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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE lyrics - The 20/20 Experience: 2 Of 2


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Justin Timberlake] Walking around middle of the night Might end a man's life with that innocent face Cause everything below your neck killin' everything next It's murder, murder You say I need to watch out, something might go down, good I really wanna take this under the ground, under the ground And I'mma be down to go to that level And even when you speak regular a sick freak, girl, I say ok So come on and leave me cause the deeper you take me the better You killin' me softly but we can go as hard as you want to Bed's way under the ground, under the ground And I'll be down and throw it at that level [Hook: Justin Timberlake] Ooooh that girl is murder Everybody get down Ooooh that girl is murder Everybody get down Under the lights and sound Everybody get down, down You know that she's a killer Watch it get down, watch it get down Watch it get down, watch it get down Murder.... [Verse 2: Justin Timberlake] You dancing around, hanging out the window Talking real big with your little slim waist And with all that below your waist Girl, you know the next scene is murder Maybe you need to watch out something might go down Girl, your body is gonna end up Under the ground, under the ground I would be down to go to that level And even when you dress regular a freak chick Girl, you complement my taste So girl don't be stingy the more that you give me the better You know you killin' me softly but we can go as hard as you want to Until the bed's way under the ground, under the ground I would be down to go to that level [Hook] [Verse 3: Jay-Z] Yoko Ono, she got that Yoko Ono You know that shit that made John Lennon go solo Know that shit gotta be lethal If that pussy broke up The Beatles Chocha ruined pop culture All them playa days is over Got me buying Rovers, rings Jumping over brooms and church rooms, kaboom That bomb, that P It's a problem call the police Red bottoms, white sheets that's murder, she a beast Faces of death, she fine or what Suicide I'm trying to cut, white chalk line 'em up Give new meaning to dying to fuck [Hook]

(NFA) No Frontin Allowed

LL COOL J "14 Shots To The Dome"
Mad madness trashy brother from way back. We're blowin mics since the days of 8-track. Certified bonified pull out the weapon. Rusted. Your ho's gets busted. Run your jules! Shootin up ya damn fools. Leavin' your loser lazy lyricist in bloody pools. Went away came back your still wack. Now your slobbin Marly's mob for a dope track. Comin off like a bra and its the witness. No click-click a fru () business Don't care about no money got props in it. Flippin scripts with every letter in the alphabet. Wanna jump. JUMP! And jingle your rump. RUMP! Here to pump punks with real hot lead chunks. Full-grown I ain't no baby with these rhymes kid. Put the mic down my peoples know where ya live. I chop you little brittle riddle right up the middle and have the police playin the fiddle in the hospital. Somebody said, 'He couldn't rip with the roughness.' Rhymes kick your teeth but end up frontless. Soul survivor of a thousand beats sendin funeral wreathes to all ya use-to-be chiefs. Is a raw to a bearlin in the woods (). Brothers tapes ain't jack their best tracks is wack. I heard you think you got a chance to win but my glock is stopped off to murder the top ten. Rough and rugged and raw I'm like a callous. The underground can say 'ain't no Fra-zontin in my palace.' Well can I be the flavor of the month I got the flavor plus I can bump a chump. I got the funk straight from my underground hide-out. I freak it in the house and let the hits just ooz out. Bust on the scene to let ya know I wasn't frontin. Got ya screamin for my album so I had to do somethin. Write tonight to take a bit not a bite. And watch the () freak you with all my might. Like 'Here I am to save the day!' I stop the tracks with the mic so I say 'To chay' and 'On Gaurd' when I'm swingin for your brow. Cause in the house of hits ain't no frontin allowed. Just when you thought that it was safe to try and chop me. Run for ya life now here somes Mr. Funky and I'm pissed. So watch how many heads I'll be the takeout boy ya better look out I work ya like a cook-out. So get the flavor the original Mr. Funky () and you watch me do my thing. Because I hit ya with the funk of the fly-talker and make your girl 'Bump-bump! Get it, Get it!' like Luke Skywalker. I can't front I love rappin with a passion. Crash your head front into the funk you think I'm slam dancin. See when you front you make mad the alter weight (). Freak this: 'funky twin powers activate!' Sheik on the mic with the cape and muscles. Crushin MC's while their girls do the hustle. See other rappers try to dis the lords but yo, your dead wrong. Damnit, can't we all just get along We'll see there simply ain't no frontin allowed. Yo, I'm out like the Cosby show peace to the Funky Child. Punchin your god-damn eyebrows off roughin it up north lookin' like your laugh off (). It's a blash smash and crash from my stash. Be watchin your back kid. Your girl and the phat path. Talkin bout your macks and tax. What's with that Your gettin wet like sloooow sex. Rippin on that old school kid. Leavin sliced as a slit says I wet your crib. No question. Testin the west and the east and once the ammo was released and I'll make your girl come and getcha. Hope you get the picture. Boy your better off if a pit bit ya! What's its like in the illest fight. Believe the hype. I'm givin crowds more nose jobs than Mike. Fight sight alright they bite spot light tonight is hype trigger happy tripe don't hit bite my owner's right. And ya know it's comin off so don't ask it. Snatchin the vocal and hotties on the rap tip. Mackin ya boys up. Bringin the noise up. And now ya need stitches because my voice cuts. Chainsaw gain more and riegn raw. And never let a brother play it is my main law.

Once Upon A Troubador

NIGHTWISH "Angels Fall First"
[bonus track] A lonely bard wandering across the lands am I Singing dancing finding answers to every why The taverns are full and one crosses my path, too I just might reward myself with a beer or two This inn the place of many romantic tales On the loft women offer their sales But my eyes they catch a girl beat by everyone A slave she is but for me a rose undone Hear me sing Watch me dance Play that lute of thine And share with me this dance As she danced my eyes began to shine There she was the maiden so divine How could I approach her with my outlook so poor Her beauty being much more than I could endure So I asked if I could sing a chanson With a language of ancient and of lore Gathered the men around us me and the girl in rags Soon were the melodies heard by everyone Hear us sing Watch us dance Sing with us this tale With a clap of hands The stories long-forgotten we still know Performing our skills wherever we go I end my story as I receive a kiss From my girl the dearest Beatrice Hear us sing Watch us dance Sing with us the tales Which the music will keep alive


And Also the Trees
Material folds From rough, modest clothes Slabs of cold sacred stone The peasant girl kneels In strips of feeble water light Slim fingers clasped Warm steady, precise The unwanted love for a murder In strips of feeble water light Echoed sighs Soft madonna eyes Bathe in smooth, flicked flame The peasant girl kneels The peasant girl kneels crosses herself slowly The warmth envelopes, seals But stays as quitely she leaves To love a murder To love a murder

Spida Man

NELLY "Sweat"
[Nelly] That motherfucker was horrific Yes it was, yes it was Okay, I was [Chorus] Sittttttttttin, on the hillllllllll Countin my, DOUGH Milllion-two, million-three, million-four Five million, six million, seven million more Then I heard a knock knock, who's there? It's yo' friendly neighborhood Cad leanin and M.O. beamin Spida Man So bewurr Come take a look up in the sky, you can't lie I know you feel it when it Sittttttttttin, on the hillllllllll Countin my, DOUGH Milllion-two, million-three, million-four Five million, six million, seven million more Then I heard a knock knock, who's there? It's yo' friendly neighborhood Cad leanin and M.O. beamin Spida Man So bewurr (bewurr) Come take a look up in the sky, you can't lie I know you feel it when it (KNOCK KNOCK) [Nelly] I used to live in cellars, I used to coke a sellah Two hundred million fella, call me a fo'tune tella Tryin to get over Eazy, like they was Jerry Heller I never want to jail-ah, cause I'm too slick a fella Seen me on wheels befo', man you should see me now It might be hard though, because I sit too high I sit up on the hill, but I'm still down to earth I'm like the Rams man I'm at the best when on my turf You watch your girl flirt, you watch your girl tease You think your girl want cheese? Then check your girl knees You need to check her needs, befo' I check 'em for ya Cause once I check her needs, she won't be checkin for ya You hear a KNOCK KNOCK, who is it that's, payin a visit She's, goin ballistic while he's, sippin on her Mystic Whoa, it's the exquisite one named Mo, or short for Moses I think I'll go back to countin my money now [Chorus] [Nelly] Say I don't come to the hood, what do the fuck they know? Who else drivin that Bentley, out there in front of Wo's Sittin out in front of Tandy, I got my phone handy Give me the numbers I'ma call 'em, you been missin for 'em I'm buyin bikes for tykes, there'll be some uniforms While they just rap about we fo' sho' fo' kids and show 'em At elementary schools, the day of show and tell We didn't come to show, mo' like we came to tell Tell 'em how to keep it strong, on how to keep it tight To tell they right from wrong, to turn your wrong right Watch all they words and actions, thoughts companies and habits Leave them tricks for rabbits, that greed for the savage And you can make it happen, if you just don't give up I guarantee that you can be that anything you want Give 'em that real talk, show 'em that real walk And maybe one day you can be like me, somewhurr [Chorus] KNOCK KNOCK

Someone To Watch Over Me

George Gershwin "Gershwin Jazz 'Round Midnight"
There's a saying old says that love is blind Still we're often told seek and ye shall find So I'm going to seek a certain girl/lad I've had in mind Looking everywhere, haven't found her yet She's the big affair I cannot forget Only girl/man I ever think of will regret I'd like to add her/him initials to my monogram Tell me where's the shepherd for this lost lamb There's a somebody I'm longing to see I hope that she/he turns out to be Someone to watch over me I'm a little lamb who's lost in a wood I know I could always be good To one who'll watch over me Although I/he may not be the man some girls think of As handsome to my heart She/he carries the key Won't you tell her/him please to put on some speed Follow my lead, oh how I need Someone to watch over me Someone to watch over me

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