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JUSTIN NOZUKA lyrics - Ulysees

Blue Velvet Sea

Original and similar lyrics
It happened one warm summer night The wind and rain collided right Below the stars and fell all over me I saw it all before my eyes How she used the grey to twist the sky And the flash of light to cut the running sea And on top of the hill where god sits on his throne A gentle giant wave appeared and took him down below Take me on As the wave came close I tried to flee But it swept me right off my feet And a gentle touch pulled me down below There were dolphins dancing everywhere And mermaids with red glowing hair And god shone on his throne like the sun Passing wisdom trees filled with golden leaves I could feel the warmth of a perfect melody Take me on Blue Velvet Sea Overhead twelve fairies flew And lit the sky green, red and blue And the stars rearranged just for you Take me on

Summoning The Guardians Of The Astral Gate

Bal Sagoth
It is written in the ancient legends... that high amidst the moon-swathed peaks of the great Mountain of Shadows, hides the aeon-weary threshold of the Astral Gate... the portal from our world, to beyond... It is said that one who holds the key and knows the empyreal incantation may stand within the ancient ring of stones atop the mountain when the stars are correctly aligned, and unlock the mystic gate, summoning its sidereal sentinels, thereby attaining ultimate enlightenment and wisdom unparalleled... [Part 1: THE INVOKING] [The Aspirant Reaches The Summit] Keepers of the cosmic threshold, my ascent has been fraught with terror, deathsteeped, storm-hammered. (These grim mountains are strewn with the bones of the ill-fortuned dead.) O' Guardians of the Astral Gate, the spheres blaze at last in trine... I hold the Key! (The trinity of stars shall touch the circle of stones once more...) The incantation of Xuk'ul is known to me, the Orb of Summoning earned with bloodshed! (The crystalline key to the Outer Realms and the arcane rite to empower it are at last mine, Seized at swordpoint from the citadel of the Black Templars. Enlightenment awaits!) Many years ago, the mystic Orb of Summoning was seized by the mysterious Black Templars,a band of sombre, plunder seeking knights from the kingdoms to the east of the Great Sea. They wrested the sorcerous gem from the ancient shrine of Azaimedes, where i t had lain hidden for countless centuries, its true power and purpose known only to the dour shamans who tended to the elder place of worship. It is said that the tapestry of slaughter woven that day was unparalleled in its ferocity, and that the marble walls of the ancient shrine were, and still remain, stained vivid crimson with the spilled blood of the Orb's keepers. Ka-kur-ra, I summon thee, Zul'tekh Azor Vol-thoth. Mighty Xuk'ul arise, Kur'oc Gul-Kor, come forth. I hold aloft the pulsing orb, astral spheres, empower the mystic key. Ring of elder stones entwined in prophecy, the Rite of Invocation enthralls thine power. Replete from drinking deep of darkness, black shapes dancing 'twixt the stones, Lucent beams lancing forth from the gleaming, cepheid stars, a creeping mist ensorcells my tongue... A great stillness binds the moon-cloaked mountaintop in glooming shackles... (High above, the myriad stars gleam bright against the night sky, three more resplendently bedazzling than the others, their sidereal auras engulfing the stones...) And the central stone of the ancient ebon ring begins to pulsate with a darksome energy... A thunderous maelstrom ablaze with writhing celestially spawned power then rends the stygian night... (A vast shimmering aperture, a vortex of heliacal fire... the pathway to beyond beckons!) The Astral Gate is open... The Guardians have awakened... [XUK'UL:] Impudent mortal! You dare summon us? If 'tis elucidation you seek, you shall have it! Such searingly terrible stellar majesty... my sanity is lashed like a vessel on a storm-wracked sea. What price this invocation? Shall the singing stars claim my very mind? To countless worlds we travel, riding the endless black seas 'twixt the stars... the ebon oceans of infinity... flying through a thousand suns, then watching their light fade, as if it were but a flickering candleflame snuffed by the wind. As beings of p ure energy we become one with the vastness, transcending the ethereal walls of time, spanning at once this celestial eternity, and yet existing as no more than a mote of dust within the vista of its endlessness... Journeying beyond... The threshold looms, (the star-way between dimensions stretches before me...) The Gate To That Which Lies Beyond yawns wide... Unspeakable forces gibber and pulsate in the Outer Darkness... Elder horrors dwell here, things which were ancient and revelled in sublime galactic malevolence when even Xuk'ul was naught but a bloated cosmic maggot, writhing and suckling at the breast o f its amorphous mother... They-Who-Lurk-And-Breed-In-Limbo... the squamous sovereigns of the elder void! Primal terror drags my essence screaming back from the threshold. The ichor of pestilent tongues clings to me, tendrils probing, the ire of fiends! The ravening black worms of madness are devouring the shredded remnants of sanity as I return to my slumbering steel-clad body... but as the dream-veil lifts, I feel my limbs transform, flesh becoming cold stone... enshrouded by a dark mantle of obsidian . And the laughter of the Guardians echoes, carries upon the winds of this spectral eve. Such is the price of enlightenment. And so, a new brooding sentinel of stone joins the others on the nighted mountain top... Standing silently in the ancient circle of truth, standing... waiting, Beneath the stars. [Lyrics: Byron] [Music: Jonny Maudling]

Blue Flowers Revisited

Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst"
Dr. Octagon, paramedic focus on the East for priests my anisthetics prescribe a certain fertilizer Homegrown computer wise on the microphone Utilizing tracks inverted by animical High typical force, space sex intercourse You get lost, and memorize to the Enterprise Scotty the Captain, Mr. Spock keeps rappin 4212, the shit moves at warp speed Dynamic 7, navigation of the coppers Moving in crystals, operating lightspeed I see the plants, they're growing Blue Flowers (2X) Cyber analog through virtual reality Different colors of earth rocks in variety Medical equal, with helmets on the space people Galactic at 8, the verdict can't demonstrate You be confused, and disobeying planet rules Biochemistry, with stars for publicity Megasonic bass, with data chips in your face Nuclear lend drums, that bang hard on dark tracks Reacting reverb, concious spots on your nerve I take a break like James Brown to the bridge *singing* Sailing, takes me away To wherever I'm really going.. shoobedowop Up, up, and away! In my beautiful, balloon! Optical biofeedback, magnetic borders X-Ray you see skeletons fly North for the next day We give passes covered with dioxalyn gases Return *singing again* Here's George Jetson! Back with intriguing positive minerals You enter the center search and raiding at random with no condom, no rubbers will reach the testicles and effect em, by animal means, I'm in your spectrum As I walk through the garden of orange tomatoes, I see Blue Flowers (3X) blue flowers... yes...

I Remember You / Dixie's Dream

(feat. James Cann) [Announcer:] 'The stars of our show, and America's 'shiekest' couple, Eddie Sparks and Dixie Leonard!' [J:] I remember you. [B:] I'd like to say that you're in my dreams. [J:] You're the one who made my dreams come true [B:] You're usually dead, [J:] a few [B:] without a head, [J:] kisses ago. [B:] and lots of natives are picking their teeth with your bones. [J:] I remember, too, [B:] Oh, what a dream! [J:] a distant bell, [B:] It comes at night and taunts me, [J:] and stars that fell [B:] and, like your jokes, it haunts me until [J:] like rain out of the blue. [B:] I'm blue as your face as the last breath leaves you. [J:] When my life is through, [B:] I'll jump for joy. [J:] and the angels ask me to recall [B:] and when Winchell asks me to recall who's a chump and a heel. [J:] the thrill of it all, [B:] Who's the biggest schlemeil [Both:] Then I will tell them I remember . . . [J:] 'So, uh, it's my birthday comin' up.' [B:] 'Yeah, I know, Eddie.' [J:] 'But, what do you give a guy that's got everything' [B:] 'Uh, penicillin' [J:] 'Hmmm, hey Dix You ever been married' [B:] 'Oh, yeah, Eddie, twice!' [J:] 'Children' [B:] 'No, silly! Grown men! Tell me, Eddie, what's the most romantic thing a woman ever said to you' [J:] 'Are you sure you're not a cop' Then I will tell them I remember . . . you. [B:] You [J:] and you.

Thin Blue Flame

JOSH RITTER "The Animal Years"
I became a thin blue flame Polished on a mountain range And over hills and fields I flew Wrapped up in a royal blue I flew over Royal City last night Bullfighter on the horns of a new moon's light Caesar's ghost I saw the war-time tides The prince of Denmark's father still and quiet The whole world was looking to get drowned Trees were a fist shaking themselves at the clouds I looked over curtains - it was then that I knew Only a full house gonna make it through I became a thin blue wire That held the world above the fire And so it was I saw behind Heaven's just a thin blue line If God's up there he's in a cold dark room The heavenly host are just the cold dark moons He bent down and made the world in seven days And ever since he's been a-walking away Mixing with nitrogen in lonely holes Where neither seraphim or raindrops go I see an old man wandering the halls alone But only a full house gonna make a home And I became a thin blue stream The smoke between asleep and dreams And in that clear blue undertow Saw Royal City far below Borders soft with refugees Streets a-swimming with amputees It's a Bible or a bullet they put over your heart It's getting harder and harder to tell them apart The days are nights and the nights are long Beating hearts blossom into walking bombs And those still looking in the clear blue sky for a sign Get missiles from so high they might as well be divine And now the dogs are howling at your door Singing 'bout vengeance like it's the joy of the Lord Bringing justice to the enemies not the other way round They're guilty where killed and they're killed where they're found If what's loosed on earth will be loosed up on high It's a Hell of a Heaven we must go to when we die Where even Laurel begs Hardy for vengeance please The fat man's crying on his hands and his knees Back in the peacetime he caught roses on the stage Now he twists indecision, takes bourbon for rage Lead pellets peppering aluminium Halcyon, laudanum and opium Sings kiss thee Hardy this poisoned cup His winding sheet is busy winding up In darkness he looks for the lights that've died You need faith for the same reasons that it's so hard to find And this whole thing is headed for a terrible wreck And like good tragedy that's what we expect At night I make plans for a city laid down The hips of a girl on the spring covered ground Spirals and capitals in the twists of a script Streets named for heroes that could almost exist Fruit trees of Eden and the gardens that seem To float like the smoke from a lithium dream Cedar trees growing in the cool of the squares Young women walking in the portals of prayer The future glass buildings and the past an address The weddings in pollen and the wine bottomless And all wrongs forgotten and all vengeance made right The suffering verbs put to sleep in the night The future descending like a bright chandelier The world just beginning and the guests in good cheer In Royal City I fell into a trance 'Cause it's hell to believe there ain't a hell of a chance I woke beneath a clear blue sky The sun a shout, the breeze a sigh The old home town and the streets I knew Were wrapped up in a royal blue I heard my friends laughing out across the fields The girls in the gloaming and the birds on the wheel The raw smell of horses and the warm smell of hay Cicadas electric in the heat of the day A run of Three Sisters and the flush of the land And the lake was a diamond in the valley's hand The straight of the highway and the scattered out hearts They were coming together, they were pulling apart And angels everywhere were in that midst In the ones that I loved, in the ones that I kissed I wondered what it was I'd been looking for above Heaven's so big there ain't no need to look up So I stopped looking for royal cities in the air Only a full house gonna have a prayer Only a full house Only a full house

Retro Electro

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
I wanna thank ya For bein so fly (so fly) You didn't know (didn't know) That it was my time They shoulda told ya I am for the people And on my shoulders Carrying the world Say it sir victory is mine oh yeah I tumble like the dice do Stay on the humble like christ do Piss stanzas and shite haikus Since I was a young tyke-u Tried to moonwalk like michael I understood the universal cycles Positive negative neutral Impoverished kids on sedativesll live mutual Where reverends, presidents movies stars cinema-togra-phers And producers, so standardized eduacation in it's current state Is useful, I'm mean useless Pardon the slippage The deadll probably target the jargon as gibberish Meanwhile I'm off in the stars war'n with iblis You see them atoms spinnin You see them waves shimmering You see them wisdoms grinning The masculine energy make em feel feminine I transformed and start assemblin From moab to mendin Sittin bull is twistin sittin ducks like dutches Victory is in my clutches Motherfuckers You can't touch this like hamm and them I'm on auto pilot Sippin pen noir Eatin sal-a-mon Brother with foul in them The son of marilyn Chancellor of hope Sharp like razor Clean like soap The simplest metaphors be the dope They stumblin outta focus I spit that hocus pocus Man these niggas absolutely bogus The cockroach flow is hopeless I'm on they ass like locust In and out the studio The flows unruly so My attack level is way higher than yugiohs My defence level is in the trillions So if you wanna duel Ya rocket better be filled with fuel Cause when you get here, I'll be on the stool crackin booze And you'll be tired from the journey So how you think that you could ever burn me Man these wack niggas don't concern me Bring out the gurneys and summon my attorneys

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