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Judybats lyrics

An Intense Beige

Original and similar lyrics
Love receive this Romeo Novice see, novice do Novice shake and need someone and hope some sweet survive Radiance reveal itself Have someone say him beautiful Beautiful beyond the eye, beyond this flesh nontruth CHORUS All day afternoon I-love-ya's All day afternoon let sun shine down All day afternoon taking things as the come and then so gently watching them go Gently traipsing on the wire Falling soon, falling soon Falling preclude being one with every non-new thing Lifting up and letting blow Swaling down Swirling go Swirling into open arms Embrace him youngsung youth CHORUS Waiting for the coronation of gods Paper thin the poetry come rapture my heart Gear me in the griding moon and turn me to dust Let me levitate and learn the loins of love's lust Love receive this Romeo Novice see, novice go Novice shake and need someone to rip him through this ride Radiance reveal itself Have someone say him beautiful Beautiful beyond the lie that flesh will tell the truth CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Live Life

As the years have passed me by I have laughed and I have cried I have so many things that I regret And I have seen what it means To take a stand and to believe To hold every given moment close to me But nothing compares to Your love The love You gave to me Live life, live free You cut the chains that once held me You held the key, opened up eternity Your mercy and sweetness when I felt so worthless You broke down my walls and made me see Since I heard Your name I have never been the same Jesus, You're so precious to me Beautiful Savior, Redeemer and Healer You're everything that I'll ever need Nothing compares to Your love The blood You shed to me It's more beautiful than diamonds and pearls More mysterious than when a boy meets a girl It's deeper than an ocean of blue shining down just to reach to you It's more heavenly than angels with wings More musical than voices and strings It makes you feel like dancing again, makes you want to sing

Until I Die

this one's for you pretty momma this one's for you girl chorus until i die until i'm gone until i can't see light no more i'll be your queen, your everything cause you've been so good to me until i die until i'm gone until my last words have been told until i die, until i pass, cause our love was meant to last i remember when i met you i couldn't get you off my mind even when i closed my eyes all i could think was you gotta be mine there's no replacement for your smile and pretty eyes the way you never cursed at me even when i made you cry we've come a long way since that very first day skipping class to be together in the hall way you make me feel like i got reason to live, my pride possession, my medallion, my best friend, through the drama, pain, funerals, and family fights not for one second did you ever leave my sight that's why i love you girl te quiero de verdad and if i lose you girl hasta la muerte voy a llorar chorus before my eyes close and my soul goes home, these were words that i never told you, you were everything to me my last hope, my last dream and on my last breathe i would tell you this you were my sun rise and my sun set, my best friend who i woulda shared my last dollar with you were the last of my faith in these last days and please let it be you to kiss away these last tears too fall from my face until my last hour i'm yours, my last hug, my last kiss, the last smile on my lips, but my last regret was this that i never even got a chance to tell you this chorus Gemini in a blink of an eye imma meet my demise, live only as a memory deep into mind, but until that day comes when i breath no more just know who i lived life for i used to walk in the darkness with no real purpose in life never blinded just never really cared about life i used to say once your born your just waiting to die and everyday in between it's just a waste of some time but in time i was convinced i was far from the truth believe it or not i found truth the night i met you so just know that if there's life after death imma wait for you there to love you forever chorus


DC TALK "Nu Thang"
Man against man just ain't the plan It's time for God's people to take a stand I mean brother to brother, black to white Stand up to the problem and begin to fight Not against each other, you're wastin' time Yo, I'm referring to a battle of minds Not through debate or writin' on the walls This kinda action is delayin' the cause An eye for an eye, fight fire with fire It's our turn to take it one step higher Gotta live by example, show brotherly love We're together on Earth, we'll be together above So we're (chorus) Tearin' down the walls Of segregation Unity abroad New revelation Tearin' down the walls Of segregation Unity abroad In every nation To label churches by color ain't nothin' but wrong We're in the same crew, we're singin' one song If you're in God's army, that makes you my kin Yo, our common bond is the Father of men Of all attributes that we should possess Love is in the Word ahead of all the rest No negotiation to love a certain nation All means all, with no discrimination Boy, we can set a precedence the world can cop Yo, fellow believer, now's the time to stop Racism within our lines Today is the time for this love to shine So we're (repeat chorus) (vamp) Judge a man by His heart, not color of skin God views a man from what's held within And, you're called one of His, so you gotta know To be Christ-like is the way that you go And my brothers and sisters in one accord Yo, we're the sheep, and the Shepherd's the Lord So whether black sheep, white sheep, or even swirl God watches over all the sheep of the world So tell me whassup when ya know the command The Word's bold, Love your fellow man! And treat Him like you would treat yourself Pull brotherly love off ya dusty shelf (repeat chorus 3x)

Dark Horse

AMANDA MARSHALL "Amanda Marshall"
Indian summer Abilene You were new in town I was nineteen And sparks flew They called us crazy Behind our backs Romantic fools We just let them laugh Because we knew It may be a long shot We may be lonely down the line But love knows no reason And I won't let them make up my mind Chorus My money's riding on this dark horse, baby My heart is sayin' it's the lucky one And it's true color's gonna shine through someday If we let this Let this dark horse run Stars are brighter In a desert sky No need to wonder Or justify Where this will lead I wear your locket Our picture's inside Inscription says, The joy's in the ride And I believe Something so sacred Is something worth this kind of fight Cause love knows no patience You can't please everyone all the time Chorus So rare So sweet Together baby We can be free Chorus repeat Written By: D. McTaggert, D. Tyson, A. Marshall

Love Of A Rolling Stone

BONNIE TYLER "The World Starts Tonight"
You hate old Chicago in the Wintertime When the cold wind blows right through ya And you said it ain't no fun You called west, a dream come true Then one week it got the best of you On a path right in that Oklahoma sun Swore if this day ever came There'd be no strings, no playing games Misty eyes and sad goodbyes to say When love is gone why try to put a finger on what happened When somewhere down the road it slipped away (chorus) All I ever wanted was a baby in my arms A wedding ring and a simple thing called home All you ever gave me Was a look down some old highway The sky above and the love of a rolling stone I remember when you told me That you'd always be a drifting man And you didn't need another hungry mouth to feed Well, I won't bring a child into the world between roses And a thorn and the sight of a tumbling tumbleweed One day you may miss me But I hope you don't feel guilty Go chase the sun until your dying day But inside me there's a second little heartbeat that goes with me And the one more thing that happened on the way Repeat Chorus

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