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Judybats lyrics

Convalescing In Spain

Original and similar lyrics
Hearts cannot be broken, they're small squishy things They don't break like glass but they bruise easily This one you bruise Words will not be spoken never knowing what they mean Sticks and stones hurt my bones, your promises have broken me Each one you break CHORUS And I want to be good but good is being simple Simple is forgetting I simply can't forget I want to be good but good is being simple SImple is forgetting And I simply can't forget Eyes are always open even when they sleep Mine are mostly closed while yours are wandering You look where you please CHORUS I want to be great but greatness is giving Giving leaves me empty Oh great emptiness Souls cannot be taken, they're large and they're loud Yours merely whispers lately; seems it's shrinkin' I wish it would speak CHORUS I want to be great but greatness is giving Giving leaves me empty Oh great emptiness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Too Many Broken Hearts

Jason Donovan "Greatest Hits (Aus)"
Last night you talked about leaving, I said I can't let you go It's not just emotional feeling I need your body and soul You give me one good reason to leave me I'll give you ten good reasons to stay You're the only one I believe in I'll be hurt; I'll be hurt, if you walked away (Chorus) Too many broken hearts in the world There's too many dreams can be broken in two Too many broken hearts in the world So I won't give up the fight for you The world is full of lonely people Who never held onto love Last night I tried to reach you But somehow it wasn't enough So I said, can't you wait any longer I'll give you all that a lover should give It ain't my pride but my love that is stronger I'll be hurt; I'll be hurt, if you walked away (Repeat Chorus *2) You give me one good reason to leave me I'll give you ten good reasons to stay You're the only one I believe in I'll be hurt; I'll be hurt, if you walked away (Repeat Chorus till fade)


John Waite "Figure in a Landscape"
We've seen a lifetime since we met Through good and bad And things we won't forget Forgotten promises and broken vows But we always made it through somehow But the key to you is broken in the lock And a simple band of gold is all we've got It's in the things that I can't say That tear us both apart But if you keep listening You'll hear inside my heart of hearts Darling, the simple things are hard to say And darling the words get in the way The poet sees the world through rhymes But only says so much See darling, the words are in my touch the meaning's in my touch And maybe there's something I should say To make everything that's wrong Ok A simple phrase, a sonnet from a play But a man can only say so much these days And we're drifting to the deep end of the lake Trying to make good on our past mistakes And I know you tried But heaven's here and now I've got no explanation Words are worthless to me now Darling... etc

The Greatness

PAC DIV "The Div"
[Verse 1: Mibbs] The underdogs 'bout to go for the win No I.D. on the track, let the story begin Man I will prevail when I got cousins in jail The IRS send me mail, but how the fuck can I fail When this is greatness The label pushing for sales Enough to drag a nigga through hell but you can tell this is greatness If Stevie Wonder read braille Michael Jackson made thrill and Malcolm excelled Like getting 5 mics or double X-L When you see them bright light from that bubble S-L Think greatness, yea this is the theme song More than a game, but I put my whole team on My voice is the shoulder for my people to lean on The beat is the pillow for my niggas to dream on Fight like a soldier, boy, get your marine on Lord grant me the strength to battle my demons Who do we run to? Who do we scream on? Keep bagging up that shit you know the customers fiend on The greatness [Bridge:] When I hear your voice When I see your face [Verse 2: Like] I'm looking for, inspiration, something to write Something to make me smile like the love of my life It's out there somewhere, and she gon' come to light 'Til then, I got this jump-off coming tonight This industry is like a war with no gun or a knife Homie you chasing fame but it come with a price Call my pops on his cell for some humble advice Told my cousin locked in jail from a troublesome life To keep your head up guy, and pray to the man up high Providing strength to get us by Dreams of buying mansions that sit up high Lord knows that living broke shit ain't fly The devil on my shoulders tryna break our stride Circumstances come but the great survive When shit get down and whips get impounded Still you can't take away our drive, it's the greatness [Hook:] When I hear your voice When I see your face You know I can't help it But I feel something great No matter what they say You're on to something great [Verse 3: BeYoung] Every first of the month, they try to break us down Repo man even try to take your smile Skies is the limit so they can't take the clouds Whole nation black, guess we all Raiders now And they try to play us out like we never [?] Proud to be a nigga, heard James say it loud That's greatness, for the faith that they can't shake Great rhymes got me floating on great lakes Great game got me lamping with a great date Thick as sirloin, only play for great stakes Uh, have mercy for that man's style Clean nigga couldn't wipe me down with a shamwow No other plans now, we gotta get it Great on everything we touch, that's for the critics Meet the whole team plush, moving out the digits Rather count the paper, I can do without the business Always seen the goal, now it's time to do the mission Going down in history, who you think is with it [Hook]

The Great Wall Of China

BILLY JOEL "River Of Dreams"
Advice is cheap you can take it from me It's yours to keep 'cause opinions are free Nobody knows about the trouble I've seen Nobody's perfect, mister, nobody's clean It costs too much and takes too long to find out too late Some words are not heard 'til after they're spoken Your role was protective, your soul was too defective Some people just don't have a heart to be broken CHORUS We could have gone all the way to the Great Wall of China If you'd only had a little more faith in me In lieu of diamonds, gold and platinum reminders will still shine bright All the king's men and all the king's horses Can't put you together the way you used to be We could have been standing on the Great Wall of China You take a piece of whatever you touch Too many pieces means you're touching too much You never win if you can't play it straight You only beat me if you get me to hate It must be so lonely to think that you have only Somebody else's life to live if they let you I ain't too selective, but it don't take no detective To find out how fast your friends will forget you We could have gone all the way to the Great Wall of China Now all you're going to be is history Help yourself, it's all you can eat at the Empire Diner tonight You coulda had class, you coulda been a contender Charlie, you shoulda looked out for me You could have been standing, standing on the Great Wall of China This was not your calling, just look how far you've fallen I heard your story, man, you've got to be joking Keep things in perspective, this is my true objective Why tear this heart out if it's only been broken? CHORUS

Do What You Know Good

E-40 "Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint Of A Self-Made Millionaire"
[E-40] Freak nasty super bad, earring in her tongue Smell good, Prada bag, angel perfume cologne I'm tryin to have me that, lipstick by Mac Make like a car accident, hit her from the back My fetti might be salty but my game ain't damp, see I be hood(?) but the only cheese I ever had, was from the goods and man that was divided among (?) brothers and sisters Raised without a dad Basically we was supposed to be have to make good but what we hadn't (?) get the gat from one of my (?) on the tough, Uncle Bruce(?) Hustle in my veins and lungs, sucker pump Chickenheads squash through my hood, with good intentions but always end up sparkin antennas on bus benches Watchu know, whatchu say, what's the sco'? Is it a go? Then you with me after the show You smell? We hit the hotel, and knock boots Taught me some thangs, like who? Like Dr. Ruth HEY!! (HEY!!) HOE!! (HOE!!) All up in the kitchen on the flo', feel the mantra Chorus: repeat 2X {sung} Do what you do good, cause you know what you know good Do what you do good, cause you know what you know good [Do what you know good] [E-40] Uhh, rappers sport my style like they sport clothes then have the nerve to say they made it up, now that's some hoes That ain't no stickin to the rules and regulationship That ain't no man if he can't admit he grew up on The Click On the East they got hot dogs and pretzel stands On the West they got tacos and burrito vans In the South, it's (??) and briscuit What about the Midwest? The midwest, dey just love to kick it! Top shelf, ghetto tycoon the area sponsor Can't be seen, like Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster Dialin for dollars paper route and money counters Scrilla scratchin paper chasin poppin collars Chorus [singer] Do what I know good I kick it in the hood real good Smoke real fat big blunts Sticky-ickies to the lil' krunks Thirty-one double-eight-seven, that's nine-eleven Act like you're livin [E-40] I ain't no Captain At the bar, signin autographs on napkins Ball til we have it all - bartender talkin about Last call for alcohol! I'm bout to get to, mashin on that (??) if we don't get no mo' (??) throw glasses at that Moesha fag and I'm walkin up out the do', step stuck and stutterin Didn't even screw up and hit the floor If I woulda fell, it woulda been embarassing Full of that there liquor, walked into a closet But I'm a king size nigga, baby pull my coattail! And just.. Chorus

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