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Will You Dance With Me

Original and similar lyrics
I'm a dancer And I move to the rhythm of the music Oh, it carries me away Yes I'm a dancer I was born to live this life I did not choose it And when the song begins to play Oh please, please Will you dance with me? And I'm a dreamer Oh, my head is in the clouds I keep believin' They really do come true A rainbow chaser And in the end I know that all the love I needed I will find it here with you So please, please Will you dance with me? Baby can you hear the melody? I swear I've never heard a sound so sweet Makes me wanna take your hand For when a girl hits the floor I've never felt like this before I'm a lover Of all things everywhere God set in motion Like a sun and moon and stars Our lives together We'll rise and fall like the waves that pull the ocean If you take me in your arms So, please, please Will you dance with me? (Will you dance with me) Oh, please Will you dance with me? Ooo

The Dive

Deine Lakaien
Where am I I don't know should I stay or should I go? having dreamed of I don't know how I feel insecure City by night the air is warm can I resist all your charm can I ignore your sweet song I'm so weak when I'm alone Oh let me dive into an ocean lights and music in never-ending motion how deep will I fall I don't think, I don't care 'cause cities move on and no-one will find me there Never seen easy live frightened by peoples' eyes catch a glance try a smile say hello stay for a while all around there harmony isolation wait for me our first night in a new world will I disappear will I be heard Oh let me dive...

Livin' Our Love Song

JASON MICHAEL CARROLL "Waitin' In The Country"
Baby, when I look at you With your hair falling down in your baby blues Standing there across the room I get so lost in the way you move It makes me reminisce, back to years ago On a night like this Teary-eyed, as you took my hand And I told you that I'd be your man So many things have come, so many things have gone One thing that's stayed the same is Our love's still going strong [Chorus:] Baby just look at us, all this time and we're still in love Something like this just don't exist between a Backwoods boy and a fairytale princess People said it would never work out But living dreams, we shattered all doubts It feels good to prove 'em wrong Just livin' our love song Oh darling, would you look at me With my heart beatin' fast, and my shakin' knees It's pretty hard to believe After all these years, I still need you this badly You're dancing in my arms With a spotlight moon in a sea of stars Oh girl we've come so far Everything I want is everything that you are Just wanna lay you down, say I love you Without a sound I think you know what I'm talkin' about [Chorus x2]

Some Sweet Day

All my life I've been living in a fantasy Songs of love To help me through the night All my life I keep wondering where you'll be When will I finally see the light Oh, Some sweet day I know I'll find you I won't stop searching til I do This I swear If I live my whole life through I'll hold on till my dream comes true Some sweet day Some sweet day Where are you Darling, how I need you now Need your voice I need to know your name Where are you Please try to get through somehow I don't want to be alone again Oh, Some sweet day I know I'll find you I won't stop searching til I do This I swear If I live my whole life through I'll hold on till my dream comes true Some sweet day Some sweet day I've been shouting to the sky And I keep on asking why If I have to hold out much longer I will surely die

What's Goin' On

Bro'Sis "Never Forget (Where You Come From)"
I was wonderin' why the people act so strange - hatin' on each other ain't no love in these cold days - so I try to find out what's the reason now - but I guess the answer is up behind the clouds I try to understand - why they don't com- prehend - together hand in hand - and free to succeed - there will be a better day - now let me hear you say Whats goin' on It's time for us to stand up and stop the hat- ing - start to love and respect sisters and brothers - don't you make no differences between each other - get yourself together, love is all that matters Now as I take a look around, I see some- thing's wrong - and I ask myself what's going on - and I make you wanna dance on this track like that - and if you don't act correct, then it's time to lay back and think twice - cause we got only one life open up youre eyes - and you will see the light that shines brighter than the sun - c'mon live in peace and harmony

Nether Lands

DAN FOGELBERG "Netherlands"
High on this mountain The clouds down below I'm feeling so strong and alive From this rocky perch I'll continue to search For the wind And the snow And the sky I want a lover I want some friends And I want to live in the sun And I want to do all the things that I never have done. Sunny bright mornings And pale moonlit nights Keep me from feeling alone Now, I'm learning to fly And this freedom is like Nothing that I've ever known I've seen the bottom And I've been on top But mostly I've lived in between And where do you go When you get to the end of your dream? Off in the nether lands I heard a sound Like the beating of heavenly wings And deep in my brain I can hear a refrain Of my soul as she rises and sings Anthems to glory and Anthems to love and Hymns filled with early delight Like the songs that the darkness Composes to worship the light. Once in a vision I came on some woods And stood at a fork in the road My choices were clear Yet I froze with the fear Of not knowing which way to go One road was simple Acceptance of life The other road offered sweet peace When I made my decision My vision became my release.

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