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JOSH GROBAN lyrics - All That Echoes

Below The Line

Original and similar lyrics
Big world Please do not swallow us up Please do not blind our eyes With ocean blue Young girl She’s got time left to grow up See the light of hope in her eyes She gives to you And now I know Just what we’re fighting for How long to go Until we ask for more [Chorus:] And we all might find ourselves Living below the line Still living below The line One word Strong as the beating of drums Loud as the voice inside It’s more than enough Fire Under a burning red sun Wake up the harmless sky Show some love And now I know Just what we’re fighting for How long to go Until we ask for more [Chorus:] And we all might find ourselves Living below the line Still living below The line Oh oh And when I stopped to feel, the night began to fall Oh oh And in the silence here, the heart of it all Oh oh Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to rise above Oh oh But now we find our self and know Just what we’re fighting for How long to go Until we ask for more [Chorus:] Now we all might find ourselves Living below the line We’re all living below The line We’re living below the line We’re all living below The line

The Mirror

PAC DIV "Mania"
[Verse 1:] Looking in the mirror everyday I get older Learn from the past everyday I get stronger I like to get high, but it's great to be sober Yesterday was hard, but it made me a soldier You don't get nothing if you don't work hard You can't earn stripes if you never had scars There's way more to life then money and nice cars You are who you are, you might be a bum You could be a star, you might be a prisoner fighting behind bars You trying to find peace, I'm a try to find God You searching for your destiny we trying to find ours The blood in my hearts pumping for the the right cause And I get that same feeling when I hear that old Nas [Verse 2:] You said the world was ours just gotta play your part Shoot for the stars like you trying to hit Mars Shine in the dark and I bet you'll never lose Glanced in the mirror and I'd seen I had to the twos Awake to my ways still I'd rather hit snooze Can't fuck with the news let the channels flip through Put us in a cage with the habitat dude Try to break us down like we handicap fool Fish out of water like we vandicamp dude Nobody supposed to eat if the family can't move [Verse 3:] And the family can't lose, as long as we got each other As long as we are loyal, as long as we are brothers I called my pops the other day to tell him that I love him For giving me the opportunity to make it out the gutter A lot of us was fortunate to even have a mother A lot of us got intuition that we ain't discovered A lot of us got fears that we need to overcome We done seen too many tears fall underneath the sun Don't wanna see no blood shed over the years to come So we praying up to heaven hoping that he is the one When times getting nearer, the skys getting clearer You searching for the truth that God's in the mirror Deep down inside pass the lies that you hearing Open up your heart to the light and the spirit Despite the appearance have courage and pride It's survival of the fittest only for the wise and the fearless Loves the emotion, vibe to the lyrics Years down the line I'll probably cry when I hear this Embrace who I am, never try to be different Mama seen the king and my eyes is the infant Started off small, little guy on the benches Fighting so long I felt like I was in the trenches Destined for greatness, divine intervention Discover who you are the fine leap of mention The mirror The mirror

On Dark Street

I'm staring down a mile of disappearing track Is this the best that we could do I'm leaning through the rain but you ain't looking back What did I ever have to prove 'Cause it feels like electricity hitting an open field When am I ever gonna to learn Married life's two people trying to grab the wheel Oh and we must have got lost Living on Dark Street Looking for an exit Sleeping on the concrete You can't see it with your eyes You can't find it with your feet All I know is that we're lost baby And we're living on Dark Street All the layoffs and the pay cuts cripple me inside I pay the price for living everyday Trying to keep us all together along with a little pride What'll it take to make you stay But I've dreamed about an island And all I got's a bucket of sand I'd give my eyes to give you all your dreams Now I get to see my family slipping through my hands

Living In The City

DES'REE "I Ain't Movin"
Let's celebrate, let's celebrate, living in the city Yea yeah, aye aye, yea yeah, yeahhh! Sitting in caf¨¦s, drinking Brazil Watching old ladies struggle up the hill The sun is winking at me, giving me the eye There's no better place to watch the time trickle by 'Cos we're living in the city, there ain't no room for peace Wow, we're living in the city, there ain't no time for sleep Hey, we're living in the city, where everything is free Oh, where I wanna be, hey hey, is living in the city City eh eeh, city ehhh Walking 'round the buildings, watching pictures on the wall People lying homeless, got no love at all Standing next to history, everything is grand People from the country never understand Find yourself a place (oh find yourself a place) Where there's caring and there's sharing Find yourself a space where there's loving (loving), hoping (hoping), touching, feeling, feeling Living in, living in, living, living in the city Where I wanna be, where I wanna be Oh oh, ah ah ah, oh, ah ah¡­

No Man's Land

JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY "John Michael Montgomery"
That house on the hill is long gone. Now she's living in a trailer with an AstroTurf lawn. Got three little kids and no one to help. Trying to be Momma and Daddy all by herself. It's hard to hold down the fort when you're holdin down a job, she'd rob Peter to pay Paul, but he's already been robbed. She gets the food on the table, the clothes off the line. She'd break down and cry but she doesn't have time. [Chorus] She's gotta be strong, life goes on, though it's nothin' like she had planned. She's gonna be okay, gonna find a way, living in no man's land. Every now and then late at night she thinks of how it would feel to hold someone tight. And there's a guy down at work who keeps callin' her up. But she ain't ready for none of that stuff. She's still sifting through the ashes of a love that's been and gone, looking for a clue, trying to find out what went wrong. It ain't always easy, but she knows she's gotta try every time she looks in her babies' eyes. [Chorus]


TANTRIC "Tantric"
In your life you seem to have it all You seem to have control But deep within your soul You're losing it You never took the time Assume that you're to blame You think that you're insane Won't you spare me [Chorus:] I know the breakdown Everything is gonna shake now someday I know the breakdown Tell me again am i awake now maybe You can find the reason that no one else is living this way Yeah your lies Your world is built around Two faces to a clown The voices in your head Think there's four pawns down Well in this unity Fate has found the need So you better check yourself Before you check out [Chorus] If you find yourself Then you might believe Then within yourself You just might conceive [Chorus] You can find the reason that (you can find the reason that) No one else is living this way (you can find the reason that way)

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