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Jungle Rot lyrics

Awaiting The End

Original and similar lyrics
Mississippi moonshine's got me doubled over laughing in pain back at the Chevron the chicken wings made you feel just the same That bucket of bayou that licked you like a 5 pound block of salt I through it to the puppy that was yappin' on the hot asphalt The wisest word I ever heard was written on that bathroom wall in the mississippi river greasy spoon in southern Arkansas skimming 'cross the scrawl of the underground elite retorts I see a beacon to the traveler paraphrased sweet and short CHORUS A word to the wise a breath to the philosopher a hand to the devil a gift to the masses whatever you do don?t whatever you do don?t whatever you do don't take my advice Mister blister burning on the fumes of a day hard earned a bullet through the blue highways 'till the whole damn world is turned we're driving and we're driving until driving it don't feel real but it's so easy all you do is get some sleep behind the wheel Take a second to reflect on a peculiarity every stop we've made has shared a certain similarity there are juices and there's candies and there's sodas of all brand names but the message on the walls from town to town has been the same CHORUS Permanent marker with a fat tip scratch off the paint with a dime grease up the mirror with some lipstick a revolution is not a crime Finally before my eyes there it was for me to see at a truck stop in the lonely hills of eastern Tennessee I'd tell you how I felt if I could but I just can't When I happened on that bathroom with a fresh coat of paint CHORUS ...


Spending all my money on phone cards Waiting for my ship to come in In from that ocean Come home to this sea Harboring in me I don't believe in four leaf clovers Or the luck they're suppose to bring I've used all my wild cards But theres something I can do To get close to you Chorus: I've got dreams of love And I love you I know you feel the same way too I feel your spirt and when your away Somehow somewhere I'll see you again But intill then I've got dreams of loveing you Thinking bout' every little thing We ever did crazy Sipping on that memory lane That may never closed it Seven days of the week I can drive in my sleep Chorus Dreams I will share When I see you again And I'll see you again pretty soon I could wait But in till then... Chorus

I Am Somebody

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
Artist: Jurassic 5 Album: Power in Numbers Song: I Am Somebody [All] Yo, raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal F*ck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus: [Soup] Say, I am (I am) Somebody (Somebody) [Akil] Yo, my soul, bounce rock and roll Tumble with the rhythm Heat the mic when it's cold I was told Be Bold Whether platinum or gold Keep it solid Do the knowledge Til' I reach my goal My hunger-pain thunder Lumberjack the fifth wonder I never slumber cuz I keep it on the under My post beat for people in the street Ghetto M-U-S-I-C (We bring the heat) That African soul Clap black power impact Who said ghetto rap was all about a dope sack? A pimp slap or a big black gatt Fuck around and get jacked For your rhymes where I live at Uh, I'm not a gangsta but I boogie wit beats No gang affiliation in my lyrics or speech But still I keep it straight hood-hop techniques South Central Fundamentals J5 emcees And it's on! Chorus [Chali 2na] Who's to say if I choose to make moves today Whether I win or lose or I end up on the news today Amuse but never confuse Still got dues to pay You abuse elegant rules when you use clichàs [Marc 7] They got you sittin' on the edge of your seat [Chali 2na] Creatin' beef [Marc 7] Mark of the beast Code on the street Cease and decease [Chali 2na] Never the least [Marc 7] Let me repeat The situation gets sticky like the badge on police [Chali 2na] We individually driven in the beginnin' We winnin' Six men and a venomous independent decision and clear vision Pretendin' was never a possibility I got to kill it Because I want to be it The poet to win a Pulitzer Prize Who wouldn't survive? [Marc 7] The fullest of vibes [Chali 2na] Deliberate surprise [Marc 7] When bullets the size [Chali 2na] Of quarters arrive [Marc 7] And slaughter your lives [All] We trying to counteract that [Chali 2na] Unifying these ballers and backpacks With Knowledge- -Fact-Tracks Chorus [Soup] Yo, my soul, infiltrate birth control And control guns Huey P used to hold I breathe life and through the 60's Voted most likely to get busy Inner city flash jiggy burn Phillies and things And we boogie to the bang Sunshine and rain Why you cats be talkin' that pimp crap in jail I corresponded with a nigga who can barely spell I know the situation oh so well (so well) I done seen it in 3D It ain't hard to tell Why you bang for your turf chain girl or your man I be banging for Islam in a spot in Sudan Cuz I can't solve or stop or put foot to this The hottest brother on the block couldn't cook to this J5 drop the verse beat hook to this And if you want a fly jam you should look to this So... [All] Raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal Fuck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus

A Night On Earth

Brave Combo "A Night On Earth"
Hello... chorus: Look at the moon, reflecting the sun the sky is so pretty The treetops are bright and it feels like a night on Earth People are ants, we're using our time the way we use it We try to be strong, and face another day on Earth Or going for a ride alone it makes me wonder where we live The houses all go racing by and I'm in someone's yard and The rivers and lakes have rivers of roads to find our country And birds in their eggs, and men and their guns all think the same The motel is old, but out on the street The sign is still pretty. It's raining around, and all around town the town's at work The line of people waiting to pay at the supermarket aisle is a colorful sight to see but there's no hope, just clothing chorus

Game Of Life

Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening"
Yeah, after Dah Shinin, it all became clear to me I knew things would be different son I knew it'd come time for a change Seems like the time is now Jah! Rastafarai Greetings to my soldiers and soldierettes Jewel on the world, make the earth sink On the brink of divinity, defying gravity Reachin' for infinity Can he be incarcerated by the limits Stuck, they can't function Caught up in the scrimage This game called life only lasts minutes Once you in it, be in it to win it to the finish As the sun heats, I put my feet to the concrete Hard to sleep so I take it to the streets Hold my head up, try to keep it movin' Fed up with losin' I need some air I think I take a cruise with you I'm using, what little know how I posess To keep our familia down to rest Now I stress defensive tactics 'Cause police seem active Got me in the crib sleepin' with heat under the mattress In case of home intrusion: First the dogs go bark Then about five sparks bringin' light to the dark Like ? does his movement when he's dealin' with math Or the boss tell his workers where he's keepin' the stash When that gun blast, better have Jah on your side Or an act of devine intervention from the most high I know guys that get a thrill from the kill And other niggaz, who hold the greed to sling ?frills? Chorus Demon's tryin' to take my soul away But they won't get my soul today Will I get locked up or blown away? Just stayin' strong is a price to pay (Repeat) Damn I haven't worked since I was 'bout 17 They had time busy hangin' out being a drama fiend I had to run the streets, see what the night brought out Sneak in the crib Hear my moms prayin' to God that I sprout Take all responsibilities like a man would do 'Cause she know that the streets can bring the worst out of you She told me concentrate on school but what I do about loot? I wanna push the fat ride, have bitches sweatin' me too But you know you need dough so you can do the do And going to class everyday don抰 bring in no loot Plus I just been told that I was cold by club bouncers Standing there hot headed 慴out to set it while they denounce us Crab niggaz still beggin?for CD抯 While brothaz?careers is stuck on halt and freeze About to face extinction ?pockets dead is thinkin? Something ain抰 peace and suicide抯 part of my thinkin?Even God don抰 hear my prayer or him just not care Got a son in this world, stressed out losin?my hair Chorus It抯 time to take the struggle to the pavement Let the people know the mayor sent the OK for enslavement Orders from the government Official stubborn men with egos runnin?shit They put the hit out on whoever try to get out And they are the directors who are dead and ? Even down south in Atlanta Police play the pawn for their master It抯 a disaster, practicing who can kill us faster For less than nothin?like they did Bobby Huton Corruption got me clutchin?my rifle for gun bustin?Somethin抯 cookin?Look at the way some faces be lookin?Cross the bank rock on to Brooklyn, Texas Even in Houston P抯 be shootin?us like sitting ducks in groups And I can抰 trust who or what That will explain the way I watch you, plus, I know the chosen are few Many come around to proclaim things they know not Let alone maintain Shame, some of my worst enemies Live right around me and look just like me I see that its time to intensify the movements in front of my eyes Can抰 rely on a seeing dog they got me Or lay and wait for the devil to surprise me, nah G Chorus (twice) It only takes a line to make the mind think Drop a jewel on the world make the earth sink I抦 on the brink of divinity, defying gravity Reaching for infinity Plenty be incarcerated by the limits Stuck they can抰 function caught up in the scrimage This game called life only lasts minutes Once you in it, be in it to win it 憈ill the finish (repeat)

Almost And Nearly

Just a small town boy in a poppy field. Far from his home and his mother's milk. Chasing the moon, out of his head, into the night, given up for dead. Sleepless boy on a bed of tears. All wrapped up in his momma's fears. Crawling away, calling her name. Into the vein of the boy who's never found, on the road to Shangri-La. (chorus) The boy who's never found Shangri-La The boy who's never found.. Sweet temptation in a silver spoon Cross that path to a different room Enter the door, open your mind, Try for the best, don't know what you'll find. Darkness hangs on athreat to kill Small town man couldn't get his appeal Track down, find out sit tight, Ask how much they'll miss the boy who's never found, On the road to Shangri-La (Chorus) (Instrumental Break) (Chorus, followed by killer climax.)

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