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JOSH RITTER lyrics - Hello Starling


Original and similar lyrics
at night we crossed the border following a Black robe to the edge of the reservation—to Cataldo Mission where the saints and all the martyrs look down on dying converts what makes the water holy she says is that that it's the closest thing to rain I stole the mule from Anthony—I helped Anne up upon it and we rode to Coeur d'Alene—passed Harrison and Wallace they were blasting out the tunnels—making way for the light of learning when Jesus comes a'calling she said he's coming round the mountain on a train Yeah It's my home—last night I dreamt that I grew wings I found a place where they could hear me when I sing we floated on to Hanford in a lumber boat up river past the fisheries and the mill towns like a stretch of future graveyards she was driven to distraction—said I wonder what will happen when they find out they're mistaken—the land is too changed to ever change we waded through the marketplace—someone's ship had come in there was silver and begonias—dynamite and cattle there were hearts as big as apples and apples in the shape of Mary's heart I said inside this gilded cage a songbird always looks so plain Yeah It's my home—last night I dreamt that I grew wings I found a place where they could hear me when I sing. and so they came with cameras—breaking through the morning mist press and businessmen—tycoons—Episcopal philanthropists lost in their appraisal of the body of a woman but all we saw were lowlands—clouds clung to mountains without strings and at last we saw some people... at last we saw some people... at last we saw some people huddled up against the rain that was descending like railroad spikes and hammers they were headed for the border—walking and then running and then they were gone into the fog but Anne said underneath their jackets she saw wings

One Long Day

Chisel Cold
City life is closing in on me The way things go, thirty years, Bus timetable'll be my elergy Up at seven every working day Pay comes in, pay goes out It's a week-by-week charade General panic in the marketplace Boss found hung in office Could not stand the pace And as the peak-hour traffic jams below Someone gets the story, somebody spread the rumour People come and go Wandered down along the river last night Call me romantic, I say I couldn't sleep Until the first-light struck me down Padding homeward on the inside lane Early morning, freeway's cool and quiet Dodging rubber stains People talking in a seaside bar I ain't sentimental, but Lord Sometimes I get that gypsy urge to travel far You know I'll disappear some long weekend Find a mangrove landscape Stretch out along some busted jetty And forget who I am You go to move You got to go You go to be somebody You got to roll You got to stop You got to change You got to make a little money And be a little strange And one long day Is all it takes to steal her heart away One long night And it's allright, you've done it again Soft, low words And slender ladies, beneath the cafe fans One long day Layed by dreams Cotton dresses, a Spanish border town Dreams so far From the subway, the crowds heading home Close each day In technicolor, a million miles away One long night and you're alone Meanwhile City ways Life goes creeping on Sometimes I get the blues

The Queen

[Puffy] Intro I don't give a fuck, yeah yeah yeah As we proceed to give you what you need Queen Bee, muthafuckas, B.I.G, muthafuckas Junior Mafia, muthafuckas Yeah yeah yeah yeah [Lil' Kim] Snitches wanna front on 'em Know not to come in I keep ten glocks, ten rocks up in front of 'em Like they sprayin' somethin', like they sayin' somethin' Get my bark on like I'm DMX or somethin' (what?!) My music is just like Lewis, stiff 84 Yours is like Evander, seventy-seven slow Thanks to Tyro, I'm 32 and O When ya'll catch a knock out, these fools cop out Two for five spots, I tear the rocks out Pop the tops out, the clear spot out Nigga or bitch, you don't want no problems My revolver is a quick problem solver Don't ever think I'm slippin' Bitch I ain't dumb I carry a stun gun inside of my hair bun Hatin' ass niggas, I treat you like a bitch Strap on a fake dick, and stick you where you shit (ha ha) Chorus Come you all, come and hail the Queen Everybody let me hear you sing Come you all, come and hail the Queen Everybody let me hear you sing [Lil' Kim] Took three years off and mapped my shit out Stitch up my game plan and get closer to God Give me an inch, I take a yard Oh lighten up, ya'll know I was comin' back real hard By the power that was investin' in me Faith rested in me I can't quit now, too much money's invested in me To my nigga B-I, this ones for you baby! All these niggas wanna be Kings, but fuck, these niggas crazy Blowin' the spot for ya (yeah!) Keepin' it locked for ya (yeah!) Rock for you, ain't a nigga I won't pop for you Bitches want my title, ain't a slot for you Now it's a cold, cold world, I keep it hot for you (What?!) Ya'll cats know who I am (What?!) I love those who love Lil' Kim (What?!) I'm back again, the mic' eater The dick beater, the pussy skeeter But I... Chorus Come you all, come and hail the Queen Everybody let me hear you sing Come you all, come and hail the Queen Everybody let me hear you sing [Lil' Kim] Put five carats on the Fuck you finger Any haters in the crowd, give them the Fuck you finger If you think you can ball with the Queen Handle the repercussions Our guns bust in English and in Russian Nas veralouba katadevra Ney dolce, gaberine, barooski, dasvidanya Niggas stand in line, pay a fee for me to kiss 'em Twenty-one's the lucky number, once the E is in the system One night with the Q.B., and niggas need maturity Keep my pussy tight like the President's security I'm sometimin', that's right, I change like the year Those chips from the Casino, and the room is rear I'm the Queen! I've got special privileges We ain't equivalent, how dare you insult my intelligence Now I would like you all to recite the words to this song Cause you thought I was goin' But the Queen lives on! Chorus Come you all, come and hail the Queen Everybody let me hear you sing Come you all, come and hail the Queen Everybody let me hear you sing [Opera singers] The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen? The Queen, you will never win How you gonna win with the Queen?

The Sacred Hour

All of my dreams that fell through and had tasted so sour Take second place in my mind for this one sacred hour Still I've been moved for so long by this strange fascination Here as I stand all alone in complete concentration Face through the clouds in the Gods shine with awe and splendour Rise up and roar they approve will they always remember I hear the voice of the crowd, it will last forever Locked in my heart kept away like a stolen treasure I can hear them calling Hear the crowd applauding If it's real I like the feeling If I'm wrong who am I deceiving? Night after night it repeats an exciting romance Shared by us all though we met by a fleeting half-chance Caught, trapped in time no escape from this powerful dreamworld Pleased though I am to be here I am lost in the real world

All Night

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[J-Ro] Welcome to Tha Alkaholik function, yeah [Tash] Yes to party down [J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party [Tash] Yes to party down [J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party Verse One: Tash Aiyyo, step in my area, and I'ma bury ya Tha Likwit crew is blowin so the more the girl the merrier So bring your sexy body to the front and make some noise while these beats wind the Likwit homies up like Freakazoids Plus my style as hot as sex on a platta That's why your dame was open once I threw these lyrics at her Say what The rhyme data Smokin wack MC's so bad I'm at the ground evacuatin So hit the exits, while I'm rhyme flexin on some next ish That come across in different shapes and forms like playin Tetris So from the West it's (who) I thought you knew Cool ass CaTashTrophe, from the crew with all the moves so pop the tops off, while I pop beats that knock your blocks off TASH, got the style that house any beanie bopper So check the time of clock while I rock the land Hey ladies! tell em whose in this jam Chorus: repeat 2X (It's Tha Liks baby) [J-Ro] Here to wet your top [Tash] So all the ladies gather round, it's time to party down [J-Ro] That's right (That's right) that's right #1 repeat [J-Ro] We got the Henn Rock flowin all night #2 repeat [J-Ro] We gotta keep the party blowin all night #3 repeat [J-Ro] Tha Likwit up in ya all night #4 repeat [J-Ro] DJ spin the record all night #5 repeat [J-Ro] We'll have sex on the beach all night #6 repeat [J-Ro] It's Tha Liks baby baby all night Verse Two: J-Ro Yo, it goes down like one two three It's Tha Alkaholiks in the place to be Whether you from France, Japan or Italy An R amp;B fan, or a dope MC Some ol' jazz cat that won a Grammy A wide receiver, from Miami A soccer goalie or a maitre'd A Playboy Bunny, even if you can't see I don't give a damn if you security or you got a degree, at USC My uncle, my cousin, or my auntie You could be one-time it don't matter to me Cause when you bring your ass to a Likwit show You gonna get wet if you in the front row *E-Swift scratches* Row... row... Ro... Ro.. ... now on with the show Chorus Verse Three: J-Ro, Tash One two, one two I got a tape in my ride, made by Homicide Ralph M and DJ Pen make the wheels spin Let's make some noise for the Baka Boyz DJ Dee and Hen Gee in the place to be Joe Cooley and Mark and Evil E Master C, Sam Jam, and Assada got bam slam with DJ Jam Let loose the 4th Alkaholik puts the wheels to use uhh D-Pimp, Mad Lib, my nigga Juice And DJ Pooh, I like the beats you produce You know how we do, with DJ Kiilu Makin girls shake they asses, Inf's got all the passes I'm playin John Madden, with DJ Alladin Had my girl under the cover, went with Egyptian Lover I'm on the radio, microphone mic-a-don All my yapes I would pay for a mix tape I'd trade DJ Mark Love makes the party push and shove I float over a beat made by Chris the Glove The Beat Junkies, Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist My homey leave ya mouth open like a dentist Bobcat, DJ Smooth and Battlecat The Sway and King Tech Wake Up Show is fat General Lee gets busy but remember this Scotty D, Keith Coolie, and Cold Krush Chris Chorus Outro: J-Ro Yo this goes out to all the DJ's, in the L to the A E-Swift on the track, yeah Rob One in the house, check it out Rob Love in the house, uhh Tairrie T in the house, yeah Fat Box in the house, uhh My homey Tank in the house, yeah DJ Muggs in the house, yo DJ Bones in the house Old School Romeo in the house, yeah Ali Wide in the house, uhh in the house, yeah Coolio G, Total G, can't forget DJ Yella Mixmaster Spade, DJ Lethal, DJ , hah Rest in peace to DJ Trane and Magic Mike All night, all night, all night, yeah


[Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo Kardinal! [Kardinal Offishall] Yes rudeboy? [Busta Rhymes] Talk to the people then, please! [Kardinal Offishall] Put some fire on this one [Intro: Kardinal Offishall & Busta Rhymes] Yeah yeah you know Circle Clique up in the place you know Kardinal Offishall in the place you know Busta Bust in the place you know Flipmode Squad in the place you know The whole T-Dot in the place you know New York in the place you know Get yo ass up [Kardinal Offishall] It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine Now you can catch me and my niggaz in the limousine An eight-seater, rollin' ten niggaz deep With five chicks and niggaz in the back in the Jeep Cruisin' the streets, word, get down, to the beat You don't stop til them niggaz lick shots At the dance with a new dance, this is how we rock When we drop, showin' y'all that we just can't stop Yes, from the T-Dot, nigga We don't say "You know what I'm sayin'?" We say "Man, the shots sprayin'" For the niggaz in the back (Clap, clap) See me with the new rap attack, in fact It's like that, at all times when I rhyme good Rep every hood, North ??? to the wood Then back to the streets and adapt, we maintain I maim whack cats standin' at a close range Tryin' to show y'all people that it ain't a game And it's all love, if you check what I'm sayin' Now what I'm sayin' is it's on tonight My niggaz (Rock BaKardi) let me see what you like [Hook: Kardinal Offishall] My niggaz in the back show love Straight from the man up above People gettin' down in the streets Middle finger, plus a nigga makes beats Gangstas, keepin' a tool at the waist No more gun shots in the place Cause niggaz lickin' shots when the mic gets hot And my people rub a dub to the bass [Busta Rhymes] (Flipmode!) Straight up, I hit up and shoot on the block Get up and grip on the spot Whip up and pick up a Glock, I make the blood spill up Spit up and pick up a shot Drip of it stick to your socks, bitch Take a trip, controllin' the strip on your block, bitch See I ain't finished stickin' the dick in your crotch, bitch Now sit and watch, bitch Another notch, you turnin' my shit up and rock A little too eager to drop (C'mon, what!) So, let's do it a bit quicker and split up your knot A short circuit, like an electrical shock So say it to shepherd niggaz, so say it to flock (C'mon!) Before I send a bitch to go take what you got Actin' like he didn't know the bitch, then you must have forgot, bitch Rip up a nigga, stick up and kick up a nigga It could be a million dudes, go rally your clique up my nigga (C'mon!) Before we make you want to go ditch on your niggaz Switch on them niggaz, before we bring the bitch out of you niggaz [Hook: Kardinal Offishall] [Kardinal Offishall (Busta Rhymes)] Yo, yo, last letter in the episode (Let me see who to ??? from those who don't know) Put your right foot in (Now wait, step back) Repeat with the left and add the (Clap, clap) How we move makin', too much at stake in The rap game these days, we got (Itchy man) trigger finger look A little itchy man, while I stay Ichiban Tryin' to get money man Y'all stay funny man, I'm a lesbian Only like women, dun'know that's the master plan Stan, why you tryin' to look like me? (You best stay home chillin' out with your wifey) This thing here's for the strong at heart, and the strong of the mind We need warriors, not your kind Trust me dude (Don't mean to be rude But I'll eat the food) Kardinal stamped it, double octave Rappin' like a bull on the mic, never dropped it If it ain't Timbs, then I'm rockin' some Nikes Party people tell me what you like please [Hook x2: Kardinal Offishall]

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