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Original and similar lyrics
I been knowing you for long enough Damn I need you right now You can take your time, don't have to rush This might take us a while, (yeah) I left all the doors unlocked and you said you're on your way When you get here don't just say a word, got no time to play I know you think that you know me But you ain't even see my dark side This is for you only So baby do me right, do me right [Hook:] We can go all, the time We can move fast, then rewind When you put your body on mine And collide, collide It could be one of those nights But we don't turn off the lights Wanna see your body on mine And collide, collide Baby it's all your if you want me, all yours if you want me Put it down if you want me (tonight) Said it's all yours if you want me,all yours if you want me Put it down if you want me (Let's collide) [Tyga:] Wakin' up, she on it Good love in the mornin' Get on top my cojones I pleasure you for the moment This don't come with no warranty You want it but can't afford it My world is different than your's You're opinion of me is glory Glorifying in all these foreign Back to future, and DeLorean You ain't used to feelin' this important Cars imported, girls imported In subordinate, get deported Baby check, my inventory Gotta whole lot in store for ya Birkin bags, purple tags I can out a whole lot of shit on blast Vera Wang, Ballinciaga Baby you ain't never to fly for that I talk a lot of shit, cause I can back it up She know I'm the shit, so baby back it up [Hook] I know that this is life when we touch boy You got my heart And can't nobody make me feel like you do, boy like you do Cause baby we can go [Hook]

Get It Together

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
[Intrumental Intro] One, Two, Three [Zaakir] Yeah, I'm tryin' to get it right, live my life right I want the things that come with the fast life but I don't wanna lose my soul, right? pay with my life I just wanna rock ice with my fresh nikes (yeah, yeah) cuz the girls at the school think I dress nice. (yeah) The real thug niggaz cool with a nigga, right? (that's right) 'Til one day after school, wakin' home, right? (Uh Huh) Them same thug niggaz ran up on a brother, right? With three more I never met in my life. (Damn!) Axed me where I'm from, banged on me, right? (Where you from?) The brothers that I knew was up outta sight (Man they made me get it together, now I ack right.) (Let's get it together) [Mark 7even] Trials and tribulations, both got you accosted Understand I'm not the one, go tap some other resources The road that you travel gon' be paved in some gravel so before you try on jock me understand the shit is rocky I don't mean a boxer, Illy? or Oscar I'm tryin' to spit some game, so your ass can prosper Pay a little dues, do a couple a shows put a mix-tape out, man let's see how it goes My only good advise is to cut your own slice I mean, the world ain't gon' bite, just cause you think you nice How can I be diplomatic when this ain't automatic I'm gonna tell you right, this a roll of the dice (Let's get it together) [Chali 2na] Hey, being (solid?) silent's the first sign if not, being able to follow my first line I dirt-grind on my first, it works fine I'm alert, but I been caught of guard at the worst time. (worst time) Yeah, I get apparent applause but do these people know my character flaws? I get embarassed and pause, meticulous, but never careless because I might be the one standin' on your terrace that falls And you can laugh, but it's therapeutic, to talk about my faults of a rare acoustic, bangin' dove shit We ain't perfect, to fight just ain't worth it despite a stained surface, we gotta retain purpose (Let's get it together) [Akil] I was a pick-a-the-litter, when I was a-little-nigga my pops would turn preacher once my voice got deeper than his. For all the times a nigga would vent I had to listen, he was payin' the rent and what he's sayin', he meant. I'll admit, I was tripin' a bit I was hangin' with different chicks and we be wild'n and shit but I had to get a grip before time ran out or pop starts to trip, start puttin' me out but now I kinda see what he was talkin' about you can't live in somebody house and start airin' it out You got to be your own man and handle your biz and later on you can tell 'em what time it is (Let's get it together)

Doe Or Die (RZA Remix)

[Raekwon] This veteran's charge, soon to have a whiley garage Yea, demand the land, I want a jet black discovery recovery, big time See when you, when you start fuking wit my shit like that You're taking on a natural high see what I'm saying Shit is natural (yea no doubt) shit is like baking a cake Know what I mean, like squeezing a hand joint (word up design, designing) Know what I'm saying, Doe or Die style kid, the remix [Both] Yo, yo I roll wit brothers who puff dust lust plus A + conniving cash you can't trust Yo, these avalanche rock throwers, granola holders Style is steady ready like a military soldier Wu Killa Bee plus Sosa, AZ Two SC's, Doe or die style, let's see Yo, the track's banging like an armaretta shake son Take some, 50 on whatever we make son [Raekwon] Yo now let me show you how my whole team operate Cooperate, tie you up, drop you on the Tri-state What up, my whole style is camoflage The veteran's charge, bagging all these shorties up in sport cars When we react, it's like Mafia, keep jims rocking ya Czechoslovakia, Khadafi the diamonds What soulsa La costra da nostra Snap a flick of this Chef, double exposure [AZ] Who's the wickedest, street officialist, Guess, Gortex Lex is the crispiest, ice the vidiculous Peep and look, the unexplainable'll keep ya shook High illism, the realism got you hooked So let's lay law cause only fat cats play raw Let this ?a pour? 'cause taking his paper's all I claim for The resurrection 86 cartel connection Raid your section, el's twist to a perfection [Raekwon] Primetime, genuine, shine, Lex seat recline Yo, Vine, he ran up on me wit a nine, he's mine I won't play, Gamma ray spray Rae, he tried to pray He threw a grand away, yo, I plan a day to drive his land away Doe or die, right, light up the time my ?feet? was gear high Showing love to niggaz on the inside [AZ] Black supreme, high king, mine shine like high beams We be that Don ?queen? seems you take time in a hygiene My line ?queen?, Italian gator, boast made of fiend Check the Firm team, names internationally reign Triple X large, duplex wit a garage Gold Express Cards plus enuff sex to bless the Gods So let's play, catch me in a Motown Cafe Cap on half way, sipping OJ and ?cram on lye? Doe or die way, ?corosea

I Know You Strapped

Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
smoke a blunt, get drunk, hit a line of that funk, now you fallin' up in the spot and you thinkin' that you crunk, you ain't crunk, yous a punk, and I'ma show you that tonight all it takes is one killer to step and we can start a fight in the middle of the club, bitch wasup we can do this shit security ain't gonna jump in the way because they scared of this implantin' this into ya brain so you know the next time you cross the line again it's standin' full of sin when you fuck wit the boss biggest,badest,roughest motha' fucker, but ya still a bitch I'm comin' in crunker than the others for th fuck of it liquor bottles hit ya harder than some syrup when ya slum have ya shakin', fakin', body achin' by the time I'm done legally this isn't right but ask me if I give a shit peacefully I'll read your rights and have you beggin' me to quit hit ya weed and liquor or whatever else it takes to jump just remember, just cause you fucked up it doesn't mean your crunk, chorusx2: I know you strapped, but you cowards like to play hard and know that you don't wanna catch a murder charge , see butsters to get full of that weed and liquor snort a line, in ya mind now yous a killer Talking: man gotdamn paul man you might have to slow this motha' fucker down a little bit man I'm on that syrup man I'm high and I'm drunk man you need to slow down Verse 2: I'm not scared of you just cause you came in actin' a damn fool runnin' lip talkin' shit, bet you wouldn't without ya tool now ya hard very hard ballin' down the boulevard, pissy pants doin' ya dance I'm behind ya in a faster car, weak as water so is yo mama, father and ya faculty, quickly sauder up yo lips so you can't trip or speak of me watch me creep up froom the back wit gats and pick you of by ones, had to repaint the walls wit ya while ya smokin on ya blunt, next time when you step to the plate come back and just let it rip, stead of bitchin' out I thought your, you ran back to ya whip, holy ghost is up in ya when you see me you fade away, makin' fun of all you cowards powered by a pack of bay hopefully one day you'll find out in th end you just a bitch until then just keep on drinkin' smokin' snortin' up some shit chorusx2...fade out

Feel It

Buckshot "The BDI Thug"
[Swan] Yo, take a walk through the Terror Dome Instead of duckin little niggas, gettin live when they hear the chrome Where them dollars at? What, nigga holla back Is what they screamin, ice gleamin on Jumanji plaque Here to rat-a-tat-tat, on a regular Money exchangin, rearrangin on a cellular We do it up in a Benz or a hoop dog Smokin black, listenin to Snoop Dogg We them troops dog, that be runnin up, summin up ya money block Smack you all up in your funny top, guns cock In the drop top, headed to the chop shop Gettin ten grand, cuz the handle on your lock pop [Chorus 2X] Throw ya hands in the sky if you feelin this You can roll a bag of la if you feelin it You can bump it in ya ride, you can park up on the side You can bump to the vibe, if you feelin this [Buckshot] I'm high when I know I'm sweatin, plus I'm gettin Ready to set like Nino Brown at the wedding You a New Jack, this ain't a City What a pity, I fuck around, I have to give you fifty And if I take 49, and you're left with one See the one that jammed in ya ear, made ya deaf son Take ya breath son, nah, here's the oxygen Fuck it, bring the muthafuckin glocks again Throw ya hands up, when I spit six to tear ya man up Now you can't stand up, fucked your whole plan up Every time the gun jam up, the back slam up Upside ya head, give me my respects [Tone Cappone] Yo, there's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide Don't no one survive, the toast on my side, we both gonna die A nigga and his man tried to front, they both in disguise See before Jesus, the only man chosen was I And you can a dream or a nightmare, and I'm right there Standin over there, wit a bead and a mic there Puff there, Hype there, Russell there, Mike there All them niggas watch me embarrass you, right there From Brook-Nam to Queens, all the way to Yonkers and back Anywhere you go, you see the knights only attack Niggas flipped it on they back, enormin this tracks We bombin these cats, like U.S. was bombin Iraq [Chorus 2X] [Sweet Mellodye] A real hard head makes a real soft ass I thought I told these muthafuckas they ain't in our class Quick fast, I strip them from they stripes, snatch they thug patch Fuck that, I make 'em run and get they wife and come back You dumb black, bum raps is what y'all got It'll take a forest fire, just to make ya hot And I ain't got no time for them weak ass rhymes And then, when you spittin it's three and four at a time Come on now, I hate to be rude and shit But it's only a chosen few that can do this shit I thought you knew this shit, and ran through this shit But you still sample shit, and gettin sued and shit You know you makin me sick, like the flu and shit And stage ya monkey ass, leave the zoo and shit You see I rule wit shit, wit any bit I spit That rap crack, you phat, ain't all that and shit [Chorus 2X]

Say The Word

Come on baby, oh girl, say the word and I will, oh yeah Now I've had my mind on this girl the most beautifuliest thing I've ever seen in the world those caramel eyes had me melt every time and I think I've got a crush on you cause damn your so fine I don't just want a little, slap and tickle I don't expect to find myself caught up in the middle of a game of hide and seek seems like every time we meet I get the feeling you know the words inside, I'm trying to say Chorus: If you feel the same way baby you should let me know so that we can take our time and just chill for real darling all you have to do is say the word and you know that I will. If i had you for my girlfriend you'd be my queen and there's no way that no other girl could come inbetween of you and me you can't deny we're wasting time when you should be chilling with me (Hey) girl should i just keep this flow of just go away don't leave me out in the cold baby theres been, too many mix messages and I don't know if I should mess with this But i can't resist and I don't wanna let these feelings go so.. Chorus: If you feel the same way baby you should let me know so that we can take our time and just chill for real darling all you have to do is say the word and you know that I will Break it down Girl we've played this game for far too long something so right just can't be wrong It's been hard to find the words to say But this feeling is just too strong, so... Excuse me miss where you from? I smell the perfume of a beautiful woman addicted to like pokemon but please don't get me wrong I've got a crush on you that's what I'm saying in this song you need TLC take it from me even thought your an independant lady career girl with your own money from what I can see healthy attitude with a warm personality see you in cinemas in different bars with your girlfriends eating hagen daaz driving fast cars but please don't by fooled by those little men who be acting like gentlemen cause I've seen with my own eyes the situations they've been in so, Hi! my name is... Why blow ? I think ill leave that one for those of you who already know And if your interested is there somewhere we could go Access all areas that after my show so let me know, come onÂ… Chorus (x3) If you feel the same way baby you should let me know so that we can take our time and just chill for real darling all you have to do is say the word and you know that I will

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