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JOSH WILSON lyrics - Life Is Not A Snapshot

How To Fall

Original and similar lyrics
It was prettier than poetry The first time you said hello to me Call it crazy, call it meant to be, yeah But it didn’t take me long to see That you mean more than anyone I’m running in circles, jumping over hurdles Working on a song to sing I want to tell you how I’m feeling Finding it hard to do Cause I don’t know how to say it, don’t know how you’ll take it Don’t know how to fall in love But I want to learn with you My friends say I should take it slow But my dad says when you know, you know So maybe I’ll just rent a car And I’ll drive right back to where you are Cause you mean more than anything I never thought I’d drop my guard Then you broke into my clumsy heart

Just Friends

ERIC BENET "True To Myself"
This feels so wrong, I'm so confused You give me love, but you can't be true You say you need your space and time With or without you I'll lose my mind Oh yes I know if meant to be In the future we'll be hand in hand But girl right now you're killing me 'Cause I know you're making love to another man [Chorus:] Do you really want to be just friends Don't you s'til love me It's so hard for me to understand You say you love me You call me for some time to spend Just long as I'm out your door by 10:00pm Platonic love will have to suffice Can't bear the thought of you out of my life I've tried to end this misery But I'm always picking up that phone Swallow my pride, I beg and plead But you always sing the same ole song, 'We can be friends' [Chorus] [Solo] [Chorus out]

Fools Like Me

TRISHA YEARWOOD "Trisha Yearwood"
Call me crazy, call me anything you want I thought that we had something good Now I find it was only in my mind Guess I just misunderstood It seems forever just came to an end I thought our time had just begun I will never really understand Why you would turn from love and run Fools like me, we never learn Fools like you are never true You go your way, baby I'll go mine I'll go crazy like the wind I will love you for a long, long time I'll never have your love again Fools like me, we never learn Fools like you are never true

La La La

JAY BRANNAN "Rob Me Blind"
Four score and a few more days ago I asked if you could open me slow I guess, in a way, you did your part But, bitch, I meant my heart I'd be happy to write a love song If someone could stick around long enough For me to compose the first verse But each time just gets worse So I sing la la la... You're the five hundred twenty five thousand Six-hundredth person to tell me that No one could ever love me, I'm crazy And that may well be I unwashed my hands in the sludge from your mouth When you told me to eat your heart out Though I blessed the food, it was just my luck To your heart my tongue got stuck So I sing la la la... We set sail a ship already sunk You only like me when you are drunk I've got so much more left to say But you'll get heart some day And I'll sing la la la... We were the lucky ones For a minute or so We had a lot of fun I cant let that go La la la...

Hello Brooklyn 2.0

JAY-Z "American Gangster"
[Chorus - Lil Wayne:] Hello Brooklyn how you doing? where you going? can I come too And if I can I'm a be your man you could be my lady And have my baby and drive my cars and drive me crazy Wherever you going baby girl just take me 'cause I'm so taken If you taken I'm just sayin' baby I'm just sayin' [Jay-Z] Like a momma you birth me Brooklyn you nursed me schooled me wit Hard knocks better than Berkeley they say you murked me by the time I was 21 that shit disturbed me but you never hurt me Hello Brooklyn if we had a daughter guess what I'm a call her Brooklyn Carter when I left you for Virginia it didn't offend your 'cause you no I only stepped out to get dinner and now I'm eating so much I bought extra so much doe the dinner's now turn in to Breakfast I only roll Lexus to Hug your road I love your corners I'm half your soul [Chorus - Lil Wayne] [Lil Wayne] Hello Brooklyn what's your story she said she eating on the run But she ain't "Nore" She said she got a man but he ain't worried but baby I'm a have to rob 'em like "Horry" she said She love B.I.G and she like Tupac and when I said JAY-Z she said it's the roc but I'm a leave it like dis like dis like that where Brooklyn at? where Brooklyn at?... Have you seen her? and if she tell you somethin' you better believe her she told me she like my New Orleans Demeanor and so I said goodbye Katrina [Hook - Lil Wayne:] And Hello Brooklyn b-b-baby you are the sweetest thing eyes Can see I said Hello Brooklyn but baby I hope you you never say goodbye to me I said Hello Brooklyn b-b-Baby you are so damn fine to me and I remember the time, place, & The weather on the day you said hi to me and I say hello Brooklyn [Jay-Z] Brooklyn you crazy look how you made me razor blades in my mouth walk around behaving all demented black Hoodies and timberlanded always scheming you see the gleam On that niggas pendent Hello Brooklyn you bad influence look what you had me doing but I ain't mad at you look at my attitude it says my life's too real pick up my ice grill baby I'm cold as ice like I'm from Brownsville but my Bed's in the stuy though while I flatting your bush till we smoke a C.I what up 2 the boy B.I you no I handle B.I I don't have steps on the caine ask the dreads about I how you want so she likes it hard co... so I grind slow illa den outta square mall back in the 9.0' my find hoe we got some victims to catch so in a couple years I'm a bring you some Nets [Chorus - Lil Wayne] [Hook - Lil Wayne]

Call Me Calmly

BARENAKED LADIES "Born On A Pirate Ship"
You and I were meant to be Even though you don't know me I don't even know your name And do you think that you know mine You were lonely, I was bored I may be more than you can afford But I'm sure we'll meet halfway [Chorus] And I've got this crazy feeling you've been trying to get to me When all you have to do is calmly Call me, call me, call me Basic service: sixty bucks I'll roll the dice, you try your luck A pair gets me a week in rent And a straight gets even more I'm no good at playing cards I hold my dates in high regard Pay up front and ye shall receive Love is never in-between if it isn't one thing, then it's always something else I don't even know what I mean I thought that it was nothing, but now I can't find nothing else Oh, you can't hide But at least you tried to Call me, call me, call me Are you ashamed of what you've done All we did was have some fun I won't judge and I won't tell And I'll forget you when you've gone I pity all you working stiffs, Living wondering 'what if' 'What if someday I was free' [Chorus]

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