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JONI MITCHELL lyrics - Hejira

Song For Sharon

Original and similar lyrics
I went to Staten Island. To buy myself a mandolin And I saw the long white dress of love On a storefront mannequin Big boat chuggin' back with a belly full of cars... All for something lacy Some girl's going to see that dress And crave that day like crazy Little Indian kids on a bridge up in Canada They can balance and they can climb Like their fathers before them They'll walk the girders of the Manhattan skyline Shine your light on me Miss Liberty Because as soon as this ferry boat docks I'm headed to the church To play Bingo Fleece me with the gamblers' flocks I can keep my cool at poker But I'm a fool when love's at stake Because I can't conceal emotion What I'm feeling's always written on my face There's a gypsy down on Bleecker Street I went in to see her as a kind of joke And she lit a candle for my love luck And eighteen bucks went up in smoke Sharon, I left my man At a North Dakota junction And I came out to the Big Apple here To face the dream's malfunction Love's a repetitious danger You'd think I'd be accustomed to Well, I do accept the changes At least better than I used to do A woman I knew just drowned herself The well was deep and muddy She was just shaking off futility Or punishing somebody My friends were calling up all day yesterday All emotions and abstractions It seems we all live so close to that line And so far from satisfaction Dora says, Have children! Mama and Betsy say- Find yourself a charity. Help the needy and the crippled or put some time into Ecology. Well, there's a wide wide world of noble causes And lovely landscapes to discover But all I really want right now Is...find another lover When we were kids in Maidstone, Sharon I went to every wedding in that little town To see the tears and the kisses And the pretty lady in the white lace wedding gown And walking home on the railroad tracks Or swinging on the playground swing Love stimulated my illusions More than anything And when I went skating after Golden Reggie You know it was white lace I was chasing Chasing dreams Mama's nylons underneath my cowgirl jeans He showed me first you get the kisses And then you get the tears But the ceremony of the bells and lace Still veils this reckless fool here Now there are 29 skaters on Wolmann rink Circling in singles and in pairs In this vigorous anonymity A blank face at the window stares and stares and stares and stares And the power of reason And the flowers of deep feeling Seem to serve me Only to deceive me Sharon you've got a husband And a family and a farm I've got the apple of temptation And a diamond snake around my arm But you still have your music And I've still got my eyes on the land and the sky You sing for your friends and your family I'll walk green pastures by and by

Let's Get Married (Remix)

[J.D.] This here Is a remarkable So So Def Remix J.E. y'all Run-DMC to the beat y'all Ah-ha ahhh-ha And me? Yea I know my name [Jagged Edge] See, first of all I know these so-called players wouldn't tell you this But I'ma be real and say what's on my heart Let's take this chance and make this love feel relevant Didn't you know I loved you from the start, yeah When I think about All these years we've put in this relationship Who knew we'd make it this far? Then I think about Where would I be if we were to just to fall apart And I can't stand the thought of losing you [Chorus] Meet me at the altar in your white dress We ain't getting no younger we might as well do it Been feeling you all the while girl I must confess Girl, let's just get married I just wanna get married. Meet me at the altar in your white dress We ain't getting no younger We might as well do it Been feeling you all the while girl I must confess Let's get married (baby let's get married) [Jagged Edge] Said, I done it all But frankly girl, I'm tired of this emptiness I wanna come home to you and only you Cause, making love to just anyone ain't happening I just gotta be with you Do you think about Us finishing something We started so long ago I wanna give you my all Do you think about Maybe us having some babies? Come on won't you be my lady Forever, yeah [Run] What's going on across the sea? It ain't nothin' I ain't frontin' Shorty coming with me Now I done already gave you the keys to the Range And your last name 'bout to change Now your Mrs. Simmons Got a better livin' What the difference Grab my name I used to be the snake type Hangin out late night Girl you done made me change my life Every since you met me Keys to the Bentley Now they call you the preachers wife I'm the type of guy that Take you out and buy that Ring with the rock that will break your arm Players won't try that Now you can't deny that (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh) [Chorus] - repeat 4X

Surf And Die

Walter Becker "11 Tracks Of Whack"
Earthbound to Johnny boy just picked up your message 'Bout those Balinese ikats you thought I might buy Now your voice on my machine is more alive than what you are Since your daredevil hang glider fell out of the sky Now Armand's looked all over but he can't find your car keys Were they under the tire? Were they under the seat? Because as it stands now your beloved white Aires Is fair game for the vandals up on Makapuu Street And your grandmother's number, we know it's here somewhere But Suze can't seem to find it, now she's losing control And so what about her, and little Eldon and Layla And that hypothetical spectre, your gilt-edged soul Which defied many perils, in the face of all reason And in so many settings and for all your young years Insisting on pure freedom for its too-short season Riding high on its ration of enchantment and fear Over the hill and into the next meadow and on and on and on In a near random universe there are still certain combinations Picked out from all other possible ones Which, when given some time and the just-right circumstances Not too far from the earth or too close to the sun They will dance and they'll spin in the embrace of the trade winds Playing havoc with the hearts and the upturned faces down below Until the laws of curved spacetime, susponed without warning Kick back in with a vengeance for the last act of the show Going too far too fast in that final wing over As your glider comes tumbling out of the clouds And you clutch at your chest but the chute never opens And they find you there tangled in that white nylon shroud When we get Grandma's number I think I'll just say to her Your Johnny's home for Christmas, it was a hell of a ride And I know that some day you'll be showing me those blankets All covered in glory on the hereafter side, saying There was never any question, it was always all or nothing Surf and/or die

Big Mama (Unconditional Love)

LL COOL J "10"
(feat. Dru Hill) Yeah, this one's dedicated, to my grandmother, and your grandmother It's all love, let's not forget who raised us, word up [LL Cool J] Big Mama, my grandmother, my main girl I love you much more than the scandalous world As a young boy you gave me whoopings to save my life Cursed me out, to keep me out the streets at night Cause my momma had me when she was young So you took on the responsbility to raise your grandson You taught me if a task is once begun, Todd Never leave it 'til it's done, Todd Be thy labor great or small Todd Do it well or not at all, God Big Mama, my blood is your blood When the whole world's against me, I know I got your love If I was in a cell for the rest of my life I know I'd hear your prayers in the middle of the night Used to sit me on your lap and teach me mother wit Early Sunday morning for them salmon and grits I love you baby, you the one and only, that's a fact 'Til death do us part, I'ma always have your back You beefed cause you heard that I was cursin in my raps Eighty-six, still you wanna run and get the straps I love you, I promise you I care for you deep Cause when I had bronchitis you would rock me to sleep Rub me down with green alcohol Little brown-skinned lady bout five feet tall, Big Mama [Chorus: Dru Hill + (LL)] Early one Sunday morning Breakfast was on the table (you gave me unconditional love) There was no time to eat, she said to me Boy hurry to Sunday school (you gave me unconditional love) [LL Cool J] I remember when you told me certain friends wasn't real I didn't wanna listen, I swore I knew the deal Come to find out, everything you said was true Who I end up goin to for advice You I love you, that's why you got nurses and maids Ever since I got paid, you ain't never been afraid That's granddaddy wife, she taught me how to think How to navigate through life, you made the sacrifice You kept on livin, cause when my granddaddy died It took all your might, but you ain't quit on life We took trips down South, biscuits and chicken Me you granddad and Alison, trippin Remember, you used to pick me up from junior high And classmates laughed when the Buick rolled by Remember, I pulled my privates out in class And from Farmers to Dunkirk you straight whooped my (woo!!) The best cookin a man could ever taste It's written in my heart, it can never be erased Thank you so much, you taught me well How to not get souped up, because I'm LL How to walk the street, and hold my head real high How to live with Christ and not be afraid to die We sipped daquiris, but you never told moms We even shared beers, Big Mama my dear A toast to a woman that raised a man In popular demand all across the land You're my lawyer, my teacher, my doctor, my friend My mother, my father, you with me 'til the end I love you, I mean that from the bottom of my heart That's the reason why my record's #1 on the charts I'ma tell it like it is, I love you forever Dead or alive, we'll always be together Big Mama I love you [Chorus] [LL Cool J] I dedicate this to the Big Mama's everywhere The ones who raised us - when nobody else was there The ones who held us and told us it'll be alright When gunshots was goin off every night Taught us how to lock the door and check the peephole And how to swallow Vicks when we had a chest cold How to stay proud, and represent hard Eat plenty baby, but first say grace for God Big Mama, I'ma miss you When one of us leave this earth But baby for what it's worth, I love you since the date of my birth And if it wasn't for my children, I would wanna go first You're the reason I'm the man I am today The inspiration, for me to be LL Cool J When you told me 'Knock 'Em Out,' I brought you home a Grammy I learned to be tough from Big Mama and Aunt Cammy A black man that was raised by black women On tour, sippin your special honey and lemon You told me, gargle with vinegar water and salt The concert was hot, thanks to your support Girl - you're the one I love Whether right here with me or smilin from up above Trouble or no trouble, you always had my back So I had to let you know your son appreciates that, Big Mama [Chorus - repeat 2X]


C.W. McCall "Wolf Creek Pass"
(Bill Fries, Chip Davis) I's thumbin' through the want ads in the Shelby County Tribune when this classified advertisement caught my eye. It said, Take imme-di-ate delivery on this '57 Chevrolet half-ton pickup truck. Will sell or swap for a hide-a-bed and thirty-five bucks. Call One-four-oh, ring two, and ask for Bob. Well, I called Bob up on the telephone, he says, Hello, this is Bob speakin'. I says This here the Bob got the pickup truck for sale? He says, Yeah. I says, Where are ya? He says, Fourteen east on County 12, turn right on the one-lane gravel road, you can park in the yard, beware of the dog, wipe your feet off, knock three times, and bring your billfold. Well, I tooled on east on County 12, turned right on the one-lane gravel road, and I parked in the yard and a German shepherd come out and grabbed onto my leg. Then I knocked three times and wiped my feet, the dog let go and the screen door opened and Bob come out and says Whaddya want? I says, Come to see your truck. He says, Follow me. Come on, Frank. (Dog's name is Frank.) Well, we all went past the chicken house, through the hog pen, down to the tractor shed, and then wound up in back of the barn in a field of cowpies. And settin' right there in a pool of grease was a half-ton Chevy pickup truck with a 1960 license plate, a bumper sticker says Vote for Dick and Brillo box full of rusty parts, and Bob says Whaddya think? . Well, I kicked the tires and I got in the seat and set on a petrified apple core and found a bunch of field mice livin' in the glove compartment. He says, Her shaft is bent and her rear end leaks, you can fix her quick with an oily rag. Use a nail as a starter; I lost the key. Don't pay no mind to that whirrin' sound. She use a little oil, but outside a' that, she's cherry. I says, What'll take? He says, What've you got? I says, Twenty-eight dollars and fifteen cents. He says, You got a deal. Sign here, I'll go get the title and a can full of gas. I put the nail in the slot and fired 'er up; she coughed and belched up a bunch a' smoke and I backed her right through the hog pen into the yard. Well, Frank jumped in and bit my leg and I beat him off with a crowbar. He jumped on out and the door fell off and the left front tire went flat. I jacked it up and patched the tube and Frank tore a piece of my shirt off. Then Bob come out and called him off and says You better'd get on out of here. I went left on the one-lane gravel road, went fourteen west on County 12. Took two full quarts of forty-weight oil just to get her to the Conoco station. And I pulled up to the Regular pump and then Harold Sykes and his kid come out. He says, I've seen better stuff at junkyards and where'd you ever get that truck? I says, That's a long story, Harold. I's thumbin' through the want ads in the Shelby County Tribune when this classified advertisement caught my eye. It said, Take imme-di-ate delivery on this '57 Chevrolet half-ton pickup truck. Will sell or swap for a hide-a-bed and thirty-five bucks...

I Can't Believe

112 "112"
(feat. Faith Evans) [Chorus:] I can't believe that love has gone away from me I can't believe that love has gone away I can't believe that love has gone away from me I can't believe that love has gone away (I can't believe you've gone away) [112] Hours, days and nights I sat and I prayed Never thought that I would see this day I didn't think that it could hurt so bad A broken heart was never meant for me [Faith] Lord, let it please rain on my face So that it could wash away all my tears If this is the house that love is in let me leave Cuz I don't wanna be hurt like this again I can't believe [Chorus] [112] Many times I watched you while you were asleep With thoughts of living life with only you If I had read your mind and things could have changed I'll give anything to be with you again [112] All I ever wanted was to see your face And hear your pretty voice from day to day Now that you've gone I have no reason for feeling that way I can't believe you've gone away [Chorus] [112] When I look back on the times we've shared Our life was ok, now what else could come down [Faith] Don't you know you were my love (my only love) And I can't believe that you've gone away [Repeat Chorus until fade]

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