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JULIANNE HOUGH lyrics - Julianne Hough


Original and similar lyrics
So you met him at Shoney's and he gave you his card And you said you'd go out Friday night Well, he's a total stranger but he's tall and he's cute Girl, am I getting this right? Now didn't we cover all this ground last week? When the last loser left you alone Now here we are havin' the same conversation And I'm wonderin' if there's anybody home [Chorus:] Hello? Are you listening? Have you even heard a single word I said? Hello, wake up and smell his cheap cologne How can I get it through your fairytale head? Clue phone's ringing Girl, it's for you, hello It seems like you're always falling for the same guy You just change the face and the name But if you're gonna keep fishing in a pool of shallow water You can't give the fish all the blame Yeah, this is how it is, I'm your friend and I love you And I hate to see you hurting all the time Now don't you put me on hold 'cause your call waiting's saying That your Mr. Wrong is on the other line [Repeat Chorus Twice] Hello, hello, hello

Brighter Days

JIMMY WAYNE "Do You Believe Me Now"
So the telephone keeps on ringing That don't mean there's nobody there If you want to, just go on dreaming When you wake up I'll be waiting here So what's the story, morning glory Don't let some stranger go and ruin your week It's not that bad, you already have More love than you'll ever need [Chorus] Sooner or later the cloud's gonna break Sun's gonna shine down on me and you Don't worry 'bout the thunder we'll just run for cover And stay there until it's through So come on, hide away As long as it takes Just hold on, hold on, hold on Keep holding on and on and on...for brighter days It's a sign of the change of the season When birds they start to flyin' away Think it's time you and I should be leaving So hurry let's get out of the rain Don't be crying, sweet dandelion Just let the wind take you wherever it blows And don't be scared, I'll be waiting there No matter how far you go [Chorus]

(She's In) Another World

Buck "Buck"
She walks around with her head up in the clouds; she's so high, her feet don't touch the ground all down the street, yeah, the people stop and stare but she doesn't even notice, she doesn't even care she's thinking about him he's gone away but she knows it's not forever; in a few more hours they'll be back together and she's waiting for the moment when she'll hold him so tight; wrap her arms around him and everything's gonna be all right she's thinking about him she's in another world... well I'm coming 'round the corner and I see him standing there / I'm the luckiest girl you'll find anywhere and he's never out of mind because he's always outta sight he's my heaven on earth every single night he says he's been thinking about me and that's why he's in another world...

Fuck What You Heard

Bane "It All Comes Down to This"
So for the first four months it was bad And certainly best for you that I didn't Carry a gun or know where you lay your head at night And it was not her as everyone had thought But you, how easily you were able to turn away From all that we were Those things that you said Admit it, your words they came as cheap as your breath And with even less meaning, you selfish fuck The next time that you tell me that you love me Please look me in the eye so that I can see the twitch And I will fight to keep my balance Pray to hold my temper Ten years of history traded away for a nickel and The world's most crooked grin You would not know 'nobility' if it jumped right up And punched you in the face And this rock won't turn to a butterfly No matter how hard I squeeze But I will face it while you look the other way Face it (Always facing it) I believe that it's the only way So many moments wasted on you and this rage Waiting for the dust to settle Or these tears to dry or the axe to fall Something has got to give

Hello, I Love You

ADORE DELANO "Till Death Do Us Party"
[Spoken:] Hey, it's Adore again Why aren't you answering my calls? I called like 5 times! I left you like 7 messages Call me back I like the outfit you got yesterday at 12:23 And my favourite thing to do is watch you dream in your sleep Hello, I'm so happy that you're mine (Hello, hello) And I think you blocked my number, so I got a new phone Cause I'll always be there even when you think you're alone Hello, never gonna say goodbye (Hello, hello) [Pre-Chorus:] Always be together Always and forever [Chorus:] I won't leave, until you answer me What do you say? (Hello, hello) (Hello, hello) I love you You're all mine, until the end of time What do you say? (Hello, hello) (Hello, hello) I love you Got our song, it's up and ready for our very first kiss And I brought a list of names when we're ready for kids Hello, I'm so happy that you're mine (Hello, hello) Kept a locket of your hair for my collection of you When you say I'm fucking crazy, I know you mean I'm cute Hello, never gonna say goodbye (Hello, hello) [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Spoken:] Hey, it's Adore again I've called like 10 times I even called your house phone and left a message with your mother I haven't heard from you yet I really miss you! I like what you were wearing last night... Call me back please I love you! [Chorus]

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "Kicking Against The Pricks"
By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising And she'll find that note that I left hanging on the door And she'll laugh when she reads the part That says: 'I'm leaving' Cause I've left that girl so many times before And by the time I get to Albuquerque, she'll be working And she'll take off time just to give me a call And she'll hear that phone keep right on ringing and ringing On the wall, yeah oh, that's all And by the time I make Oklahoma, she'll be sleeping She'll turn softly in her sleep and call my name out low And then she'll cry just to think that I'd really leave her, I left her But time after time after time I tried to tell her so But she just didn't know That I would really go That I would really go

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