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JUVENILE lyrics - 400 Degreez

400 Degreez

Original and similar lyrics
[Robotic Voice] : 400 degreez [Verse 1:] Ya see me I eat sleep shit and talk rap Ya seen that 98 mercedes on t.v. I bought that I had some felony charges I fought that Been sent to no return but still was bought back Nigga threw some slangs at me woodie I caught that I punished them lil bitches before they can car jack Now I'm lookin for they family and pile up the war bat If I aint a hotboy then what do you call that Nigga disrespect me I'ma be in all black Companied by some niggas bout killin' and all that Me Cory and mercy gettin' dunked on Ride top down so we let the trucks pause In the jepp ridin' four deep I booted up at these nigga claimin' they know me [Chorus] [Robotic Voice] You don't want to fuck wit me Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz [repeat 2x] [Verse 2] Bitch what I'll bust yo ass up Don't even go there woodie cuz I'm ready to mas up I heard about the money thats some nice change For the right price I'll bust the right frame Why must a nigga try I can't do the right thing Only God knows what the future might bring Nigga might be shot, nigga might be triffling Nigga might survive if he bout that right flame Whats up that'll stop a nigga from playin' Sumin like a chopper or a grenade in his hand Boy look nigga don't play no games no mo Nigga'll bust ya head if you bang his hoe Attitude adjustments we all need Don't call the enforcements nigga call me I bet cha I'll get them niggas off yo block I bet cha I'll show them niggas this boy hot [Chorus] Alright stop it cuz I done had enough When it comes to my partners I'm ready to bust Baby let me get the keys to the roover truck Man let me get this beef shit over bro Aint no bit this year I'm from the 'nolia bro Whats yo beef plan cuz it was told to us How I'ma be runnin' with these killas and backin' down How I'ma look in front of my people, like a clown The G code what we live by and we die by The book is what we will never abide by Niggas drive by, gettin loose Keep'em with each other like a checker board in use Come in compton or the watts nigga Up in New York ya keep'em open watch nigga Foe ya played by a hit or retalion All fine young black females stallions Give me the keys to ya car and ya medallion You far away from ya home yous a alien [Chorus]

Whassup Now Muthaf-ka?

Artifact "Between a Rock a Hard Place"
Whassup now muthafuka? (8X) [El Da Sensai] It goes like this then it goes like that Artifacts yo we rap mad facts without no feedback Bust a niggy down and clowns ? check my footmark El sparks the dutch, quicker than the ? to God Greater darker than Vader, state of the art don't start My skills mad thrills while you're still cheap, like K-Mart Ain't smart, mothereffer deffer all get aten Steppin with my rap weapon, now who's testin? This Mister El, sinister Brick City minister Swingin with my nigga Tame, Boom Skwad adventure Loc style, to the max, tax cats with no doubt Bust your whole shit out, drunken with my chi style Diesel Don, ism Gov'na rated all-stars Up to par, baby pah, ease a Heine from the bar When I'm with my peeps, we be deep for the shows Rockin low pro, in the corner shootin cee-lo Huff puff enough to keep your eyes bloodshot Get more cocker spaniel move your ass like Daniel To the left I step, super def, human being Tame get on the mic, with the one two three and [Tame One] Pass off, I blast off, like Jetsons when I'm flexin X'n wack tags and rap fags in ANY fuckin section Watch the notty head G-Wiz get biz, word to Muensters Peace to Daddy Reef and Money Stuntsa A-Cool, my nigga Fat G roll the spliff Jay Burnz and Mellow Max, my man Swift takes the flicks A Hooterville killer with +Wild Styles+ like the movie I light blunts with my right, in left I keep a toolie The Boom Skwad president, ain't hesitant to represent Elements that's relevant, diss bitches for the hell of it I got much pride, electrin SLIDIN suckers backwards Like Mike Jackson, throwin hats, the Artifacts hittin G off, so won't you be off, because I'm peed off Enough to fuck some stuff up, and rip another rough cut My crew's paid mad dues, without no reimbursement Verse after verse, the mic be Howlin like a Thirstin And we out.. FUCK DAT! Whassup now muthafuka? (4X)

FreeNation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2

I promise you the waters is coming Saying it everyday got me feeling like Noah They say I'll blow up My aunts and uncles see me rapping They say I'll grow up Some stop and stare like how he still a vegetarian with all this good meat that he throw up? Trust I'm a Show up when it's show time Running threw the field like dion sannders with four primes We need mo primes Where the fuck is megatron when you fighting lions? Tellem whatever they selling nigga I ain't buying! The world been coming to an end and I ain't need no Mayan calendar to feel that Got the people rooting for the waters like Phil back with a younger Kobe Young shin obi Nigga moving through the shadows of the city got no hittaz but the youngins know me Took some good advice from a couple og's Shared the knowledge with my homies we ain't talking for the hell of it It was always bout the growth and development Never to big Elephant in the room how could you not notice?! Can't you smell when I'm cooking this rock?! Dwayne Johnson with the raw Stuff the cash in my sock! Ain't tryna live life to BIG it might stop Stay Ready to die am I PAC?! Holograms of the southside I be blessed just to make it back to my spot! Steppin over squares like hopscotch I'm top notch Got hands like doc OC It's a wonder that he don't write more More fire for the water to be boiled get impurities out Make sure he sure what he bout Betta know what yo security bout I'm here to cure any doubt that you may have had bout the kid in the leather boots Bottle water and a ginger root hella vegetables Tommy bag full of Cole/coal and you know what pressure do A flawed diamond still impeccable A flawed diamond still impeccable Why is it so hard to grasp that concept Why the simple shit on the cover of complex? Nigga look around! Can't elevate If you keep looking down Don't let the pennies ever make you proud Keep it Blunt with how he break it down Bring it to you naked how can you hate on that Ring the alarm everybody slept late on that Next best out the chi and I ain't really leaving room for debate on that

Next Up

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[ 60 Second Assassin ] I traveled so far Im chewin niggas lyrics for a Mars bar New era, bust em like reign terror So highly Mecca Nas a nigga died and measured The inevitable, beyond the ever so, this deadly technical Scribes get revised in the time before celestial No being or lyric ever hit precise, double sight Take light, through the crypts at night Spark pathetic brains and meteorite Seven heaven verses the seven wonder, lyrics of thunder As lightning strikes snakes out from under Cloudy men drips, sinks Niles of fine mist Worries startin to give, land for the tales out the crypt Of the dark, dead senses, gods of heavenly business Count Dracula told me how to find the eclipse I leave your lip stitched Cause you couldnt mind your business But when it came to this rap, You shouldve vacated the premises Make way for a chilla, guerilla, down low killa Get loopbtin civil, next up [ Prodigal Sunn ] Yo I believe thats me [ Trebag ] Aiyyo P get on the mic for the NYC [ Prodigal Sunn ] P attack you from the metronome Catch you in your groove home alone Blowin wit the chrome, nigga Im blowin to the bone My title be known, cannibal, dynamical maestro Sparked and fully hydroed my team of psychos Sell it higher than the Eifel Towers Seconds minutes led the hour, wein the power Spittin bibles, the sunshower, the wise out on the scene They think we forget the dream My aura sheens like morphine in your veins Pastors saying can you and your crew, oooh stand the rain Many men possess the gin in the jungle of sin Deeper than, Sunn chosen others frozen From the explosion, my opposition Protect my team of demolitions, full competition Keep em drinkin Benjin Like some chicken heads on the ground Bite the trey pound for foes that wanna get down Me and my clique sharpen the sound Infiltrate the town town town [ Trebag ] Next up [ Hell Razah ] Yo I believe thats me [ Trebag ] Aiyyo Razah get on the mic for the NYC [ Hell Razah ] If I could chew glass to this, true master shit check it Hell Razah raise from the dead black Lazaris Hittin ass to this on King Sols mattresses Bust your gat to this, make sure you hold it accurate John the Baptist this dip you wit the fish Aladdin out the genie lamp grant you on your wish Trapped in the studio booth and told the truth You better try a video shoot or get the boot From BK to Beirut we shuttin down groups Gatherin the loot while you mackin in a chicken coop Duck duck goose tie him in a noose Whats the use of havin your troops if you dont put them to use Yall rappers couldnt blow if a windy storm produce And sung a kiddie song and wore a Power Ranger suit Salute the first fruit, King David birth root Play the earths flute just before I execute Next up [ Method Man ] Yo I believe thats me [ Hell Razah ] Aiyyo Meth lock it down like LAPD [ Method Man ] While you proceed to cut the mustard, I cut the cheese Mr. Freeze givin cold shoulders to mcs The sickest of disease Johnny Blaze at three hundred and sixty degrees My PLO stees is from here to overseas Guerillas in the mist swingin from the highest trees Bombin enemies See me in the global war being all that I can be Camoflauge fatigue, hard headed major league Got em under seige your battleship in sinkin 20,000 leagues beneath sea level Adjust the trebel on that thang thang got your shovel Can you dig it Keep talkin bout it while we live it All day, every days a Billie Holiday Lady sings the blues get the street news by the way Have you heard crime pay Hit your block like that lava that burnt Pompei, mega hot In the melting pot, felt the shot around the world We unstoppable like Juggernaut baby girl Armed and dangerous treat militia, Ill make you famous Camoradiated verbal going through changes

St. Louie

NELLY "Country Grammar"
[Chorus: repeat 2X] Mmmmm you can find me in St. Louie Where the gun play ring all day (nanana) Some got jobs and some sell yea' Others just smoke and fuck all day I'm from the home of Red Fox, Ced the Entertainer Jettin off with Brian Cox, I'll see ya later Maybe not cuz I got somethin hot In the Navigata, waitin in the parkin lot A Bad Boy, on a Ryde Ruff-er than The LOX I keep 'em both cocked, need her ass the bring it Now tell me boys have ya seen her Have you seen her, nine millimeter Makin niggas believas Hop out the two seater, now vocab wife beater Levi's fresh from the cleaners Heavy starch with the cuff Like fuck it leave it to beaver Catch me in the galleria, plaza, Chesterfield Rollin down handly hills And the blocks of Pattonville I used to love it when hit me for a rocker Maybe a boppa, i kept it propa A non-stopa, around the clocka Now its cool pull up the bends and helicopta uh [Chorus] Sunday mornin, crack of dawnn and I'm yawnin Natural bridge and kings highway is where I'm goin Wake up man and start blowin Gotta get those juices flowin Now I'm gonna tell ya one more time For you cats that just ain't knowin Hey, you can find me in St. Louie And the whole me fedy and leasy gettin slow Grabin the optomo, sharpin up my flow Practicin for my shows Thats usually how it goes We be ready to go, the chronic already rolled Swing through O'Fallon sounds Knockin out of control Like a boom boom boom, who is it It's Jackie Frost, the one who's gettin where he at And he told you whos the boss I'm like a human hot sauce Thinkin I'll burn your thoughts Your information was false I'll show you just what it costs In the M I crooked letter crooked letter O U R I No one could do it better, hey [Chorus] Now in the middle we keep it crock and jiggy Love Pac and Biggie The way that you love your sticky Call Louie he have you pissy Mix with hen and crissy Bumpin Tim and Missy With Slim he used to diss me In the red Expedishy Thats Okay though, she can ride for the day though Can't even be a house guest Kato I'm a dog I said it rough Now call me snoopy Wouldn't have me in a hoopie Now you see me in a coupie In front of utopia, I'm hopin ya Come down herd chippin, may I'm toastin ya Thanksgiving in these parts yo we roastin ya And when the heat come down Get ghostin ya (god bless us) Loax with us, just how he jokes with us My daddy told me that I'm supposed to bust Don't be provokin us It ain't no joke in us Just the north south east west coastin us [Chorus repeat until end (with talking)]

Keep Talkin

Artist: Eminem, D12 Song: Keep TalkinĀ“ Album: The Conspiracy Mixtape Intro- Bizarre yea Detroit mother fucker DJ Green Lantern(the evil genious) D12 We aint goin no where We still smokin crack nigga haha Let um know HA-HA Chorus- Eminem Bitch keep talkin keep on popin off with them jaws because, we aint stoppin we aint got to prove shit to yall so all yall can lick the balls and keep walkin keep on poppin that shit you poppin cause we aint stoppin cuz you aint stoppin us we aint got to prove shit to yall so all yall can lick the balls and keep walkin COME ON Verse 1-Kuniva yo the derelict is back im blazin niggas while they up in the Sheraton last i even sold my therapist crack you niggas is bitch straight up im bearin the facts i love pussy wit all my heart but i married the gats and nigga im top pedigree so dont play wit me ill blow your tattoos all over your baby seat kids and all be hit peers and all masuberg will take your back, liver ribs and all kuniva the street talker, heat sparker the beef starter packin guns when im sleep walkin (Bitch keep talkin) throwin fire bombs down your chimney while you eatin at wendys im in your bushes cockin the semi nice wit the hands never bow down to another man i was poppin guns while you was still poppin some rubber bands smother your clan sever your hands and your legs mail your brother your heart and send your mother ya head Verse 2- Swifty im the only one your bitch let touch her type of brother that will fuck your mother with a fishnet rubber a belligerent and rowdy mother fucker that'll dump your body and still fly away to maui on the ??? when it comes to beefin it aint no explainin ill change your language wit a stainless im contained wit a anguish to leave your famous im a deranged pit yall lift an AK to pinch ya face wit niggas dont say shit fuck your hype man if its a bystander standin by im firein at ya, cause i can you get squashed like pop cans i be shootin 7up in your mouth man im about to sell your mama bud, and lace it so when she fire it up she coughin blood i love to see um wasted im made to behave in this case you try to be brave in this rage and your legs will be replaced Chorus- Eminem bitch keep talkin keep on popin off with them jaws because we aint stoppin we aint got to prove shit to yall so all yall can lick the balls and keep walkin keep on poppin that shit you poppin cause we aint stoppin cuz you aint stoppin us we aint got to prove shit to yall so all yall can lick the balls and keep walkin COME ON Verse 3- Bizarre i aint her to talk about Benzino or Ja Rule im here to talk about lil Ray Ray and whatever do sike i aint gonna mention it he probally sue next week this shit'll be out on DJ Clue (Exclusive) the first time i had sex.. a derty mattress no condom.. my grandmother.. bent over backwards bizarre been fuckin raw all summer lets make a trade, my wife for your brother sike, im not bisexual im an intelectual, transexual, one testicle(one nut) and i aint sayin shit cause it rhyme i got colon cancer, im diein Verse 4- Proof YE-YE Rest in peace Jam Master Jay Tupac and Notorious BIG im probally the best guy in the flesh blow ya heart out ya chest and ya chest out ya vest leave ya body a mess streets bloody as hell study my trail i cut and me fail a druggy on bail nutty as well which such like buddy revel dead or in jail still headin for hell the ghetto rebels the wrong guy now get ya lungs heart you full of wholes like sponge bob we can set this from your front door to your CEO office got the key to your coffin To pee on you often Great me wit offers we taken over Or get China white mixed wit bakin soda Ya hear me Outro- Eminem fuckin crack heads and this is just mix tape shit you fuckin morons this aint brains over braun this is bullys over fuckin pussies haha come on bitch Chorus- Eminem Bitch keep talkin keep on popin off with them jaws because we aint stoppin we aint got to prove shit to yall so all yall can lick the balls and keep walkin keep on poppin that shit you poppin cause we aint stoppin cuz you aint stoppin us we aint got to prove shit to yall so all yall can lick the balls and keep walkin

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