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JUICY J lyrics - Hustle Till I Die

Ghost Dope

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook x2:] Ghost dope, ghost dope, them Feds coming cut throat Ghost dope, ghost dope, them Feds coming cut throat You didn't catch me with no blow and I don't own no triple beams And how you gonna charge me for some dope That I ain't touched or that I ain't seen [Verse 1:] I knew a thug that had a plug straight outta South Memphis But he a drug habit, he couldn't stop sniffing I had my goons meet him, ready to buy 'bout 20 bricks Bring the summer time, ooh, I'm 'bout to make a lick Just like always man we had to check the dope And he said, "It's all good, man you know we folks" One of my goons called "J man this nigga tripping I see about 50 pillows but the other 5 missing And this nigga nose draining like a waterfall I'm 'bout to get what I can get and make his heart pause" Just before I can get this nigga to calm down I hear a "Freeze" and some shooting in the background [Hook x2] [Verse 2:] This shit was on the news, the Feds busted all my goons The nigga with the plug habit working with them fools Packing all my shit I heard some knocks at my front door "Come out with your hands up", so now I'm on the floor It's about to go down, they kicked the doors down Guns at my head, U.S. Marshals all around Tearing up my place, nothing never was found It's in the shotgun house, somewhere in Orange Mound Interrogation they kept asking me my tele-code If I don't tell 'em nothing I'll get life with no parole But I don't snitch, hope you niggas know the business The wire taps is what they got but no witness [Hook x2]

Run Nigga

(I thought all our problems were over) Westcoast, we're not suppose to know better I suppose we just suppose to let this shit happen, huh You mother fuckers done lost y'all mind Y'all done bumped y'all mother fuckin head Now there's got to be somethin done bout all this shit that's occurrin I don't like it I don't like it one mother fuckin bit [Trick Daddy:] Free me I've been captured by some demons They drainin my blood Taken samples of my semen Got the nerve to call me crazy Tappin all my telephones Questioning my lady's But I trained them every summer Hope to ball and never fumble Survive in the jungle It stinks like Stevie Wonder Rainy days, I'll be the thunder No carma and no drama So I gots to ask my mama Yo, why Kenny left me starvin Didn't daddy do his part She explained she had a heart She did all that she could do; She kept her faith in god (Its Hard) [Courus: x2] You better run nigga Do ya thang nigga Get off a chain nigga Cause you's a free nigga Run nigga Thang nigga Chain nigga (What) I'm holding in my hand an original copy of the emancipation proclamation Much to my dismay I noticed that Lincoln forgot to sign it And that means technically I'm still a slave and you're still a slave owner [Tre+6 :] I rest around the roudy bout it g niggas And niggas who wanna be known as thugs Livin the life because they wanna boom in money and drugs But ain't no love when they spray Pray for them everyday Cause they kill ya dead and take ya bread if you play with they late To my dismay my niggas ain't no thugs They some slaves tryin to runaway to a better day And anything in they way, they gonna crush it But if ain't about that flow then don't discuss it Plopin and pumpin we off the chain and disgusted Willin to die for anything, and that's official Without or with you, pistol be government issued With the scrached off word so the Tre would be observed We serve, L-Ron fuckin with nerve [Funk Boogie:] See no like myself See I hear no, speak no, see no evil Except for them demons that be by lookin like everyday people Tryin to get up in my mindframe, stop me from doing my thang See if I was a killa, y'all would hear my nine milli {WHAT} bang But na that never was my skillo, Funk Boogie mostly just be like chillen Dealin wit these crooked villains, standin ready like Freddie Tryin to whoop a nigga for somethin That's why I'm on the rock so for sure they gets nothin Except a nigga asscrack, kiss it, runaway slave, that's the click We set you free nigga, break yourself from the clinch [Courus: x 2] [Tre+6 :] Samba bring dead ain't got shit to live for Talkin bout you real how you killed so Scared to death, shakin like a dildo Find something to live for It's sad to see you with that slave mentality Let me set you free, come follow my cracks ain't no lookin back Better run like hell, for sure you'll end up dead, don't bump your head Man I'm bout to make right for you and me To my ghetto children, Be Free See how life's suppose to be Run nigga What Thang nigga What Chain nigga What (It's over) Run nigga What (it's over) Thang nigga What (it's over) Chain nigga What (it's over) (Nigga we runaway slaves) (Nigga we runaway slaves and we ain't going back)


MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
[Intro Snoop] No Limit. Soldiers. (Ughhhhhhhh!) DPGC. Gangstas. (Ha, ha!) Look here, you got three crazy muthafuckas in the same place at the same time. (Yeah, Master P.) You know this shit gon be off the hook. (It's gon be the wildest shit you ever heard.) For my bitches down south. Southern hospitality. (Representin, ya heard me!) [Snoop] From the cold, hard streets of the LBC To a duet with Mystikal and Master P Real G's ship keys and shoot dice on their knees And put pistols to the mouths, of their enemies Old country ass nigga with a gold in the front Be the same muthafucka that get your bitch ass stomped Underestimatin hatin got you knocked out cold Tryin to play my boy over, you was with your hoe Them South niggas bangin off the shit that we write Punk niggas get killed, straight on sight No Limit ain't no gimmick It's tragic you know, so don't be meddlin with my boy and my hoe Lay low, hit the floor, I'm back Yo P, take me to the streets, that's where my heart is at You make em say Ughhhhhhh! I make em say beeyatch Together we can flip the script and get grip You got the crack, I got the bud sack Mystikal, smack, you got the strap Deep in that gangsta shit on a night like that You blast me, I blast you back, beeyatch! [Chorus: X 2] We bout to jump off with some gangsta shit Gangsta shit! We bout to hop off with some gangsta shit Gangsta shit! Know what, we're bout to jump off with some gangsta shit Gangsta shit! [Mystikal] Got this fuckin party poppin You cappin and army braggin Gon keep smugglin in this game shit 'Niggas ain't rappin' what you say about gangsta rappin You get killed forever, my nigga, every day Where you get fucked up nigga, is where you lay Time again I tried to tell you, but you ain't wanna heard what I say Damn leather dog bombin Done made a mistake We made (something is faded in the background) sound so good Keep that gangsta shit banging up and down your hood Cause only real gangstas get down and to the bottom Where y'all going, that much, we'll see right through ya I'll out hustle ya, can't put up a fight cause I out muscle ya My really don't give a fuck attitude got ya feelin uncomfortable I got that there, nigga you ain't saying shit I'm colder than a brand new pair of Stan Smiths Fresher than a whole box of green Altimos But I got to blow your head off and put bullet holes in your Girbauds [Chorus] [Master P] B-O-U-T we bout it Real gangstas live muthafuckin rowdy And where you from is how you come Where you be or you're at Fool, watch your back for these gangstas in that black from Long Beach to New Orleans, from every nigga in the hood to the penitentiary Tryin to, survive on these streets Slangin dope cause the kids gotta eat Put it in a car or a plane, Grey Hound or a train Sixty five when it came, eighty nine when it lay I'm in love with miss mo mo, candy painted four Twenty skirt with convertible, fuckin polo Bring the stylins of your talk I mean real gangstas don't talk Free your mind and refugee Alive and turn your cheeks like Pras be [Chorus till fade]

FreeNation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2

I promise you the waters is coming Saying it everyday got me feeling like Noah They say I'll blow up My aunts and uncles see me rapping They say I'll grow up Some stop and stare like how he still a vegetarian with all this good meat that he throw up? Trust I'm a Show up when it's show time Running threw the field like dion sannders with four primes We need mo primes Where the fuck is megatron when you fighting lions? Tellem whatever they selling nigga I ain't buying! The world been coming to an end and I ain't need no Mayan calendar to feel that Got the people rooting for the waters like Phil back with a younger Kobe Young shin obi Nigga moving through the shadows of the city got no hittaz but the youngins know me Took some good advice from a couple og's Shared the knowledge with my homies we ain't talking for the hell of it It was always bout the growth and development Never to big Elephant in the room how could you not notice?! Can't you smell when I'm cooking this rock?! Dwayne Johnson with the raw Stuff the cash in my sock! Ain't tryna live life to BIG it might stop Stay Ready to die am I PAC?! Holograms of the southside I be blessed just to make it back to my spot! Steppin over squares like hopscotch I'm top notch Got hands like doc OC It's a wonder that he don't write more More fire for the water to be boiled get impurities out Make sure he sure what he bout Betta know what yo security bout I'm here to cure any doubt that you may have had bout the kid in the leather boots Bottle water and a ginger root hella vegetables Tommy bag full of Cole/coal and you know what pressure do A flawed diamond still impeccable A flawed diamond still impeccable Why is it so hard to grasp that concept Why the simple shit on the cover of complex? Nigga look around! Can't elevate If you keep looking down Don't let the pennies ever make you proud Keep it Blunt with how he break it down Bring it to you naked how can you hate on that Ring the alarm everybody slept late on that Next best out the chi and I ain't really leaving room for debate on that

Clock Strikes

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Welcome To Our World"
[Magoo] See, them other crews could not figure me It's the Mag and double-ooh, got that fat CD Buck a crystal, hit a nigga with my blunt Philly Fake MC's getting assed like they eatin chili Only way they seem to rap is if they got a Philly Maybe I'm Nicole Brown, cause you really kill me Got away with hittin me, but you ain't O.J. I'm bout to shake up the world like Cassius Clay When I bumble watch your back cause I sting like bee This ain't the Wild Wild West and you ain't Kool Moe Dee Watch a movie now you think that you really Joe Pesci You don't want beef with me, like a diaper I'm messy [Timbaland] I'm that laid back brother they call Timbaland I drive a 850 sometimes a 3-2 Mazda van You can catch me standin in my b-boy stance Or catch me at home watchin Who's the Man They call robber, cause I pack much heat Don't call me now, because they dig the way I speaks I'm like a genie, because I've been trapped in a bottle I've got more stunts, than that nigga Desperado Come follow, a mad brother where'll there be no sun no sun tomorrow, you be sayin, when can we meet Uhh uhh My offices hours are nine to five Ain't that right Maganoo, Maganoo Right... right [Chorus: Magoo] When the clock strikes, half past two, yeah They'll be dancin, through the night Da-da-da, da, da (HEY!) Da-da-da, da, da (AHH!) Da-da-da, da, da (HEY!) Da da daahhhhhh! (AHH!) [repeat with hey's and ahh's added in regularly throughout] [Timbaland] Now gimme that... And run with the... (AHH) Party people are you ready for Tim and Maganoo As we come, rum & coke, won't you kick a verse too [Magoo] Yo I'm bout to get it started like I'm Hammer then I farted You retarded if you thinkin Brandy really broken hearted I departed doin dirt, lookin up your girl's skirt Keep it Steve Martin style, bustin loose like jerk I get Up like -town, gimme don't say no more Got them scars on my face cause my health be poor You Milli Vanilli, I'm Kurtis Blow like eighty-fo' No I don't want your girl she be suckin my big toe You get death like row, I take a beanie then I jet Peace to Tupac, cause he was dope as it get Twisted but you ain't Keith Sweat and shit got hot Make a block then make a circle then I rock that spot The rappin Don, I make a dyke go straight If you think I'm cute, then you up too late Make no mistake, I'm a question with no answer Riddle me like the Joker get burnt like JoJo dancer [Chorus 2X] [hey's and ahh's continue for a bit without Magoo] [Chorus 1/2]

Diced Pineapples

ASH KARDASH "Beauty And The Barz"
You see' something 'bout this dude got me trippin' Cause I'm willing to give up all that I've got, All to have what I've been missin' And I'm like "Is you crazy?" Goes the conscience in my mind Cause this the same old thing That happened to you last time Remember how you gave him yo' heart? And in the end that nigga stepped on it And than you gave him all your love n' And in the end that nigga pissed on it And you were hurt, You were in so much pain You should've listened when they had told you, "These niggas all the same" But I see something different in you Something that makes me think otherwise Like, definitely, perhaps? Your nothing like these other guys, So I stay And yeah, maybe that makes me dumb But those who've never loved, will never know where I'm coming from [Singing:] And boy, you put me through a lot And should I be with you? (Hell) Prolly' not Because every day It's the same shit We going back and forth About a different bitch And then I'm mad and crying And asking you why you lying And you tell me to stop crying' cause you Ain't doing shit, You tellin' me to grow up Cause all these bitches is mad, And all they doin' is hating, And they can't prove it [Talking:] So than I'm thinking to myself Like, you know what? Maybe this nigga didn't And then I come to my senses and I'm like Hell nawh Him? I know this nigga did it, So I get mad and send you a text that I don't mean at all, And your reply to me, Is no reply at all So then I'm sitting there like, Ain't this about a bitch? Cause I hate it when you do that shit In my Wayne voice And I know this is a double MG song But on any beat I can get my Wayne on And I'm just thinking from the heart Thought I would keep this cover simple But before I sing the hook, Shout out to - beats for the instrumental [Singing:] And I'm like I guess I'm in my feelings right now I guess I'm in my feelings right now I guess I'm in my I guess I'm in my feelings right now I guess I'm in my feelings right now Because I'm writing songs bout' you You got me writing songs bout' you [x4] I guess I'm in my feelings [Talking:] But he say Why you always trippin'? Keep tellin' you that I ain't doin' shit But you don't wanna listen That's why I say you crazy, acting like you lost yo damn mind How you be making up these stories And assuming stuff all the time I told you to grow up And stop always arguing And stop always going off And being worried about another bitch Then maybe you won't be hurt And in so much pain And get that shit out yo head about these niggas being all the same Cause I'm tryna be somethin' different fo' you. But you think otherwise I'm tryna prove to you, that I'm nothing like these other guys. And just because you stay, that don't make you dumb It just means you're a rider who knows where I'm comin' from And he like [Singing:] Girl, I put you through alot And should you be with me? (Hell) Prolly not Because every day It's the same shit We going back and forth About a different bitch And than you mad and crying and asking Me why I'm lying And I tell you to stop crying' cause I Ain't doing shit I'm tellin' you to grow up Cause all these bitches is mad And all they doin' is hating And they can't prove it! [Talking:] But then you stop thinking to yourself Like you know what? Maybe this nigga didn't it Tryna convince you that am being honest But you be sure a nigga did it Now you mad being silly actin brand new Textin me all this shit, and saying me you hate me too Now I'm sitting there Cause I'm supper pissed Cause I hate it when you do that shit! In my Wayne voice And I know this is a double MG song But on any beat I can get my Wayne on And am just speaking from the heart Thought id keep this cover real But before you sing the hook you already know the deal And he like [Singing:] I guess you in your feelings right now I guess you in your feelings right now I guess you in your I guess you in your feelings right now I guess you in your feelings right now Because you're writing songs bout' me You got you writing songs bout' me [x4] I guess you in your feelings Hey

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