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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez

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Original and similar lyrics
I want me a mill To see just how it feel No worries bout no bills, negotiating deals Buy me some shit Stuntin' in this bitch 20s be on hit Everything legit I don't want no war But I can take it far Put bullets in your car, whoever that you are Woodie get in line Make sure you aint gone shine We be slangin iron Everyday and everytime Just because I'ma bad I rammy after jags When I get a sack To niggas I'ma threat Keep on gettin' blowed Aint worried bout these hoes Boy you know thats cold The way I got'em drove Shinin' like white diamonds Nothin' but big tymin My situation climbing But simply cuz I'm rhymin' The shit done hit the fan They callin' me the man Ya'll boys don't understand This shit's going as planned [Chorus:] Now follow me now if you want it on Salute at ease, then you carry on Nigga drop and gimme 50 if you do it wrong I'm into weapons I control the dome Give me all my chesse With no static please Go off with these reeds In between your knees You playin' you gone learn Yo partners aint gone turn Right after you get burned We gone get them some churn I'ma tell you once I'm bout pullin' stunts Got golds on my fronts Stay full of them blunts I don't want be broke I gotta feed my folks Cuttin' niggas throats Then runnin' by these hoes Open up yo chase Let me get a taste A lot of niggas fake Can't let it go to waste I wont let it be Give that there to me All of ya'll gone see Me in luxury Look me in my eyes Don't tell me no lies You wanna take my life You tryin' to get some trife None of you I fear I'm runnin' this right chea Aint gone shed no tears When you disappear [Chorus:] I try to leave that lone But you did that wrong You call me on the phone And told me it was on Now I'm in them streets Bringin' all that heat Straight to where you sleep Won't even let you eat Somebody gonna snitch And go out like a bitch But I'ma get'em quick And hit'em with my shit Them laws gonna try to bust But I don't give a fuck He would of shot me up If he'd of got me stuck I'ma take my charge Aint cryin' like no broad And holla at them boys On the boulevard Woodie I'm in jail Get all off my mail See about my bail Get me out this hell So I can see the block And open up my shop I hope that bitch aint hot Nobody got my spot


YING YANG TWINS "Alley Return Of Ying Yang Twins"
[Hook] Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nooooooow [D-Roc] Tell a nigga dont act no fool What's up cuz? Stay cool Smoke some mary jane, you know the rules Haters puttin salt in the game Wanna keep a thug out the drug house But you know the drill...a fro, polo And a nigga in the club smokin dubs Like a tru center thug The big boy Willie Grill Smoke swisher sweets, dont miss a beat If a nigga feelin froggy leap We ballin, shot-callin ho's holla'n, try to follow When a nigga aint ballin, sheesh Still pullin on the hair On my ching-ching weigher (????????????) Ho we can head to the spot in Decatur (??) smoke optimos, and try to cop the ho's (?) cant stop my (?) Killa a bitch, kill a bitch, soon to buss Aint to many niggas that can fuck wit' us Y'all niggas think you can fuck wit' us Some of y'all niggas gon' miss the bus See playa we dangerous, stay (???) Cock-block that fo'-fifth, Switch your hands like (??) Man then kick over to Nigga cant see me with a birds-eye view So you betta back up, back up 'fore a nigga straight have to act up, act up Stand in this thang wit' the mac up, mac up ... 10 then because [Hook] My nigga, we alley Nigga, we alley My nigga, we alley Nigga, we alley Whoa [Mr. Ball] We some alley muh'fuckas from the ATL, Georgia boys We came to bring the noise, and we got them tonka toys (boom boom boom) Niggas be bitin like jaws, nigga back the fuck off my balls If you got some beef wit' me, then I got some beef wit' y'all Now ooh lawd, them boys on the map again Who they be? Mr. Ball and them Ying-Yang Twins And when you down for yours, my nigga, I'm down for mine Now dont make me have to say this shit one more time Now back up, I know you dont want some muthafucka to act up I thank you need to put your muthafuckin ?gack? up Before you get dealt with Fuckin around and get yourself hit Off some fuckin bullshit Cause we some country-ass Georgia niggas, I told ya nigga We done and we done showed ya nigga, it's on my nigga Doin this shit one more 'gain I thank this time I'ma get a lil' more money to spend [Hook] My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley Ah [moans 'n groans] [Kaine] Ah, we some alley muthafuckas, shawty ya didnt know Niggas is entertainin when they hit the front door Nigga be like whoa, stop, control But he was poppin off, so I'ma hit him in his nose Throwin them 'bows, ColliPark know it explodes Have a nigga feelin crunchy, smellin like toes Ya know we had it from Georgia to Cali' Doin shows from Virginia to that Cakilaki Ask if are we lackin? Nothin, see we packin 4-5 glocks, .9 spray milli-tec and no actin, I'm blastin I make my money ?threashin? The foes see the gold and they dont wanna respect him Maybe I cant help it, the way that I act Handle your part thug, give him a heart-attack Beatin ass in the back, slammin upon a track Ying-Yang in this thang, ColliPark runnin thangs [Hook] My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley [D-Roc] Now what's on your mind, if you got something to say Then say that shit, dont hold that shit Bitin your tongue, because your boys aint here Who you roll with, 'cause that's bullshit You'll get your ass kicked fuckin wit' real thugs Playahatin you gets no love Run and get your boys if you thinkin you're hard If you know like I know, then your ass wont start... with some crazy muh'fuckas tote gats too Crazy muthafuckas that'll blast you Crazy muthafuckas dont give a shit What? Y'all niggas dont know who y'all fuckin with We T-H-U-G-G-E-D O-U-T We'll F-U-C-K yo' ass up with that heat [Kaine] Mutha-mutha-muthafuckas always talkin shit Sixty-five niggas you can suck my dick We Ying-Yang and it aint no thang Sheisty muthafucka put it down on they brain We real, some tru-city thug shit The essence of a thug, they dont like a nigga in public With two glocks, I represent 2pac, the block is too hot They want a fool out the neighborhood (why) Straight hard to fuck with, know he slangin hard Niggas is paranoid, all I know we raw (raw) All I know we raw (raw) All I know we raw (raw) All I know we raw (raw) All I know we raw (raw) All I know we raw (raw) All I know we raw (raw) We youngin's nigga [Hook] - 2X My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley My nigga

Can't Knock The Hustle

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
(feat. Mary J. Blige) I'm makin short term goals,whonder whether foes just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold chilly with enough bail money to free a big willy high stakes, i got more at stake than philly shoppin sprees, copin three, duece fever i guess its fully loaded, ah yes, bouncin in the lex luger, tires smoke like buddha 50 g's to the crap shooter, niggas can't fade me chrome socks beamin, through my periphial i see ya schemin stop dreamin',i leave ya body steamin niggas is feenin, whats the meanin i'm leanin on any nigga intervenin with the sound of my money machine-in my cuff runnin over with hundreds im one of the best niggas that done it six digits and runnin, y'all niggas don't want it i got the godfather flow, the don juan demarco swear to god, don't get it fucked up [Mary j. blige(chorus)] takin out this time to give you a piece of my mind (cause you can't knock the hustle) but though you think you are baby one day you'll be a star that scene out of state where i drop my slang i'm deep in the south kickin up top game bouncin on the highway switchin 4 lanes screamin through the sun roof money ain't a thang your worst fear confirmed, me and my fam roll tight like the firm gettin down for life, thats right, you better learn why play with fire, burn we get together like a choir to acquire what we desire we do dirt like worms produce g's like sperm til legs spread like germs i got extensive hoes, with expensive clothes and i sip wine, and split ends exposed but y'all don't know...... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, cause you can't knock the hustle [Mary J.Blige] but until that day then i'm the one whose crazy cause thats the way ya makin me feel (cause you can't knock the hustle) i'm just tryin to get mine, i don't have the time to knock the hustle for real y'all niggas lunchin, punchin a clock my function is lo make much 'n' lay back munchin sippin remy on rocks, my crew somethin to watch nothin to stop un... ...stoppable scheme on the ice, i gotta hide your crew i gotta let you niggas know the time like movado my motto, stack rocks like colorado bottle off the champagne, cristals by the bottle its a damn shame what ya knot though me slick like i got though (who) fuckin Jay-Z pops knew exactly what he did when he made me tried to get a nut and he got a nut and what straight banana's can a nigga, see me got the US Open, advantage jigga serve like sampras, play fake a rappers like a campus (netigra), son you're to eager you ain't havin it good, me either lets get together and make this whole world believers at my araignment, screamin all these blacks got is sports and entertainment, until we even thievin, as long as i'm breathin can't knock the way a nigga eatin fuck you even [Mary J. Blige] takin out this time to give you a piece of my mind but though you think you are baby one day you'll be a star but until that day then i'm the one whose crazy cause thats the way ya makin me feel, i'm just tryin to get mine, i don't have the time to knock the hustle for real

Hold Me Down

DA BAND LYRICS 'Hold Me Down' [Babs] Yall niggas done met ya match Im somthin like a pimp you bust i bust back I bang dudes yeah they callin me wife beat My stomach stay flat babys mothas dont like me Chicks conceded then i give em my ice see Im the knockout queen yall hos dont wanna fight me Sexy brown skin complexion Cuz shits in my purse its a deadly weapon yeah I dont pay for nothin at all i even get free dutches at the corner store Shot caller dudes stop as soon as i see Babs bunny the blackjack queen of the week huh Im fire just what the thugs desire Got a high pitched flow MC Mariah When i walk down the streets niggas squeak their tires Got every club for more we passin street flyers I been there VIP its a short night With a bottle of haze my weave is so tight Im ready for some action hands in the air Crystal over here in the club no beer Struttin bad girl i do it for nothin Tight dickies shirt with a pop top button Babs repeat it im suckin up the rap game need it Thorough bread plus i stay weeded [Fred] Im in and out the magazines back to the tv shows Attendin business meetings with the 40s and my 34s Every days an episode all because im episode Just like rats they wanna know where my cheddar flows Everydays like valentine hah i keep it rollin Never made a dime for rhyme yeah I make the people no my people dont beleive it though Someone has been leavin no words sayin cold you stack on no you serpico Cuz you headin through the line makin and carryin their flow So it must be those freaky po pos i hope They better pray they dont run no chrome or your momma gonna be singin that song [Chopper] What you say Freddy P ya heard me Its all chopper city ya heard me Your little brother ya heard me I representin the band ya dig to the death New orleans the third wall i mack now yall Let me catch a nigga bootin up ima be like whats hap nigga I crush balls and it a mothafuckin fact nigga You know what type of shit im on i let the mack hit ya You cant box my squad our left jabs quicka Then any bitch nigga that tries to come against us All my sistas i promise to make it part of my agenda to get ya You know what im sayin we see them ninjas Hoppin off of they cottage and choppin you down like timber You can try to stop me i will end ya Shit my killer instincts like cinder Im a bad boy you better make it Make it out fifty Chopper city by position i can paint you a picture [Ness] Hey yo choppa i dig you like a fuckin shark man You see its ness the enforcer from the band man We the hottest thing since microwave popcorn dog This is real its about to go down like this hey yo Puffin on sour deezys you know it aint legal when i never been to iraq but packin desert eagles on me Call me a liar but the fires back Bad boy empire is where the fires at I got the sean john truck with the tires to match The whole hood on fire the wires tapped Ok this part of the deal Bounty huntas all on my heals Lookin for me huh so were in devilles I take the planes trains automobiles boats Overseas passport to brazil Travel with the fittest nigga i talk it i live it Gotta talk before you walk any nigga can get it [Dylan] man im not even gonna try to figure that shit out

Buck 'Em

Snoop Doggy Dog "No Limit Top Dogg"
(Fuck 'em) [Snoop Dogg] Damn this shit sound low then motherfucker in my earphones. Alright, yeah that's it right there nigga. As soon as the bass hits your dome Snoop Dogg grabs the chrome And gets in your system Shootin off rhymes like a pistol Fuckin your click off with this blow This hoe, that hoe make me rich Snoop Dogg please won't you break that biach I'm back in the game gettin my dough And fuck any motherfucker that say it ain't so Do it to em be young Cause on the real dogg you the hardest nigga we um We shakin em off, breakin em off Shot him in his face and now they takin him off Here's a shoutout to those with quad out Fool we should have got out, now you gettin popped out I'm not out to diss but to get my chips And smash, pass with cash And blaze the spliff now pass the fifth For real nigga did you hear me, ya heard You ran up and got served, ha ha Now ain't that a trip (what what) You need to get up off of that bullshit C'mon [Sticky Fingaz] (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Young beast to four green Dirty or clean nigga the money is all green (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Cock it back ya know me Every nigga look the same behind a stocking cap (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Shit on waisted Rather see death then be locked down in metal bracelets (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Don't make a difference Niggas in the hood is still broke and can't fix it [Snoop Dogg] Fuck em, the scene is set (set) And it's a million bitch niggas bout to straight get wet I walk em all in the street Fuck em, I cuff they hands and blind they eyes and hog tie they feet Fuck em, with no remorse nigga cut em down Love the way we shut em down, shit it ain't funny now Used to be my buddy pal, nigga wet and bloody now Nigga where your homies now, half them niggas funny style Fuck em, it's bout to get shitty now Doggy bout to get him now cause you better sit him down Nigga what up now, you act like a bitch You bound to get fucked you trick ass snitch Fuck em, boy we on a rampage Rippin up this damn stage, yeah it's still a G thang Slammin doors, slappin hoes Cuz fuck videos, I get a hundred for shows If you ain't got the papers I ain't got the time to sit and chat about the motherfucking vapors Biach, don't even trip You need to raise up off of that bullshit C'mon [Sticky Fingaz] (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Young beast to four green Dirty or clean nigga the money is all green (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Cock it back ya know me Every nigga look the same behind a stocking cap (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Shit on waisted Rather see death then be locked down in metal bracelets (Fuck 'em, fuck 'em) Don't make a difference Niggas in the hood is still broke and can't fix it (Fuck 'em)

Move To Mars

[Verse 1] Now who the fuck wouldn't be fucked up In the city where crack sells and clientele never tell yo life A nigga beats his wife, damn it's hurting me But I can't help her man the way this grind be working me Dodging the narc's Cop's pulling up they fuck with us Cause we on our corner Can't tell 'em what I wanna If I do I'ma gonna They leave put they just ride the block I serve my rocks, bump 'em out before they next stop Fake ass cops Why the fuck these niggas fuck with me Muthafucker, I'm the one that pay ya salary Don't get fired Green making me so tired Telling they stories, chasing money so I let them bore me I know you could have been All I say is should of been Fuck reminiscing nigga how many hits ya getting So I can hit the house Try to smoke a ounce Let the weed protect me From everything I see in this fucked up reality [Hook: repeat 4X] I'm bout to move to Mars y'all The world a mess [Verse 2] So I'm stuck to fearing of myself I'm nineteen going on death I should've left when I was born Cutting ambilical's The doctor should've cut my arm, right at my vein The pain make's me smoke the reefer Helps me relax It helps me really see this shit, I face the facts I act like I'm loving life, then I act fo' real Nigga's is getting shot, nigga's is getting killed But still nothing's done Questions asking me how--can I sell to my people My people won't help me out I'm pissed but I can't pout Nothing change cause I'm mad Understand life comes and goes So I guess it's a fad I often had to little, simulator my friend So you can't hate me or this game I'm in I have been with out a damn dime And it's fucked up, cause it's happened more than one time Therefore I grind I find myself angry November 18, God let this world claim me Against my wishes But this is how a nigga do ya Once ya born, it's like the Lord never knew ya (cause why) Cause this hell Ya either sell or ya getting sold Like we some slaves Though they say that we free, it's the same shit today A better way, don't lie to me The realest nigga All I can see is reality God told me. [Hook: repeat 8X] I'm bout to move to Mars y'all The world a mess [Verse 3] I've seen enough It's like I'm seeing the same shit again Nothing but thugs as friends Pretend it's cool Yeah, pretends it alright And this nigga begged me for food for the third night-in a row I didn't know that my own was so hungry I wonder if I was a bum would my people disown me Rather lonely, but than again hell we all alone To keep me from snapping All my actions I put in songs The wrong damn nigga The wrong damn time The right brand of liquor The right size dime I blaze and hit the hennesy And I realize, this world wasn't meant for me Reality [Hook: repeat until fade] I'm bout to move to Mars y'all The world a mess

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