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Father Electricity

Original and similar lyrics
Like harmonies, locks in keys Lightning in every drop We're tricked again, lost at sea When we find land, can I climb your tree? I know it's hard to see I wanna believe what you're saying But I'm seeing the games that you're playing I know-know-know-know-know-know-know What I'm gonna d-d-d-d-d-do In the wrong place, at the wrong time They're attracting all the wrong people to the wrong line I do not wanna see the whole mess I wish I could live in retrospect 5 steps, remember them well As you're coming down Down the well, And you drop 500 tons of hell You are everything I see – every time I blink – despair Who's asleep at the wheel? They fight for every meal, who likes that bad idea? You Undo… What I feel, Qualia What I am, Qualia Wait, wait No, I don't want it No, I don't want it Oh man What are we doing now? All I know are instincts You are everything I see – every time I blink – despair Lock the doors and hide the keys And wake the doctor, call a priest Born out of electricity, I wait for you in the second life Who's asleep at the wheel? Who likes that bad idea? Who wants a happy meal? oooh …You are everything I see – every time I blink – despair I will take what I can grab, but I, I don't want your money bags Oh-ooh-ooh-ooh What else can I say, What else can I say, What else can I say tonite?


Joe Rockhead "Crazy"
Down in the zombie town people running all around Blind as bats can be the truth they cannot see Keep them blinders on raise the young ones big and strong And when the day is through not much we can do Its getting tricky just to see the light And it's tricky telling wrong from right Its getting trickier as time goes by Its getting tricky to carry the load And it's tricky not to explode It gets trickier as time goes by Rain is falling from the sky on this sunny sunny sunny night Brother can you tell me why right is wrong wrong is right tell me why Shouldn't be this way again will this problem never end Will this madness ever cease we need to learn to love Then they'll be peace Day in the sun And I have seen the monster men time and time and time again They look like me and you and this ain't nothing new You can't stop the sea they say the tide of change must have its way One day the tide will turn and maybe then we'll learn (chorus) Now brother tell me why The rain keep falling from the sky Oh tell me now will we ever see the sun There's got to be some way we can live as one

Love Won't Wait

When I first saw your face I knew that I could not hesitate You said 'Baby, don't go too fast' If we do then it may not last Time went on and I waited for you I didn't know what else I could do I thought that we'd always be together You said 'Hold on it just gets better' And I believed you, I kept holding on You think that I can never leaved you You think I'm not that strong, you're wrong Love won't wait Forever and a day Love must live in the here and now Don't ask me how I know So here I am with my heart on my sleeves You said, 'Baby put your trust in me' But I've come to the end of the line And you've wasted up all of my precious time Wanted to be something special to you Everybody is somebody's fool Won't be a fool, no you've got me all wrong You don't know what you had till it's gone Love takes time But you've been taking too long Time never waited for anyone Don't wait too long or I'll be gone Don't wait too long or I'll be gone I'll be gone That was an empty thing that I wouldn't do You led me on, you even said 'I love you' How can we go on when it's tearing up apart Are you going to break my heart Cause I believed you

It's Life

I don't know what I'm doing I say the wrong things half the time I'm only human Not anything you can define I'm rushing day to day To find my way To where I'm going Don't try to fight me I'm all I can be [Chorus:] Sometimes it's hard No matter who you are It's life, it's life And I'm just trying to get it right Sometimes I feel Like this whole thing isn't real But it's life, it's life And I'm just trying to get it Trying to get it right I can't keep on living Counthing every breath I take Just want to jump in To the water so why wait I'll make mistakes, I'll take the breaks But I'll say something Don't try to crowd me Just give me time and give me space [Chorus] Let's go, let's go Everybody wants to know Where I'm gonna go But I still gotta fly Staying strong holding on And when I get it wrong I know that I'll survive Check that, check that Never gonna look back And say that I was too afraid to try [Chorus]

A Firm Kick

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Inside Of Emptiness"
A firm kick in the pants This last chance to get things right This was one time I closed an eye Looked away from you Look out for yourself tonight Sometimes I have to get things right I never meant what I said to you To give up all the things that you love to do I'd never guessed that you'd done me wrong I'll never accept that dance and song A little time to adjust Would be just what we need I've meant to tell you what I think that you think When I cross your mind Forgone Stressed at the light Whats wrong with being uptight I never say what I intend to But does it mean that much to you I'd a close call with a glitch in time Are you really that happy to be mine No I'm not disguising All that fighting And dreams not come true I will play some light from the sun The world by my side I will see down as a forlorn maiden in the sky And I will play a song of thunder you may recognize You make a never Thats forever Knowing what you deny When I revisit the past its a blast I've just gotta move on I've just let down someone I relied on And I dont see why How did we pretty up that speech M City talking through me I've never done what I set out to do Don't come to me 'cuz I'll run from you Left out of life would I really care Not a whole lot There's nothing for me there I'll never forget the limits that we set Bacl when it was out moon I never made a presence of living with good sence It's really not my strong suit

A Product Of Society

(Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa) What kind of society do we have Where doing the wrong is right? Living by rules pressured in Throughout time The lies are always being fed While the world is going to hell Do all you can to please one, please yourself A product of society, feelings are not inbred I'm made to feel no sympathy I may as well be dead I know my life means more than this But selfishness has been my creed Is there a way to feel again To remove this rotted seed I was born this way, can I change Or will I remain a product of society Lust and power, insidious greed A make up of what I am I owe society for who I am A selfish child in the form of a man Feelingless, I could care less About what happens to you Repent, recant, change my ways? Contradiction from what I knew Society's sick, the one were in Where doing the wrong is right Pollution of the mind, its now time Rise up against the filth That's being fed to you and me Do all you can to please one, please yourself

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