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TKO (Black Friday Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Justin Timberlake (Timbaland)] I don't understand it Tell me, how could you be so low? (And all in thrilling, new, living sound) Dammit babe [Verse 1: J. Cole] Blood thicker than water, right Fuck bitches, they all alike Stand up nigga, not the falling type Heart blacker than a Harlem night Til I met you, they say the devil wear Prada But I doubt it cause the Lord did bless you Damn look at that body Short bus shorty, cause it sure is special Cole to the rescue, never save a ho Hoes like to hide their behavior though Thought you was a down ass bitch 'til I found that shit a couple days ago I was home alone, next thing I know That long ass verse from a song called "Control" was on The room got nearer, the tune got clearer That's when I seen the shit playing on your phone Girl, what is that, a ringtone Shit, not you too Man that hype done got you too Everybody and their momma gassed Even my momma asked what I'mma do Decisions, decisions In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition If a nigga want problems, my trigger's on auto I'll make sure that nobody miss him Now pack up your shit, you don't believe in me I don't need you, I got me, bitch Same nigga moved to NYC, bitch Got a record deal and a college degree, bitch Two gold plaques, I produced all the tracks And I never ever ever lean on Jay-Z, bitch And after all that achievement Real nigga never even went and got his teeth fixed Now you try to play me, bitch? You try to fuckin' play me? I ought to knock your ass out [Hook: Justin Timberlake] TKO, I don't understand it, tell me how could you be so low You've been swinging after the bell and after all of the whistle blows Tried to go below the belt, through my chest, perfect hit to the dome Dammit babe [Verse 2: A$AP Rocky] All hail Pretty Flacko, bitch, celebrate it Had the game on lock, streets serenaded Now you lame mothafuckas lookin' devastated Bet you niggas wish you never hated, that's the devil ain't it Fuck that shit, he rich, fuck that shit, he this, fuck that shit, he that He black, he don't like blacks, fuck that shit, he wack Fuck that shit he raps, fuck that shit he spits, fuck that bitch Fuck that bitch he with, finished talking shit Get up off my dick The nonsense is synonymous with comments from the blogs about Menages with the gossips and the bosses, fuck surprises I'm monogamous and not to mention, in my closet Is a model chick, grimey gothic fits, trapped inside of it Besides it I'd deny the shit, y'all should stop the shit I'm the shit, not just kinda sick, the doc prescribed my shit Cock it, click-click, opposite, stop and droppin' shit 'fore poppin' shit, from popular to poppin' picks to poppin' tits She pop her pussy, pop a Xanny, popular for compliments Make it rain, she pop that shit, it boosts her confidence Was supposed to stop this shit but spit like I forgot some shit Forgot the topic, I hope God forgive you, peep my common sense [Hook] [Verse 3: Pusha T] JT this like deja vu right? All this album of the year talk, niggas claiming they're the best out I been hot since the Purple Tape and this cuban's poking my chest out They keep calling on King Push, this beach chair, I'm stretched out My name is my name, bitch, until I'm gone and it's etched out I been known to blow a quarter brick on baby hairs and a messy bun If I make her mine, I made her mind, she fall in line and we got some Memoirs of a millionaire, even better I'm a reallionaire Alaïa skirt, Fendi work, dress my baby like build-a-bear Fuck you know about the type of rollie, fuck you know about blowin' bands Bezel on it like a grand circle, diamonds in it, holdin' hands A1 since day 1, I sold dope and my name rung I sold dope where I came from and it's all dope what I made from it No lie, know why? Guy Fish in my bowtie JT up in the 3 piece and we magic baby like showtime She ain't know, we ain't know, try to trap her but she ain't slow Once she trap you with the DA flow, it's lights out, TKO

Can't Get With That

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
[Jay-Z] Yeah!! Check it, check it out Uhhh, haha, gotta keep it fat [Chorus: Jay-Z (repeat 2X)] I can't get with that I gotta keep it thick never miss so I hit em like this [Jay-Z] Straight to the track, my lyrics is phat, I rip it the hell -- down More than a fluke, I'm regularly wreckin this joint so what -- now With so many niggas that's biting it's harder to detect who I be Well check out the J, check out the A, check out the Y, Z Original rap, I'm makin it slap, I'm hemmin it up like that Stingin it, strikin it, swingin it fat, [DJ reverse] bring it back I be that nigga with a gat, boom-clack Don't ever sweat it when I go, I zoom back Better than ever, never better, you better, whatever I suggest the Ex-Lax and that'll get your shit together I give you a snotty nose from body blows Nobody's safe at a party even Gotti goes adios I got-got-got Flav-flav-flav-flavor, so save yours One verse and it's a hearse, I played and I slayed yours Get it, got it, ready to flip, I doubt it No need to prolong, check out the man gone, haha [Chorus] [Jay-Z] The next, player, never get no rest, you're livin with stress Cause just around the corner beez the best player You're fearin my clout, if weed got you runnin your mouth You better blow that shhhiiitt out The Jigga's back, you brothers are flat I'll amaze the way that Jay rap, now how in the hell did he say that You diggin me, the, epitome of, rippin it raw You kiddin me, no artist that rap, gettin bigger thzn me Although these cats are wettin my style, I'm still thristy And we all gotta fall off, but you first G I'll be the last, it'll be a, cold day in hell before you see me, Sauce and Jaz, chillin with your wack ass We make hits, and harmony, like Take 6 While you brothers double pumped up them fake hits Our Roc-A-Fella never Sell-A-Out Brothers who don't have the heart, you better tell your mouth, uh [Chorus] [Jay-Z] Ha-hah This how we do All year round, this is how it goes down Now check it out I don't kick it I punt it, I'm so wicked you want it My tongue is tired from lickin my fingers and countin up hundreds So I bought a money machine and it goes A tat-tat-trrrittaat-tat-triiatttt-at-tit-tit-tit-dough How many styles I gotta kick to prove I'm def I can even-hah-kick my-hah-rip that shit-hah-and catch a breath You can't see this, ask this nigga Dash Now he don't count cause I'm makin him mad rich This nigga's nothin but the truth Many view Jay-Z as a threat to they loot.. so my thing is tight, can't slip, gotta grip like a pit in a dog fight, yo, I'm a-iight I ain't checkin for you 'less you my peoples And just in case you didn't know peep the -- steelo It goes, one dime for your mind Two bone crushers for your spine Cause none of ya game is rougher than mine [Chorus: repeat 2X] Ha-hah.. Jay-Z.. live in the ninety-five with a little help along, c'mon Sacue Money defintly repesentin Big Jaz in the house Superman production type shit

Def Squad Delite Delite

Def Squad "El Nino"
[interlude] Yeah yo Def Squad Full Cooperation on this one yo total concentration Wassup wit these cats out there? I don't think they figured son I don't think they hear you son ha ha [Keith Murray] Now first but not least you will respect Keith lay a nigga down Like a doo rag in some grease you must be crazy tryin to play me I been dedicated since King Tut the third baby Lyrical chemist rhyme minister, diminished you for the benefit Then continue to kill shit for the fuck of it, I see y'all been writin Still bitin, still lookin lame, half y'all niggaz still soundin the same I'm excitin when live on stage, when receiting in lighting, frightening lightning Throwin thunder in chain, when i first came, I gave birth to a million MC's In the game, who should all carry my last name And I'm Gonna Get You Sucka like Damon Wayans, and fame like Jermaine Bring pain and novacaine, okay y'all lil monkeys wanna play? My Squadron brings the art of war the correct way (OKAY!) Chorus 2x Chorus I need your full cooperation and total attention There's a few things I'd like to mention, these rappers out here swear they're So appealing I, step to your business and hurt your feelings [Erick Sermon] Okay, well thinkin it's okay to rhyme that way, you'll be P.O.W., M.I.A. And I'm seven steps ahead of you, five from eternity An all that shit you kick just don't concern me, I separate the dead from The chump, ask a nigga blunt, Yo, how many lumps you want? So flavorous you could taste it, so hardcore I wrote this layin on the floor In the basement, my style ain't no walk in the park, got mainstream MC's Scared to rhyme after dark, an there Ain't No Half-Steppin I'm reppin like a nuclear weapon, manifestin the Immaculate Conception Lyrically I rape an MC like sodomy, add tragedy, to your odessy For battle reservations call 1-900-SQUAD, frontin on us Is like frontin on God Chorus [Redman] Now when we take it there, these three niggas in the square My squad hangs out like fourhundred pounds in braziers My deathrow allines, bein signed then aligned to electric So it clear like a chair in Texas, HOT, approach wit extreme caution No horsin around when my squad abortion a sound Our crew's like Smokey off sokey, even Little Bo Peep, your style is weak Guard your Rollie, wit all the ice in it, I snatch the ice out and put a price out Cop a Benz, put my mom in it, as long as I'm alive I'mma keep the vibe 24-7, 365 Chorus 2x

Big Toys

504 BOYZ "Goodfellas"
[Krazy] What what what what what [Chorus] [Krazy] Who talkin noise We makin noise 504 boy Playin with them big toys [X4] [Mac] Look Motherfuckers its mac The one who pump slugs in your back Lyrical attacka Keep it ghetto like black lacqua Camo'd assasin To the best () the epitomy Of a soulja Bustin like I got chips up on my shoulda Hold your horses I come through like 'whatchu wanna do' Murder who I kill that whole crew with a 2-2 These niggaz rookie I crush em like pink cookies Dont fuck with me When im broke Pissed off And my bitch aint given me no nookie Kinda glad P took me Off the streets to make duckies Now I take supermodels to hotels And make whoopie Pull they hair Call em out they names Dont you like that Then I give my lil sister the cash So she strike that Niggaz like mac Rock mercedez benz toe bustas And I only shop at them military Stores cousin Solja rag on my eyes till I die Nigga what Im a Tank Dogg These niggaz is just mutts (ARF!) [Chorus (X2)] [Krazy] My nigga Jeff just got 30 years Fuck MC Went in a house Found a safe with about 3 bricks Thats that punk bitch Deuce-A Sweatin my niggaz He wont rest until my whole click's Doin some figgaz Can we ride on my enemy's late tonite A young nigga With a .45 Bustin on site What I might Is whether () bleed with passion See this drug game to me Is like a fatal attraction Salvation from this life Thats what I need See these jealous ass niggaz Wont let me breathe Will I succeed in this cold world Pray for me please I dont get caught up in this rap life A dying disease Over seas is where they come from We know who sent them If them bitches six-teenth I believe ill get them I aint fuckin with no new niggaz Believe im ballin If I ever go to jail Big Boz im callin Will my real niggaz ride for me Believe they will If I get killed Bring me back to the IvoryVille Nigga [Chorus (X2)] [D.I.G.] They say only god can judge me My peepz say 'yeah there be world war 3 Prolly in the year 2 G But livin this street life Im thuggin and ready to rumble With any nigga that ready to tussle Motherfucker I feel as if im at the edge of my life So I give it to them raw In the heat of the night I aint hard to find Im the nigga with the two 9's Next to the Last Don Nigga thugged out for mine A Made Man The Bossalinie of the scenery And be full of that greenery When you peepin me Im full of that crime family Im on the grind and I can handle that I aint trappin I gotta weigh that shake Ima hit them with these ghetto ingredients Some ghetto dope Go round tweekin And get D.I.G. Thats me im a young nigga Fuck around with me dog And y'all get done nigga [Chorus (X4)]

Cashmere Thoughts

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
[Jay-Z has a conversation with some cat] Hah, hah, hah, hah, yeah, yeah What it is player You player, it's all about you How you gon' say that man If I had your hand I'd turn mine in Far as I'm concerned, if I had your hand, I cut mines off Hah man, you know man, I'm just dealin that hoe money You know hoe money is slow money but it's sho' money Check this out man, when you run up on your bitch this this is what you tell her Stick they hands in they panties, grab that knot Stick they arm in a car window, drop it like it's hot [Jay-Z] Uhh, I talk jewels and spit diamonds, all cherry like a hymen, when I'm rhymin with remarkable timin Caviar and silk dreams, my voice is linen Spittin venom up in the, minds of young women Mink thoughts to think thoughts type similar Might you remember, my shit is col-l-l-ld like December Smoother than Persian rugs, the cashmere chromosomes make a nigga Jigga Jay-Z lethal drugs Eighteen carat gold pen, when it hits the sheets Words worth a million like I'm rappin em through platinum teeth I got the Grey Poupon, you been warned Cause all beef return well done filet mignon The Don, smell of Dom on my breath as I yawn, (slow) when you hoes try to con a pro As if you didn't know, Jay's about gettin dough Spittin flow like fine wines down your earlobe I'm smooth but deadly like a pearl handled pistol Honies hum in melody when I, rub it like crystal The proper ettiquette, when I drop the subject verb then the predicate, with this rich nigga preterite I'm solid gold, I rap like a mink stole I stick pearl tongues your world'll never know From New York, to Paris, the vocal style vary From nice to deadly like a bad bag of D, now notice, the child swift like a locust Focus on the loc' I be the greatest nigga that wrote it Return of the Jedi, from Rio Degenero Worn da red eye, yet I, still feel the need to be fly I did die when I'm rappin then slide like satin You know the black eye white china in the brain cabinet I never cry if I did I'd cry ice From my nigga Sauce, I hit you with this advice Life's short, so play hard and stick hard and the only time you love em is when your dick hard Whoooh! That's cashmere baby Nah, you know, that's just laid back man Man, shit, J to the A to the Y to the Z Yeah baby Motherfuckin pimp that's what he be Cashmere baby Don't get no hotter than that Sho' you're right Them niggaz know Check it out, check it out Ghettoes, Errol Flynn, hot like heroin Young pimps is sterile when I pimp through your burough in I gotta keep your tricks intact Cause I walk like a p-iyimp, talk like a mack man The star player, the golden bar layer The sweet Ms. Fine Thing puh-layah, sho' yo right I'm game tight, so watch it it change to night Go tell your peeps dawg I'm lethal til it ain't right I pimp hard on a trick, look Fuck if your leg broke bitch, hop up on your good foot


JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
[Jay-Z] Uh huh yea, yeah Duro! You gotta let it bump Uh, uh, uh like dat yeah Come on bring the chorus in [1] I'd risk everything For one kiss, everything Yes I'd do anything (Anything?) Anything for you I’d do a bid, loose a rib, bust a cap, trustin' that Run up to heaven doors, exchange my life for yours Leave a steak out the door, mi casa, su casa Just remember to turn the lights off in the hall My brother from anotha pop, minus one shot We Neno and G-Money man, we all we got From the stoop to the big dudes, stoppin' us from playin' hoops And us gettin mad, throwin' rocks off the roof Straight thuggin' man, I thought we would never progress But look at us now man, we're young execs My nigga Dame, my nigga Biggs, my nigga Tah My nigga Ja, my nigga Gotti We embody all that’s right with the world No matter how pretty she is, you never likin' my girl That's how we run, when you ain’t around I'll spank ya son, keep him in line If you should die, I’ll keep him like mine God forbid, keep this in mind, my nigga [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] I know mama, your little baby But these streets raised me crazy Product of my environment, nothing can save me Thanks for letting me bloom for your wisdom for your womb For the roof over my head, for my shoes, for my bed For the most important lesson in life was when you said "Strive for what you believe in, set goals and you can achieve them" Thanks for the days you kept me breathing when my asthma was bad And my chest was weezin', thanks for the look of love Just as I was leavin' On nights you thought that I wouldn't come back That left you grieving' Thanks for holdin' down the household when times was bad As the man, I apologize for my dad When the rent was due, you would hustle like a pimp would do That wasn’t the life meant for you You’re a queen, you deserve the cream Everything that gleamed, everything that shines Everything that’s mine [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] Check it out, uh, uh Dear nephews, I’m writing' this with no pen or a pad And I’m signing it, ya uncle, ya best friend, and ya dad Don't look back if you fall and you’re feeling bad I’m right there from your cut to when you peelin' the scab If it comes a time when you ain’t feelin' your real dad Put my face on his body don’t wait for nobody Don’t follow no nigga, that's hoe shit man Stand on your own two, do your shit man The world is yours Some girls are nice some girls are whores Don't listen to your crew Do what works for you Standin' back from situations gives you the perfect view You see the snakes in the grass and you wait on their ass Bite your tongue for no one and whatever is said Take it how they want, a closed mouth don't get fed, You know my number when it’s code red if you're wrong my nigga You’re my nephew, fuck it we get it on my lil nigga [Repeat 1 until fade]

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