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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE lyrics - The 20/20 Experience: 2 Of 2


Original and similar lyrics
Why can't I see you Stuck in black and white You're in technical brightness Why can't I see you I've been struck by blindness I close my eyes cause you've been gone Such a long time, I fantasize You close so long fantasy Began to see, it altered my mind Am I crazy When I open my eyes The world was gone Reached out when I heard you call my name But all I felt was cold Tell me why can't I see you I'm stuck in black and white You're in technical brightness Why can't I see you I've been struck by blindness If I close my eyes and concentrate You illuminate your brightest slide And I let you go the worst mistake It's clear as day But I can't wrap my mind around it baby And when I open my eyes The world is gone, long gone, long gone Reached out when I heard you call my name But all I felt was cold Tell me why can't I see you I'm stuck in black and white You're in technical brightness Why can't I see you I've been struck by blindness Tell me why can't I see you It's like I'm stuck in black and white And you're in technical brightness Why can't I see you I've been struck by blindness Why can't I see you In black and white You're in technical brightness Why can't I see you I've been struck by blindness

Sweet Gene Vincent

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
blue gene baby skinny white sailor, the chances were slender the beauties were breif shall I mourn you decline with some thunderbird wine and a black hankercheif? I miss your sad Virginia whisper I miss the voice that called my heart sweet gene vincent young and old and gone sweet gene vincent who, who, who slapped john? white face, black shirt white socks, black shoes black hair, white strat bled white, died black sweet gene vincent let the blue roll tonight at the sock hop ball in the union hall where the bop is there delight here come duck-tailed Danny dragging Uncanny Annie she's tehone with the flying feet you can break the peace daddy sickle grease the beat is reet complete and you jump back honey in the dungerees tight sweater and a ponny tail will you guess her age when she comes back stage? the hoodlems bite thier nails black gloves, white frost black crepe, white lead white sheet, black knight jet black, dead white sweet gene vincent there's one in every town and the devil drives 'till the hurse arrives and you lay that pistol down sweet gene vincent there's nowhere left to hide with lazy skin and ash-tray eyes a perforated pride so farewell mademoiselle, knicker-bocker hotel farewell to money owed but when your leg still hurts and you need more shirts you got to get back on the road

Cry To Heaven

ELTON JOHN "Ice On Fire"
I found a black beret on the street today It was lying in the gutter all torn There's a white flag flying on a tall building But the kids just watch the storm Their dirty faces pressed on the windows Shattered glass before their eyes There's a mad dog barking in a burned out subway Where the sniper sleeps at night No birthday songs to sing again Just bricks and stones to give them Wrap them up in your father's flags And let them cry to heaven There are many graves by a cold lake As the beds were when your babies are born And your rag doll sits with a permanent grin But the kids just watch the storm I saw a black cat tease a white mouse Until he killed it with his claws Seems a lot of countries do the same thing Before they go to war

Off That

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 3"
Welcome to the Future, Blue Print 3 Ay count me in Find me a nice soft place to land I'm so high Find me a place to land, Yeah right there, I'm so tomorrow, The Audemars are yesterday, Which means your on time delay, So even if I slow it doooown, My sound is fast forward, hold up I'm just a runway show But I wear this on my plane in my runway clothes, Cashmere sweats they come out next year But these my last year sweats, And my hoe so sick, your new chick cant f-ck with my old b-tch, And you know this sh-t, I'm professional, they know this is, I just may let you borrow this, This the blueprint n-gga follow this, This what what tomorrow is, Welcome to tomorrow b–tch, [Drake - Chorus] Whatever you about to discover we off that You about to tell her you love her we off that, Always wanna fight in the club and we off that, But you can’t bring the future back, Ya'll steady chasing the fame we off that, Oversized clothes and chains we off that, N-gga still making it rain and we off that, Cos you can’t bring the future back, Tell n-ggas top get off me, Cris we off that, Timbs we off that, Rims we off that, [Jay-Z] Yeah We off that is you still on that, If you still making money cos we still on that, This ain’t black versus white my n-gga we off that, Please tell Bill O Reilly to fall back, Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls, Its 2010 not 1864 , Ah yeh we come so far, So I drive around town hard top and its off Ah and my tribeca loft with my high brow art And my high yellow broad Ah and my dark skin sis and my best white mate Say whats up to to chris, Ah, hows that for a mix, Got a black president, Got green presidents, Blueprints in my white ipod, Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, My God, Ah we aint tripping off that, Its a benetton ad, n-gga been up off that [Chorus] [Jay-Z] I dont give a fidduuck, abiddout the widday, You used to move, what you used to do, And I dont give a fidduuck abiddout the b-tches That you used to screw What your future do, And we don’t really care what you used to say, Unless that affects your future pay, Im on the practice field running two a day, So I don’t drop the ball when its threw my way, So I don’t a fidduck abiddout the sh-t that You probably did, Who you probably is, The only time I deal in past tense Is i’m past rims, And i’m past tints, If you driving it I drove it, You got it cos I sold it, You copped it and I bought it back, And we don’t give a fidduck n-gga we off that. [Chorus]


JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Intro] Blessings, blessings yeah [Hook: Frank Ocean] I see elephant tusk on the boar of a sailing lady Docked on the Ivory Coast Mercedes in a row winding down the road I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo Before the Basquait show and if so Well fuck it, fuck it Because this water drown my family This water mixed my blood This water tells my story This water knows it all Go ahead and spill some champagne in the water Go ahead and watch the sun blaze On the waves Of the ocean [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Dope boy still smelling like cocaina White boat, white robe Can he be more cleaner The oil spill that BP ain't clean up I'm anti Santa Maria Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace I don't even like Washingtons in my pocket Black card go hard when I'm shopping Boat dock in front of Hermes picking cotton Silk and fleeces, lay on my Jesus Oh my God, I hope y'all don't get sea sick See me in shit you never saw If it wasn't for these pictures they wouldn't see me at all Aww, whole world in awe I crash through glass ceilings, I break through closed doors I'm on the ocean, I'm in heaven Yachting, Ocean 11 [Hook: Frank Ocean] [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Me and Ty Ty is like Pablo and Popeye Winding dirt roads on mopeds spilling opus Welcome to the magnum opus The Magna Carta The best-selling author Decoded On the holiday playing "Strange Fruit" If I'mma make it to a billi I can't take the same route Swoosh Now that's the sound of the border Swoosh Now that's the sound of a baller Muhammad Hovi my back against the rope, the black Maybach I'm back inside the boat Shepard Fairey they finally gave me some hope Can't believe they got a nigga to vote Democrat, nope I sold dope In trouble water I had to learn how to float On the ocean I'm in heaven Yachting Ocean 11 [Hook: Frank Ocean]

Stripping Game (Skit)

Stripping business started in Africa long time ago long long long time ago White man went to Africa and He saw these beautiful black women walkin' around sagging' Dancing Workin' Livin' in the nude You can see there public hair This white man went from village to village to seek out these black women Watchin' them perform in the nude Whit man had an idea he figured he gonna go back to Europe right Start the same type of business that started with black women Get them white bitches to dance the same way Huh anit no shame in our black women Wasn't no shame in them walkin' but ass naked people over the years try to start the same thing But it didn't happen Those white bitches told him the most beautiful words we ever heard in our profession What she say? baby those whit bitches looked him in the eye and told him Fuck that! Pay me! thats why I get 30% where Can I Start?

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