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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez

Flossin' Season

Original and similar lyrics
Man what's up Playboy? I know you love these Diamonds (they beautiful ha) Nigga, "How You Luv That?" All that stuntin and frontin It's all about them diamonds boy [Baby] Nigga it's a pretty day, and it's flossin season Added six tires to my new machinery Double R like to ball like it's no tomorrow Pretty broads and we fuckin these superstars Chrome rims, niggaz ridin new Benz TV's, Cadillacs with the new fends Wet paint, niggaz takin trips to the banks Hittin malls spendin twenty G's like stars Rolex, PlayStations in the Hummer Just to show these stupid hoes that we worth somethin My stuntin name Evel Knievel, keep it real Let me pop a wheelie, hoes love stuntin cause I got love Gold slugs, stuntin cause we got love Motorbike button rims cause we livin right Game tight take a tramp make her out a champ Overnight got the yole if your money right Solid TV's PlayStation with the B.G. It's all gravy playboy cause it's flossin season A million dollars ain't nothing to me nigga but a million hoes is game to me playboy [Chorus: B.G.] Nahh nahh - flossers, let me see you rollin your rims Ballers, helicopters, bikes, and Bourbans It's on us, C-M-R are millionaires Let 'em know it's flossin season everywhere We flossers, let me see you rollin your rims Ballers, helicopters, bikes, and bourbans It's on us, C-M-R are millionaires Let 'em know it's flossin season everywhere [B.G.] I got to get my shine on, do it every time Seventeens on up, that's all I ride In ninety-eight, I been havin them hoes throwin up They don't know if I'm in a helicopter or in a truck I fuck they head up, cause I floss so much Police had me up cause a nigga so young (ha bruh?) But you know me nigga.. that ain't gon' stop B.G. nigga (at all) Cause the next day you will see nigga me in somethin else with a TV nigga (f'real) Fuck it, I'ma floss like that I got scrilla Come try to take it, you're fuckin with a guerilla I got a watch you can see from a block away I got a chain you'll see that'll shock the day My click do what we say, we don't stunt wit it Off top Big Tymers gon' come with it Layin it down this month cause we got a reason (fo' sho') and we gon' rip shit up cause it's flossin season [Chorus] [B.G.] We flossers, what what what? I say we ballers, what what what? [Juvenile] This is the season for the flossers nigga Ride top notch shit, fuck what it cost you nigga Ain't got no TV's or CD's in it - I ain't gon' ride in it If it ain't no overseas type shits - I ain't gon' drive it This ain't the summer to swing the top off This the season niggaz come out on them 20's and ball It ain't no secret I'ma stunter, like Evel Knievel Jumpin out Lex's and Hummer's, showin off for my people When I pull up in V.I.P. they say that's a nice car Bitches all in my face can't even make it to the bar Me, broke and assed-out? Never that man I got some shit up in my ear you can see from a airplane I don't think Super D. can pull a stunt like me Got karats on both of my pinkies, ten thousand ap-iece Today I might lay low with Kent I built my house in the East Fuck that, I'ma play bourban it's a thousand a suite [Mannie Fresh] Who had the, first bourban with the livin room set Who the only nigga you know that drive a burgundy jet How many cities you know, named after me? (uhh..) It's gon' be a bunch of them motherfuckers when I finish G Now baby - I know you missed us Big daddy light up a room like Christmas Shine like a light bulb - rich thug Let that little girl come over here and give a millionaire a hug McGyver ain't liver than a, Big Tymer Big dick a million dollars and a, Pathfinder Mr. Betty Crocker cake maker, casino breaker Tell Shaq I got a half a mill' ridin on the Lakers Pack my bitches up and move to the hills Thirty days a month - thirty Automobiles The Lexus or Benz that come out in the year two thousand I got one of them bitches parked around corner by the housin The bike I got come out in the year two thousand ten Eleven fifty zoop with the batman fin The ring I got, Liberace want it He couln't afford that bitch but I can afford to flaunt it [Chorus] [B.G.] We flossers, what what?

The Heist

(feat. Ghostface, Raekwon, Rocky Marciano) [Raekwon] Straight up nigga, I'm a money nigga man You know what time it is wit me, yo That's right Take the track, cut the heads off, split it down the middle man Take the bones out man for real Yeah all applepie yeah Straight up, Flipmode BK king [Ghostface Killah] It was the best heist since ice Precise rituals Skated outta Jacob's wit the Fruit Loop jewels Holdin a navy blue uzi Krush Groovin waves off the atlas Coolin, that's how we make movies Basketball gun brawlers, bounce Black down 'bill-a-head banks, Malibu colorful shanks That's the way we live, Staten Island kid Old dog in it, the thug vaccine wit no pork in it Vivid imagination paper chasin Dufflebag swollen, we holdin Drink chocolate milk before we roll in It's like that ya'll, we gangstas Stickin all you Bay Ridge Benzes I'm out to get erect, terrific shit be the diamond district Tiffany's, pretty Valentine brick is on the second floor balcony Gems is magnificent, diamonds is cryin 'Busta Rhymes take me, nevermind help!' [Raekwon] Aiyyo caught em at the ice pavilion Dressy, salad bar style Nestle Four white niggas, covered in vest pieces Think like a mob flick Guessin like Patsy in the mask, piece bust Got aggravated, slapped the glass piece One nigga beamin, faggot ass Lay on the floor ya fuck! Tied his broken arm to his Hush Puppies Wrapped around trauma, everything realer than fuck Tajuana left my nigga niece live comma Three young Italians, suited down personal style I'm in valour white designin on the 'dallions Felt like some crackers was in back of me Spit on the clerk, pass the Harry Winston set Ghost backin me Bust a shot, motored Four male in paper work Lord We get together once more before we blow this Murdered nobody Left em all baseball'd down, brotha Three wicked ass 6's, Gucci colors [Busta Rhymes] MONEY! Drop dead on the floor Nigga, pass the keys to the door Pass me all the cash in the drawer Or I promise you'll be payin the price Feelin like a nigga died twice Execute the world's greatest diamond heist Ya'll niggas know we out to get this MONEY! C'mon MONEY! [7x] Raekwon, Ghostface, Rocky Marce C'MON! Let's get this money nigga [Rocky Marciano] Yeah we near the mind out west Somewhere in Africa The Feds is after us, vest on my back Whippin the Acuras, feel like a mac bustin A rug in Preston on percussion I'll bust in your gate, nigga it's nothin A hail storm, ice rainin, mind containin Info, nigga what you in for Complainin Sick bars deep in this language Did I tell you how my day's spent Speakin through the face of Ronald Regan Iceberg History, calligraphy Colidescope colors, hollow-head shells and flarin gunmen Hate to see me comin like gray skies on day of judgment Makes you wonder where the love went Hit a nigga, feed him to some buzzards Put up numbers, plus I'm one to push his mug in We duck in the safe, check what I'm huggin Rocks the size of some shit, out in the congo My arms full, let's get the fuck out, Busta I got you [Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo we do great study on fossils and stones like archeologists Gem-ologists, collect the most priceless ices anonymous Canary stones yellow like a pumpkin Dunkin Donut precious size stones make me wanna cut the safe open Rae pass the blowtorch, Ghost brought the dynamite stick Marciano brought a chisel wit an ice pick Princess cuts, invisible settings Plannin the world's greatest diamond heist playin a tune by Otis Redding Icicle cones hang from the ceiling just like stalagmites Time to throw on a skully and tying a rag tight Throwin light went off and in the basket Grabbed the necklace from off the satin pillow while the glass casket Ice lay across the crushed burgandy velvet Up in the diamond slide-tray Gun in your face, slide it right away Roundtable with Habib, Mirishnokof, and the rest of them Jewish niggas We got them niggas drunk and talkin foolish see You know the way we straight manipulated the shit We swindle them niggas for all their precious things before we skated and shit Yeah, ya'll niggas know we skated early Disguised ourselves as the cidic Jews and even left my sideburns curly Bounce to Mexico and spend some pesos And bury the diamonds on an island your never heard Like Turks in Keikos Everytime we hit, we in and out quick Don't be surprised if we behind supplyin niggas all the platinum and shit [MONEY! 17x] Yeah, the world's greatest jewel heist Thoroughly and successfully executed By none other than Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef Rock Marciano and Busta Rhymes A job well done fellas, very good piece of work

Closin Down Shop

C-Murder "Bossalinie"
[Featuring Soulja Slim Magic] Intro (Talking) C Murder: Say Magic Slim bro nigga we gotta go ahead and close that little quarter shop we got on Broad fuck them niggas watchin us bro we gotta lay low nigga fuck Hook Soulja SLim: I'm closin' down shop so clientel stops Knockin at my door fuck no I dont have no more dealys not bein sold Cause its too hot plus I'm on parole x2 Soulja SLim: It's twelve in the noon, I'm just wakin' up from a flight Hicks been knockin' at my door all goddamn night And my hoe she busted talkin' about she tired of that Deep and down tell her bout how much paper we be stackin' Cause they run from that smack and that shit I got raw Dont ya be a dog, this dealy might bust your heart And the niggas that I get it from supplys the city They got other niggas with it but they bags be shitty Cause they tryin' to put too much cut on the dope To make a little ends but the only person scorin' is they friends They got twenty dollar bags they got ten But now you going let your boy move all the ends Now see my clients they know what the fuck they be buyin' They be comin shop be closed and they still be runnin Makin' my shop high and they might come kick it in my spot But I got my shit got cause I aint about doin no more time You got on them bullet proof vests I got on mines Bullets be flyin, flyin Hook Soulja SLim: I'm closin' down shop so clientel stops Knockin at my door fuck no I dont have no more dealys not bein sold Cause its too hot plus I'm on parole C-Murder: I'm closin' down shop cause my clientels gettin too big I got these laws on my balls and they sweatin' my shit Dope fiends knockin' at my door, they got my spot too hot These suckas runnin' on my colors on my quarter shop Two baby mommas, four kids three mack elevens Three cars about thirteen boo boo's I'm just a ghetto superstar On parole, convicted felon known for 187's and 211's A young nigga down to do whatever First and fifteenth checks fix blowin up my beeper BooKoo pages new credit, my shit is cut up and ready I'm on top never drop pushin keys that rock But I gotta close shop cause my spots too hot Hook Soulja SLim: I'm closin' down shop so clientel stops Knockin at my door fuck no I dont have no more dealys not bein sold Cause its too hot plus I'm on parole x2 (Magic laughs) I'm closin down shop... Magic: Bitches tryin to catch the wrong niggas, now tell the truth You aint hear we came in strapped nigga, react nigga Watch for me you dont wanna see me last, keep talkin' trash I'm gonna be the one behind the mask, blastin' at your pussy ass What, boy you disrespect my click you stupid bitch I'm about to jump off in your shit I rumble in the jungle with the fiercist peice alive Climb the biggest mountain with the highest peaks it high Spoon the biggest ocean with the biggets pocket fish If I ever hear you speak these filthy words again I told you muther fuckers I was comin (what) I roll with tight muther fuckers, stop runnin' (laugh, gun cock) Dont move a fuckin' muscle got no time for no wrestlin' Got no time for no tustli

Pour Out A Little Liquor

2PAC "Thug Life"
[2Pac] Yeah Pour out a little liquor for your homies nigga This one here go out to my nigga Mike Coolie (Light up a fat one for this one) How you come up man I started young kickin dust and, livin rough You watch you mouth around my mama you couldn't cuss man I had a down ass homie though; we ran the streets And on the scene at the age of fourteen, huh I packed a nine and my nigga packed a forty-five We drinkin forties, lil' shorties livin naughty lives You couldn't stop us, long as I got my glock, FUCK the coppers Hangin on the block, slangin rocks and makin profits I couldn't fuck with the schhhoooollll life, I was a fool I'll play that motherfucker for a toooollll man Tonight'll be the night that's what we figurin Hustlin in the rain felt no pain cause we drinkin Playin them hoes like manure First let my nigga fuck and then I fuck that's how we do it (ha ha!) It's two niggaz comin up out the hood livin life just as good as we could But since a bitch can't be trusted Hoes snitched to the po-lice, now my nigga's busted The cops whoopin on my nigga in jail tryin to get a motherfucker to tell And couldn't nobody diss my nigga Damn, I miss my nigga Pour out a little liquor! 'My cousin died last year and I still can't let go' [4X] This goes out to all you so called G's Pour out a little liquor for your real motherfuckin partners Don't let the drink get like that y'all, huh Pour out a little liquor Pour out a little liquor What's that you drinkin on Drinkin on gin, smokin on blunts and it's on Reminisce about my niggaz, that's dead and gone And now they buried, sometimes my eyes still get blurry Cause I'm losin all my homies and I worry I got my back against a brick wall, trapped in a circle Boxin with them suckers til my knuckles turn purple Mama told me, 'Son there'll be days like this' Don't wanna think so -- I hit the drink and stay blitzed We had plans of bein big time G's Rolling in marked cars, movin them keys And now I roll up the window, blaze up some indo Get to' down for my niggaz in the pen, yo Your son's gettin big and strong and I'd love'm like one of my own, til you come home and the years sure fly with the quickness You do the time, and I'll keep handlin yo' business That's the way it's supposed to be Homie, if it was me, you'd do the shit for me Homie, I can remember scrapin back to back Throwin dogs on them suckers runnin up on this young hog I hope my words can paint a perfect picture And let ya know how much a nigga miss ya Pour out some liquor! 'My cousin died last year and I still can't let go' Look at you Drinkin got you where you don't even give respect to your partners Pour out some liquor nigga! It ain't like that Tip that shit over Pour out a little liquor! 'My cousin died last year and I still can't let go' [4X] This for my nigga Madman Dagz, Hood, Silk yeah A little liquor for my homies y'all We in this motherfuckin piece YEAH Pour out a little liquor Young Queen, YEAH This one goes out to all my mack partners Back in the motherfuckin Bay Oaktown still in the motherfuckin house (Pour out a little liquor) My nigga Richie Rich, Gov'na (I don't care, Nighttrain, Henessey) All my real motherfuckin partners (Pour out a little liquor) And all my real partnas in Marin, fuck you busta ass niggaz Yeah nigga, pour out a little liquor!!

What These Bitches Want

DMX "...And Then There Was X"
(feat. Sisqo) [DMX] Uhh.. [Sisqo] DMX, Sisqo [DMX] Yo.. what these bitches want from a nigga [Sisqo] Dru Hill, yaknahmsayin [DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga [Sisqo] HmmmMMMMMM (Ruff Ryders) DMX break em off [DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga [Sisqo] Break em off, some.. [DMX] Aiyyo!! Dog, I meet bitches, discrete bitches Street bitches, slash, Cocoa Puff sweet bitches (WHAT) Make you wanna eat bitches, but not me Y'all niggaz eat off the plate all you want but not D (UHH) I fuck with these hoes from a distance The instant they start to catch feelings I start to stealin they shit then I'm out just like a thief in the night I sink my teeth in to bite You thinkin life, I'm thinkin more like - whassup tonight Come on ma, you know I got a wife and even though that pussy tight I'm not gon' jeapordize my life (aight) So what is it you want from a nigga (WHAT) I gave you, you gave me - BITCH, I blazed you, you blazed me (c'mon) Nothin more, nothin less, but you at my door willin to confess that it's the best you ever tested Better than all the rest, I'm like, 'Aight girlfriend, hold up I gave you, what you gave me Boo, a nut (f'real)' [Chorus: Sisqo] What these bitches want from a nigga What you want.. (what you want) What these bitches want from a nigga Really want.. What these bitches want from a nigga I've been keepin you up on it Bling bling'n, on that jewelry girl I bought it What these bitches want from a nigga Aiyyo, tell me what you want from me Baby tell me what you want from me! (So what you want) [DMX] There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia (okay) Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia (ooh) Teresa, Monica, Sharron, Nicki (uh-huh) Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky (damn) Cookies, well I met her in a ice cream parlor (aight) Tonya, Diane, Lori and Carla (okay) Marina (uhh) Selena (uhh) Katrina (uhh) Sabrina (uhh) About three Kim's (WHAT) LaToya, and Tina (WHOO!) Shelley, Bridget, Cavi, Rasheeda (uh-huh) Kelly, Nicole, Angel, Juanita (damn!) Stacy, Tracie, Rohna, and Ronda (WHAT) Donna, Ulanda (WHAT) Tawana, and Wanda (WHAT) were all treated fairly but yet and still bitches is on some other shit now that I'm fuckin wit Dru Hill But I'ma keep it real (WHAT) What the fuck you want from a nigga (c'mon) What the fuck you want from a nigga (c'mon) [Chorus (w/ minor variations)] [DMX] Aiyyo, I think about when a nigga didn't have (YEAH) and a nigga told a joke, and the bitches didn't laugh See now I do the math, I see if you got this and this and this to some cats, that nigga's the shit (aight) And that's all they fuckin with, but see these bitches don't know If these bitches ain't for real, these bitches don't go Knock on door, no show, I'm sleep tryin to creep wit yo' best friend, put it in, dig deep [Sisqo - singing over dub chorus] X let me talk to em for a minute Oooohhh I know I know it's so hard to be a victim of my reality Heard you callin me names, said I was trife One thing you gotta know, I'ma be a nigga for life Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh yeahhhh Oahahohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Chorus 2X (w/ Sisqo ad-libs)]

See Ya When I Get There

Snoop Doggy Dog "Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told"
[C-Murder] For all them young niggas that didn't quite make it to another year To all my thugs in the grave This one is for my homies and my thug niggas A bunch of used to be paranoid drug dealers A bout 'it motherfucker standing on the block Ain't no limit to his heart, cause his veins is non-stop And constantly a nigga catching them cases With them death situations A nigga blast with no hesitation Mama I wanna now where my daddy at My only memory is a picture with a chrome gat I wanna do, like them gangsters do I wanna gangster walk I caught a bullet now I'm in some chalk Just another young nigga in a song Mama always told me gangster's don't live long After I'm dead can you still see me Do you really want to be me I'm just another bossaline I represent all them niggas trying to get paid But couldn't be saved Huh, y'all now what I'm talking about Chorus: C-Murder and Snoop Dogg To all my thugs in the grave See ya when I get there See ya when I get there repeat 4X [Mystikal] Ride nigga till I deduct Them things die nigga for fuck Fly. fly nigga Since you absent I'ma tilt the bottle hit the weed and get high for my nigga My partner my nigga My round in my trigger From the little shit I remember you was a down ass nigga I'm mad i missed shit you could have showed me (fuck) Shit still ain't the same even though my mama told me I keep your memories in my endeavors (nigga) Thank you for being my daddy, thank you for what you left us I swear to protect, and the only way to carry on, is carry on My nigga little Mike, my nigga G-Slim, and my cousin Larry gone I ain't trying to question God, but why so young That's why from daylight to night time I got my gun This fucking thing we call life ain't nothing but a phase That's why you better keep your faith,or you're that thug in the grave Chorus: repeat 4X [Snoop Dogg] Rest in peace khaki's creased From the east side of Long Beach Pouring out liquor, thinking about my homie Cause I can't understand how it went down We used to clown from town to town Claiming dogg pound Took you on lollapalooza with a nigga L0Dog you my nigga If you don't get no bigger Spanky Loco from the the dub, and Little Man from the I Dear God why them good niggas have to die I can't reminisce too long Cause I'm in a war zone If I sleep, slip, trip I might get blasted on So I'm gone mash on home but on the way I see some of my enemies And they tripping on me Cause I fuck with Master P But I;m heated, so beat it And another 87 case, I really don't need it Proceeded, I ain't gone cry for the homie Shit we gone celebrate Cause we now the homeboy is in a safer and better place Chorus: repeat 3X

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