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JUSTIN NOZUKA lyrics - Holly

Down In A Cold Dirty Well

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Painted a picture of how it's supposed to turn out Down in a cold dirty well and I cannot climb out Can't see no light Can't hear no bells They walk right over me Can't hear my yells [Verse 1] They state me missing and search all over the town Look left and then right but don't ever look down Dig me my grave, I won't be saved No I won't be saved, so dig me my grave [Chorus] Helpless, Hopeless, Cold and lonely Only you can save me now Trembling and shivering, scared I want this all to end if only you could hear me now [Verse 2] My mind is spinning around and around I'm on my way down The louder I yell The deeper I sink Closer to hell Far from my instincts [Chorus] [Bridge] I'm on my way down, And I will never feel that beat again I will never see the light and I will never hear those bells ringing [Chorus] [Outro] Dig me my grave, cause I won't be saved I won't be saved so dig me my grave Down in a cold dirty well and I cannot climb out

Will You Wait Here

Longview "Mercury"
September air comes cold Feelings rush back and unfold Speeing, crashing, burning through Memories in my mind with you Gone so fast too fast to catch Years have gone and can't come back So now i've closed my eyes Closing seconds of our time See the shore light up night sky See the beach swing summers high August shower after heat Smell of rain on dry concrete Feel the air turn cold around See leaves fall blur the ground Wet road slide slither by Catch reflections petrol sky Will you wait here It's coming around near When I feel I can't move on And my will is not so strong Moments of uncertainty Behind your smile I want to be Down the front where we used to talk Down the streets where we used to walk These places I will be Will you meet me? While I'm still please do not wake me 'Cause I'm in another place (repeat)

Whisper Of Whispers

JOSEPH ARTHUR "The Ballad Of Boogie Christ: Act 2"
How many warning shots must he fire Into the emptiness of crescendoing skies Just like Beethoven conducting goodbyes With orchestra strings and notes made of fire Which burn in the eyes like a truth from a liar How many wars must he wage in your head As misery's chief just lays there as dead With the spike in his arm And a bullet in his brain Like a seed of repulsion Which brings its own rain How many skies must he rip from the clouds And let them hang empty against nothing at all As he says your name and you write on the wall His voice growing louder you ignore every call How much joy must you forsake for pain Your stupidity flows like the noose of cocaine A string made of powder you hang in the sky Strung by your nose, sniffing goodbye I know you will make it I know you will finally fall And hear him call Paranoid eyes of blood and mistrust The disease of fools and bankers of lust Corruption just bleeds from your every pore Like destruction which feeds a leech on a sore How much salvation must he offer for free Against your denial of who he must be Against your betrayal of his heart so free Which forgives and relieves all your misery I know you will make it I know you will finally fall And hear him call How much deceit must you force him to take As he waits around for you to be awake Into the blossom reaching through who you are From under the pavement into each falling star How much disease must he embrace and then cure Like a leper of gold, eyes white light and pure Crushing your sickness which cannot be contained Into your sheets, bloody and stained Float from your womb, aborted and gone Like the echo of voices in the silence of song How many missions must he endlessly take Until others are with him, alive and awake To rise to his level, as real and as true To be a beast in the jungle instead of the zoo How many liars must he first strike down With the weapon of words and the mercy he found I know you will make it I know you will finally fall And hear him call


ALKALINE TRIO "From Here To Infirmary"
Waking up zeroed in on medicine Am I waking up at all today Seeing lights, feeling pain There's my cure on ice I can walk but I will crawl there I will crawl there Sitting straight, feeling faint An exhausted smile screens my words But I will hear them Here's a phrase that we all know But I can't make sense I don't know words but I will hear them I still hear them Never ran away for the sake of scars Tried not to move but she was armed And shots were fired Now a hole in the head of this wounded liar Never had a drink that I didn't like Got a taste of you, threw up all night I got more sick With every sour second rate kiss Everything I never would miss again I don't know who your boyfriend is


VNV NATION "Empires"
Our domain, this kingdom come now godless lands whose ways are lost. Without the strength to carry on. All values lost all virtue none. Did you think you would be saved by burning flags to cleanse yourselves of shame? Or are you afraid as you stare back at your face? are you ashamed, are you afraid, by destroying what the gods had made? Did you think you would be saved? I believe that we'll conceive to make in hell for us a heaven. A brave new world. A promised land. A fortitude of hearts and minds. Until I see this kingdom is mine, I'll turn the darkness into light. I'll guide the blind. My will be done until the day I see this kingdom has been won. No more the servants of the weak devoid of thought or light to seek. I'll leave no walls, no stone unturned. Every tower to be razed to the dust from which it came. None will be spared, no remnant saved. Are you ashamed, are you afraid, of the gods and idols you have made? Did you think you would be saved by the gods and idols you have made? None will be saved. None will be saved.

Graves Of The Fathers

Sextons of the churchyard Have seen unblessed things; Ground no longer hallowed Has sprouted new graves Descendants of clan That unsurped maternity hear whispers in their blood; This summons of the Fathers Adherence to the principle Of man by woman born : Anachronistic ritual Soon to be obsolete Forgive me Father For I know not what I do; My grave beckons As irresistable as drawing breath Nature abhors a vacuum, The same is true to a tomb It cannot be empty A barren womb of plenty A vacant grave must be filled. For this the Fathers' will Material birth be abjure A mother's cunt is unpure Sired in blasphemy In nocturnal obeisance to rotted hearts Filled with necrolatry Reverse the life cycle be reborn through Death. Forgive me Father For I know not what I do; I leave a void to fill one Hear my prayers from far below

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