it wodie I told you boy, I'm a souljah boy U.T.P up on my stomach from the Nolia boy [B.G. Talking] Slangin nine Fo sho nigga That's how we layin it down for the '98 all the way to the '99 Worldwide Slangin nine All you bus pass niggas better recognize [Juvenile Talking] This on here bouncin all out ya heard me Ask my nigga Prime nigga Ask my nigga Lac nigga Ask my nigga B Dog nigga Ask Manny Ask Ruckus Ask my brother Corey Ask B.G.'s nigga Ask Suga Slimm [B.G. Talking] You ain't got no muthafuckin heart Got the butcha knife chillin Slicing throats we doin it like that nigga Ah ha, Ah ha How You Luv That now nigga? What's up now nigga? Talk that shit now What, What's up I thought we was what kind of boys Nigga what, nigga who what, nigga ha [Juvenile Talking] I know yall gonna hear me all over the nation So this is for the East Coast, the South Coast, the West Coast, over the world Nigga ain't no beef nigga It's bout money Nigga if you ain't making no money I can't talk [B.G. Talking] Shut the fuck Nigga ain't got no words for ya It's all about the fetti

All Money Is Legal

Amil "All Money Is Legal"
All Money Is Legal [Verse 1] I'm on the up and up to hot to touch nigga The narcs couldn't stop the rush Smuggled in the package tight I'm 98 a gram leaving attics nice I get 5 you don't get half a mic Been known to cut ass for the added hype And I pop too much shit to be the marriage type Get spoiled even when I'm not acting right Can't nobody come with the style I bring? Piece hanging on the chain just a dangling Motorola 2-way so the cell don't ring Crush R B and I don't even sing No reference and no pro tools Till I'm up in my hersh I'm a show and prove Got up in the game and made my own rules Put heat on the reels until I blow the fuse Chorus All Money is Legal Baby And what, and what All Money Is Legal Baby What 'chu thing, what 'chu know abut this All Money Is Legal Baby The higher the price The hotter the rhyme [Verse 2] Amilliyon doper than heroin Shoes got to be Gucci wht the fresh pair on Spend up doe til its damn near gone Lay it down get spins all year long You know I run through them papers quick You know I rock them glaciers sick Chilling waiting for these shares to clear I'm the only hot bich you gonna hear this year You know I ass kick with no practice Any joint I'm on automatic classic Niggas pay me just to do ad-libs And I move the crowd like I move to Saks Fifth If I'm a gonna flash rocks then I'm a stash glocks If I'm a gonna talk shit then I'm a walk it All money is legal now I'm with Hov, Bleek and Sigel now Chorus [Verse 3] Give me my cue and I'm ready to roll Take a little ghetto celebrity stroll Floss with the minks to heavy to hold Baggettes be whoa, I gets me doe I'm an uptown swinger With the light blue on the pinkie finger Amilliyon 'bout to shake some ass I'm crack packed in till it break the glass Keep crates of papes, in the steel encased safe Watch doe accumulate like real-estate And you know I gotta keep tricks up the sleeve Leav'em bankrupt with blue balls till the dick bleed Save all receipts write it off quickly If I'm a ball I'm play up in the big leagues Never fold when the pressure come You could put Amil up against the best of 'em Chorus x2

It Ain't Safe No More...

BUSTA RHYMES "It Ain't Safe No More..."
(feat. Meka) The Surgeon General.. of the Flipmode Squad.. has determined.. that the sounds you about to hear.. can be devestatin.. to your ear.. to your mind.. to your body.. to your souuuuuuuuuuuuuullll! [Chorus: Flipmode + Meka] You better, pack up your bags, better get out of town Cause when the God come you know he gon' be puttin it down Everything we do be blowin, better get on the ground It ain't safe no more, it ain't safe no more (nigga) He keeps it wicked by creatin the sound That make the people wanna spaz 'til they give him the crown Fuck around you'll turn up missin just to never be found It ain't safe no more, it ain't safe no more (nigga) [Verse One] Bodies'll turn up missin, I promise you need to listen Abolish the need for bitchin, I polish and shine and glisten Demolishin while I'm whistlin, astonished while you're witnessed Hardest to smash another artist son, regardless if it is a nigga who think he the greatest son I'll lock him in the fridge And hang him from both of his ankles when we drop him from the bridge Blockin your paper really stoppin that dude from gettin his Poppin the safe and splurgin, havin the crew up in the crib Block 'til these niggaz havin 'em rockin gargle with a bib Shittin and fartin, spittin and vomitin all in the crib Fallin into shock from the bullets we shot up in they ribs Hot up the block and blew up the spot and got up out the mix Tried it a couple stops and spotted the Squad up in they whips Plotted and then I signed on the dotted line and made a wish Return us even the hardest makin you garbage niggaz sit The smartest now you a target only the heartless niggaz win [Chorus] [Verse Two] You can't believe can you, I'm callin my dog Nathaniel And ballin with all my mans you'll be blowin and all will hand you Accordingly or disorderly bullets are sure to bang you considerably my 9 milli hit you at any angle Shootin, shootin, shootin - high, low, verticle or horizontal And if you were makin plans I do think you gon' have to cancel Sorry I had to ask you, save it I have to blast you Takin a chance to laugh from you makin the masses gas you So now you thinkin that you tough and that we can't get at you Change up your mind and leave you stiffer than a massive statue Tired of talkin need to use all your precautionary measures Washin off the blood haulin the water force of steady weather You can handle it or you can't, it be only gettin better Like a candle, we burn your chandles and make you feel the pressure Cockin it back, articulatin the flow just like a lecture Break it down and rebuildin the flow, now peep the architecture [Chorus] It ain't safe.. in the current state.. of our democracy Terrorism.. motherfuckers bombin New York.. shit is crazy It ain't safe no more! All these rappin niggaz goin at other rappin niggaz heads Shit is crazy! But most importantly.. The most unsafe thing.. is that.. niggaz ain't seein, the God comin Watch where you walk!

Whoo Kid Freestyle

50 CENT "Guess Who's Back?"
(feat. G-Unit (uncredited)) [50 Cent] Yo this is 50 cent, yaknawsayin I'm here with my man Whoo Kid, you know how I put it down nigga It's not safe around here as soon as the street lights G-Unit nigga [random shout outs] [50 cent and G-Unit] We can't get Money selling weed...WE GON SELL COKE Ain't no money sellin' coke... WE GON SELL DOPE Ain't no money sellin' dope... WE GON SELL X And if niggaz wont by the X... WE GON SELL TECS [Lloyd Banks] My advice for y'all niggaz is stop frontin 'Cause 50 say pop somethin', I'm gon pop somethin', what up [50 Cent] Don't make me send a nigga to you, 16 shot ruger Send twelve shots to you, run four in the clip Get in the whip, it's a wrap [Lloyd Banks] Nah fuck that [50 Cent] Man, you done hit the nigga twice in the head, that's that Niggaz running with the steel out, now it's time to peel out [Lloyd Banks] 50 let me drive [50 Cent] Nah I got this, nigga chill out [Lloyd Banks] It'd be nice to get the niggaz ice, get it, give it back [50 Cent] Just get in the corner store cause it's full of them A-rabs They blowin' the shit up like it's okay I got a bomb on my waist I'm Kamikaze [laughing] I dare Ds to get next to me [Lloyd Banks] Or a nigga to creep up and put a tec to me [explosion] Yeah, yeah that's it, it's a freestyle The fuck you want for free Fucking A-rabs just ran the planes into the fucking building Coke price went up 10 grand this fucking week


Capone -N- Noreaga "The Reunion"
[Troy Outlaw] Lets get this shit perculating son u know Thugged Out entertainment coming at your motherfucking neighborhood Know what I'm saying, like a theater near you Troy Outlaw, Goldfingaz Capone-N-Noreaga 2000 CNN you know how we doing Thugged out entertainment taking over the motherfucking world for the new millenium, know what I'm saying? Ya niggas can't fuck with this Ya niggas can't stop this, ya niggas can't touch this Ya niggas had better ?? [Capone] Me and my dunn's thoughts divide like earth and the rain I'm severed like Kevin Spacey and depth to the game We the same in every aspect except for the chain Connect 41-18 the bridge bang I give the kidney, just so the lord will forgive me And bring back mami and mambo, mano a mano We poly over Chardonnay bottles, Opposite like Felix and Oscar Sign to the street like Carlos We sway deeper than the shit through the speaker I smoke grade A reefer Up north sport away for the cesaer Used to smuggle through the mess hall, Blow a stiff circle in the yard Be home now, stuck in our zone now Can't take it from us, we run wit the corner Nigga we stay dirty, you know, straight slum performers A judge, then I'll ride for you, Assist a slug then I'll die for you I'm loyal, what nigga [Chorus] [Troy Outlaw] I bust a cap for my brother till death do us part And ?for my brother?? I'll show u love from the heart [Goldfingaz] You and I we can die together, yo shit don't change We'll always be thugs forever [Troy Outlaw] From the start playa haters tried to disconnect us We too tight for that, we getting more cheddar [Goldfingaz] But me and you we can die together But me and you we can die together [Noreaga] Yo from harlon valley to greenhaven We had these niggas thats Wes Craven Never good never behavin' Victor Santiago, and Kiam Holly? You know how we do, Catch a body then we go party We used to be in billyway, church and jail Me and capone smoke weed till I burnt my nail I used to cut niggas faces Smoke weed out of bible papers The Knicks and the Lakers See me with a Northface, facing the north Drinking Schmirnoff and taking niggas face right off N.O.R., and shit ain't really change that much Except I smoke a Philly can't fuck wit her guts I eat aunties food, the best in new york Boneless chicken, and she don't cook no pork I got some Chardonnay, nigga go and pop the cork Me and Capone made up, everytime we fought [chorus] [Goldfingaz] From out the dark into the lights on the streets Slugs pop when slugs meet Its death from the birth of the streets Yo outlaw, hit me 1-6-0-9 Cock back and bust nines, this bitch nigga plotting on mom My fam too, cuz god niggas body your crew Bitches will never come between the life of two And ain't nothin gonna change but my age My attitude is deep, I get it from my peoples in graves [Troy Outlaw] Yo me and you, been together like tango and cash Like Capone-N-Noreaga like the weed and hash We stick together like coke, like we still sell drugs Bad seeds from the ghetto but we still get love We just trying to make it, while other niggas fake it We blow your cool like we chill now its time to take it Like you never had it, you don't deserve it Fake niggas getting jealous But these hoes be giving cervix [chorus] [Troy Outlaw] Straight like that, official thug niggas Real niggas, know what I'm saying? Real niggas selling that crack Busting their cap, know what i'm saying? Real niggas don't cry Niggas do time know what i'm saying? You know how we do, stick to the motherfucking ghetto Fuck you, fuck your crew, fuck your girl too Know how we do, CNN once again, you know [Goldfingaz] Fuck all ya muthafuckers out there, don't want nothin Thugged Out in this shit forever, QBC nigga ?? most wanted, ya know Fuck ya niggas

Touched Wit It

THREE 6 MAFIA "When The Smoke Clears... Sixty 6 Sixty 1"
(feat. Fiend, Mr. Serv-On, La Chat) [Serv-on] Boy,I think this the second time you done passed up this sign you goin'the wrong way main. [Fiend] Slow ya role, slow ya role,ya know what im saying Look,we about to go I 255,(yeah) straight up to Memphis.(ya show) See what im saying, Paul said he gone meet us by Wal-Greens, we 'bout to go head on and break this bread, ya see what I'm saying What you gone do [Fiend] Bitch,you can picture the pain,I rip you in vain While the young soldiers whisper my name I'm dealing the caine,sippin' on crown, smokin' that Jane Open the brain,let that shit inject, you think that I'm playin' Don't make me get at your kin fo those that can't Either you die slow,ride slow, cause Fiend about to show How not only God knows, these niggas our hoes,my stock broke So we ain't trippin' puttin' knives to throats Buckin the clip at the 5and 0 ,allow smoke Dosha go straight to my lungs I see WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP In ya streets Chopper intro now peep this Got wit you F-I-E-N-D and THREE-6 Talk it like I bring I feel you need this,deep shit Sleep wit them fishes, eat wit them bitches,it's all on you Like that lil nigga B.G. cd volume 2 I throw hallows threw ,what you use to swallow and chew, 'bout what ya gone do [Lord Infamous] Infamous I'm leavin brain dust I'll indanger you lamers like strangers I'm in this bitch, pimp stick, clothes hanger I'm out the frame, on a lame, like a Banger I either put you in a cross,or I pull the Moss I'm runnin threw so logs, tring to blow ya leg off I put some shit up in the line that'll blow ya mind It's like some Colt 45, does it every time,nigga get my rhymes [Chorus: Fiend] If I pull my pistol I'm a bust wit it Never see me holdin it and go fuss wit it You gone be a big pussy gettin fucked wit it Foever tucked wit it, cause you done got touched wit it [2x's] [Serv-on] Act like you know me when I say Im head thug on your block Hold ya breath when I spray paint my name on yo spot Tell your self you ain't scared when I run in your shit I ain't bout no games woady its your life or yo bitch Apollogize when I pass by bootin my grill 3rd World I represent it Blood City fo real Foreget yo know me when I pistol whip you and yo click No limit riders, Tre 6, yall aint runnin like this [DJ Paul] Now whats the fuck the use of holdin a gun and playin wit you hoes I'm bout to shut down yo heart thats how the story goes These boys think cause we some CEO's, we must be some hoes Its consequences and reprecusions fuckin wit pros Thiese bitches hot cause its hypnotized and no limit We off the wham but only real niggas all up in it I tell you what Serv kill the head of yo click And I bet all them hoes quit talkin shit [Chorus 2x's] [Juicy J] I never ran up yo a trunk Blastin on a fuckin punk Toxicated, high, or drunk Try and grab the closest pump Never flodged on how I lived Fight a nigga over a bitch Playa Im just callin pimp Always keep a cigarette lit Never walked up in the club Dissin niggas wit a mug Always keep my owm sack Never wanted to hit your bud Independant on you hoes Makin more than selling dope If you wanna hate the click Nigga I make your body froze [Serv-on] Close yo eyes Mouth full its a south thang thuging like that You say you know Im in North Memphis pushin that drill Tearin clubs up in South Memphis and Smokey City Say your prayers when I lay that iron clean on yo chest Dont play no games boy, Im kinda wild wit that tech Pretend you death when I scream what city you clame Fuck around wit me I seperate your body from your name [La Chat] Lay down bitch ,La Chat and I ain't playing no games bucking you hoes,my mado keep my distance from lames My 45 be on my side and I be ready to ride We catch you slipin you be missin have you barried alive My niggas downdown we got that anna that you bitches dont won't Step to me wrong Paul,Juicy,Pat,La Chat be strapped wit them pumps Now how you figure when you fuck up that we gone let you live We kill your ass then set a randsome fo your guts that we spill!!!!! [Chorus]

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