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Nintendo Blood

Original and similar lyrics
Her eyes were black and white and blue I listen to your favorite songs backwards Do you have a plan for who to surrender to? I’ve been training for you… It won’t stop now Imprisoned us in a song Asleep in the dead of wrong No return beyond this point In theory Will you drift into that dark war-path, When the blood runs down their face sideways? As the party stays in the city forever, it seems Like ugly hippy neon art We let the schoolboys in your eyes run out When you asked me to blow smoke in your mouth Like anybody the gloves I find I try Can you think back to that time? I was so angry I got up and out of bed I spent 25 minutes reading what you said A face I know so well, I’ve memorized your teeth I’ve worked so hard I haven’t looked at you in weeks Will you solve your problems in the day-light? They like to change the rules as they go By chapter 2 he got killed by the author Momma won’t let me out Take me in your android arms mom-Jeanette Made up of every lonely person you’ve met Of every pretty stranger you’ll never regret — I can’t help it, it’s not my fault, gotta be possessive Each man for his own, arm in arm in arms Imprisoned us in a song Asleep in the dead of wrong Motha-f. Don’t page me tonite Don’t stop, react, attack. “When man has conquered the earth he will have destroyed himself His appetite will devour the earth and leave behind only a desert The end of living & the beginning of surviving, Our land, our brother we treat like an enemy But “when man has conquered the earth he will have destroyed himself The end of living & the beginning of surviving…” Our land is a brother we treat like an enemy – oh oh Cause nothing exists except molecules and empty space – oh oh The moon is cracked I think it looked at me and grinned The room is packed I look around and now it spins Cyborg, I need to sit down, I need to shut up Universe everything’s wrong, I think I fucked up Only trust myself Level with myself Level with myself I am not myself


Jimmie's Chicken Shack "2 For 1 Special"
hear me out nothing in the world pulls me down inside now i know it all seems better just a moment i'd like to stay here for a while though it may seem infantile don't want to know what you call devout i might be sure you don't say a word and you'll play your part again denial is in your eyes don't want to know what it all is or what it's about what you say is the truth to who you are and often i'm left here wondering if my truth will stretch that far and i will play my part again eyes open wide don't want to know don't want to know what it all is or what it's about don't want to know the time or whats to come and could you play your part again eyes open wide don't want to know you live in your fear like paradise you can't afford to ever let me in just happy to be not satisfied i guess that's the way it goes and all the love that you will bring and all the time that it will take and all the lies you often say are the roads just trying to take me with all my might into desire whatever work to make me high wou can believe that i'm not trying to find something to save me and though your heaven will deny how again i fell the same thing in the end we will not find one answer your living fears confine this day brought up and torn in jesus' name my only hope is nothing stays the same your living in fear and living that's the way it goes yeah that's the way it goes yeah that's the way it goes if that's the way it goes i don't want to know bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss

...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

AMON AMARTH "Versus The World"
The Northern wind brings snow and ice Humans starve and freeze The Fimbul winter has arrived And soon the world will cease to be Brother will be brother's bane No one shall be spared All will die. None remain That is mankind's share The southern sphere is set ablaze Muspel's fire is set free The sun is on its final chase And soon the world will cease to be Across the western sky he runs A wolf so grim and mean Devours the eternal sun And soon the world will cease to be The North Star falls from the sky Into the deep cold sea The first of all to fall and die And soon the world will cease to be Muspel's flames lick the sky Hidhægg eats the dead The Aesir meet in hall up high And Oden 'quests Mimer's head Land is swallowed by the waves Rocks and mountains break Dead men on the path to Hell And Yggdrasil quakes [Lead Mikkonnen] From the East comes a ship Loke holds the oar A demon army with swords that rip Will join the final war The army of the dead arrives Heimdal blows his horn Calling Gods out to die Before the world can be reborn

Run Silent Run Deep

IRON MAIDEN "No Prayer For The Dying"
(Harris/Dickinson) The convoy lights are dead ahead The Merchantmen lay in their bed, The trump of... diesels hammers down, In the oily sea - the killing ground, His knuckles white his eyes alight, He slams the hatch on the deadly night, A cunning fox in the chickens lair A hound of hell and the devil don't care [Chorus:] Running silent, Running deep, we are your final prayer, Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman's nightmare, A silent death lies waiting, for all of you below, Running silent, Running deep, sink into your final sleep Chill the hearts of fighting men, In open ocean wondering when? The lethal silver fish will fly The boat will shiver - men will die A cast of millions - a part to play Killer? Victim? or fool for a day Obeying an order - men have to die Us or them - a well rehearsed lie [Chorus] The lifeboats shattered the hull is torn, The tar black smell of burning oil, On the way down to Davy Jones, Every man for himself - you're on your own The wolf eyes watch the crosswire 'Stern tubes ready', 'Aim and fire!' They can pin some medal on your chest, But in two more weeks - dead like the rest [Chorus]

Don't Cuss The Fiddle

WAYLON JENNINGS "Waylon & Willie"
I scandalized my brother While admitting that he sang some pretty songs I'd heard that he'd been scandalizing me And Lord, I knew that that was wrong. Now I'm looking at it over somethin' cool And feeling fool enough to see What I had called my brother on Now he had every right to call on me. Don't ever cuss that fiddle boy Unless you want that fiddle out of tune That picker there's in trouble boy Ain't nothin' but another side of you. If we ever get to heaven boys It ain't because we ain't done nothin' wrong We're in this gig together So let's settle down and steal each other's song. I found a wounded brother Drinkin' bitterly away the afternoon And soon enough he turned on me Like he'd done every face in that saloon. Well, we cussed him to the ground And said he couldn't even steal a decent song But soon as it was spoken We was sad enough to wish that we were wrong. Don't ever cuss that fiddle boy Unless you want that fiddle out of tune That picker there's in trouble boy Ain't nothin' but another side of you. I know that it sounds silly But I think that I just stole somebody's song She's a good timin' woman In love with a good two timin' man. And she loves him inspite of the way That she don't understand...

Total Human End

Die Apokalyptischen Reiten
The day will come and nothing will be heared. That's the great silence. This will be the day of retribution for all the pain and injuries the mankind has caused to our mother earth and at the same time the day of deliverance of the earth and of all suffering souls. All will be silence. Not a single human voice, no human beeing, conceited about it's ability to speak, can make a single noise. It seems that the Creation swallows the dull routine of everyday life to get attention for the imminant apocalypse at hand. The biggest machines and factories, built from human hands , are quiet, dead and insignificant. And nature, all living creatures, all the growing and blooming things, the water and the air will be silent. But not dead. Deep inside the Creation a noise is growing which has never been heared before, born of the the pain and the suffering of every living creature. One can not hear it, but you can feel it in your bones and the whole world is shaking because of it. Penetrating, and it rises up to a river of screaming, draughning everyone and everything. Nothing will be left and in the end there will be a great silence and eternal peace!

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