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JUSTINE SKYE lyrics - Emotionally Unavailable

12 Bodies (Interlude)

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Not cause I just asked him, like how many people have you smoked with? What did he say? He was like 20 thousand No he said 12, he said like 10-12 yeah He probably frontin' Nah I said "wow, I didn't think you had it in you" He was like "What's it" I'm like, I don't know, I just really didn't think he had it in him

3 Wishes

J. COLE "Truly Yours 2"
Yeah grew up with killers, I didn't know they was killers We was just together man, playing Mega-man on Sega man Your mama loved me to death, she reminded me of Afeni Yeah real black queen If I had a genie, I wish that she ain't struggle no more Y'all wouldn't have to go to sleep with all the roaches if she wasn't so poor You told me when you came to my house This shit was like a timeout from reality One night you asked me what I'm crying about 'Cause you was staying over for the weekend I woke up from out my sleep When I heard mama and my stepfather beefin I don't know if he been drinkin But I know this shit got loud and I heard rumbling from struggling And rolling on the ground Could never get used to that sound My mama saying get off me My tears is tumbling now I wish that you never saw me 'Cause I felt like a coward, so powerless I was only 12 I wish I would'be bust through that door my fucking self And grab the Glock right off the fucking shelf If nothing else scared a nigga shitless There goes two of my wishes Forever scarred, determined to get some heart No matter how big the nigga, no matter how small you are Fast-forward to our older years Two different paths You used to talk to me about college but that shit didn't last Waste of potential, getting cash, what could I say? So tired of not having things, you never see it my way Too proud to fold Your demise One day to my surprise, my nigga called me, told me you just caught a body twice your size I asked if it was self defense, he said it was defense of pride And that they trying to give you ten, but if you lucky you'll do five damn Not my nigga The same one that told me that things always get better Just trust me, don't cry my nigga The news call him a killer, but he my nigga Sad shit Ay yo genie last wish, free my nigga


JEFF BECK "Rough & Ready"
People fight for the basic right to choose To live a life we don't intend to lose, The time has come when we must all decide To end our evil ways or let the whole world slide Who would of thought That wars were fought to free our nation We must make the changes From the basic situation Oooo yeah yeah Listen people It's all right When you've fought on foreign soil. Not your very own 'Cause you don't want it destroyed We are keepin' our own identity We must look around For ideas to be real So many of the people have been justified. We must face the truth 'Cause there ain't no real place to hide. Listen people If it's true that no one really cares We've got to sacrifice through the changing years Do the things we feel no matter most of all So let the people yeah Sweet music is our home Please realize happiness is your conviction You'll find in people all kinds of good reaction Whoa whoa whoa whoa

Minority Report

JAY-Z "Kingdom Come"
[Intro: News Excerpts] The damage here along the gulf coast is catastrophic. There's a frantic effort under way tonight to find survivors. There are an uncounted number of the dead tonight... People are being forced to live like animals... We are desperate... No one says the federal government is doing a good job.. And hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people... No water, I fought my country for years.. We need help, we really need help.. In Baghdad, they they drop, they air drop water, food to people..why cant they do that to their own people? The same idiots that can't get water into a major American city in less than three days are trying to win a war... [Verse 1 - Jay-Z] People was poor before the hurricane came But the down pour poured is like when Mary J. sang Every day it rains, so every day the pain But ignored them, and showed em the risk was to blame For life is a chain, cause and effected Niggas off the chain because they affected It's a dirty game so whatever is effective From weed to selling kane, gotta put that in effect Wouldn't you loot, if you didn't have the loot? Baby needed food and you stuck on the roof Helicopter swooped down just to get a scoop Through his telescopic lens but he didn't scoop you The next five days, no help ensued They called you a refugee because you seek refuge The commander-in-chief just flew by Did he stop? No, he had a couple seats Just proved jet blue he's not Jet flew by the spot What if he ran out of jet fuel and just dropped hu,That woulda been something to watch Helicopters doing fly-bys to take a couple of shots Couple of portraits then ignored 'em He'd be just another bush surrounded by a couple orchids Poor kids just 'cause they were poor kids Left 'em on they porches same old story in New Orleans Silly rappers, because we got a couple Porches MTV stopped by to film our fortresses We forget the unfortunate Sure I ponied up a mill, but I didn't give my time So in reality I didn't give a dime, or a damn I just put my monies in the hands of the same people that left my people stranded Nothin' but a bandit Left them folks abandoned Damn, that money that we gave was just a band-aid Can't say we better off than we was before In synopsis this is my minority report Can't say we better off than we was before In synopsis this is my minority report [Verse 2 - Ne-Yo] So many times I'm, covering my eyes Peeking through my fingers Tryin' to hide my, frustration at the way that we treat (Seems like we don't even care) Turn on the TV, seein' the pain Sayin' such a shame Then tryin' to go on with my life Of that, I too, am guilty (Seems like we don't even care) So we send a lil' money, tell 'em it's alright To be able to sleep at night You will pay that price While some of these folks' lost their whole life (Seems like we don't even care) Now it wasn't on the nightly news no more Suddenly it didn't matter to you no more In the end almost nothing changed What the hell, what was that for? (Seems like we don't even care) [Outro: News Excerpts] ...Buses are on the way to take those people from New Orleans to Houston ...They lyin' ...People are dying at the convention center ...Their government has failed them ...George Bush doesn't care about black people

Granite Tops

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Alright check me out! No I don't claim to know the struggle 'Cause I've never lived it but Life for me hasn't always been photogenic and perfect Only I can make my own self determined Not a parent, a preacher, a teacher, Jesus or verdict could overturn This will power that I got burnin' So deep inside of me trying unecessary like cursive And no my parents aren't divorced My pops never vanished They act like since I've always had granite tops That I take this shit for granited, dammit That isn't further from the truth Who gives a damn if I was brought up astute? They say "You don't have the financial problems all these real rappers do and you ain't even bustin' caps in dudes" And just because I have a passion for rappin' The world expects me to? Now that's the stupidest thing that I've ever heard I'm just gon' flip em' the bird I'm wakin' up in the early morning hours A powerful work etchi's so unheard of in this day And age I'll make my way regardless of the haters hatin' Envy is a shameful trait Sometimes I feel there's no escape from the scrutiny and judgements And really Theres not it's gonna keep comin As long as long as the youngin' is buzzin' Ah, So I just accept it and laugh And as much as I love the cash it's so much deeper than that Bein' iconics what I'm striving for while sleeping I snap into a new reality within my dreams And then I wake up to the exact same thing 'Cause recently my life is flipped 180 degrees I was never the most confident of my friends I remember down in my basement Sammy, Big Mikes and Biggs They made me rap for em' Threatening me with shit if I didn't Lowkey makin fun of me as I spit You know how it is Probably thinking to them selves "you better stick to your day job" But now the jokes on them 'Cause that's exactly what this is Yeah Gettin the types of girls I used to not Kinda goes to show as an example How I'm used a lot But no I'm not complaining 'Cause no I didn't got the moral compass of the gods Honestly sometimes I fuck up I'm just a human Sometimes I'm out until the sun's up But that's just how it is when you're young buck Livin' on my own only 18 Don't really like the clubs much I'd rather chill and puff one But that's besides the fact Hip hop head claiming I can't mess with em' 'cause this or that And they're viners and they have young girls for the fans But man at least those girls love me just for who I am I, I guess they'll never understand it's aight

Do Better Blues Part 2 (Marvin’s Room Remix)

Three blunts rolled up Hennessy in my cup He always told me slow up I never really gave a fuck We haven’t spoke in 3 years I wish that he could be here I’m tryna fight through these tears But I’ma call him anyway and tell him Fuck this shit, I’m missing you so bad I know you still think of all the times we had I said fuck that shit that I was on before Like then I didn’t know but now I’m for sure Ohhhh, oh I’m just saying I’ll do whatever To get you back, yeah, I’ll do whateverrr Tell me have I said that ever? Without you here I cannot do better Without you here I cannot do better (Ohhh) And I just been sitting here going crazy Been thinking about the baby that we almost had Thought I moved on, but I didn’t Like who am I kidding? Shit, it’s all been bad He threw a party, yeah he threw a party Remember I went when he threw a party We went to his room and shit got retarded He didn't use no protection, I’m sorry I need you right now, are you down to listen to me? I think that was something was slipped in my drink I know you’re thinking how dumb can I be Shouldn’t be there anyway, I’m ashamed That night was my first time trying cocaine After we split up, nothing’s been the same I’ve been caught up living in the fast lane It’s been two months and I’m scared cause I’m late Emotions are mixed up I am just a crazy girl Lucky that you picked up Lucky that you stayed on I need someone to be my savior Could it be youuu? I’m just saying I’ll do, I’ll do whatever Without you here I cannot, I cannot do better Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah It only gets better with you And I am only better with you It’s true Baby, I’ll do whatever I gotta do Whatever I gotta prove I’ll do it, I’ll do it I’ll do it Cause I been drinking, I been smoking Way too much and way too often And I need you, and I need you right now I need you now Ahhh

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