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JUPITER SUNRISE lyrics - Under A Killer Blue Sky

Super X-Ray Vision

Original and similar lyrics
So you like guys in uniform I think I'll buy a uniform And maybe you will like me better Maybe I will like me better. And maybe I'll be stronger with my super x-ray vision Then I could see right through you Just like you could see through me, Mr super feelings boy I know a policeman, he carries a gun He has superhuman strength He lives in the sun I know a policeman, he carries a gun He never feels helpless He never has fun Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, like me So you like the way he looks I think I kind of look that way If I died my hair and grew a bit, and threw away the cape. Only to reveal the helpless little boy that can't destroy a fly with worthless x-ray vision So who's it gonna be? Mr Super-Hero man or me?

Only One Way Up

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Jim Jones] We set them presidents, to get them presidents Over the ones that are dead, we'll put guns to your head Put dots on your loaf like you was wonder the bread Sheek, Zeke, Hell Rell, and I got some in the Feds I contradict what ever the government says For them boys on my back wit them bugs by my bed They still thinkin' that we coppin' sellin raw Tryin' to put us through them Rico and them Rockefeller' laws I'm in LA the top down the pedals floored Wit a hot stiletto whore, suck my cock tell the law For all you faggots I see past all your cheap stares Nowadays I see my past from a beach chair I the fellin' so relaxed and refreshin' when chillin' A total change from movin crack off the steps of the buildin's Rollin wit gangs in the back of the ' jects where the killin' In Park Ave. where young Chris body found A number is all to add to task body count Watch it boy they'll show you how that shotty bounce, bounce [Juelz] I'm the most incredible, to ever do what you cats'll never do, or be able to I'm ahead of you, cause I spit like I never ate, and if I did then I'm just never full Stop the hoe jokes, I'm not a homo, better believe I'll cock the 4-4 I ain't Mexican, but I'll stretch your man, yes I am a fuckin' vato loco I went from the pot with cocoa To the block with cocoa To gettin' locked, catchin' a charge dealin' wit the cops and cocoa Now I'm just hot like cocoa You can catch me on the block, being watched, in a drop The same color as chocolate cocoa I done walked in the street, with so much raw in my sneaks God dam, got home and had corns on my feet I see the lord when I sleep, and often he speaks He says Juelz you better than all of these creeps So I got all my shit light, got on my shit right Not a lot of thems this nice But the games funny so I gotta do shit right So to the ball drop, and the world blow up, I'm a twirl shit up Until my peeps come home, Zeke come home, better believe I'm a keep on beastin' on [Cam'Ron] Where should I began our pompous A thousand wins accomplished Known throughout the atlas, honest been accomplished You'll be abolished Men, children, women astonished The Don is the one, jewelry way beyond it Chunky blessed on the chest Funky S when I dress Thunder storm damn Monkey wrenching' her fresh But I cope wit the rain, mad I can't float with my dame, down to the coastal wit caine Maine, my boat is a plane I land on the water, here I go boastin' again I keep toast, give a toast, inhale smoke for the pain Girls gone wild, nope They goin' insane All doped off the fame Jump rope with my chain Now thats off the chain, Ma take off your chain the 40 will off your brain, kids will be lost and claimed Cause of Walton James, now in the orphan game Whether adoption or foster its all the same Jim's the rider of riders JR's the writer of writers Juelz you know him well, hell he the fire of fire I'm the supplier, baffled thats the hustler Trife got a knife for that apple inside your jugular The Big Apple, I tackle all the customers Put it on the apple at the castle, come and fuck with us And further more, got the birds of raw, I deserve a tour Hey, hey holla' back, swallow that Thats murda' whore In a Persian turban, swervin', that Suburban mergein', curvin', herb in the air Yeah, yeah I'm hurtin y'all See I crash and cop it, mash and mop it, blast a rocket Natural born hustler, yeah crack I stocked it Now my drugs are legal, so just pass the profit Three months alone Sizzurp will smash the ' Notic We them B boys in one year a quarter billion Here come the clothin' line, I got your order children And thats more than illin' Long as the Lord is willin' I'm a pour in millions, so applaud a villain Killa

Away & Anywhere

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "To Record Only Water For Ten Days"
I do dream you Allow me to believe you are the real me I see you breathing under water See you on both sides of a door I didn't mean you to fathom what you bought I'm away and anywhere to suffice Every life filled with what will be If my own will is from me How do I take another mirror How do I drink the whole shore I do greet you And slam the door in your face You come in anyways It's a long, long time before this takes place I answer these these questions now As to why I'm the only one Who carries answers to their fathers Who carries gray sky to the sun I'm not the railway I leave all of it to the air Passing highway's traffic just lying there Carry me away Come in anyways Both sides of the door The closed and open door

Me And My Bitch

JAHEIM "Still Ghetto"
[Verse 1] Sitting here with carats in your ears, mink on your back, your bank account stacked You deserve everything you got cause you held me down when things got hot on the block Looking back I remember the days when shit got thick you were the first to say 'Baby keep your head up, it will be ok' You're better off without that kind of bad ass nigga anyway [Chorus:] It's on tonight Cash up in the dash and I'm feelin right Got heat up in the seat just in case of beef for anyone who wanna come test me and my baby Honey don't be afraid See this cat ridin in that Escalade plotting on my riches yeah he will get slayed Messin 'round with me and my lady, me and my bitch [Verse 2] You're a dream you're my ghetto queen If I ain't got nobody else I know I got you on my team So I knock, get the cake, cop the rocks, meet your pops then move your whole family off the block Still niggas talking this and that Jah don't how to treat you don't know how to act You're a good girl you deserve better than that when in fact accounts are major got your name attached [Chorus] [Bridge:] It's on tonight do what you like Whatever's wrong I'll make it right Got your back count on that Whatever you need I'm down for you cause You're on my team you're my everything Your doe gettin low girl I gots to pay So tonight it's all on you so won't you let your boy know what you trying to do [Chorus]

Bothan Àirigh Am Bràigh Raithneach (A Sheiling On The Braes Of Rannoch)

Gur e m' anam is m' eudail chaidh an-dè do Ghleann Garadh: fear na gruaig' mar an t-òr is na pòig air bhlas meala. O hi ò o hu ò, o hi ò o hu ò, Hi rì ri ò hu eile O hì ri ri ri ò gheallaibh ò Is tu as fheàrr don tig deise de na sheasadh air thalamh; is tu as fheàrr don tig culaidh de na chunna mi dh' fhearaibh. Is tu as fheàrr don tig osan is bròg shocrach nam barrall: còta Lunnainneach dubh-ghorm, is bidh na crùintean ga cheannach. An uair a ruigeadh tu 'n fhèill is e mo ghèar-sa a thig dhachaigh; mo chriosan is mo chìre is mo stìomag chaol cheangail. Thig mo chrios à Dùn Eideann is mo bhrèid à Dùn Chailleann, gheibh sinn crodh as a' Mhaorainn agus caoraich à Gallaibh. Is ann a bhios sinn 'gan àrach air àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach. ann am bòthan an t-sùgraidh is gur e bu dùnadh dha barrach. Bhiodh a' chuthag 's an smùdan a' gabhail ciùil duinn air chrannaibh; bhiodh an damh donn 's a bhùireadh gar dùsgadh sa mhadainn. It was my love and my treasure who went yesterday to Glengarry, the man with hair like gold and kisses that taste of honey. You suit your clothes better than any man on earth; you look better in your garments than any man I've ever seen. You look better in stockings and comfortable laced shoes, a dark blue London coat that cost many crowns to buy. When you arrive at the fair, you'll bring home my gear, my small belt and my comb and my little narrow fastening head-band. My belt will come from Edinburgh and my marriage head-dress from Dunkeld, we'll get cattle from the Mearns and sheep from Caithness. And we'll rear them in a sheiling in Bràigh Raithneach, in the brush-wood enclosed hut of dalliance. The cuckoo will sing its song to us from the trees, the brown stag and its roaring will wake us in the morning.

The First Step

JOHN FARNHAM "Chain Reaction"
C Thompson, J Kravetz, and K Reid If you wanna feed all the children Then start by feeding one And if you wanna find a mountain To build your dreams upon You need love (the heart to care) Give me strength (the nerve to dare) It's gonna be great when we get there Take the first step the hardest to take Breaking away Take the first step whatever it takes All the way And you're already there If you wanna change the system You better build a better one You're gonna meet resistance But the time will come You need hope (the will to learn) Don't give up (the tide will turn)

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