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JURASSIC 5 lyrics - Power In Numbers

I Am Somebody

Original and similar lyrics
Artist: Jurassic 5 Album: Power in Numbers Song: I Am Somebody [All] Yo, raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal F*ck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus: [Soup] Say, I am (I am) Somebody (Somebody) [Akil] Yo, my soul, bounce rock and roll Tumble with the rhythm Heat the mic when it's cold I was told Be Bold Whether platinum or gold Keep it solid Do the knowledge Til' I reach my goal My hunger-pain thunder Lumberjack the fifth wonder I never slumber cuz I keep it on the under My post beat for people in the street Ghetto M-U-S-I-C (We bring the heat) That African soul Clap black power impact Who said ghetto rap was all about a dope sack? A pimp slap or a big black gatt Fuck around and get jacked For your rhymes where I live at Uh, I'm not a gangsta but I boogie wit beats No gang affiliation in my lyrics or speech But still I keep it straight hood-hop techniques South Central Fundamentals J5 emcees And it's on! Chorus [Chali 2na] Who's to say if I choose to make moves today Whether I win or lose or I end up on the news today Amuse but never confuse Still got dues to pay You abuse elegant rules when you use clichàs [Marc 7] They got you sittin' on the edge of your seat [Chali 2na] Creatin' beef [Marc 7] Mark of the beast Code on the street Cease and decease [Chali 2na] Never the least [Marc 7] Let me repeat The situation gets sticky like the badge on police [Chali 2na] We individually driven in the beginnin' We winnin' Six men and a venomous independent decision and clear vision Pretendin' was never a possibility I got to kill it Because I want to be it The poet to win a Pulitzer Prize Who wouldn't survive? [Marc 7] The fullest of vibes [Chali 2na] Deliberate surprise [Marc 7] When bullets the size [Chali 2na] Of quarters arrive [Marc 7] And slaughter your lives [All] We trying to counteract that [Chali 2na] Unifying these ballers and backpacks With Knowledge- -Fact-Tracks Chorus [Soup] Yo, my soul, infiltrate birth control And control guns Huey P used to hold I breathe life and through the 60's Voted most likely to get busy Inner city flash jiggy burn Phillies and things And we boogie to the bang Sunshine and rain Why you cats be talkin' that pimp crap in jail I corresponded with a nigga who can barely spell I know the situation oh so well (so well) I done seen it in 3D It ain't hard to tell Why you bang for your turf chain girl or your man I be banging for Islam in a spot in Sudan Cuz I can't solve or stop or put foot to this The hottest brother on the block couldn't cook to this J5 drop the verse beat hook to this And if you want a fly jam you should look to this So... [All] Raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal Fuck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus


AKON "Trouble"
(chorus) Now i aint putting nothing out,I smoke when I wonna 26-inch chrome spokes on the hummer This heat gon last for the whole summer Running your bitch faster then the road runner Rocks on my wrist,rolls gold under Glocks on my hip,those throw thunder Im buying diamonds by the pier But when you stop,the only thing spinning is your ear Yeah,Im riding with that all black snub Raiders cap back,all black gloves Im 80s man,but the boy smack thugs these record sales??? Not to mention I bought a pack of clubs His impacts about as raw as crack was Now all these new artists getting raw deals Im only 21,setting on mills (chorus) we on fire up in here,its burning hot we on fire shell take it of if it get to hot,up in this spot we on fire tear the roof off this motherfucker nigga what you say we get lose in these motherfucker (wers 2) if you now anyting about my,then you know im a baller If i aint hit the first night,i aint gon call her Im trying to play,you trying to have my daughter But i cant blame her for what her momma taught her And i dont care bout what the next nigga bought her Cause i aint putting no baguettes in her?? I got a diamond about as clear as water And i got bread,but i aint spend quarters So cut the games ma,lets go in the back matter fackt,turn your ass round,back a nigga down And i aint bias when im riding throug the town like em small,like em tall,like em black,like em brown She gotta be able to cum when i need her Tight ass pants,little wife beater Regular chick or R&B diva Bitch say something,I aint a mind reader. (chorus)

Siempre Peligroso

CYPRESS HILL "Los Grandes Exitos en Español"
B-Real] Yo te meto en candela Prende las velas pa la pelea Cuando crees que tú ganas yo mato a quien sea Cypress Hill son asesinos Yo fumo mota con todos mis vecinos Abre tus ojos si tú quieres entender Yo te enseÃno todo porque tengo el poder Te llevo a la loma pa tirarte en el hueco Puto yo te mojo y me quedo bien seco Dios me perdona porque no estabas listo Tu sangre en el piso y Cypress Hill lo hizo... Chorus: Caminando por la calle siempre es peligroso (Siempre peligroso) Corriendo en el pleito mueren los mocosos (Mueren los mocosos) [B-Real] Hijo no te pierdas porque voy a comenzar A quemar mis enemigos que me vienen a matar Yo no me escondo, tengo familia grande Si tú quieres un pedazo, sigue ven pa lante Puto... [Fermin IV] Ah... Mira... Una vez más y por segunda ocasión El poder de la yerba abre la mente Y ahora en espaÃnol mira ha! Ta ta ta ta taa!! como el profesor Jirafalez dando su lección Aquí estoy listo y preparado para la ocasión, mira Mis instintos me van guiando, tropiezo menos Pues no doy ningún paso en falso Así he representado Artillería Pesada presentando Fermín IV, capitán, piloto, aviador de la bala de plata Siempre cumplo lo que prometo Por eso ahora siento que voy creciendo sin miedo Agarro el micrófono como el machete que va abriendo Los caminos y las veredas aquí en la tierra A 33 1/3 revoluciones me mantengo Ahora sí, tratando de llevar el ritmo perfecto... Chorus [Sen Dog] Mi nombre es el Perro ggggrrraw!! Cuando ladro no hay problema, cuando empiezo, te desmadro Si soy cubiche y so si tengo mi machete En la tronca de la ranfla y jeta de los cuetes Que tu le quede quà ? Ven pa ca yo te la quito La mando pa San Juan, encuà ntrala en Puerto Rico Te jodo chico, nada suave como rico Soy el pingu, tremendo peligroso tipo Cuidado con mis caÃnones, me roncan los cojones De nativo de la estacié'‡ que limpia todas las maldiciones Empuja los botones, antes que tú la pones Mis palabras son el humo que te rompe los pulmones Hace de quà hola, quà se dice, quà se cuenta Vente compra el disco porque ahora está a la venta Hay que pagar la renta Corre pa la tienda Y oye como Sen y el Machete representa... Chorus [Fermin IV] this goes wit chorus Mira... Cypress Hill, -?tiremos ambos?- Pero nosotros, el Machete, aqui rondando Con los grandes, representando ah ah Desde Monterrey, el Cerro De La Silla Luego todos fuimos a Los Angeles Colocando nadamas asi ah ah Presentamos por todos lados a donde vamos mira Ah el Control Machete ah Artilleria Pesada, ah Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace mira ah ah AH!... AH!... Asi es........

Angel In My Life

JOE BUDDEN "Padded Room"
[Verse 1] Let's look behind the Swarovski crystals Behind the .50 calibers and the pistols Misused, pardoned self got to excuse, my issues For me to have you a ritual But, I ain't as crazy as I seem to be It's just that nothin' is the way that is seem's to me Im feelin' less then, druggin' him up with anti-depressents In essence im threatenin my character asessment Truth told, I figure a few hoe's Mixed with some new clothes should cover my loop holes If I'm misundersttod or mis-guided Started when they passed the L' said 'just try it' When I don't wanna get out of bed I just fight it Sometimes I don't eat for days I just diet Only live once so if I just like it I aint even checkin' the price, I just buy shit I'm thinkin that will just hide it But all it takes is life to ignite shit I'm thinkin' bout death wonderin' how I'm gonna go I can't be insane for just wantin' to know In my head I die often, I used to think of suicide often Good suit on and a nice coffin But, that ain't somethin' I would try myself Still they lock me in this room all by myself I need a... think I need a..... [Hook] [Verse 2] They say my symptoms are aggressive They titled me a compulsive obsessive slash manic depressive They trying to tell I'm a con and I game niggas That's one reason I dont even entertain niggas Not important who they are I won't name niggas They like to say I got a tendency to blame niggas I keep fuckin' shit up but keep tryin' If ya'll would just trust me I wouldn't just keep lyin' If I had bread I wouldn't be in debt Let me clarify get in Def I feel like every time I been less When ever I invest whenever I inset I feel I'm innept I try to make them understand but they just won't incept I tell them four million others I am the templed There ain't no book that tells a story there ain't no index We got some different type of cuts and no they ain't princess All this indigest seemingly in less How I take in stress when I always went best Aching in my chest and yet it still won't break me They say the room is padded for my own safety But the cushion don't soften shit They locked the door but still they let my thoughts in it And no one can tell me why I'm here I can't even see the sky from here I guess my time is near

Midnight Mountain

Cathedral "Ethereal Mirror"
(Jennings/Dorrian/Bianco) Here, gibbeering alone... oh the earth and the heavens, they so tire me, tomorrow¹s dreams encased in a velvet sanctuary. The crumbled throne of worldly gain, is glory forgotten, and now just nothing remains. Chorus : We¹ve come too far, we are so close, one soul, inside, one forever weeping. As the vain morning dawns all life fades away, you can take me now, beyond the violet veil, and whatever flames the night in these deeds I¹ve done. In fate¹s control, at last my time has come. Chorus Death is death, the little host that squirms, smell the dark - the coffin¹s closed, and I so soft - ooh so soft, no movement, and no breath, no ears, no nose- no eyes. Death is death, in life¹s sepulchre - no sight, no sound, no cry, and always... always... death is death, yeah ! (Alive again) Eeeaaergh - damp skin in greying sheets, decaying bed absorbing me, bleached white ceiling above - dehydrating visions of love. Vituality slides back down the walls, saturating the velvet floor, numbness writhes in all I adore, wasting here, can¹t see the door...

Awaiting The End

Jungle Rot
Mississippi moonshine's got me doubled over laughing in pain back at the Chevron the chicken wings made you feel just the same That bucket of bayou that licked you like a 5 pound block of salt I through it to the puppy that was yappin' on the hot asphalt The wisest word I ever heard was written on that bathroom wall in the mississippi river greasy spoon in southern Arkansas skimming 'cross the scrawl of the underground elite retorts I see a beacon to the traveler paraphrased sweet and short CHORUS A word to the wise a breath to the philosopher a hand to the devil a gift to the masses whatever you do don?t whatever you do don?t whatever you do don't take my advice Mister blister burning on the fumes of a day hard earned a bullet through the blue highways 'till the whole damn world is turned we're driving and we're driving until driving it don't feel real but it's so easy all you do is get some sleep behind the wheel Take a second to reflect on a peculiarity every stop we've made has shared a certain similarity there are juices and there's candies and there's sodas of all brand names but the message on the walls from town to town has been the same CHORUS Permanent marker with a fat tip scratch off the paint with a dime grease up the mirror with some lipstick a revolution is not a crime Finally before my eyes there it was for me to see at a truck stop in the lonely hills of eastern Tennessee I'd tell you how I felt if I could but I just can't When I happened on that bathroom with a fresh coat of paint CHORUS ...

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