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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez


Original and similar lyrics
That's you with that bad ass Benz ha That's you that can't keep yo' old lady cause you keep fuckin her friends ha You gotta go to court ha You got served a subpeona for child support ha That was that nerve ha You ain't even much get a chance to say a word ha I know i ain't trippin don't your brother got them birds ha You ready to bust one of them niggaz head ha You ain't scared ha You know how to play it ha I know you ain't just gonna let a nigga come and punk you ha Stunt and front you ha Straight up run you ha You know who got that fire green ha You know how to use a triple beam ha Shit ain't hard as it seems ha You keep your body clean ha You got a lot of girbaud jeans ha Some of your partners dope fiends ha You really don't want to fuck with them niggaz ha You come up with them niggaz ha You stuck with them niggaz ha [Chorus 2X] You a paper chaser You got your block on fire Remaining a g until the moment you expire You know what it is yo make nothing out of something You handle your biz and don't be cryin and suffering You can't do nothing but love fresh ha You want to know what we gonna do next ha You brought my tape with a check ha You wearing a vest ha You tryin to protect your chest ha You spent 70 on your benz ha That ain't yours that's for your friends ha You wanna stop these niggaz from playing wit you ha You wanna run the block ha You wanna be the only nigga with rocks ha] You keep your gun cocked ha You count the money at the end of the night ha You on a three day flight ha You full of that diesel ha You duckin them people ha Your face was on the news last night ha You the one that robbed them little dudes out they shoes last night ha You don't go in the projects when it's dark ha You claim you thug and you ain't got no heart ha You came in the Nolia on new years eve ha You got stuck in that bitch and couldn't leave ha It was hard for youto breathe ha [Chorus 2X] You a paper chaser You got you block on fire Remaining a g until the moment you expire You know what it is to make nothing out of something You handle your biz and don't be cryin and suffering You got a trespassing charge ha That dick got hard ha When you were looking at them little broads ha You don't know when to quit ha That's you with that shot calling shit ha That's you with that balling shit ha That's you that's taking them hits ha That hoe don't know when to shut up her mouth ha You gonna knock that hoe teeth out ha You done switched from Nike to Reebok ha You twinkle you golds everytime you leave your house ha Them income tax checks ha You bout to flip that ha You bout to go score you a gram ha You bout to go put the dope dick on one of these hoe ha When you broke you drove ha When you paid you got bookoo places to go ha You on top ha You rob somebody shop ha You don't think you can be stopped ha You ridin in the Benz on 20 inch rims ha [Chorus 2X] You a paper chaser You got your block on fire Remaining a g until the moment you expire You know what it is to make nothing out of something You handle you biz and don't be cryin and suffering

Mac And Brad

[Scarface] Beanie Whats up Baby [Beanie] Whats Happening (Face) Sigel [Scarface] What ' bout to get off baby We fittin' to get off [Beanie] Ay yo what we goin to do on this shit man [Scarface] Lets wreck this motherfucker baby whats happenin' What You want to do nigga? [Beanie] I.. I wanna.. I Wanna Smash it (Smash) Back and forth Back and forth [Scarface] Lets do it What you Wanna hear? [Beanie] I wanna hear some of that ol' that ol' Dear Diary (Dear Diary) Mr.... Mr. Scarface Some of that old shit [Scarface] You ready [Beanie] Yeah I'm ready [Beanie] I locks and load Cock and spray Hit you niggas from a block away SK to the Stockaway Cause I know how to hold that shit Empty the can with one hand and reload that shit [Scarface] Give 'em the full clip These niggas is bullshit Been talkin' big six but scared as fuck when I pulled it Now eat this motherfuckin' bullet These niggas got some pussy in 'em See I got them pissin in they denim [Beanie] Man you fuckin with a stash raper Duct taper Fuck you police and fuck neighbors Move to smooth don't duck or try to shake us 2P89 ruge so don't tuck paper [Scarface] You heard what the man said Bitch now un ask it I got to have it When hitin' licks I'm a savage You hoes is plastic I got a semi automatic pointed at your ass Slowin me down gets you blasted [Beanie] For your chunk I'll trunk your folks It aint shit for mac to grip the gat and put the pump to work Call your bluff run in your spot with a detective suit Got you cuffed bout to show you what this tech will do [Scarface] You must of thought that we was friendly when we told you we was rappers We Jackers We want the money Thats what we after We want the package Under the god damn mattress And if the brain splatters don't matter Thats what we practice [Beanie] Blast the rocket Knock off your leg Tear through your forearm Sit you in a chair make your niggas call you short arm Pelets in your hand You'll never put shorts on Aint shit fair when you got to get your war on [Scarface] So why don't you come out and play Make my mother fuckin' day Y'all niggas cotton Potatoes like augrotten We niggas plottin' To hit your stash and leave you rotten [Beanie] I done bust slugs from all types of shit I have your ass plugged up to all types of shit And I show you dog how your life can get And every thing all real fuck what you might can get [Scarface] Cause nothin needs to be said something needs to be done B give me a ciggarette I think I need one Cause in bout 15 seconds I'm a set the motherfuckin' alarm off And shoot this motherfuckers arm off [Beanie] You niggas better smartin up Act like mac won't come through and spark shit up Where the fuck you get heart from Little bitch ass nigga started commin' out the fuckin dark from [Scarface] I done told you I'm the only nigga pushin' weight And for another nigga to try to take my place is in the wake It's time I retaliate I'll make you mother fuckers pay Now point me to the motherfuckin' yay [Beanie] You lookin at a sick bastard This stick up shit I got it mastered Glove and ski mask it Any body move a lick gettin' blasted When I'm in the crib for yoour shit and a thick plastic [Scarface] I got this duck tape stuck in my pocket for one reason You can stop screamin' stop squermin' or stop breathin' Cause I didn't come here to stay or play your babysitter I came here to split your mother fuckin wig nigga [Beanie] If your block gettin money nigga I want in Run it in Before I run in Your spot 200 glocks and 100 men Droppin' More shells than run and 'em [Scarface] Actin Bad Smash a nigga stash and mash Snatch the bag Bust him in his ass and dash Un cock the mag Kill him I don't need no mask We Identify each other nigga Mac and Brad [Beanie] Who you know but Mac and Brad Come through all black no mask and crash your pad 8 clips 4 hammers desert eagle the place Nobody but Sigel and Face You Feel that (Spoken) Yeah nigga thats what I'm talkin about I know you not tired [Scarface] I'm Through I'm tired and I'm out this motherfucker [Beanie] Yo I spit so real so my boys can eat You got the nerve to have a deal and just noise on beats Little suburb nigga never saw the streets Silver spoon ass nigga never drawed your heat I keep it the truth whats all the fakin' for God dam every week I got to break a jaw And you wonder why I smack up niggas Shit it's either that or Macs gonna clap up niggas What ya'll want me to do hunh soften up so my raps can start to soften up Shit never that Dog forever my baretta cat Hittin' niggas in they fitted cap where the letters at I told ya'll that the truth in here Recognize hottest thing in a booth in here The Gooch in here Ay yo it's over in here God damn somebody bring me some juice in here [Scarface] I used to be a drug dealer Hangin in the cut sellin' dime rocks Gettin' cash to eat with Punchin' a time clock In the ghetto makin' small change Slingin' till the sun up Got to pay my phone bill focusing on the come up Got 6 shots numbers strait Crank bout 38 Big boys trippin' on me tryin' to nigga hate This 17 year old Tony Montana type Aint never did the killin' but still I'm lovin the drama right Undercovers pass by thinkin I don't know the truth Makin niggas these offers they know these niggas can't refuse (Fade To end)

Bang This

J-W, E- DOUBLE S Don't We Double Best Tracks Tear Holes In Ya Bubble Vests Trouble..Yes..when ya hear the words Bang this from the city til I'm near the 'burbs [Hook (Kulaia & J Wess)] Bang This In The Club (I'm gonna spray the joint) And If u wanna get loud (you gotta play this joint) No Dress Code, No Guest Lists, No Charge (A small change, but I must stress this, I'm so LARGE!) Bang This In The Club (I'm gonna spray the joint) And If u wanna get loud (you cant fade the joint) And yo, this is for the wannabe riders with no cars I'd be just like you if I wasn't so LARGE! [Verse 1 (MC Digga)] Id bet you'd like to know what happens when the lights go off the mic go off, don't even try to fight the force I'm trying to lock it down globally like microsoft Blaze tracks, but I've never been the type to floss Wipe the floors with fake ass rappers, they ain't moving the crowd I showed you before, plus I'm proving it now (and smoothing it out) I still bring the ruckus to this and while you home on the couch (I stay up in the mix) you got a bad attitude, that's something to fix I'm gettin love from ya crew, cause they be pumping my dick think nothing of this, I could do it my sleep YA FEEL so while you non-talent motherfuckers keep shit real I keep shit still to stay on point, till I'm paid the joint Bangin the club, my lyrics spray the joint keep the dance floor wet so you can get ya slide on Some Clyde Drexler shit, watch me get my glide on [Hook] [Verse 2 (MC Digga)] Check my comand of the English language its expansive at a club with drink bars, new kicks, new chicks to dance with that's not my most of operandi, understand, I redefine the role of the villain, respect the bad guy Award winning sentences, acclaimed critical lyrical Most of you all just spit generical references Its very circuitous, 360 degrees in fact breeze through ya down and leave with my steeds in tact with ease I rap, you chopping mad takes for a verse bullshit punches, my hunches, you should wait and rehearse stop I heard the hot shit and your not it you need to cop this, steady drop this, heavy rock shit its over, HUH, you all ain't heard, I'm the deacon of words freaking the verb, while you speaking absurd take some decent reserve, with foot soldiers with balls big as boulders to move obstacles so save your acting for the movie [Hook] [Verse 3 (MC Digga)] Yo rapping is dead, I don't spit, I flow flip the script, nahh, stick to the shit you know the clique you owe, and dick you blow belong to me got ya shit on to me, my word is Bond like Sean Connery Ladies still feel me when I'm 75 point oh 9 with no license, still ready to drive I study the vibe, its like that R&B classic, track shit rappers act spastic, when I flash hits So merge ya words with virgin herbs ain't my function, don't wanna keep the peace, I'd rather punch em Straight hard hits of the target, I'm never spraying came in here with my fist in ya mouth, so what u saying I ain't claimed the shit, you haters stay on the dick all you do is talk about us, naysayin the clique, I'm saying ya sick gastro interitis and all that flowing tight as the format [Hook]

Can I Get High

LLOYD BANKS "The Hunger For More"
[Lloyd Banks] I know, I ain't supposed to smoke in here But Mr. Bouncer Man, don't put your motherfuckin hands on me (Can I get high) - without you botherin me Everybody you see in here tonight's doin the same thing, so why you keep player hatin on me? (Can I get high) - without you botherin me [50] Ay, did you hit this shit? [Chorus: G-Unit - repeat 2X] That la lah-lah, I be smokin Be gettin me right, I be loc'n Them bullshit trees, you be rollin barely gives you a buzz, me I get HIGH! [Lloyd Banks] I admit I got a problem, I keep comin back for these doe-doe bags, and not your 'gnac or your sack of seeds I chill, sit back on the sofa and relax my knees And roll one up loose enough to make the backwards breathe I blow a heavy load, you can subtract some G's cause I'm a smoker, too much of this to choke ya I don't mean to provoke ya, but I'm a bad influence A musician can't operate without his instruments My recent success rapidly got your bitch convinced Haters mad they can't look inside cause I pitched the tints I enter the club with baggies of that chocolate The secondhand smoke'll make a nigga wanna start shit Sometimes I think bout where the niggaz from the start went Raise up a lighter and fuck up the whole apartment It's just one of them things that I do with my spare time My bad habits ain't private, so I'ma share mine [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] Now they put they hands out, cause of the way shit bend So you niggaz ain't smokin if you don't chip in Listen, I waited long for these rocks to glisten From that one-room pad without a pot to piss in Overt betrayal is not forgiven, I do this for my niggaz locked up that's comin home to lobster livin Helpin the cop's forbidden, bout to buy momma her own mansion Just so I can see her pop the ribbon That Cali bud special, so special I held the blunt so long Snoop had to tell me, 'Pass the weed nephew!' Fuck rap, I'm the wrong one to get pissed off Cause the pump'll make you 'Jump' like Kris Kross My nigga dead and it's hard to let go So I'm blowin on that wet doe, same color as Gecko We follow hood codes and everybody in the set know We gas 'em, fuck 'em and pass 'em, what you expect ho? [Chorus] [Snoop Dogg] Say 'gain won't you blow it with the best of them Yes yes I blessted them, blazed up the purple palm trees I told dem don't mess wit dem, I hold dem no testament Do you want to smoke wit me? Weed rollin, G-strollin, bad-mouthin muh'fucker Law breakin, pimp slappin niggaz for the fuck of it Hip-Hoppin, ziplockin, riprockin gangbanger 'Thought you was an actor,' thought I was a singer Thought about ridin if you say you wanna hang tough D.P.G. unit sounds like danger You might wanna manage your anger Hang with us and stop smokin on the same stuff Now lay back on the law This new weed that I got I call it face off Cause it'll blow your face off and that's a figure of speech My niggaz a beast, on me, from the West to the East, preach! [Chorus]

Pimp Slapp'd

SNOOP DOGG "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss"
[DJ E-Z Dick] W-Balls, it's your main man DJ E-Z Dick About to unleash another one of those platnum plus hits And the word is on the streets, and the word is the streets We gon go to a live remote, licking wit my main man Mr Doggy Dogg [Snoop Dogg] A day in the life, of a Rollin 20 Crip I'm just a stuburn type of fella with a head like a brick And just because I sip Moet, they say that I'm hopeless But I don't give a fuck, so blame it on the loc'ness Now this is how we do it when we checking the grip Snoop Dogg is in this bitch, so don't even trip I bust a funky composition that's smooth as a prism Now check it as I kick off in this funky ass rhythm It's six dub, the phone is ringing off the deck And it's some homies talking about I disrespected they set Aww nah, Dogg aint this y'all I got couple relatives up off of Crenshaw This is about me and Simon, not me and y'all I got love for a bunch of real B-Dogs Like K-Dub, Top Cat, B-Reel, E-Rock, Boo-Lay Face And the homie Har'ron rest in peace Big Jay from Cappinella Park He used to blaze with his nephew after dark On and on, rocking big neck bone Mausberg I had to put you on my song It's so real, I had to show some love Now back to this scrub, it ain't about Crip or Blood It's about you bein jealous of what I does Cause I does it the most, the king of the coast in the paint playin post - I back you down like Shaq-Daddy, and bust on ya out the new Caddy And skirt up, bust ya boulevard I'm not Xzibit, you can't +Pull My Hoe Card+ .. I fucked all your groupies When you was doin time in Camp Snoopy With the fags and snitches, no killers just bitches And you was payin niggaz off with all my riches You so hardco', why you ain't go to level fo' Oh I know (bitch!) But I walk the mainline everytime I go down You can check my G files I do it L.B.C. style .. I got the word on your Simon You need to just start rhymin Cause you the biggest star on your label And them other niggaz just crumbs off my table You're not able, to compete with the heat that I drop And I still ain't been paid, for '1-8-7 on a cop' I started yo' shit and I will end yo' shit if you keep talkin shit on Crip! [Hook 1: repeat 2X] It all boils down to the fact that you're jealous of my paper stack (jealous ass nigga) It all boils down to the fact that you're jealous of my paper stack (gon get pimp slapped) [Hook 2: repeat 2X] Money, I get it, paper I got it Heaters, I keep em, bitches I got em [Snoop Dogg] If I shoot you, I'll be brainless, and you'll be famous And I'll be spending money out the anus Your only gain is to try to get me to fall down to your level Man you worser than devils Alotta niggas should've said it, fuck em But Ima say it for em, stop it, pop it, rewind and play it for em This nigga's a bitch like his wife Suge Knight's a bitch, and that's on my life And I'ma let the whole world see Cos you fucked up the industry, and that's on me We can go head up, nigga, set it up Or we can do the other thing, I love to wet it up Your rappers and artists, tell em, shut it up Cos I'll fuck every last one of em up, especially Kurupt See that's my lil homeboy, so he knows what's up He better keep it Crippin, and slip his clip in Cos these niggas trippin, this is official business Do the same way, leave no witnesses This is that unexpected diss directed, sprayed, covered and protected Strip you butt naked, chicky-check-check-it It's all to the good again You can catch Snoopy Dibby Double in the hood again Spinning that real times, spitting that real shit To make the whole world feel it So put the bacon in the skillet, and try to peel it Cause Doggystyle Records is the realest, nigga [Hook 1] Money, I get it, paper I got it Heaters, I keep em, bitches I got em Money, I get it, paper I got it Jealous ass nigga

Hey Y'all

NOREAGA "The Reunion"
(INTRO) Capone (Noreaga) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) (Verse 1: Noreaga) My ice go bling, when you see my shine And Flex got us spinnin joints like seven times Chicks look at they ass, then look at they tits Thinkin it's they turn they know I'm rich I like a hood rat make a hood book of my bitch Ay yo she get what she get don't ask for shit And I told y'all niggaz that I bust to the sceddene Y'all niggaz is wack like the cops solid cuisine Fuck that yo, all them niggaz is straight wack Blow holes through they chest slugs go through they back And what got me mad is that I really wanna dump off I say M.U. see if y'all wanna dump off I was a little kid when I went up north But now I'm grown an, I got a benz and a land And hoes wanna give me head right in front of my mans And when I got the plan I stay wit fams While y'all coke head niggaz still sniff on grams Chorus: Capone (Noreaga) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) (Verse 2: Capone) Yo, yo, yo, Now first of all I'ma send this out to y'all the thug niggaz who brawl Playin in halls making cellular calls On a run from the laws wit a gat in they claws Wit a pack in they draws I ain't even threw the cracks in they paws Bang Bang we love to settle the score Shift from me in the fourth these guys is ready for war I say the kingdom of the fame once more we reclaim Either a cop, slug or twenty thou threw on a chain Niggaz simplistic I been flipped it pumped through blizzards Clutched the gun on my hip, survival of the fittest I runt this shit like business C.E.O. crack merchants tell me when it's dark like guiness Fly son'll do I run a few Piss on the world we number one, you shitty niggaz still number two Gunnin you down bitch you frontin you Like Oh shit tried to run, I put one in her too (Chorus) (Verse 3: Algado Shoballoti) Ay yo, Now holla at me like hey y'all We let it spray y'all Front and y'all pay fall Tried to flip the game like an eight ball You speedin I got the guts to pace y'all Haters they ain't lovin you I'm trying to live comfortable Fuck it like Cliff Huckstable Gettin cash what a thug'll do Fuck hoes and never call once so they could never call me a bugaboo I reign from the sky to the concrete under you My team known to break beats, pussy and mugs too I'm down where the crips play criddaps And bloods scream bliddap CNN fall back let us get that We get your kids kidnapped If its feed back be like that man from cuba beggin for your seed back And if you don't see me wit CNN or F.C. Thats like the hood with nobody named Wise or Kiki And my mics sound nice next to Joe Twenty We snatch you right up out yo fake fendi, hey y'all (Chorus)

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