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Judybats lyrics

The Wanted Man

Original and similar lyrics
Her beautiful arse Cantilevering over a table of hors d'oeuvres She took a sip of her drink and said, Hey, this music really gets on my nerves. I said, What music? She said, The music in my head Sometimes it makes me wish I were dead It's like a requiem It's like a rodeo Can't you hear it? I said, No. She said, Like where is here And, tell me, how will I know when I get there I wear my little black dress, I'm just waiting around Will I think to comb my hair? I said, Will it matter? She says, Matter everywhere No one here, they never play fair I hope heaven is a place where sloe gin fizz comes in Those little glasses, you know the ones That are blue on the bottom and thin on the top? CHORUS She said she said e said She's sad, she said She said she said she said She's sad She said she said she said She's sad she said she's sad She said she said she said She said, You know, the people here, all they wanna do Is pick you apart; trouble is, they don't have time To put you back together again. I hate New York. I've thought about moving, to Italy Or Spain or Hell, maybe even Tennessee. CHORUS All she said Was she's sad she said All she said Was she's sad ---------------------------------

My Heaven

Carpenter Mary-Chapin "Between Here and Gone"
Nothing shatters and nothing breaks Nothing hurts and nothing aches We got ourselves one hell of a place In my Heaven Looking down at the world below I'm unsure why the fighting shows Up here we got none of those In my Heaven There's pools and lakes and hills and mountains Music, art, lighted fountains Who need bucks here, no one's countin' In my Heaven No one works, we all just play You can pick the weather every day And if you change your mind, that's okay In my Heaven Grandma's up here, Grandpa too In a condo with a to-die-for view There's presidents and movie stars You just come as you are No one's lost and no one's missing No more parties, just hugs and kissing And all these stars are just fruition In my Heaven There's little white lights everywhere Your childhood dog in Dad's old chair And more memories than my heart can hold That leave us singing Field of Gold There's neighbors, thieves and long lost lovers Villans, poets, kings and mothers Up here we forgive each other In my Heaven For every soul that's down there waiting Holding on, still hesitating, We say a pray of levitate In my Heaven You can look back on your life a lot It can't matter what you're not By the time you're here We're all we've got In my Heaven In my Heaven In my Heaven

Bunk Bed

Lee and I had a beautiful Bunkbed Bottom was mine to keep rain from my head And Yoga, my Mom, she took when I was young She said she'd teach me moves when she got home Chorus I bounced my bed... I hurt my head... I saw red, I thought I'm dead from my bunkbed I hate bunkbed Waited till ten, for her to come on in To show me how, she learned to twist her limbs Thats Great... Show Me... It looks like so much Fun... Just Once, Oh Please... I'll sleep when I am done Chorus I'm holding my head, from a nail on Lee's Bed... They stitched me up, But I wanted the top Instead Chorus

The Qaspell

Legendary Pink Dots
Kissing frogs is fine when you're single, when you've time to spare. You hold the mirror, comb your hair, the manna drops down from heaven. But spare a thought for me; light a candle. Place me in the flame... Handle me with care, I'll maybe melt away. If you do believe in me; yes if you are convinced - I'll be your prince now and forever. No more wincing as you kiss a frog, and no more waiting...

He Thought Of Cars

BLUR "The Great Escape"
Moscow's still red, the young man is dead Gone to heaven instead, the evening news says he was confused The motorways will all merge soon, lottery winner buys the moon They've come to save us, the space invaders are here He thought of cars and where, where to drive them Who to drive them with There, there was no-one, no-one There's panic at london heathrow Everybody wants to go up into the blue But there's a ten year queue Columbia is in top gear, it shouldn't snow at this time of year Now america's shot gone and done the lot He thought of planes and where, where to fly to And who to fly there with Where, there was no-one, no-one He thought of cars and where, where to drive them Who to drive them with There, there was no-one, no-one

Time To Run

Forgotten Rebels
Remember what your parents said in sixty-four? When they saw you grow your hair and didn't want to see more. You swore you'd never be like them and you stood for your convictions rebel girls and men. Frisco flower power sixty-seven and hippies had their cool thought they had their heaven. Screwed their heads up when they used their dope. Now they're so messed up that they've lost all hope. Look and see the kids how they've cut their hair. See the pins and the blades that they like to wear. You hate them and you don't want more and you're just like your parents were in sixty-four. You're a rebel too.

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