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Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Justin Nozuka] Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone… [Chorus: Justin Nozuka] Woke up this morning, hoped that It was all a nightmare, you’re gone Tried to get out of my bed I couldn’t find no reason, you’re gone It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again And my heart aches, cause I’ll never see you again You’re gone… [RZA] Man how I long, to see your physical form When you left me, a part of my soul got torn How could a body turn cold, that was once so warm How could the spark of Allah, in your heart be gone Who could replace the space, of Unique Ason I know you’d rather I’d be strong, and not waste time to mourn They say that life goes on Especially when I see the face of your first born When he’s rocking on stage with no shirt on Or in the hotel lobby, getting those birds on Through our seeds we could all reach eternity Peace and blessings, have a safe journey I had dreams of us laughing, drinking beer Chasing girls, fill the world with our ideas Then I wake up, and look up, and you’re not there But in my third eye, I know that you’re still here Because, through our seeds we all reach eternity Peace and blessings, it’s just another journey [Chorus] [Justin Nozuka] Looked out the window and stared at the sun I couldn’t see the light, I couldn’t see, oh lord, you’re gone You’re gone [Kobra Khan] Aiyo, I can’t stop the thoughts coming out of my mind In a broken place is where you’re eventually find This pain, on both sides, can’t deny Memories of you and I takes us back in time Where we used to be together, no matter, the stormy weathers I would ramble with, nothing could ever break us apart And sometimes would get under the pressure, cause people jealous But your memory would be here forever, kept in my heart This is more than you’ll ever know, me and you inseparable Never do we let it show, it’s so hot I’ll let you go Thought it would last forever, guess I was wrong And time goes by so fast, and now you’re gone [Chorus: Justin Nozuka] It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again And my heart aches, cause I’ll never see you again You’re gone… [Justin Nozuka] My blood pumps with anger and sorrow and liquor Tell me how, can I live without you now that you’re gone? You’re gone [RZA] Against all odds and against all squads And against all evil trying to come against God We stand with the iron rod, you wield the ?sword? I use softness to conquer the heart I’m Divine Prince Master Rakeem Allah Earth bound, but my mind’s in the stars Things are reborn, life always change form Man must reform to make the heart calm Drunkenness, leads to non-awakeness Causing him, to look upon his father’s nakedness When the truth is heard, there’s no forsakin it That which is forbidden, we don’t partake in it [Chorus: Justin Nozuka] It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again And my heart aches, cause I’ll never see you again You’re gone…

Cdff - Lucky This Time

Lost and alone in this city of darkness Empty of lovers and full of lies You build a wall between your dreams and the madness I reach out my hand but you run and hide I've watched you cry in the rain I wanna bring back the joy again Open your heart to mine I believe, I believe you won't be sorry This time - baby Open your heart tonight I believe, I believe you might Be lucky this time You might be lucky this time No guarantees when you risk your emotion So you surrender and it all went astray Bitter and hopeless in your cold isolation But you my love won't ever fade away I wanna dry all your tears You know there's nothin to fear, baby Chorus And when the shadows start to fall Let my love break down the walls

Eden Before The Fall

Lari White "Green Eyed Soul"
Spanish moss drippin' from a live oak tree Mockin bird sittin' on a cypress knee Sweet 'ole sycamore blowin' in the breeze The slammin' of the screen door Ice cold creek and sugar white sand Pink azalea bloomin' like to beat the band Grandaddy reachin' down to take my hand Gonna go to the candy store Me Jesus we was as thick as thieves He washed me in the blood and lordy I believed And I gave him my heart At the altar call Back in Eden before the fall Eden before the fall Coal black curls and a dimple in his chin A swagger in his walk and a sideways grin Even Elvis himself had nothin' on him The boy couldn't be denied His daddy's in the pulpit shoutin' fury and fire We're sneakin' out the back door behind the choir And it couldn't be wrong 'cause it was pure desire We were saved and sanctified Lyin' on a bed of magnolia leaves He said I was an angel lord and I believed And I gave him my heart Lord I gave it all Back in Eden before the fall Eden before the fall The apple tasted sweeter and the world was clean I could make sense out of everything Now it's just a beautiful dream I can't quite recall Just like Eden before the fall Eden before the fall

Eye's Of A Child

ANDRE NICKATINA "Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll"
[Equipto] Lil lil lil lil homie - When I was lil a child just growing to be We was playing football in the middle of the street I was Mike Brochea Had the coast clear I'd run around the field clown with no fear I'm innocent showin no love Eight years old exposed to drugs Swept under the rug With baseball cards and dirtbikes As young as I was I had to learn life All along everything for me was an experience Sidetrack never take a thang serious A lil homie just wanna run free Live life as long as he can see [Andre Nickatina] Through the eye's of a child I seen my own mother get wild And for me she start a whole crowd My report card foul D's and F's all the time Hustle on my childhood mind Through the eye's of a boy I want to catch Santa Clause creep And scare him when he thought I was sleep So young in the heart, I want to be Billy Ray Valentine Comin with the fly lines, for the ladies all the time Filled with hope, they asked me did I like boats Got sea sick and said nope From the heart of a kid I act just like I live We ain't friends I'm burnin that bridge, that's how it is [Equipto] At school the cops sport teeth and new Jordans Sportin 501's the crease was important It's all in the day pay the principle a visit I never could pass cut class like scissors On the phone cause I'm all that Roam the halls flash my fake hallpass I could get away with anything clown the teachers Or make a new enemies step on sneakers [Andre Nickatina] Through the eye's of a child I don't understand the word no I don't understand stop, I just understand go As a child I used to see little crack vouls And niggaz sayin how you like me now Hair to the sky, what you sayin freak I'm fly Wearin basketball shorts oversized In the eye's of a boy Drug dealers really don't struggle And players go to jail to get muscle Slide down the pole, if I could be a fireman You know cursin like the devil when the choir band No desire man Just a care free boy Throwin fizzy foul get a toy In the eye's of a child, cartoons are just like Jesus If you don't beleive this, man you should see this As a child, a kid is a pout And you put him in your memory voul, but right now

Where Did You Sleep Last Nite

SARAH CONNOR "Unbelievable"
[chorus] I've been waiting all night long Just for you to come back home And I've tried to close my eyes Tried to forget all your lies Tell me, did I get you wrong When you said our love is strong Now it's time to make up your mind Tell me: Where did you sleep last night [verse 1] Gave you all of my money Gave you all of my time Really loved makin' love to you honey Was just too blind to see the sign Oh baby tell me how could I believe it After all you put me through Promised me this time is different And now again I'm sittin' here And the one that is missin' is you [chorus] [verse 2] Oh just go on lying to my face Sayin' all you need is a little bit of space But if you come home to me tonight You'll find the bedroom very empty tonight 'Cause I'll be gone and on my way And your smile will fade away Oh baby I can't stand this no more And don't you ever come back to me [c-part] Lie to me, try to be Like the man I once loved in my dreams You're a fake, pretty mistake Breaking of my heart, now I put you straight Out of here, shed no tear Need a maximum of love my dear See the door, come no more Don't turn around, what you're waiting for You're my stress, need respect Only thing you give is heart attack Don't take checks it's just gotta Be what you call in cash instead Here's my decision you Lose your position right now!!

The Roof

MARIAH CAREY "Butterfly"
(I got you stuck off the realness) (I got you stuck off the realness) It wasn't raining yet But it was definitely a little misty on That warm November night And my heart was pounding My inner voice resounding Begging me to turn away But I just had to see your face To feel alive And then you casually walked in the room And I was twisted in the web Of my desire for you (And I was twisted) My apprehension blew away I only wanted you To taste my sadness As you kissed me in the dark [Chorus:] Every time I feel the need I envision you caressing me And go back in time To relive the splendor of you and I On the rooftop that rainy night And so we finished the Moet And started feeling liberated And I surrendered as you took me In your arms (You took me in your arms) I was so caught up in the moment I couldn't bear to let you go yet So I threw caution to the wind And started listening to my longing heart And then you softly pressed your lips to mine And feelings surfaced I'd suppressed For such a long long time (And I was lifted) And for a while I forgot The sorrow and the pain And melted with you as we stood There in the rain [Chorus] Last night I dreamed that I Whispered the words I love you And touched you so very Subtly as we were kissing goodbye (Pretty baby - How I'm missing you) [Chorus]

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