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Johan Von Bronx

Original and similar lyrics
Don't forget the wrong guy in the lineup Tryin' hard to be strong always rolling over I will try to guitar out, quoting scripture Soon you won't have memories, only pictures Wait back, the time is not right (o-o-oh) The chase is much better at night (o-o-oh) I wait for the time of his high (o-o-oh) My ego is quite out of hand (o-o-oh) Watch the flames go out Soon - No, now that's my mission I've taken away your natural purpose That is what a loving - selfish, loving human does That is what it sounds like to an insect Hold that trial by night I've been sitting with him all night Hold my ears it's wrong I can't listen to this too long Pitchforks, fires in hand I can't turn it around tonite I want to get back Back to where I can sleep at night Wait for the back of his heart Lesson learned I'm trying but maybe too hard, like an Eskimo I listen, but I - but I can't - what I want to say… My ego is out of control, yes I know Please, can I go? Can I hold it? - It's part of the show It saves me 2 dollars if kids do the work Can we shake it Up in time? I don't know Destroy it So destroy it Just destroy it Destroy it Burn it down, to the ground

Let It Be

Kane "So glad you made it"
Well the answer is always the same Won't you please just let it be Cause I've been there and all I can say Is that it slips away from me With the memory of yesterday's grace She spins away from me So I can go on As cold as the void of the night The dark surrounding me She leaves me there every time As alone as I can be And I drift with the thought of her eyes She's all that I can see But I will go on Every long night Every whisper Every song that never saw it coming And she says it's oh so right Every cold night Every shiver Every time I didn't feel it coming She says it's oh so right As heartless and cruel as can be She moves away from me Still I need to be hers every time With all that I can be As she calls in the deep of the night She takes all I've got from me So I can go on Every long night Every whisper Every song that never saw it coming Baby don't you know that is not alright It's not alright, no, no, no Every cold night Every shiver Every silent scream And she never listens Well it's not alright, not alright She rides with the gods of the night She rides with the tides in me She crushes the waves with her sigh And she...oh lord...she becomes a part of me But her care is as sharp as a knife I'll say, for how can she step away from me How can you just walk away from me Every cold night Every whisper Every silent scream And you never listen And you say what...It's alright Well it's not alright, no, no Every last time Every shiver Every dirty game Well it just isn't right It just isn't right She wakes at the dawn of the day And takes my heart from me Leaves with nothing to say Nothing left for me But the fever of final goodbyes She spins away from me So I can go on I can go on

Waiting For The Bus

i've standing here waiting for the bus on a Saturday laundry on my back ultraviolet rays like i'm posing for a shot in a magazine what the hell does it mean? refrain i'm a travelling man straight from the car i'm a thousand miles away from my number one fan my folks are getting tight won't let me out at night you can't avoid the complications when there's no reason at all when the right hand stikes we fly i'll drink my beer i'll wipe my tears southbound in the sky chorus another crime another reason gets you everyday the only time that you can talk you ain't nothing to say well i'm caught up in a stupid game thai i can't play it's just a waste of time but i'm in anyway i've been sitting here watching the signs too many cars at night belching in the moonlight we're doing ninety as the sky turns to grey the people look like bees buzzing by the highway the wheels are rolling like a rolling stone alone i choose the road less traveled on now i'm lying here waiting for the day on the second deck dreaming of a girl from a fairytale chain around my neck a ride is all it takes but pains get in the way refrain chorus chorus i'm in it anyway hey i'm in it anyway

That Time Of The Night

Fish "Clutching at Straws"
At that time of the night when streetlights throw crosses Through window frames, paranoia roams where the shadows reign Oh, at that time of the night At that time of the night your senses tangled in some new perfume Criticism triggers of a loaded room. At that time of the night So if you ask me how do I feel inside I could honestly tell you we've been taken on a very long ride And if my owners let me have some free time some day With all good intention I would probably run away Clutching the short straw At that time of the night when questions rally in an open mind Summon all your answers with an ice cube chime At that time of the night. At that time of the night Pretend you're off the hook with the telephone Your confidence wounded in a free fire zone, Oh, at that time of the night So if you ask me where do I go from here, My next destination isn't even really that clear. So if you join me and get on your knees and pray, I'll show you salvation we'll take the alternative way Clutching the short straw If I had enough money I'd buy a round for that boy over there A companion in my madness in the mirror the one with the silvery hair. And if some kind soul could please pick up my tab And while they're at it if they could pick up my broken heart....


You are subtle as a window pane Standing in my view But I will wait for it to rain So that I can see you You call me up at night When there's no light passing through And you think that I don't understand But I do We don't say everything that we could So that we can say later Oh, you misunderstood I hold my cards up Close to my chest I say what I have to And I hold back the rest 'Cause someone you don't know Is someone you don't know Get a firm grip, girl Before you let go For every hand extended Another lies in wait Keep your eye on that one Anticipate Dress down get out there Pick a fight with the police We will get it all on film For the new release Seems like everyone's an actor Or they're an actor's best friend I wonder what was wrong to begin with That they should all have to pretend We lost sight of everything When we have to keep checking our backs I think we should all just smile Come clean and relax If there's anything I've learned All these years on my own It's how to find my own way there And how to find my own way back home

Fly To The Rainbow

SCORPIONS "Taken By Force"
Lyrics:Ulrich Roth Life is empty, can't remember anytime before, On a plain lit cold December, see it evermore, Gliding through this life, and another as a child, Ever doing games, and losing things, always playing gigs. Somewhere in the sky, where the moon the stars shine bright, Where the sun is shining, in the night. I am in disgrace, yet i see your smiling face, and i hope you let me, share your place. I don't live today. Rain in the sky made the world fly into time Back beyond time Sun in the sky made the world fly into time Back beyond time Rain in the sky made the world fly into time Back beyond time Sun in the sky made the world fly into time Back beyond time Rain in the sky made the world fly into time Back beyond time Sun in the sky made the world fly into time Back beyond time Well, I lived in magic solitude, Of cloudy looking mountains, And a lake made out of crystal raindrops. Roaming through space, ten thousand years ago, I've seen the giant city of Atlantis, Sinking into eternal wave of darkness. Shhh. Somewhere in the blue distance Are those long forgotten trees of yore A broken violin floating alone in December Darkness everywhere, and nothing more Symbol, strange symbol, melancholy Painting torrid colors on a sky of green Candle breathing one night only Far away, in chillness, bleak, unseen Drifting galley, ghostlike shadow Sails rigged to catch and kill the time Echoes wandering down an endless meadow I feel ... sublime

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