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Judybats lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Isn't this how it goes? Another change of clothes Another pack of cigarettes Twenty grade A filtered regrets Gaze out my window And what do you see Lovers in the sun, friends And me blaming everyone's history I pour myself into you You really drink me dry At times like this I might as well be Kissing the sky CHORUS Liking you the way I do So much in like with you Isn't this who we are? Another sleazy bar Another tinkling in the glass Drought of days that so slowly pass I pour myself into you The apple of my eye At times like this I might as well be Kissing the sky CHORUS Isn't this how it goes? Another change of clothes Another pack of cigarettes Twnety Grade A filtered regrets Gaze out me window And what do I see Lovers in the sun, friends And me aching for your cool company I pour myself into you You really drink me dry At times like this I might as well be Kissing the sky CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Catoon Network

ooh ahh push em high now i was just walking through cartoon land when all of a sudden i ran into sponge bob square pants he was chilling with the power puff girls and spiderman driving down sesame street with scooby doo in a mini van he was rocking to the beat driving as fast as they can they almost ran over ren and stimpy and he man i yelled at them slow down but they didn't understand they said they heading over to a free hip hop jam over in the park let me catch a ride then i got in picked up bart simpson kept driving got to the spot and the party was live and at the open mic contest bevis and butthead was rhyming i was like them kids is wack give me just a try and waited patiently till it was just my time and i told the crowd make noise get ya hands high and this is what i said when i grabbed on the mic i told em... chorus said to the crowd 'my name's KJ-52' and i came to get down i got something to say to you understand what i mean even if you're a cartoon jesus reigns supreme that's how my team comes through and then all of a sudden these wannabe hard dudes from south park walk up just talking smack too and the smurfs backed them up i guess they was just a crew and said let's battle fool i said check it out duke your five inch tall plus ya crew is all blue i'd probably step on ya'll if i just bettled you they said la la la la.... that's all you ever say dude just right then just the crowd started to boo them right off the stage but i knew just what to do i told d.j. voltron just on the ones and two's man kick the beat check it out this is how im rocking your chorus well the crowd started cheering the party was slamming the thundercats and pokemon they was break dancing the transformers hopped in and started pop locking with g.i. joe and johnny bravo chilling and just watching i just stayed on the mic and kept the speakers knocking letting them know that christ was the reason that i'm dropping i could go on all night and jsut keep on talking but just right then power rangers started walking up on the stage and said i won the open mic and as i reached to get my trophy and just claim my prize and well out of nowhere well this is what happened chorus

Don't Say You're Sorry

Ball In The House
Verse 1: How many times must we come to the edge How many times must we wander What we can't face, do the answers lie behind our lies What will it take ‘cause it seems to me we're falling Chorus: Out from the world that we knew so well so long I'm crying everyday, we're falling Out from the love that was supposed to be growing strong Don't say you're sorry, we've got nothing to hide Don't try to deny what you feel inside Don't say you're sorry, just live and let live We can't go on in this lie, there's nothing to forgive Verse 2: When do you know when you've come to the end When do you know that it's over How can we grow when we're holding to a faerie tale How can we go ‘cause it seems to me we've fallen Chorus Bridge: There are no good-byes and no regrets And there is nothing left to say And girl I know, I know it's for the best If we just turn and walk away Chorus

Icy Blue Heart

JOHN HIATT "Slow Turning"
She came onto him like a slow movin' cold front His beer was warmer than the look in her eyes She sat on a stool, he said, What do you want? She said, Give me a love that don't freeze up inside. He said, I have melted some hearts in my time dear But to sit next to you, Lord, I shiver and shake And if I knew love, well, I don't think I'd be here Askin' myself if I've got what it takes. CHORUS: To melt your icy blue heart Should I start? To turn what's been frozen for years Into a river of tears These days we all play cool, calm and collected Why, our lips could turn blue just shooting the breeze But under the frost, well, he thought he detected A warm blush of red and a touch of her knee He said, Girl, you're a beauty like I've never witnessed And I've seen the Northern Lights dance in the air But I've felt the cold that can follow the first kiss And there's not enough heat in the fires burning there. CHORUS

Perfect Girl

Tik Tak
Chorus: She says: I like Fundays better than Sundays Don't like Brandy, I like candy Hey don't tease me, just try and please me You know she's a Perfect Girl She is a perfect girl With morals on her side She went to church and went to school And never ever lied And she is daddy's little girl With hair all up in curl A twinkle in her eyes And a smile just like sunrise Chorus You've heard about those girls In girly magazines Well I'm sure you won't find her On the pages in between She never smokes and she won't drink She's perfectly unique And if she has a crime It's her phone bills outa line Chorus She says: Maybe I might let you hold me Just don't think that you can ever own me! I know that other girls Are looking for a guy Well she was never raised that way She's reaching for the sky So you can take your fancy things And take your diamond rings As funny as it sounds They don't make her world go round Chorus

Genny Glenn

Kingston Trio "New Frontier"
John Stewart/Bob Shane/Nick Reynolds Well, I'm not gonna brag but I been courtin' all my life. They consider me a roguish lad, especially for my size. Chorus: And with you, and with you, and with you, Genny Glenn. I'll take you down to Glasgow Town and dance you home again. (Repeat) Now, Genny would come a-callin' while there was still some light. I'd sit her down with a pull or two. She'd stay most all the night. I'd put my arm around her and then I'd bar the door. There'd be laughin' and some squealin' like you never heard before. (Chorus) Well, a lot of girls would-a liked me and they're pretty, heaven knows. But there's something about my Genny that keeps me on my toes. She'd tickle me and squeeze me till I could hardly moan. Then she'd light out a-runnin' and I'd chase her half way home. (Chorus) Well, she wouldn't come to see me for about a week or more. She'd do it just to tease me 'cause she knew it made me sore. Then I'd do whiskey drinkin' till the jug was getting dry. I'd go lookin' for my Genny with a mean look in my eye. (Chorus)

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