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JURASSIC 5 lyrics

Thin Line Feat. Mya

Original and similar lyrics
Yo, this is a lesson in friendship The depths of a kinship Will women and men begin with, and then slip My pen drips as I scribble my thoughts On thin strips of emotion A fraction, seduction, attraction Eruption of passion corrupts it Life lasting friendships involved Would love to cross the line But that's why we built these walls CHORUS (Akil) We've been friends for a long time A very close friend of mine Love you like you was mine But respect the thin line Love you like you was mine Think about you all the time Very close friend of mine But respect the thin line AKIL Opposites attract When the female and male come in contact Sticky situation in fact Trying not to let the feelings catch But there's a thin line between both of ya'll So you respect that And entertain an idea but get brought back To reality And could you really live with that Decision, based on intuition You love and keep it distant Hug and kiss the friendship MARC 7 An ongoing friendship We was people to begin with Disrespect was not intended But your feelings sparked a sentence Sometimes you're too intense In your quest to invent The perfect man Please understand my rhyme is your repent CHORUS (Akil/Mya) x2 SOUP Too bad that we became friends first And I'm not an expert on how relationships work But, from the minute it was known It changed the whole tone The way we spoke on the phone Yo, it was cool but I felt it wasn't enough And I was stuck when your moms would pick it up Over you all my buddies would swoon But I felt we were in tune You let me up in your room (damn) But to me girl you're still off limits No matter all the times that I hinted (Yo what you doin after this) Infatuation was authentic But yo I just pretended So I wouldn't lose the friendship Maybe I should spill all my guts Or write a letter, then tear it up Or do a song just to say what's up I want just a touch CHORUS x2 MYA What happens if we cross the line Can't take it back, can't ever go back Damn you're such a good friend to me now But the attractions, undeniable You see, I know you like a brother But can see you as my lover So what am I gonna do now? Cause there's a confirmation for confrontations Oh what am I gonna do now? CHALI Yo, this was a lesson in friendship I stress in this sentence Should women and men be friends first And then slip My pen drips as I scribble my thoughts on thin strips of devotion AKIL Opposites attract And best friends make a perfect match If you only knew that Once you cross ain't no turning back The minute you let him in it and he hit that That's that MARC 7 We was people to begin with But you was too relentless Jeopardizing kinship Respect is intended Resolve is my intent While we've got an in I'm trying to salvage a friendship CHORUS x2


Earth Wind And Fire "I Am"
Maurice White, David Foster Allee Willis I've been waiting so long, Just watching the phone, for you. To wait, it takes, Love that's for real And all, that I feel, inside to do. I come prepared, to look in your eyes And walk side by side, With you--baby, baby. Listen for tender words, I'd like to say Like I love you today, and I'll wait For you. Chorus It's crazy, if you think, we're just friends. Loving when, infatuation ends. The wait for you, baby it now begins. You sigh, when I come close to your heart. You cry, from the start, Please wait for me. Your mind, shows, places you go, And things you don't know. Someday you'll grow. Climbing a moutain high, Your love I desire. Inside my heart cries for you. Chorus Baby, we're more, than friends-- I know, the wait will end ./.

Sometime Other Than Now

JOHN HIATT "Slow Turning"
Maybe your mama didn't treat you right, Maybe her intentions weren't even very good Maybe my daddy lay awake at night Imagining himself in some other neighborhood Left to our own devices Like maybe they were too Out on the open road And wonderin' what to do CHORUS: You ask how we got here baby don't ask how That was sometime other than now It takes what it takes, that's what they told us girl We've done a lot of dumb things, we'll probably do some more On two different paths, runnin' 'round in different worlds We finally found each other, who we were lookin' for Now I see my own reflection When I give my love to you And it's shot back like an arrow So straight and true CHORUS BRIDGE: I'm not leavin' baby The future's comin' right here and now And maybe tomorrow we can't take it I'm not grievin' baby anymore The past is gone And we can't fake it, so baby let's make it With this love of ours somehow A little bit of fear, you know it goes a long way It's followed us around since we were little kids With just a little faith, well maybe baby someday We will find the strength, the strength to forgive It don't come all of a sudden But when it comes at last You could blink your eyes and miss it It happens so fast CHORUS


(Girl) Yeah Hahahaha........whooooo,shit (Eminem) (aight) (Em) guess what? i ain't coming in yet.... i'll come in a minute (Em) ayo...this is my love goes like this Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark This is how we used to get the party start We used to mix hen' with bacardi dark and when it kicks in, you can hardly talk and by the sixth gin you're probably crawl and you'll be sick then and probably barf and my prediction is you're probably fall either in the lobby or the hallway wall and everything spinning you're beginnin' to think like a woman are swimming in pink linen again in the sink then in a couple of minutes that bottle of guinness is finished you are now allowed to officially slap bitches you have the right to remain violent and start wilin' start a fight with the same guy that was smart-eyein' you get in your car, start it,and start drivin' over the island and cause a forty-two-car pileup earth calling pilot to copilot looking for life on this planet,sir, no sigh of it all i can see is a bunch of smoke flyin' and i'm so high that i might dieif go by it let me out of this place i'm outta place i'm in outer spacei've just vanished without a trace i'm going to a pretty place now where the flowers grow i'll be back in an hour or so Chorus: 'cause every time i go to try to leave some geek keeps pullin' on my sleeve i don't wanna, but i gotta stay these drugs really got a hold of me 'cause every time i try to tell them no they won't let me ever let them go i'm a sucka, all i gotta say these drugs really got a hold of me in third grade, all i used to do was sniff glue through a tube and play rubik's cube seventeen years later i'm still as rude as jude scheming on the first chick with the hugest boobs i've got no game and every face looks the same they've got no name so i don't need game to play i just say whatever i want to whoever i want whenever i want, wherever i want, however i want however, do show some respect to few this ecstasy's got me standing next to you getting sentimental as fuck spillin'guts to you we just met but i think i'm in love with you but you're on it too so you tell me you love me too wkae up in the morninglike yo, what the fuck we do? i gotta go,bitch you know i've got stuff to do 'cause if i get caught cheatin',then i'm stuck with you but in the long run these drugsare probablygoing to catch upsooner or later but fuck it, i'm on one so let's enjoy let the X destroy your spinal cord so it's not a straight line no more till we walk around looking like some windup dolls shit sticking out of our backs like a dinosaur shit, six hits won't even get me high no more so bye for now, i'm going to try to find some more Chorus that's the sound of a bottle when it's hollow when you swallow it all,wallow and drown in your sorrow and tomorrow you're probably going to want to do it again what's a little spinal fluid between you and a friend? screw it and what's a little bit of alcohol poisoning? and what's a little fight? tomorrow you'll be boys again it's your life live it however you wanna marijuana is everywhere where was you brought up? it don't matter as long as you get where you're going 'cause none of the shit is going to mean shit where we're going they tell yu to stop, but you just sit there ignoring even though you wake up feeling like shit every morning but you're young you've got a lot of drugs to do girls to screw parties to crash sucks to be you if i could take it all back now, i wouldn't i would have did more shit that people said that i shouldn't but i'm all grown up now and upgraded and graduated to better drugs and updated but i've still got a lot of growing u to do i've still got a whole lot of throwing up to spew but when it's all said and done i'll be forty before i know it with a fortyon the porch telling stories with a bottle of jack two grandkids on my lap baby-sitting for hailie while hailie is out smashed Chorus

Looking Back

DAN HILL "Dan Hill"
Looking back at public school Reading playboy magazine Insisting that the articles Were the only things we'd read Thinking then that love was meant to Conquer And if a girl said she liked you Then you'd bonk her Don't try to lay that mush on me Looking back a high school Getting drunk for the local dance Lonely boys - nervous girls Grappling with romance Thinking then that love Meant something frightening A sudden end as brutal As bolts of lightening Don't know what it was, but it scared me Chorus: From one night stands to wedding bands To struggling to stay free Watching time move faster As hold on helplessly As love smoulders waiting to be tamed We grow older staying much the same Looking back a college life Seemed like such a compromise Unsure of my direction Using brains as my disguise Thinking then that love meant to remember You only felt its warmth When you surrendered don't know what it was, but it scared me Repeat Chorus

Far Away Coast

- Music: Barton, Lyrics: Casey, McColgan - Here in the trenches the fist of the Beast For fear of an atmosphere poisened deceased With a gas mask to keep me-from breathing my death It's American soil I hope for at best But the duty I serve can't begin to compare To my ancestors battles and wars throught the years Though the loneliness strikes like an enemy shell I pray for my home but still sit here in hell chorus: Sail away to a place that's unkown taken away from my friends and my home to a place they call sacred a place I call hell I long for that corner I once knew so well Go to the grind it's all that I have Work on and on with nothing to show But a graying face in this dying place Thats a lock in my solitude I think of a place on a faraway coast Where friends are dear and there's reason to toast A cloudy dark images of a Middle East land Comes down and wrecks my hopeful land chorus:

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