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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE lyrics - Justified

Like I Love You

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Clipse) Just somethin' about you Way I'm lookin at you whatever keep lookin at me Gettin' scared now, right Don't fear me baby, it's just Justin It feel good right Listen I kind of noticed from one night you've got a full face It's kind of weird to me Since you're so fine If it's up to me your face will change.... If you smiling, that should set the tone Just be limber And If you let go, the music should groove your bones Just remember Sing this song with me Ain't nobody love you like I love you You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya HEY! Late at night, I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch you People are so phony Nosy coz they're lonely Aren't you sick of the same thing They say so and so was dating Love you or they're hateing When it doesn't matter anyway Coz we're here tonight If you smiling, that should set the tone Just be limber baby And If you let go, the music should groove your bones Baby just remember Sing this song with me Ain't nobody love you like I love you You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya HEY! Late at night, I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch you Yeah, you know I can make ya happy I could change your life If you give me that chance To be your man I won't let you down baby If you give me that chance To be your man Here baby, put on my jacket And then ... Maybe we'll fly the night away (I just wanna love you baby) Yeah, yeah, yeah Girl Maybe we'll fly the night away(I just wanna love you baby) Girl ... [RAP] Ma, what chu wanna do I'm in front of you Grab a friend, see I can have fun with two Or me and you put on a stage show And the mall kids, that's how to change low From them you heard 'wow, it's the same glow' Look at me, I say 'yeah, it's the same dough' We the same type, you my air of life You have me sleepin in the same bed, er'night Go rock with me, you deserve the best Take a few shots Let it burn in your chest We could ride down Pumpin N.E.R.D. in the deck Funny how a few words turn into sex Play this free, joint called 'brain' (I just love your, Brain) Ma, take a hint Make me suerve in the lane The name Malicious And I burn every track Clipse and J. Timberlake Now how heavy is that Maybe we'll fly tonight (I just wanna love you baby) Yeah, yeah, yeah Girl Ain't nobody love you like I love you (Can't love you like I do) You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya (Trust ya like I do) Late at night, I talk to you (Heyyyy) You will know the difference when I Break it down You know, I used to dream about this when I was a little boy I never thought it would end up this way, Drums (Hey) It's kind of special right yeah You know, you think about it Sometimes people just destined Destined to do what they do And that's what it is Now everybody dance.

Feel It

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Welcome To Our World"
[Timbaland] What Can y'all feel this [repeat 4X] Ooh Snap! My head throbbin As I ride in my 3-4-8 mobbin Listen to the buddha brothers 6 to 10 there aint no other Playin my favorite jams On 1-0-3 Jams I got my man Big D, Big Rodney In case somebody want to rob me We going to Military Circle [echo Circle] Virginia's tight that's why they gotta keep a curfew [echo curfew] It's time to get something to eat Oh snap, there's my man Kumbalee And my girl Missy Who she role wit Who she be wit Who she role wit Who she be wit Total, Da Brat, Lil Kim, Lil Cease and Puffy Can I get a ride Tonight, tonight Can I get a ride Tonight, tonight [Chorus:] I can feel it [8X] [Timbaland (behind the chorus)] What Yeah, yeah What Yeah, yeah Can you feel me baby Yeah, yeah Can you feel me [Timbaland] Jimmy D turn my scale up Give me that boom da boom whaeeeeeeerrrrr It's time to change my style, my rythym, my ism, my prism, my beat manurism Gee, where's my lack of fear My five-thousand and one gear, Missy baby you oughtta hear Like next year, your album bigger each day It rolls like a queen size waterbad, uh The people in the label's chillin As Timbaland is making a big killin What uh What uh Of money baby Check it out [Chorus] [Timbaland (behind the chorus):] What I can feel it Can you feel it Throw your hands up Timbaland and Maganoo Yeah [Timbaland] Oooh, I'm on my last verse [echo last verse] As you can see I did not curse [echo did not curse] I'm trying to make it radio friendly, uh So people in America can hear me, uh To all beautiful boys and girls White, diamonds and pearls, no jerry curls, uh I hope you buy our tape Please don't hesitate, don't hesitate What [Chorus 2X] Can you feel it groovin on through Let the feeling get next to you Can you feel it groovin on through Can you feel it Can you feel it Can you feel it [6X]

Fuck Dat Bitch

50 CENT "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"
(feat. Dave Hollister) [Fifty talking] If a bitch don't like me somethin's wrong with the bitch...(fuck that bitch) [Dave Hollister singing] Why...oh wanna fuck with me now [Fifty talking] Yo Dave, that shit come with the game baby, the money, you know, thats how this shit works, you know they supposed to love me now baby, I'm hot now baby, I'm doin' it now. [Chorus (Dave Hollister singing)] Girl, what makes you wanna fuck with me now I've been wantin' to fuck wit' you for quite a while is the money makin' you wanna fuck with me Whoa...if money's gonna make me slam these hoes..then alright. [Verse 1:] Whattup Shorty, I ain't seen you in many moons, talk to me, how's life been treatin' you good I hope, y ou got a smile that only a fool would forget and a figure that'll leave a nigga droolin' and shit there I was, kickin' my game pickin' her brain buggin' 'cause a while back I met this bitch on the train she wasn't feelin' me, I pulled up, she wouldn't talk from the whip Uptown girl, she feel like thats some chickenhead shit but on the sidewalk we ain't play games we exchanged numbers and names I went back to the Range I heard her Girlfriend whisperin' 'I know that nigga, he rich' she think I got six whips 'cause me and my Man switch anyway, her name is CeCe she said she go to BMCC push a '98 328 with chrome BB's she said she seen me in the Onyx video on TV she liked my part the best, man, this bitch is tryin' to G me. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] It's hard as Hell to find a Girl thats really down for ya type that'll hold down the Tre pound for ya they into diamonds now, to Hell with pearls these trick niggas fucked up, they done gave 'em the World Hey Shorty, why you like me huh you like the way I spit oh, I hit your girlfriend, she told you 'bout the dick nah for real, am I the type that you wanna roll wit' platinum iced out, got rid of that gold shit I love my lifestyle, you too, you love it that I could blow Twenty Thousand and think nothin' of it know you wouldn't fuck with me if I had no ends probably wouldn't fuck in the whip if it wasn't a Benz I guess life looks different through them Shanel tints Man, I don't care if these hoes love me or not long as I rhyme hot I'm gettin' head in my drop it goes on and on and on and it don't stop. [Chorus] [Verse 3:] One thing you can always count on is change and a rich nigga to come put shit in the game had a 4.0 then Jigga made you trade your Range would've felt broke if you couldn't get your change now it's hard to find us or stay behind us while we on the 900 double R Hondas watch the cats who flip bricks recline in the latest whips while Penetentiaries stay packed with cats who sling packs all these hoes ain't Madonna fans but all across the World you can find a material Girl I sip Dom 'till I earl take 'em two at a time quick I get in they mind have 'em thinkin' they mine bust off then tell 'em 'Bust a Uey, on mo' time' I'm like the reason ya'll niggas can't eat this year got your bitch breakin' her neck to peep this here c'mon..uh huh...c'mon. [Chorus 2x] [Dave Hollister] Fuck you bitch! leave me alone, walk on...get the fuck on... [Fifty] Yo, Shorty..tell your friends ya'll ain't fuckin' with us..aww man...look...he ain't mean that shit.. c'mon thats just records..niggas is playin'.. we wasn't serious and shit..

What 'u' Waiting For?

Jungle Brothers "Done By Forces Of Nature"
Come on! Jump up, freak a hustle Do what you want but move every muscle Ain't no time for playing around Only one thing to do when you hear this sound Act yourself with someone else And make sure yourself ain't by yourself Dyin' to get on the dance floor Girl what you waiting for? Come on over and swing with me take your mind out yo' misery Tomorrow's gonna be another day Tonight, I'm gonna take it- life Grab the world and put it on hold Relax my body and rest my soul Feel the vibe surrounding me Feel the bass come down on me Shake your butt but don't break your back Tap your feet and let your fingers snap No matter what size shape or colour We can jam and enjoy each other Music's pumpin' I feel something Must be my blood and h! eartbeat thumpin Dispense your funds to pass through the door You know there's room for you on the floor (You don't know if they'll be any more) So yo, what you waiting for? (Chanting in background) Waiting the timeless time Yeah, yeah, some playin' a wall I wasn't with that, not livin' like that You ain't with it let me hear you say ho You ain't with it let me hear you say aaaaoooo (aaaooo) Ready to boogie I had on my dancin' shoes Ain't in the mood to be singing no blues So if you want to be a little disco ducka I came here tonight to So good morning, good afternoon, good night don't let the bedbugs bite Going way out when I'm aiming to please You havin' a good time, climb up my trees C'mon what you waiting for? C'MON what you waiting for? Waiting the timeless time Side to side, and just let it ride Give what you got, no need to hide You're allowed as long as your able Take away the chairs and move away the tables I'm doing my thing working around you Ladies screaming (We wanna house you!) We won't say much on this no now Cause I'm not quite sure that you know how But keep on dancin', (Keep on dancing!) Baby on not clockin' you, I'm just glancin' And what I see now is a fine figure-8 (Don't Make me Wait) Yeah waiting for the DJ to play my song O Lord, I must have waited all night long! The joint was packed and it looked like a jungle, I felt at home, there goes my song S! o I hit the floor and jumped on the case, Sweat pouring from my face Clothes was wet by I didn't care You know what I'm saying (I know what you're sayin') So come on girl come on girl come on Let's Let's Let's Get it on I'm dyin' to get out on the floor I waited long enough; I can't wait no more! Come on girl come on girl come on Let's Let's Let's Get it on I'm dyin' to get out on the floor I waited long enough; I can't wait no more! Yeah, Uh, Uh, Yeah, Uh, Yeah, etc.

Did You Miss Me

PETEY PABLO "Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry"
(feat. Baby, TQ) [Baby (Petey Pablo)] Oh yeah Birdman Prrrrrrr Yeah North Carceezy! Oh yeah Cash Money ha Yeah Get the money baby Get this money baby TQueezy! It's Birdman baby Freezy you did the damn thing boy [Petey Pablo comes in] Yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Holla at ya boy, Birdman! Prrrrrrrrrr Oh yeah Uh huh [Baby] Ay ay See I came around early It was me and Ms Birdy It ain't nothing to a pimp It ain't nothing to a baller Worldwide hustling known shot caller [TQ] Yeah yeah When I came through dippin' In the Bird Benz With the Birdman and some Bird friends I got big wheels And every time I'm in the club it's a big deal [Baby] Mama on everything (oh yeah) God bless the day and the 20 inches Came around the corner with the slab on rags (alright) Think about my dad and the shit we had [TQ] Ooh Lord, I remember yesterday Trippin' hittin switches in a white on white tray Caught a Bird with the Bird the very next day Down to Carolina where is Petey [Petey Pablo] I tried to tell ya'll It about to happen Ayo Baby How we're gonna have the Birdman and the Helicopter Man on the same track Yo Mannie, you cut the fool on this track TQ, I see you boy You out from West Coast to New Orleans and North Carolina Give a fuck what them New Orlean do You know how I do Mashin on 22's I got a caddy to it And a jag and a Benz and a corvette Just like baseball bit I'm on deck ballin cat All ya'll should call me that Took mine, dip mine Trippled the stack Who's fucking with that Carolina, Cash Money Man, Mannie what you do to this track TQ, Bird, Petey on the same jam I'll be GOD DAMNed! It's on now! And I dont expect you to understand And this is for grown man You standing on some dangerous land And this time I got a master plan I got a man with papers to handle the pistols So I don't have to tj-tj-tj-tj I done had it up to here with this shit Take this track to the label Here's your single bitch! [Petey Pablo (Baby)] (Petey Pablo baby!) all the time, boy (Birdman!) (Cash Money number 1!) You know (C'mon) C'mon (Mannie Freezy!) Show em how to do the time, Baby (Prrrrr) Birdman, Helicopter Man, oh Boy is crazy, boy North Carolina to New Orleans, baby [Petey Pablo] We got some questions of my home town While I was gone working on this album Racking my brain going through all types of problems Cause the world would never get passed the first single I dropped The whole album was hot Bottom to the top And this time I'm giving ya'll a whole enchilada Rappin hard I went back to the drawing board Got me a sharper sword Jumped on the right horse Good Lord! It ain't a game anymore It's a rain forrest of wack shit and I don't want no part to it I done built me a fort I'm prepared for it If the boat do sink, dawg, I won't on it I was on the damn flight to New Orleans And do a song with Souljah from Magnolia Holla if you hear me And I ain't dis, trip, flip script on none of my homies It's Carolina till I die, whody! [Petey Pablo (Baby)] Yeah! What ya'll gotta say about that there Birdman You better told em (Petey Pablo, baby!) I told em (Petey Queezy be!) Oh Lord (North Carceezy and Bird Beezy, baby) (NO and NC, baby) (We doin it real real real big) (So so so fly) [TQ] We fly, Baby We fly

Date Stamp

ABC "Lexicon Of Love"
This heart's up for sale Yeah, this heart's on the stand Mix and match and melt in my mouth Nothing ever goes quite as planned You fly north and I'll sail south So redevelop product Redesign this package Still refuse to reach in your pocket Everything is temporary written on that sand Looking for the girl that meets supply with demand _ chorus: Love has no guarantee (Yes I'm date stamped) Promise me eternity (Guess I'll fade away) Even with a pedigree (Yes I'm date stamped) Love has no guarantee That heart's on display, yes, that heart's off the rails A ship in the harbour with wind in its sails Chain up love inside the chain-store girl Chain up love and exchange it Is Monsieur a connoisseur or just short-changed? Off the rack or custom-fit it all seems the same Look but don't touch in paradise Don't let them catch you damaging the merchandise _ to chorus I get sales talk from sales assistants When all I want to do girl, is lower your resistance Everything is temporary, written in the sand Looking for the girl that meets supply with demand Love has no guarantee Brings out the woman in me Even with a pedigree Love has no guarantee No chance of subtlety No promise of eternity Even with a pedigree Love has no guarantee

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