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JURASSIC 5 lyrics - Feedback

Get It Together

Original and similar lyrics
[Intrumental Intro] One, Two, Three [Zaakir] Yeah, I'm tryin' to get it right, live my life right I want the things that come with the fast life but I don't wanna lose my soul, right? pay with my life I just wanna rock ice with my fresh nikes (yeah, yeah) cuz the girls at the school think I dress nice. (yeah) The real thug niggaz cool with a nigga, right? (that's right) 'Til one day after school, wakin' home, right? (Uh Huh) Them same thug niggaz ran up on a brother, right? With three more I never met in my life. (Damn!) Axed me where I'm from, banged on me, right? (Where you from?) The brothers that I knew was up outta sight (Man they made me get it together, now I ack right.) (Let's get it together) [Mark 7even] Trials and tribulations, both got you accosted Understand I'm not the one, go tap some other resources The road that you travel gon' be paved in some gravel so before you try on jock me understand the shit is rocky I don't mean a boxer, Illy? or Oscar I'm tryin' to spit some game, so your ass can prosper Pay a little dues, do a couple a shows put a mix-tape out, man let's see how it goes My only good advise is to cut your own slice I mean, the world ain't gon' bite, just cause you think you nice How can I be diplomatic when this ain't automatic I'm gonna tell you right, this a roll of the dice (Let's get it together) [Chali 2na] Hey, being (solid?) silent's the first sign if not, being able to follow my first line I dirt-grind on my first, it works fine I'm alert, but I been caught of guard at the worst time. (worst time) Yeah, I get apparent applause but do these people know my character flaws? I get embarassed and pause, meticulous, but never careless because I might be the one standin' on your terrace that falls And you can laugh, but it's therapeutic, to talk about my faults of a rare acoustic, bangin' dove shit We ain't perfect, to fight just ain't worth it despite a stained surface, we gotta retain purpose (Let's get it together) [Akil] I was a pick-a-the-litter, when I was a-little-nigga my pops would turn preacher once my voice got deeper than his. For all the times a nigga would vent I had to listen, he was payin' the rent and what he's sayin', he meant. I'll admit, I was tripin' a bit I was hangin' with different chicks and we be wild'n and shit but I had to get a grip before time ran out or pop starts to trip, start puttin' me out but now I kinda see what he was talkin' about you can't live in somebody house and start airin' it out You got to be your own man and handle your biz and later on you can tell 'em what time it is (Let's get it together)


I been knowing you for long enough Damn I need you right now You can take your time, don't have to rush This might take us a while, (yeah) I left all the doors unlocked and you said you're on your way When you get here don't just say a word, got no time to play I know you think that you know me But you ain't even see my dark side This is for you only So baby do me right, do me right [Hook:] We can go all, the time We can move fast, then rewind When you put your body on mine And collide, collide It could be one of those nights But we don't turn off the lights Wanna see your body on mine And collide, collide Baby it's all your if you want me, all yours if you want me Put it down if you want me (tonight) Said it's all yours if you want me,all yours if you want me Put it down if you want me (Let's collide) [Tyga:] Wakin' up, she on it Good love in the mornin' Get on top my cojones I pleasure you for the moment This don't come with no warranty You want it but can't afford it My world is different than your's You're opinion of me is glory Glorifying in all these foreign Back to future, and DeLorean You ain't used to feelin' this important Cars imported, girls imported In subordinate, get deported Baby check, my inventory Gotta whole lot in store for ya Birkin bags, purple tags I can out a whole lot of shit on blast Vera Wang, Ballinciaga Baby you ain't never to fly for that I talk a lot of shit, cause I can back it up She know I'm the shit, so baby back it up [Hook] I know that this is life when we touch boy You got my heart And can't nobody make me feel like you do, boy like you do Cause baby we can go [Hook]

Hit Em Hard

Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
[Gonzoe] (talkin) Hit em! hahahahaha (smoke being blown) Ughhh! Razing sick Ughhh! Bitch! Hit em, we're watching you (hit em), hit em, (we're watching you nigga) hit em, hit em Savage, aaahhhhh! [Verse 1 - Gonzoe] Mass control, I pass your soul We all worth some doe Sippin' on gold Spend a little get more (ahh) Forever happy, what have we Maxed with cavy Risky Ritzy forever she burns House keys care-free (ahh) Nobody scares me Where the players be? Gettin money like me rarely I did it cause you dared me Now speak on it (what?) You ain't no match for me nigga, so teach on it And make em listen (ahh) Full blown warfare headin' in your direction All that was not to do was taught by you (ugh) So I just threw my crew, ya brand new (ugh) Hit em where it hurts and bump em with their crew Every game got rules Expect em, choose My next move Stand strong, get leverage, and press them fools And that's that (what) Pick it up put it down Never look back My insides comin out because of this rap (my name...) [Chorus - Prince Ital Joe] Some of them are busta Some of them are fraud That's why I'mma hit em hard Enough of them are busta Some of them are fraud Might as well hit em hard (hit em) Hit em hard, hit em hard cause the plot, hit em hard Them are fraud, hit em hard (hit em) Hit em hard cause the plot, hit em hard (hit em) good lord (hit em) [Verse 2 - Gonzoe] Everything slow-motion but it's moving so fast Right here by the ocean and the palm trees These L.A. streets, concrete philosophy (what) Raised me and rottened me For every tear and broken bone I suffer Bro's another road for me to walk on, it made me tougher Now I keep breathing, holdin' guns for years nigga, till we even Plus, I shoot up the cop car (ugh) before ya hit the precinct (ugh) Razing; bow down, kiss my ring Blazing; because real niggaz do real things And live dangerous, bang them bricks, keep secrets If they crop and question us, who the thief is I'll find you and put the rumor where ya teeth is (don't ask don't know) Bust yo brain so I can see what ya thinkin' Nigga, it's young ritz-ell And I could distinguish the bomb from the fake by the smell Chorus [Milford McDonald] When we be buckin' Hittin niggaz up when we comin No lovin, got y'all duckin and we ain't said nothin Fuck y'all niggaz who be always feelin' our songs Nigga, get your thug on [Verse 3 - Gonzoe] Who broke, now you're bullshit I make hits, and sail the blue seas with yacht full of rits And if there was a fifth nigga, we'd all be drunk Peacin' up on a bunk when one glock to get it clunk For the nigga that act obsessed And a scream with pash So fuck clad, bettin on the six sec Ready to mash Down hold a nine I'm still in here tryin not to get caught Flippin' every narcotic that I'm on And P, all ya soldiers on your feet On the brink with these crazy thugs we're not think Well fuck that, instincts survive Six seven, sixteen lives Bitch shut up and drive This is... Chorus [Verse 4 - Prince Ital Joe] Little ax court Big tree (uh-huh) If you don't believe me just come and see (uh-huh) Little Gonzoe D O double G (yes) He might have donned the top celebrity (we hit em) We bite em off, invade ya privacy Run the country and roll the territory Lose your girlfriend Gonzoe, I'll see In out the hotel she's coming like L Your heart is broken you lose great shell Ding dong, no more wedding bell Chorus [Gonzoe] (talking) Niggaz strapped And I'm known for that I hit em! nigga Yo, we like... G money Y'all niggaz is fuckin invisible cause ya dropped

96 Fuckries

JME "Integrity>"
Oh please, I couldn't care bout your T & Cs, I'm J to the M to the E, I make G R I M to the E, I make you bop your head, to the beat, From the S W to the N to the E, Bear M to Cs thought they could swim with the sharks Until they entered the Sea, BLUKU! Big up N to the G, Footsie, D to the E to the E, I Show bare love like I did a E, Been like this from I entered the scene, Yeh, grime, I rep to the T, 140 Yeh I kept to the beat, If you wanna badboy grime remix then just give Me or Skepta the Pee, SAFE! You hype too much, But I don't see you fight too much, That's why you're not liked too much, You've been snorting the White too much, You man swear on your life too much, Careful or you might die too much, Bare Mcs just lie too much, If not then they say like too much, Easy peasy similes used frequently Really gets on my nerves, Reason Jme's lyrically sick recently I don't pet with my words, Beef me? really you're chattin all street see but You don't step on the curb, These fake greezy Mc's come against me but See I rep for the nerds, I was out the game but Now I'm inside, Met some of my best pals in grime, Richard Cowie, baddaman James McCabe And Jahmek Power inside, Tempa T said shower down time, Take music serious no lies, And now my badboy megazord whips got More features than iOS5! Juju man, voodoo do'er, Mike Lowery any YouTube viewer, Original dead girlfriend slewer, So I don't care what you do to her, Stop chatting shit poo poo Chewer, "Came from the gutter", "came from the sewer", Anyman that chats poop I will Take out your eyeball with a Bamboo skewer! I roll with Aaron & Aaron, Frequently I get stopped by the gammon, Cause my whip looks like it should be owned by Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond, Feds pull me like I'm a drug baron, Chattin' bare shit, can't understand 'em, In the stereo I got Krept & Konan, In the boot I got my Creps & my Canon, I don't own a blackberry, Ask for my pin and get slapped heavy, Call me a rude kid or a maniac but Beats... I ain't sharing 'em like teddy! The only thing I will share like Jack Is lyrics, spray whenever you're ready, Don't ask why I'm looking in your boat With your big head fam, you got a ferry! I ain't a killer but D P M O! Run up on guys with the green leaf camo', Badboy Eleven Paris leather jacket Fall back It's not CP famo, See my black lips on your TV channel, Bare mcs wanna be me I know, You will never be like Jme, I told you on my last C.D rago! I had a Durag straight at birth, God sent me here to make shit worse, Nobody wants a punch in the face Cause when you get punched in the face it hurts, Jump in the whip, spaceship turbz, Open my drink Shake it first, When I drive My car don't move fam? The wheels turn and they drapes the earth! I am so raw in a rave, Jme Encore on stage, As soon as I spit one 4 & an 8, I will leave the dance floor in a state, You're not lord of the place? You jacked couple guys before with your mates, Your not a badman cause you robbed someone fam? You're just Poor & brave! Beef? Slam doors in your face, Uppercut leave your jaw in a brace, Man will draw for the hadak-dak-duken Leave you on the floor snoring away, MCs think they're raising the bar By spitting on 14 genres a day? Safe, Raising the bar makes it easier for me to score anyway! One take.

In The Nolia

JUVENILE "Project English"
[Juvenile] Say Bubba I'm glad you, gave me the green light so I can write some shit, for my hood And talk about the shit I see Y'knahmsayin? I've been waitin for this chance to do this and express my motherfuckin self, and still make fun at the shit Y'all ready to do this? You might get flipped in the Nolia You might get water whipped in the Nolia And niggaz is a trip in the Nolia They be on some shit in the Nolia Them hoes be twerkin in the Nolia Police be lurkin in the Nolia My pockets be hurtin in the Nolia You gotta be workin in the Nolia I hit my first bitch in the Nolia I hit my first lick in the Nolia I opened up shop in the Nolia I damn near got popped in the Nolia I be up in the cuts in the Nolia Hemmin them niggaz up in the Nolia Oh yeah we stick together in the Nolia Down for whatever in the Nolia [Chorus] Magnolia my home, and it's gon' always be You get a trespassin charge when you fuckin with me Magnolia my home, and it's gon' always be You get a trespassin charge when you fuckin with me [Juvenile] Yeah I was strugglin in the Nolia Came up on nothin in the Nolia Nigga was hustlin in the Nolia Junkies was rushin in the Nolia I done had fights in the Nolia Damn near lost my life in the Nolia We play the porch in the Nolia We hang out in the courts in the Nolia We be on the flight in the Nolia We be up all night in the Nolia I used to live in the Nolia Ever since a kid in the Nolia Nigga gettin busted in the Nolia Some niggaz can't be trusted in the Nolia A nigga got jacked in the Nolia Got stabbed in the back of the Nolia [Chorus] [Juvenile] Nigga shoot dice in the Nolia We fuckin nigga wifes in the Nolia We always act our ass in the Nolia We always have a splash in the Nolia Oh yeah we havin wars in the Nolia Shootin at niggaz cars in the Nolia We all go to ki's in the Nolia We all wear soldierees in the Nolia Dem hoes thick fine in the Nolia We throw second lines in the Nolia We got no cheap in the Nolia Come and holla at my peeps in the Nolia The shit don't ever stop in the Nolia It's always pepper hot in the Nolia We got a lot of thugs in the Nolia But we got a lot of love in the Nolia [Chorus - repeat 1.5X] [Juvenile] Uhh, yeah For my T.C. niggaz, my bootleg niggaz This for my motherfuckin 6th street niggaz My LaSalle street niggaz Yeah, my Belmont niggaz, yeah My Magnolia niggaz Fuck with us you gonna get fucked over nigga For who? This one for my Magnolia niggaz Fuck with us you gonna get fucked over nigga Yeah, believe dat! I can't see it no other way.. [repeats and fades]

H.I. Double L.

E-40 "In A Major Way"
(E-40) Hey ah, which way should I steer ah The beat keeps knockin down my rear view mirror Pervin like a mothafucka swervin Hope I don't scrub in my '95 Suburban To go throughout the community squattin on gold tippy toes Peep, breathin on Indian cigarette-Ganish Bidi posin niggas tweak Quick fast and a hurry don't worry 40 vision blurry Shorty hit the freeways climbin like that nigga Joe Torre (Celly Cel) What do you know it's siggity Cel That funky niggero that funky nigga doe Kickin in doors you beta grab ya hoe I see ya cruisin in the late night creepin wit my nigga B-Legit and 40 water, ah shit (40) We're here-we're there-we're everywhere Highly intox-icated but we don't care (B-Legit) I'm from the H.I.L.L. the place where my niggas bell A mack muthafuckin 12 will send your ass straight to hell (40) A tick a tock, the shit da spot They say them crazy muthafuckas pull out a chop (B) I watch them muthafuckas run I do this shit for fun You niggas know you can't get none (40) Biatch Chorus- I'm from the V.A.L.L.E.J.O H.I.L.L side doe Spittin straight game is all a nigga know and ahh and they be like... (there they go,off to the liquor store) (B) I tell a bitch what the fuck you mean where I've been And so what I smells like pussy and gin I had money to make Bitches to break and if the shit was out of line I had lives to take I told you from the gate that I'm a mobster Sippin DP eatin lobster Don't get it confused you won't get abused As long as you makin' me them revenues (Cel) That miggity mack, that diggity dang and that niggity nut Jump in the back of my cut with a tramp slut and hit the gut Ain't got no love for 'em all I love to do is dick 'em Pass 'em to the extra mannish nigga 40 water (40) If I was popeye with a You could kiss my big black royal I'm not funkin' over Oliveoil Last night I had a superbad in my room She sucked me till my dick shriveled up like a prun (Cel) Well pass the Hussy to the left hand side So I can bend her over hit it from the back and let her ride You know it's Sick Wid It Hog gotta put the shake down Shot her to the left nigga hit me with the break down Chorus (40) Beefeater, Tanqueray, Safire, Bombay the punch bowl full of hurricane That'll last a nigga dang near all day Smokin' HERB we gets perved cop a squat Let's hang out at the old Cola spot (B) Nigga I'm a Louie smokes damn near Q So can I get a Twomp on my pager here You been blowin' me up I know you know the code 31 double 07 dash 9 eleven (40) High steppin' Ya blankin off the blanks Cuz I'm a “Rock star'Hate goin dove rock Nigga let me use your fuckin car All the way to sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday Threw up money tore up ass botch you call the po po on me Told 'em I was sideways doin about a buck 50 in Salonto County Sheriffs pull my ass over, and book me caught me with a gun And a bunch of Alezah bottles and they was askin me where I'm from And I said bitch Chorus

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