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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez

Ghetto Children

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] In these times we gotta hustle cuz our pockets be hurt Lil niggas wanna get fronted from who got work Is she ready for that, you wanna wash the bus Let a nigga know where they at so aint no stoppin' us If you handle yo business right I'ma promote yo ass You bitch out and try to kite I'ma come smoke yo ass The shit that I'm givin' you they tryin' blood ta get The vicks be runnin' through because they love the shit So don't come with that no one bout it shit was cool Niggas tried ta rob me nobody was comin' through Snitches I can't have that Bitches I can't have that Riches you can have that Just bring me my cash back Look its all gravy with me go head and shine Thats how you play it with me ya big time All I want is the Gs With a trunk full of keys A benz on 20s You got something you can lend me Shit nigga I aint doing nothin' for me for free Can't put no trust in you niggas cuz yall be tryin' ta run G Cuz I don't like dreamin' bout makin' no cheese Wanna see my muthafuckin' bank account O.D.ed [(over dosed)] [Chorus 2X] Until then I'ma be thuggin' behind a project buildin' Smokin' that fire be with the ghetto children Plottin' on a way that we can make a million (million lawd lawd) [Verse 2] Now I'm on some shit again Leave a nigga stranded like Gilligan Hundreds I'm considerin' Lex it for a millian Catch it nigga I'm killin'em They spot but I aint feelin'em My jacket off appearin them Some a say its numerary Parntnas in for sipperin' Juvenile is different Look at what I did to them Niggas wearin' reeboks instead of nikes and timbalands Bitch niggas I be tippin'em My mac 9 it be flippin'em Some of these niggas is tryin ta run G So I be gippin'em They would do the same to me Niggas aint no family Shit is all a game to me But nobody gone handle me 400 degreez Tottin' guns runnin' with me No wonder we need Mo money one could receive Nigga wanna deal with this christ I'ma put it open in his life Never should I fuck with me right Why you keep duckin' me shy I'ma knock ya head off Nigga tryin' ta get to ya fuck tryin' ta play it off You made the beef nigga so why is you scared If you mind yo fuckin' business then yo life would be spared I can't see it Nigga try ta make me out a bitch I can't be it I had a muthafuckin' problem with niggas like freed me You probably can save yall self but you can't save yall neighbors Um, and now I got cha spinnin' on round like a baseball playa Put on this the table I'ma hit'em a nine Foolish I had ta tame ta keep these niggas in line Look cuz I don't like dreamin' about makin' no cheese Wanna see my muthafuckin bank account ODed [(over dosed]) [Chorus 2X] Ask them niggas bout me Bet them bitches know me Magnolia head buster out that wild T.C. I'ma young nigga Look at what ya done nigga You done made me mad Now I'm goin' get my gun nigga Betta watch cha tongue nigga Cuz I'm gettin' dumb nigga Killed one nigga Represent where I'm from nigga See thangs don't cha never do fuck with a man his change or his mamma You do that you won't drama Fuck with a big tyma, fo sho you gone see I'm out cha which one of you boys want me I'ma keep it real with ya Ya say you the man, I know I'm the man and I'm ready ta deal with cha I'm prepared for the toe taggin' Keep my reeboks strapped tight with my gibauds saggin' Now, I done rocked a couple of Gs and done flipped that two times I know I'm in a problem and they gonna persuit mine I got bills ta pay I can't be playin' with you jokers These youngsters somethin' else now ya bout ta get promoka You can't understand how a nigga my age Can hit the streets psyhced up bustin' with the twelve gage But I don't like ta dream about makin' no cheese In the future wanna see my fuckin' pockets Oded [(over dosed)] [Chorus 1X]

Been Away

Jermaine Dupri
Q The Kid ft. Jermaine Dupri Been Away JD its been a long time comin, im here now nobody can stop that verse 1 (JD) i done traveled long distances im the meaning of what persistence is and music is the only thing ive really loved since i was a kid and its the only thing im gonna love forever ive been through the hard times and bad weathers long days and long nights, tryin to get my career together but school was my first goal, bump these brauds i was blessed with a talent that could get me real far in time and trust me im nice with mine and im sick with an instrument listen to the drumline and all i got is more fire to come a lotta cats is nice, but im liver than them and these ATL streets, is what im tryin to rise up from by any means just to get that cream it was hard but i did it graduated to the big screen now im on tour and the kid got bigger dreams chorus you cant help me ive been away to long im just tryin to chase my dreams did i leave your mind when i was gone i hope not, cuz im still here you cant help me ive been away to long im just tryin to chase my dreams did i leave your mind when i was gone i hope not verse 2 (Q the Kid ) now im in a new state new division new sound new shit im on a new mission a good life livin things done changed, new deal new aim 2 new four fifths, benz and a range ive came a long way from sittin on a block from bustin shots in broad days to number one slots but look ima grind through it and i can make anything happen as long as i put my mind to it i love music kid im real nice with them sticks no class no tutors i was born with this gift and its only a few, one or two i can name and cuz im hot, dudes wanna X me out the game but ima keep strivin and hustle all the way from the bottom to the top and surprise em and show niggaz it dont hurt to try stay focused and you bound to get by SING WIT ME YA'LL! Chorus Verse 3 (Q the Kid and JD) ive came a long way and look i done made it and nothin you do or say can stop me cuz this is what im here for and hot beats is all i got an ear for you could never nop me what im sheddin tears for look, it was rough but i made it at last top dog major the head of my class now its JD who they wanna get along with its Q who they wanna do a song with chorus to fade

My Niggas

I ain't tryna shit on y'all niggas I don't want y'all to feel a way I'm just livin', my niggas Tryna make today a better day How can you not feel that, my nigga? I grew up in the 'jects around killers MAC-11s, TECs and 9 millis Welfare checks and wild dealers I'm just happy I made it out the slums, my nigga We scrambled over crumbs, my nigga Tried to get fly, to avoid bein' bums, my nigga It's rough where I'm from, my nigga Back block fakin', crack pot shakin' Welcome to the hood, my niggas It's never all good, my niggas They thought I'd be in jail They thought that I'd get high They thought that I would die, my niggas I looked inside my grandmother's eyes Promised her I would try, my niggas [Hook:] Y'all hatin', I'm like, "Why, my niggas?" I was like you, barely gettin' by, my niggas Barely gettin' by, my niggas Ridin' in the hoop, doin' like 5, my niggas Tryna duck the 5, my niggas Out there on the grind, take a 9 for a dime Just tryna get mine, my nigga Lookin' back, I was out my mind How the fuck did I find time to try to write rhymes, my nigga? Crab niggas try to grab you down Know how hard it is to climb, my nigga? Let a nigga shine, my nigga I'm finna cop the coupe and I'm rippin' off the roof Whenever the sun shine, my nigga My nigga, we talkin' 'bout me Before the record deals, dealin', tryin' not to get a record Boy we got it crackin' on that hill Niggas cracked but I ain't squeal I've always been real, for the record Damn right I made it, you niggas gon' take it how you take it But no if/ands, all the bitches are butt naked You sittin' there hatin' I'm standin' here shakin' the dice, we out Vegas [Hook:] You mad, I'm like, "Why, my niggas?" I was like you, barely gettin' by, my niggas Barely gettin' by, my niggas Ridin' in the hoop, doin' like 5, my niggas Tryna duck the 5, my niggas New niggas try to give me dap, but I just duck the 5, my niggas When I was just startin', they was just watchin' Friendship, I can't justify, my niggas It's just us, yup, just me and my niggas Cups up, fucked up, we some wild niggas Y'all niggas is lame, it's a shame You change the way you look at things The things you look at'll start to change [Hook:] You blamin' me? Why, my niggas? You mad, I'm like, "Why, my niggas?" I was like you, barely gettin' by, my niggas Barely gettin' by, my niggas Ridin' in the hoop, doin' like 5, my niggas Tryna duck the 5, my niggas Tryna duck the 5, duck niggas

Save The Children

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Verse 1:] It's all a hidden history, and mysteries I see vividly, hysteria Cause misery on the interior Shit gets more scarier, I'm never in fear Just a little inferior in some areas But I share, wisdom with Sumerian's Somewhere we in the place Peace means harmony, not war and armory But fuck that, cock your gun back This survival of the fittest Some cats get boxed in where they litter These niggas don't beez in the trap, they like beez in the track Get smoked out and I ain't talkin' bout what you toke out You toked out for really thinkin' that this shit is a silly dream When actually reality ain't what it really seem And I ain't actin' on the scene, nigga's scream The actions ain't screened, just well-schemed I'm tryna' have wealth for my well-being By eighteen, pockets healthy green What the fuck is twelve beams? I need the cake and cream The stakes is high like fiends off a dream Jet streaming having cuisine With the best season since the vet season Carry a vest, you know the reason I'm in Chi-raq and I'm getting blown like the breezes The chicken strip teasers Thighs, legs and the breast part is the cleavage She even lick it down to the bone marrow She in love but I ain't got a bow and arrow I'm known to jack the booty like I'm Sparrow [Bridge:] They ain't tryna' see me in the battle The lines is too narrow They couldn't even outshine my shadow They don't want the beef nigga, let alone the cattle They just living out the saddle, so sad though [Hook - Sample:] Black in public, black democrats Black educator, black entertainer Black, black businessman, black people are rumbling Save the chil [repeated] [Verse 2:] Okay, they sleeping on the crack, they overdose Overdose on high fructose, rolling toast till I'm over-throat And over-slowed, I been speakin' over tones Low but keep them L's high, legends live long And we gon' be forever, this for the Era They tried to tell us we too deep in the flow The mo' the better, the mo' clever, et cetara, whatever Why do they sweat us? Dead us, they just met us, but they won't forget us They don't know better than the worst case I be headed for first place Purchase they position cause' they worship oppositions But I to had no pot to piss in, and so spot on in this instant And they still ain't got my decision, I won't stand under no man Except my high supplier, he got the fire, I got the lighter I hit the spliff and this what I'm spittin' Like it's gas liquids that I'm drippin', pimpin' [Hook - Sample]


METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[U-God] Countdown... Are you ready Are you mad inside Got you strapped down to your seats Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip God speed, approach follow my lead Firewinds gust, empire crush Full thrust, fall in the hole, roll wit the rush Untouchable chunk of air, wax and soul Soundwaves slay out the back, cave smoke My belly-full prance dance, avalanche quote Down slope, elegant as Fantasia Killer whale tale inhale, black male from Asia All out the wood works, hood shirts and wizards No match, unhatch, the rap is rigid In the shaft, shotty cop, hip hop to the limit Nightwatch, pad mark Sparks spin a quake nuclear blast, heavy on the cash Gimmie what it takes NOW!! [Chorus (U-God) 2x] RAGE ROCK ROLL FIGHT BRAWL FALL RUMBLLLLLLEEE!!! [Letha Face] The diabolic witty, dialect's darker than Gotham City Wit the possibilty to stop your walkin ability God forgive me, spark enemies wit pistol grips The missle tip's impact hit you so hard, you shit through your dick Official scripts strikes when physical hits You physical bitch, watch for the imperial blitz, serious shit Submit, subject to the wreck wartone, and thought poems Liver than WWF Warzone Walk upon tracks, bodies collapse Rap for lottery stacks, shatter like when pottery cracks Logical facts from the terror dome Spill from the guts, trail to you puss from where you bust In God you now entrust Dog you like hound and mutts, Pound Pups get sound struck Clown what You'll get drowned in the cut While crowd round up [Chorus 2x] [Inspectah Deck] Aiyyo yo I spit bars Travellin tremendous speed measurin far Been bustin satellites circlin Mars Verbal onslaught, bring forth physical force Of a hundred wild niggas piled in a Trojan Horse Thought method, set it on generic mic ethic Professional neck shit, left foes beheaded This music, is mind control like computer chips Been doin this for numerous years, refuse to lose it Wit turbo tactics, manuever like a trained soldier Hall of Fame flame thrower, take game, it's game over Ayatollah, high roller nine totter Mind controller, 2009 time folder My coalition, bring the demolition Wu-blade decision, slate the competition, wit no intermission Spittin hazardous darts, up front like Rosa Parks Makin million men march [Chorus 2x] [Method Man] Yo, who got next Meth got next I chin check, all these MC's line em up god, I go hard Declare holy war, it be hard to dip and dodge Police squads tryin to bogard, we rip and rob The boulevard ain't safe for your kids, that's how it is In the ghetto, we ain't scared to death, but scared to live So Goldy, mosey to the spot, get that moldy Rusty-ass .38 Special, niggas owe me Slowly I turn, face the one and only Naughty By Nature, I Do My Dirt All By My Lonely Ask Pretty Tony, when I got a bitch I keeps a bitch 36 Chambers, Enter at your own risk Take that watch off and tuck your necklace City never sleeps, streets is restless Rap style'll slave you, when you least expect it Pull the plug on your respirator, leave you breathless Wu-Tang forever and a day, better warn your boys I deploy battleship rap, seek and destroy [Chorus 2x]

You're Only A Customer

Intro: Ha ha, ha ha, Roc-a-Fella y'all Futuristic shit beeotch Uh, what the fuck? How we do. How we do. Uh ha Verse 1: Triple platnum nigga with the solid gold fade All that nickle and dime shit, don't hold no weight Fortune 5, top 5 in the Forbes (you'll see) as you Thumb through the Source I read the Ride report Class C, cold me down with the plastic That's all I Ask Of You, like Raphael Saadiq At the hotel, Nico, robbin' the val suite My people's eyes through the peep hole I'm lovin' you down freak as I Shoot through the city like a rumor Not soon enough, to stop 'em from spreadin' the news Paper headin' read Jay-Z breaths, 80 degrees the only thing to cool them off is a Malibu day breeze Can't sop for the feds, say cheese You know they wanna take a nigga picture Pray for the day to get ya, but I'm a parlay and stay richer for now Jigga hasn't done dirt in a while YOu know my stomach getin' weak from livin' on the streets for real Tryin' to oversee it from suites, orderin' eats At the top where the criminal minds meet That's where the cream is (right) , that's where your dream is (well ain't it?) Hook: You're only a customer (uh) Walkin' in the presence of hustlers You spend money all night long All night long - Mary J. Blige Verse 2: A-yo my youth had a nigga too aggressive I use to speed excessive, both eyes closed No thought infested Hittin' pot holes, cop-o's will snatch your weight But your game most precious Had to rethink things, is pinky ring worth Life on the run and time served in Sing Sing I don't know to tell the truth If I'm pressed for doe, I got to consoul Irv Gotti y'all Irv Gotti: Heads got to roll Jay-Z: I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive If not, I just handle it like Jason Kidd What you're facin' is official (it's official) Most cases when I m blazin' won't miss you (won't miss you) Case and point mad bullshitted issue I see it to the end, my writting is so personal My heart bleedin' out my pen, make no mistake aobut me It's only one nigga livin', I got a half a cake about me I got love, to make a nigga die bleedin' is nothin' You make a motherfucker die breathin' then you sayin' somthing, beeotch Hook (X3) More flavor than y'all can image havin' Graphic like Sega, Saturn, traffic like the Bodega It just so happens, you caught me at the the tail end of my dive My brain ain't right from inhaling the work of my life Fuck it, 3's in ya, had to hold D.C. high pissy off Cristle 3 G's high seasoned Bacardy, UV's Blesses my body, we be fresh at the party Play yourself go head if you don't no the ledge It's like spittin' to God Get it in your face fuckin' with niggas over your head Take your time with me, shiftee Use to make Coke stretch like the samplin' a 950 Shit with that, while I'm o a Kawasoki bike At the light, doin' a pike, with a bitch on the back And take flight, my life like it was directed by Hype In 35 slow-mo, with the Rockafella logo Accapoco to Arruba, bay breezes and caviar baluga Very little loot, a loser In the grashish blueish, Les Coup it's the root of evil in these people Hook (X3)

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