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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE lyrics - FutureSex / LoveSounds


Original and similar lyrics
S-N-double O-P-D-O double Gizzle 'n J Tizzle [repeat] I saw you last night (freak, freak) In the powder room Talking to your girlfriends, your girlfriends Who were lookin' in the mirror (freak, freak) Lookin so fine, Maybeline applying maybe later you'll give me your time And [Chorus] Let me take your picture [x3] Come on baby Won't you pose for my camera Lookin' like a model, lookin' like a superstar You're out of sight I saw you last night (hey girl) In the dicso dancing with your girlfiends, your girlfriends Y'all were dancing to my shit (LILY riff) like this Shakin' hips, maybe I could capture you on camera and take a flick [Chorus] [Chorus 2] So pose pose pose Only for my photos Expose, expose Those things you want to show Just pose pose pose Only for my photos Expose, expose Those things you want to show [Snoop] Hey yo Jt, let me holler at baby real quick, I got this new camera I want to try this out on her one time, dig this Head, shoulders, feet and toes, Work that body go'on and pose Please the crowd, easy now Go ahead baby girl cheese and smile She said Mr. Mr., would it be cool if I took a picture (picture) To hang it on the wall with the rest of the best I had her back in an hour or less He say she say we say play, doggy dog take it easy it's time to expose I'll break off the rolls Now take off your clothes Get real close up under the light And do that thing Sho your right Now close the doors Now you can really give it to me go on strike a pose I saw you last night, (hey girl) at the café but you wasn't with your girlfriends, your girlfriends So I stepped up to ya (hey girl) I pursued ya cause I couldn't stand to wait let's date That'd be great Wait! Stop and picture, baby stop and picture, baby stop and picture Me with you girl, you know I can handle ya Treat you like a queen, treat you like a superstar You're outta sight [repeat] [Chorus 2]

I Like It

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
[Intro:] I like it Ooooh I like it Ooooh I like it I like this right there Yea you know it [Hook - K. Roosevelt:] When I'm plotting in my ride And you giving me the eye Girl it's alright baby you ain't gotta hide now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it We can fall in love But only for tonight Anything goes you ain't gotta think twice now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it [Verse 1 - Pricetag:] Banging E-40 riding with my shorty Got 7 rings on I feel like Robert Horry I'm 22 my bank account look like I'm 40 Cause that paper mandatory Play with that, that's another story My ex is hater but she real cool with my people though I told her cherish this cause they don't make em' like me no more And girl you know what I came for Legs in the air Liu Kang flow Call that pussy the finish line Tonight I'm gon' be Usain Bolt Now told her load the TEC for the boy so I know it's real Hit the set with the boy so I know it's real Get it wet for the boy so I know it's real I put it on you like no other girl you know the deal [Hook] [Verse 2 - Oktane:] Alright, tell me how you like it Get it how you want it baby The way u moving that body I hit it til' the morning baby I lay back if u got it Arch it up and I'm a make u say When I'm up inside it- bounce Give it til' she can't take no more Then tell her she can't stay no more She ain't on my team, don't know my team No jersey baby and I ain't no coach You girl you're the 1 And I think I like you 2 And I'm leaving here by like 3 So if you all 4 it then cool We'll go 5 rounds, bust 6 times And by 7 AM I rest You gon' love the way that I 8 that And 9 time out of 10 it's the best Just know I told u so when I kill it It's our turn, the realest Just don't catch that one STD called feelings Cause you know that when I'm... [Hook] [Outro:] You know what I'm talking about This shit feel like 1990 all over again So listen It's really just me and the homies Come thru the house and hit Bring your homegirl Grab that cup Pour that drink Smoke something We're gonna have a good time Yeah It's like that So you can run the streets with your bucks I was waiting for you To come and put it down like you do 'Cause ooh I like it Yea Oooh I like it Oooh

It's Over Now (Remix)

What is this? Numbers in your pocket I remember when you Used to throw those things away Why do you wanna keep in touch now? Who gave you a reason? To act so shady Baby you know You can call me anytime Anything you needed I would give it to you Ooh, that's how much I care for you You wanna act now Never call me back now Turning off your cell phone Girl you know that ain't cool Yes I don't understand baby [G-Dep] Ain't no scene my team can't slaughter Ain't no cuisine my queen can't order We can burn it up, do in on the camcorder Let me hit it from the front till the ** get short The Harlem hang glider, hot flow provider Home of the project whores and all nighters Niggas grab your lighters Bitches grab your privates We break night and take flight, I'm the pilot You look up into the sky, why am I so high It must be the Mo and ** mixed with Ty The new Tri State Gregg Ganor If u don't know, this will be a no-brainer Man I get fame like Dana Dame with frames, change up ** like I'm changing lanes In the high octane Range Rover Shorty got game - but game over 1 - [112] Baby it's a shame we gotta go through this We can't even talk Girl we don't even kiss I never would've thought We'd be breaking up like this But it's over now It's over now You think that I don't know what's going on Cause you're always home alone And I'm always out of town You need to stop trying to play me Cause you can't even fade me I know you're messing around baby Baby you know You can call me anytime Anything you needed I would give it to you That's how much I care for you baby You wanna act now Never call me back now Turning off your cell phone Girl you know that ain't cool Oh I don't understand baby Repeat 1 (2x) Baby it's a shame A shame that we go through The things that we go through When you're in love with me And I'm in love with you I think that we should talk about our problems Instead of running away Oh baby it's a shame We couldn't work it out Forgot what love was all about And the feelings we had from the start My heart will always be with you, oh Girl it's over [Shyne] Comin' straight outta Brooklyn Trailor ass nigga with tha Neco No top on that car, yeah that's me po' She know when she shut the door We gon crush on the floor and crush some more Quit the talking ma, this ain't to interview I'm trying to get into you, not into YOU Crush your spine, corrupt your mind, ** your mind Brooklyn girls come whine, whine All day, every day When I say my rod, all they do is pray Please help me God I need a broad who can take that charge Whip that car, flip that hard Stuff it all in the bra Go raw, runnin' from the law Fake face, rushin' cuts, put it in the jaw Snake Nine's and Anne Klein's Pedal to the floor Hear the engine raw And I'm under the governor Repeat 1 till end


Mellow Man Ace
Ain't got nobody, Check this out baby Tenemos tremendo lio Last night you didn't go A la casa de tu tio (Huh?) Resulta ser hey you were at a party Higher than the sky Emborrachada de Bacardi (no i wasn't) I bet you didn't know que conocia al cantinero (what?) He told me you were drinking and wasting my dinero talking about come in and enjoy what a women gives an hombre (but first of all see, I have to know your nombre) But I really wanna ask ya que si es verdad (would I lie?) and please por favor tell me la verdad cause I really need to know, yeah necesito entender if you're gonna be a player or be my mujer cause right now you're just a liar a straight mentirosa (who me?) today u tell me something y manana es otra cosa ain't got nobody, I remember the day que tu me decias Time and time again que tu me querias (I do) and at the time hey yo te creia porque no sabia that u were a relambia con fulanito y menganito, joseito y fernandito, larry and joey y then his brother Chico (uh uh) mucho que frentera that's a straight skeezer si quieres un pedazito go her way cause she's a pleaser but I tell ya straight up porque brother me di de cuanta that on Main Street her cuerpo estaba a la venta now get some el que quiera get some cualquiera hey yo she don't care man she's a tremenda fiera yeah you're hot to trying how to get what i got pero ya que te conozco what I got i guess not (porque?) cuz just a mentirosa con tu lengua venenosa today u tell me something, y manana es otra cosa [dialogue] mellow-'Girl, I can't believe it. You know, my mother's talking about me, my friends are talking about me. Not me about you.' girl-'About me?' mellow- 'You're nothing but a skeezer' girl- 'A skeezer? Don't be calling me no skeezer!' mellow-'Tu tienes mucho flojera mami si, uh huh, la verdad.' girl- 'Uh huh. Eso es lo que tu te crees.' mellow-'I bet you go to church and you're scared to confess.' girl-'No, I do confess baby. I do confess.' mellow-'Uh huh. Do you tell the truth, though?' girl-'Yeah I do.' mellow-'Yeah right.' girl-'Do you?' mellow-'Yeah! You're nothing but a skeezer you know what? I got some other stories to say about you. And it goes like this.' Un dia estaba en tu casa y ring there goes the phone recogiste y dijiste ('call me back, I'm not alone.') el queria tu direccion, yeah just your address y antes que colgaste I heard u say ('I'll wear a dress.') alabao que descarada is what ran through my mind so I say lets go out tonight', she says ('we go out all time.') 'oh, oh man!' ella no sabia that yo I knew her plan, de que iba a salir with that other man so I told the girl in Spanish I said 'hey ya me voy.' (pero porque?) cause you ain't treating me like I'm some sucker toy cause who needs u anyways (I need you!) con tu lengua venenosa (No te vayas Mellow, no te vayas! Yo te necesito!) today you tell me something y manana es otra cosa (tsk! but?!) MENTIROSA! Ain't got nobody...

Wit' Yo' Bad Self

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment"
(feat. Mad Skillz) [Timbaland] Here we go again Ha ha, here we go again Make it hot, uhh (Yeah) Here we go again Make it hot Mad Huh, here we go again We're gon' make it hot Ha ha, here we go again (Yo) Skillz [Mad Skillz] Now listen, baby girl, I don't like kissin Flip your back out, and we can start twistin Check the intuition, the dime definition Cop all the rocks that sparkle and glisten Where your man at Yo, that cat missin I got you on the line, you mine, no fishin Satisfaction, no competition We rock the V-12, we leave him the 6's What's the deal Fulfill every wish and haters keep hatin, dissers keep dissin We rich and, I take you out on a mission You can make it hot, what I do make it sizzle Keep you lookin jig', your nails to precision Got your girls jealous, to be you them chicks wishin Hit it on the bullseye Boo no missin Keep swishin, you see gold like Slick Rick and [Chorus: Timbaland (repeat 2X)] (Go ahead Daddy, go ahead) Wit' yo' bad self (Go ahead Daddy, go ahead) Wit' yo' bad (Go ahead Daddy, go ahead) Wit' yo' bad self (Go ahead Daddy, go ahead) Wit' yo' bad [Mad Skillz] Now what you want Prada, Escada, you got that The way the one's stack ain't no way that you can stop that You in the way girl Boom when I block that Treated your physique like a beat and I rock that You got your Hustle I ain't tryin to Knock that Drop carats and the ring, make sure the rock's fat You can rise, but you ain't tryin to stop that You'd think I had the keys Boo the way I locked that Oh that's your man I think it's time to drop that Lay it off, play it off, yeah you get the props back You get the dress, I get the cane and the top hat After we done Boo, I let you run the clock back Fallin in love Oh never not that Who you know who control where they gettin jocked at And in Vegas I'm hittin it up like a slot rack If you think you runnin game girl you need to botch that [Chorus] [Mad Skillz] Now when you came in the door, I seen you before A dime, fine all the way to the core Thick enough to make a nigga drop to the floor Talked in your ear til my throat got sore Lames, she could see my game was straight raw Specially since she bought my tape right out the store She was like, 'Ain't you 'sposed to be out on tour' 'Since you ain't tryin to go Boo, what you askin for' Need I say more, from the 8-oh-4 If you placin bets girl, then you best be sure Slick, if you sick, then I got the cure Chrome spinnin, we winnin Boo, check the score Filthy rich, I like to dress like I'm four Have the chicks fightin like the next World War Sure, yo you never treat em like a whore Like Jay said, 'Love it or hate it, eith-er or' [Chorus] [Timbaland] Uhh, what, uh huh What, like that, what Timbaland, what Mad Skillz, uhh Collabo', what Don't go, baby Don't go, baby baby Don't go [Chorus (w/o Timbaland)] [(Go ahead) 2X]

Wiggle Wiggle

Ali "Heavy Starch"
[Chorus: Nelly] Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle do your thug thizzle we'll make it Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle do your thug thizzle we'll make it Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle do your thug thizzle we'll make it Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle do your thug thizzle we'll make it [Verse 1: Kyjuan] I really hate to see her leave but I love to see her walk off Imagine what her *oooo* looks like with her clothes off I'm rolling with the top off, see tops come off When the streetlights go off I heard shots go off I'm a humble show-off I'll be beating when I roll off Pumping Jill Scott number seven in front of the seven-eleven Grab some magnum protection gonna be some sexin' Wrap some hemp and L's its gonna be a session She stressing the fact that we gotta stay at the best western I ain't cheap and that's on everything Put her pants to her knees don't take off everything I pay for her chains staying near her cain's Sipping on her cane I'm forgetting everything My name Kyjuan, yeah Kyjuan left none Boy she wouldn't have been with me if you wouldn't have left her I left her sexed her stressed her and left her [Chorus] [Verse 2: Murphy Lee] My sex steno cus I'm taxing it I smack it a little Stir it up like mother fuckin coffee then back to the middle Lift over some pounds some way my hitters nod away You damn near caught a Charlie-horse to make your dick stay in the hole Oh we fuckin now pumping like all my pow Ass up face down I'm going to town Round and round here I go pumping for nothing Cus she wiggle and wiggle and wiggle just know when I'm coming I'm like *Ohhhh* I can't take it no more Move it one more time and watch my knees buckle She tip drip type quit to get her dirty, hype, and aroused Always see her nipples through her blouse *Owwww* Watch it wiggle just like the Harlem dance Look at all that ass in those *itty-bitty* pants Damn, hey Ms. Parker I make that ass come on down like Bob Barker [Verse 3: Nelly] Baby girl shake it like a paraplegic please believe it (Wooo) Knees bent, and back arched just how I need it Call her Billie Jean, I like the Thriller before I Beat It Conceded when she shake it but I like it like that Throw it at me even harder just to see me react See if it's wack, in fact see what Nelly about I thought that ass was a fluke until I went to her house You see mama got ass too, her sister Keesha and Sue Her cousins, aunts and nieces start walking in by two Like who's trying to keep they composure now I'm feeling it can't nobody hold me down Nobody told me how crazy groupies and coochies can get In the back side under the stage trying to hit And I'm like Baby girl I ain't that kind of guy Let me at least let me go get a condom I ain't trying to die I might be high but I'm not that damn high! [Chorus] [Verse 4: Ali] Oh lord my dick hard call the nurse (why?) It's getting worse fat asses I gotta flirt It was me Mo and Murph, Kyjuan was with his earth Playing pussy it hurt, smoking, passing the smirks Popping bottle after bottle I'm like Here we go again Posting it up in the club thinking Is he got a win My chrome shoes went from Barry to Larry Hughes Emmitt's 22's now its Jordan's I cruise But anyway Fo Sho I'm from the show me let me show you To drunk and out of town trying to kiss you like I know you In the middle of the dance floor caught the man's attention Wiggle Wiggle do your thug's hydraulic suspension Did I mention long Ohhh, What the fuck is going on? Your body banging ma' I got to take you home Cool lets break, to the house on the lake Man this is great I'm dealing with high stakes [Chorus] - repeat 2X

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