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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez

Rich Niggaz

Original and similar lyrics
Why, why, why Why, why, why Why, why Cash Money, Rich Niggaz Look [Lil' Wayne] Loud pipes, big rims Nigga, that's my life When I pull up at the club sorry that's my night I know a lot of haters probably sayin that that's not right Well, my diamonds so much bigger So, that's my life Bling, bling Now, only carry big face and you hear the ching, ching Now, you can ask your wife and she will say the same thing And your children be amazed when they see me on the big screen Ha, ha, ha I crack myself up I know I talk lot but I can back myself up Got a little house on the beach that's where I shack myself up You ain't really got more money than me Think about it Let's just say somebody gave me a check to think about it So I just bought a new Rollie and got to take a link up out it And me with no ice is like a Prince concert that ain't crowded They see the Beam, and the truck, and the B-12 And we was next Then that's when I pull up in the B-E-L Le-Le-Lex Ha [1st Chorus] I'm on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot We on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot [Juvenile] Juvenile used to be R-E-T-A bound Now I be bustin these bitches head when I come 'round Acting like a nigga that ain't never had shit Look into my bed sayin that's a mad hit I'll damned if these diamonds and golds ain't shinin My Rollie ain't mine and my bank ain't climbin You lookin at a multi-millionaire in the flesh Might don't have it now, but I just got me a check I can walk it like I talk it, play it how I say it Teach it like I preach it; now, put that in your head Nigga, bet a thousand, shoot a thousand - ain't nuttin Smoke a pound, pop the Cristal and drink somethin Meet me in the casino, way in the back Losin money like a motherfucker, still shooting craps Tomorrow I'll be back, I got millionaire status We make so much money IRS be lookin at us [Repeat 1st Chorus 1X] [Turk] I got more ends than Bonnie have in a factory I'm Lil Turk, I'm living large, got the baddest hoes after me Picture me, a young nigga bawling out of control Playing with millions, laying in condos Nigga I shine, shine through the fucking week The flyiest ride with crystal in the passenger seat Don't hate me, 'cause I'm a little bawler Got more weight than Angola Fucking your girl Carla Nigga I stunt, And I'm a stunt 'til I can't no more Chest lit up like the oaks >From the diamonds I sport Yo, I can't be touched Don't think I'm too much, nigga I'm rich what the fuck Rolex crushed out with the bezel And all the foes that get close to me got to be on my schedule I got so much money I don't know what to do Buy isles and cars And break bread with my crew [2nd Chorus] I'm on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot We on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot B.G. on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot [Paparue] Uh, uh, uh Hear me It's like, monkey see, monkey do Rolling with the Cash Money Runners I stay true Cause when were running and climbing on the million-dollar scene Holding together, mo-de-ming, mo-de-ming When I bring out the rubber around the Hummer Benz, or in the Lex Bubble When I start they said I had no fame Now all the girls just end up calling my name 10 G's to Fax the contract to big Cash Money Cause you know this whole clique right with me They're right with me Sip-pe-di-dy Won't count the diamonds just around my neck X amount-a dollars on a bankroll check If you want to really come and sing with me Those that got me wicked, then I do some free For free!

The Mack Is Back

Kool Keith "Sex Style"
Intro Reporter: So tell me... How do you feel about 'Jack the Ripper'? [Evil Thriller laughter] (Get him!) Verse 1 Want me to get him? Well I got him My mouth is an Uzi and I shot him With the hundreds of rhymes and rhythm designed To make him rewind this time I draw the line He's mine...just chill Don't nobody touch him cos Imma get ill The boy's phony as a three-dollar bill And this time I shoot to kill Just like a sucker you took the bait Now you're like a dead fish on my dish, too late So party people kick your feet up, I'm about to heat up You're hungry for a battle, now it's time to eat up Boy, I'm gonna chew you, cos I knew you was Talkin' that junk, punk, now Imma do you The way you should be done, call you my son Make you say Daddy, I don't want none I've had enough of you actin' tough You huff, puff, grab your stuff you cream puff bluff Talk about a battle, but you don't wanna do it You got yourself into it, you blew it You egomaniac, I'm a brainiac You came back with a stone cold plain attack Your rhymes are weak-wack, how can you speak that? You need to sneak back to the drawing board Jack... The Ripper, down with my zipper You get paid to be a Moe Dee tipster Tryna knock the way I rock, get off my jock Imma knock you out the box, let's go... Let's Go! Verse 2 Put up or shut up, get up, yeah what up? Huh, get on the microphone and get cut up Talk about how your records went double platinum With those lyrics?! Huh, I laugh at them So you got paid, take the money you've made Bet it on yourself, are you afraid? Money talks, B.S. walks When I stalk like a hawk a victory is chalked So put your money where your mouth is, you don't know about this Battlin's for real men, and I doubt if You can even hang or give a run for the money You're just a sucker, and it's funny How you never ever had a drop of juice in New York And now you go on tour and try to talk that talk You try to act like you're a big man, but you're a big fag Stridin' and hidin' while ridin' my big man You ain't got a chance in the world Your records were smokin', but you sound like a girl... [How you like me now? I'm gettin' busier I'm double platinum] Hold up, is he a Man or a girl? What in the world? You sound like Cheryl the Pearl And you wanna battle me on the microphone? Leave that crack alone, let's go... Let's Go! I said, Let's Go! Come on, boy! Let's Go! Better than me? Verse 3 Picture that with a Kodak I don't take no shorts and you know that I roll hard, run the rap yard, put up your guard I don't get even, I get odd, Todd Always one up on ya And I tried to warn ya You slept, you took a backstep Ruined your rep and wept, you should've kept Your mouth shut, you know what? You gotta say you're sorry [I'm sorry] So what? You call me a punk, you wanna see who's soft? Put the microphone down, let's square-off You need a hand, you got hands for Tryna be me, now LL stands for Lower Level, Lack Lustre Last Least, Limp Lover Lousy Lame, Latent Lethargic Lazy Lemon, Little Logic Lucky Leech, Liver Lipped Laborious Louse on a Loser's Lips Live in Limbo, Lyrical Lapse Low Life with the loud raps, boy You can't win, huh, I don't bend Look what you got yourself in Just usin' your name I took those L's Hung 'em on your head and rocked your bells Now, here we go, blow for blow, let's throw Rhyme for rhyme, yours and mine, and yo When it's time to battle rhyme I know How to make it flow, so let's go To the ring, rapper's sing and swing Words and verse, see who deserves to be king Serve a blow to that ego As if you didn't know, let's go... Let's Go! Let's Go! Verse 4 How can you say you're the best? Get put to the test in front of a million and fess Tried to withdraw because you saw The juice I got's not like before Huh, I'm formidable, unforgettable You're submittable, you look pitiful Yeah you're headstrong, but you're dead wrong Wanna survive? Stick with the love songs Take off your shirt, flex and flirt And leave the real hard rhymes to the hard rhyme experts If you don't, boy you'll get hurt Feel like dirt and have to revert To comin' on stage butt naked To make up for what you can't do on record Open your eyes twice the size and realise I'm on the rise and you're on the demise Ostracized by my reprise Step in my face and watch how that head flies I mean business and I'm serious I ain't sellin' out and now here he is Frontin' and fakin' and talkin' about makin' The money from money, now don't you know they can Use your support cos you've got caught Signed, sealed, delivered, sold and bought A puppet on a string with no heart A fool and his money will always part You used to be a rapper, turned into a businessman Loafin' on the job and cheatin' the fans I'm too potent, powerful and spiritual Mental, emotional, physical and lyrical You wanna beat me? It's gonna take a miracle You've got a lock on my jock like a pitbull.

Simon Says Remix

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Pharoahe Monch] GET THE FUCK UP! Simon says 'GET THE FUCK UP!' Throw ya hands in the sky (buck buck buck buck buck!) Queens is in the back sippin 'Gnac, y'all wassup Girls, rub on your titties (yeah) Yeah fuck it I said it rub on ya titties New York City gritty committee, pity the fool that act shitty In the midst of the calm, the witty [Lady Luck] Yo SHUT THE FUCK UP! Luck said 'SHUT THE FUCK UP!' Bitches in the back, like crack get it cut up I speak on behalf of them broads you call stuck up Act like a man and get cocked, smacked or fucked up Pull the truck up, Luck you know the name Assed out in the bleachers stay shittin on the game I suppose what you're spittin is flames, cowards Know your crew was vaginal, I could smell the dooch powder Summer's Eve, I drop degrees chill Come four by four, lose one like Dru Hill Stay fly till you air sick, now that's ill Two choices, either squeeze or peel, now that's real [Pharoahe Monch] WHAT THE FUCK'S goin on here, just a minute now, hold up Sinister wit hit the time I diminish him finish him, roll up When I'm, cinematography state of mind My rap trip, rip, clip, say the rhyme Shit, I spectacular run hit spit bitches venacular Miraculous rhyme flow, back track to the Immaculate Binaca blast nigga that's fast, son I'll box ya Ladies rub the ta-ta's, bras, titties and knockers on the floor OWWW! Fellas pull ya cock out On the verge to splurge verbs for third round knock out Uh I bust a rhyme that dust frustrated rappers Dust crush competition, lights out like the Clapper The mic ripper, whip a nigga like a slave Separate him from him from his fam, he don't know how to behave Now, drag his ass, bag dun for his loot Figure me to give a nigger-y twenty-one gun salute That's seven shots for Tupac Seven for Biggie Smalls Seven for Freaky Tah up in your neighborhood malls How's that, fat action packed rap remain tame Pharoahe fuckin Monch, ain't a damn thing changed [Redman] Yo yo get the fuck up Funk Doctor Spot said 'Get the fuck up' I got a bitch named Nina and I tuck her I leave a nigga hangin like ya mom's muffler Snuff her, then my boys follow up Respect like the Fonze, you see the collar up I spit out a bullet, load the barrel up I kamikaze ya town off a Arab bus Karat cut, yeah mami pull over I bend ya pussy like for years I knew yoga I'm too smoked up, I can't remember me Off Hennesy, that's why I carry Mini-Me I need fifty feet when my performance starts I push a armored car wit Lauren Harts Nineteen inches, I'm not on the charts Doc turnin dark off a warning shot Drive off and pop, six in ya hood [Monch] Fuck the limelight, we rhyme tight, plus snatch the goods Yea-yeah my nigga, one rhyme you fold over I'm hot-headed cuz I walk wit cold shoulders Yeah GET THE FUCK UP! [Pharoahe Monch] Simon Says 'GET THE FUCK UP!' Throw ya hands in the sky (buck buck buck buck buck!) [Redman] Jersey in the back jackin cars now wassup! Girls, rub on ya titties (Yeah) That's right I said it, rub on ya titties Brick City gritty committee Pity the fool that act shitty, in the midst of the calm, the witty [Method Man] Yo yo get the fuck up Yo yeah I said it, get the fuck up Walk through Shaolin after dark, you get stuck up Seek and destroy, baddest boy when I'm puffed up Ya know my name, and Pharoahe Moch, why we came what We off the chain, plus we plottin on the chain, what Know ya role, by the way tuck ya gold And you and your mic on down the road Assholes are like opinions, everybody got to have one Shootin in the sky tryin to blast sun Zero to sixty in a second, pull a fast one Fifty cent flashin they hate us wit a passion Mashin, still fresh in three-day old fashion Your plaid, I'm stripes, together we be flashin Here's a Tunnel banger Wu-Tang death penalty, the gas chamber This gon' hurt me more than it hurts you Slap ya like the doctor the day your momma birthed you Just so you can feel me The same way I'ma feel this world when it kill me Even if time stands still, I'ma still be Underground and filthy, gotta have our Way like the Milky Innocent until I'm proven guilty Never got caught in the game of tag Momma never kept a boyfriend wit kids this bad No justice, RAIDER RUCKUS! Underground till we under ground But y'all first MOTHAFUCKERS! [Shabaam Sahdeeq] My thugs, throw up ya set And shorties rub on ya breasts GET THE FUCK UP, outta that dress, I palm tits You herbs get flipped like jeeps on mountain cliffs I'll rip through your chest, hollow-point talent tips Double-S, double the threat, double your bet Double up on that cash if you decide to invest You sound like Big, you sound like Jay, you sound like D And I bet, when I go plat, you'll sound like me Shabaam Sahdeeq, injure your fleet into delete Y'all crabs are weak, frail like a fiend's physique I stay on the street, stay on the beat, stay wit the heat Stay stickin fools like you for the rocks that gleam So toss that link, dummy, shoulda insured that link Straight to Canal I'll praise that link, then pawn that link You froze up, Sahdeeq says 'Shut the fuck up!' Punk niggas get gun-butt up and tied up [Busta Rhymes] Busta Rhymes is like Hacksaw Jim Dugan Been thuggin, lovin the way we flood jewels for nothin Lay it over, another ambush we take over Yo we don't only get money, we cut the coke and cook the shake over You better guard your head right, especially if it's late at night Or find your picture of your autoposy up on the web site Yo if you ever violate my space Fuck a fat lip, I'll leave you wit a fuckin fat face Nigga, Busta Rhymes the handsome, I'll hold you for ransom ansom Like the ghost in a haunted house, I'll forever live in a mansion Bitches, snitches comin out and you know who's showin it Like when British civil servants pass secrets to the Soviets Y'all niggas is seemless blends of seemless friends Live on about on a bunch of seamless ends Collosal, me and my nigga Pharoahe Moncho The head honcho, gettin this money like Leonardo (do do do) Enough substance in the roughness Now watch it come around in an amazing large abundance Now let me clear the smoke screen you blow fiend Live nigga shit that'll rebuild your whole self-esteem Pledge allegiance to the flag of united live niggas of America Let us control and own the fuckin area Wildin in your whip until your crash the whole truck up And if get to you nigga you better GET THE FUCK UP!!! Hehehe

Fuck Big Boy

B.G. "B.G.'Z True Story"
[First Verse-Tec-9] I'm back again, reppin' and I got my four ten Doin' you in when I creeps and spin the bin Now the heat is on I'm comin' to get'cha Went through the 17th and couldn't even find ya Come to find out, that you were fat mouthin' and you'z a hoe The only time you seen the 17th is at a show Jealous muthafuckas wanna be like me I represent that 3, the capital T-E-C You bitches better keep my name out'cha mouth Before I get a bag of that fire and wait outside your house Nigga, I catch a drain, ain't no motive, ain't no blame on what I do ya Cuz I'ma fuck over you Now what's up? Cuz I don't think you ready to see no blood Fuck all that asshole and leave ya fuckin' head swollen I hit like floods, better yet, I stick like mud Them bitches P-N-C, I leave'em in a pool of blood Partners-N-Crime, y'all some bitches, y'all some snitches You stupid clown, Chuck got'cha riches [2nd Verse-B.G.] Partners you bet not do no crime, Get no time and go to JAIL Cuz in that two man cell, best believe you gone get NAILED Mystikal you'z a hoe, it's time I Iet'cha know Y'all ain't ready for Local five, got a boot camp fulla hoes I'm gat totin', ready to leave your heart open Bullets floatin', hot nine chambers smokin' Uptown, ya bound to get y'all wig split Y'all represent a 17th set that don't even exist Now that's a shame, you reppin' just to get a name You can't survive in this game cuz you niggas lame I'm ready to take it to some G shit, street shit Where caps get peeled, and wigs bound to get split I'm off Valence, ain't no doubt this B.G. ain't real I'm bout to *hic* hiccup some bullets out my fuckin' steel Peel, make niggas kneel, bow down From this clown that's gonna put you six in the ground. It's time a nigga put Big Boy where the fuck they belong Rollin' wit Tec-9 snortin' dope best believe it's on [Chorus-Tec-9] Partners-N-Crime you ain't nothin' but bitches Lick on the nuts and suck the dick [Chorus-Lil Wayne] Big Boy know, they ain't nothin' but hoes [Chorus-B.G.] You can jump up on this dick, like a morphodyke, BIATCH! [Chorus] [3rd Verse-Lil' Wayne] Say Ah ha, Ah ha , yeah you thought it was funny When you tried to rap, hunt, stunt, front, on Ca$h Money You must have been jealous of that title that we holdin' Try to rep on that Local 580 You must have been too loaded, too loaded, too loaded They tried to pull a lil' stunt, on that Local 580 Wanna be Pimp Daddy, Lil' Slim, and Baby They put that whole CMR all up in they rap They had us on they first tape and they proceed to sweat So let's show them wannabes what we made of nigga Try to knock a B.G., I'ma spray a nigga Swear to God you was hard, but you don't want none of me Cuz I'm a little-bitty killa off Amelia East So put two and fall, see I ain't with that boy Cuz all I do is grab my 9 and break a nigga off Somethin' proper, I will make you droppa I'ma baby gangsta, not no P-poppa This is dedicated to niggas that be fakin' Tryed to rock the crowd for the turf but couldn't make it It was complicated so how you gonna rock them? While they was busy doin' the Hike and Eddie Bow'n I'ma stand my ground even though you try to bring me down Cuz I'ma Ca$h Money clown from that Uptown, and I'm bout it Nigga you know you not bout it, Come around my way I'ma have to get ROWDY [4th Verse-B.G.] Damn, I hate a busta bitch talkin' shit But when drama time come they scared to do it Throw them thangs talkin' hard in the Mic Say it in my face, be a man, and let's fight Take it to the street with a real baby G I'ma show ya I came bust caps send ya six feet I ain't bout none of that playin' or assholin' Nigga I'm splittin' wigs, leavin' heads swollen Mystikal slippin' and on the pavement you get laid Light up through ya hoe, I'ma grab you by them dookey braids Put'cha head down, cuz I heard about'cha In Desert Storm, Uncle Sam got that mouth up out'cha So let me get that out'cha bitch, I'ma run in your shit, cuz I'm a 13th nigga and I'm bout it [Chorus]

My Life

BIG TYMERS "I Got That Work"
(feat. Hot Boys) [Mannie] I done teached and talked Walked away and fought Went from cussin and bustin Hustle from day to dark Turned nothin to somethin Introduced to stunnin In my life In my life I done caused some hurt And I done did some good Said I can't even when I could I was stopped and tested fingerprinted and arrested In my life In my life Just say no when I really meant yes I'm gon smoke all night til it hurt my chest Slim told me over the years that shit gon tear up careers In yo life In yo life What'chu gon do when snakes come to yo crew I'm a get on my knees and ask the Lord please Separate good from fake and the love and the hate In my life In my life [B.G.] I mean fuck I done had a rough life you know what I'm sayin B.G. lived that thug life I done done it all in my life I done done time I done lived in group homes I been on the third floor of hospitals I mean it's just been a stuggle for me But now I'm on top you know what I'm sayin And it ain't to turnin back And I take chances in whatever I do Cuz if I don't take chances I don't see the life after all [Mannie] The night in the Rover When the niggas came over You went out like a soldier And I still can't get over What fake bitches done done Got me clutchin my gun In this life In this life I used to wonder why All the good niggas die Why some soldier gotta suffer And mothers gotta cry Why my daddie gotta lie Cuz he don't even try to be In my life In my life Take care of your crib Where you lay down and live Forget and forgive cuz you done put it through some shit Had yo daughter and yo son Been down since day one In yo life In yo life What the fuck is wrong you don't understand this song Tell yo momma you love her before she dead and gone Nigga that don't quit that's some real ass shit In this life In this life [Juvenile] Man I mean me Juvenile drugs tore my family up I'm from the projects so you know I just realized What it means to be successful Cuz I been through all kinds of shit man bullshit And I live through Baby, Slim and the Lord to help me And I came to them as a real nigga And I said look dog I'm tired of livin like this man [Baby] I had pounds of coke I had money to blow I had a felony charge I had to fight in the court I had warrant reports Shot up cars before In my life My life I got kids to feed I got niggas to watch I need a hundred mil I need to get off the block Wear soldier Rees In the gamblin spot In my life My life I could cook it and cut it I could bag it and move it I could toat in the budget Got money to prove it I done flood the public Hope Beatrice'll do it In my life My life Now my name is Baby But the call me Bubba Ain't a bitch that I know that can say that I love her Gettin pussy from a boss bitch wearin a rubber In my life My life Let me stunt and shine Let me bling and floss Let me ride without the law always searchin my car I just wanna chill fuck bitches and play In my life My life Hoes cry in my world give me that Baby shit Goin to the people knowin that they made me and shit You just don't know what I go through In my life My life I got Bentlys and Jags got Prowlers and Vets Got Benjamins, Hummers, Cadillacs and vests Condos and houses Cardiers and Rovers In my life My life I got cars and broads with money to make I got that brown wall and that white gate Got bitches and hoes love that platinum and gold In my life My life [Turk] Beautiful Baby what's happenin This Lil Turk you heard me One of the Original Hot Boys I done did it all you heard me From runnin through cuts and hallways Runnin through projects bustin heads Yeah that's that lil nigga Turk Young and Thuggin you heard me I know you gonna let me do what I do Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful you heard me We on top now nigga no longer livin that trife-life you heard me Respect and a check we ain't doin nothin but poppin bottles and fuckin hoes You heard me, makin money that's all nigga Uh-huh

Hard Life

BIG TYMERS "I Got That Work"
(feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile) [Baby] For sure, lil' one I know what you're goin' through to shine Niggas pullin' off all type of shit But, look: if you don't know what you're doin', you'd better catch the sideline Catch the sideline Nigga, the block look the same - it's just crack and cocaine Niggas losin' but we still maintainin' Livin' life like a penitentiary with a ki in my hand Knockin' project bricks Flippin' chickens, and movin' out quick Hard-hustlin' 'cause we love slingin' this white shit S.S., Monte Carlo's, hard-tops - we love that shit 'Bout two-hundred thugs with this clique We multiply everyday for the bullshit For the hood shit Burned down buildin's ain't no good, slick Niggas pullin' auctions on they own cars to get money quick Then we dippin' and dabbin' Goin' back to the labbin' Lil' niggas payin' me for cookin' they slabbin' Cook a brick and make it out a brick-and-halfin' Chargin' them young g's ten G's for cookin' they slabs Say, lil' wodie, I gots to have it [Hook - 4x (Juvenile)] It's a hard life we livin' - they 'bout they drama We earn stripes from killin' - attack like piranhas [Lil' Wayne] Look Look On the streets it ain't sweet They be () It's not a game, homeboy - this ain't the NFL Him just () from rippin' with the mid-deck twelve Hit the block in twin-SL's, and spit at gals You get that, pal Once it's war, nigga, skip town 'Cause if I don't do it, be swimmin' with fish, clown Now, crack a whole chick down, sell it in quarters If the drama happen to hit town, I'm 'nappin' your daughter If the broad try to flip out, I'm cuttin' her water If your boys try to help out, I'm killin' they fathers When and wherever What and however - you bring it good I'll have your mom singin' 'Hmmm hmm hmmm' Cause nowadays lot of niggas got coward ways So I ride with K's to knock off the side of heads But I'm tryin' to stay man, I'm tryin' to stay focused What I'm tryin' to say we gon' bust it wide open! [Hook - 4x (Juvenile)] [Mannie Fresh] What What Pimps, playas, riders, rollers, hustlers Gangstas, thugs, criminal motherfuckers Hit it, quit it, fuck it, leave it, flee No evidence at your residence - that's me Black, ugly, mean, sheisty bastard Preachers and teachers sayin', 'I'm surprised you lasted.' Guns, drugs, bitches hot sex Weed, crack, heroin - what's next Feds, cops, killers politicians Hookers, hoes, () all on missions Crooks, mayors, presidents, and leaders N-double-A-CP, rednecks, and meat beaters Mommas, baby-mommas, aunties and cousins Scatter sites, knocked-out lights, projects by the dump And cars, broads, murders ghetto life I went through all that shit for platinum ringers and a little bit of ice [Hook - 4x (Juvenile)] [Juvenile] I've been blessed I thank the Lord everyday for gettin' me from 'round these devils in these dark hallways How the fuck you gonna help me when I don't care Niggas see me front it all - they just look and stare And talk about how it should be and how it could be Bentley in my basement - ain't nobody understood me Take care of your people like you take care of your kids 'Cause money ain't shit when you don't know how to live And niggas gon' pretend to be your friend when they ain't You expect 'em to be there until the end, but they can't Now, how many of you can say you're a real nigga Play the Prowler, but scared to go in the field with ya You gon' know your nigga - he gon' be there, still with ya Whether if it's talkin' or slingin' the steal with ya Don't answer nobody questions Gotta turn to the Lord with a confession [Hook - 4x (Juvenile)] It's a hard life we livin' - 'cause they 'bout they drama We earn stripes from killin' - attack like piranhas

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