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JON BON JOVI lyrics - Blaze Of Glory


Original and similar lyrics
J. Bon Jovi A penny for your thoughts now baby Looks like the weight of the world's On your shoulders now I know you think you're going crazy Just when it seems everything's Gonna work itself out They drive you right back down And you said it ain't fair That a man walks When a bird can fly We have to kick the ground The stars kiss the sky They say that spirits live A man has to die They promised us truth Now they're giving us lies Gonna take a miracle to save us this time And your savior has just left town Gonna need a miracle 'Cause it's all on the line And I won't let you down (No I won't let you down) The river of your hope is flooding And I know the dam is busted If you need me I'll come running I won't let you down... no, no You're looking for salvation You thought that it'd be shining Like an angel's light Well, the angels left this nation And salvation caught the last train Out tonight He lost one hell of a fight He said I'm just one man, that's all I'll ever be I never can be everything you wanted from me I've got plans so big That any blind man could see I'm standing in the river Now I'm drowning in the sea Gonna take a miracle to save us this time And your savior has just left town Gonna need a miracle 'Cause your heart's on the line And your heartbeat is slowing down Your feet are grounded still You're reaching for the sky You can let 'em clip your wings 'Cause I believe that you can fly Solo Well my eyes have seen the horror Of the coming of the flood I've driven deep the thorny crown Into the soul of someone's son Still I'll look you in the eye 'Cause I've believed in things I've thought And I'll die without regret For the wars I have fought Gonna take a miracle to save you this time And your savior has just left town Gonna need a miracle 'Cause your heart's doing time And your conscience is calling you out It ain't all for nothing Life ain't written in the sand I know the tide is coming But it's time we made a stand With a miracle

WTF Collective 3

Yo... MC confusing... WTF 3 mother fuckers. Got more hamstrings than a pile of wings 2012 - Bringing west wing DVDs to a blind date First on deck every day normal guy [everyday normal guy Everyday normal guy here to get the track started My average lyrics are between genius and retarded I drink tap water and watch all the CSIs I put my 30 dollar pants on on leg at a time Sleep 8 hours a night eat 3 meals a day I'm motherfucking content I got no reason to complain I have a roof over my head and I got clothes on my back My verse is done it wasn't great but hey it wasn't that bad [MC uses time machines irresponsibly] Yo I'm MC uses time machines irresponsibly Went back and found Jusad Iscariot in 33 AD Gave him 31 pieces of silver to rat out the wrong guy Then I planted monsanto seeds in dinosaur times Gave Bill Gates my iPhone in 1973 Then I travelled in time to the night that I was concieved Then I met up with my parents and we hung out all night Come to think of it they didn't have any alone time (NO) [MC nausious] MC Nausious up in this mother fucker I don't feel so hot shit I think that I am gonna [bluurg] Why'm I so sick, what I eat Cat food will make expired yogurt taste less like cheese (oh right) [MC cock blocks himself] MC cock blocks himself, hey girl what's up You so sexy we should probably hook up Crawl in a hot tub with a bottle of champagne By the way I have a girlfriend and I think I might have AIDS [MC necrophiliac] MC necrophiliac, where are my dead bodies at Crashing funerals just so that I can get a whiff of that Decomposing bodies are (they're[?]) my favourite aphrodesiac Flatlining gives me a pavlovian erection in my pants Turn-offs include breathing pulses and signs of life My turn ons are rigor mortis cold flesh and suicide If you're not stiff as a board I won't be stiff and I'll be bored Wait what do we have here? Looks like I'm about to score [Talking, Zombie chorus guy] Wait a minute... no! no!!! NO!!! [singing] -You have to be kidding me What the fuck is going on -This cannot be happening I don't wanna do this any more -This must be a bad dream Leave me alone -Why am I still singing? I mother fucking killed myself [MC gets sidetracked easily] Yo! MC gets sidetracked easily back in the heezy By heezy I mean house but not the show I think it's cheezy My favourite show is Dexter that guy is also in 6 feet- under my first experience with death I was just 16 My dog got run over by a truck and its head exploded Like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 when he's frozen Its freezing in Iceland I was just there on holiday Hold on I think I got lost again what was I trying to say? [MC who couldn't speak in the present tense] I was MC who couldn't speak in the present tense I'm gonna have a lot of money and my dick was immense It would've been difficult, people assumed I was a retard I'll have a serious problem, communicating was hard [MC constipation] Yo I'm MC constipation It has been 3 days since My last bowell movement I'm starting to get impatient Spend hours on the toilet Yet nothing never comes out of it Intestines like polititions They're constantly full of shit I wish my bowell movements where a little more like my rhymes Always smooth and free-flowing It would save me a lot of time Push for hours with no result Not even a brown brussel sprout My shit's like a gay republican It's not planning on coming out [MC] Yo I'm MC invisible You can't see me The only rapper in this industry that can't be seen With the naked eye I won't lie It's hard to get a fanbase When image is everything And I litterally don't have a face [MC on the phone with Ted Danson] I'm MC on the phone with Ted Danson Keep it down Just skip to the next verse I'm on the phone with ted Danson Not now hold on ted I don't wanna be in this song anymore Leave me alone This is more important I'm on the phone with the guy who played Sam Malone [MC confusing] Yo MC confusing wrapping up the song Like a plasticine high fiving (high five and) a helicopter thong I got richochet highlitghts from the fleet fox's knife guy We out like a rice fightin' a vampire's wife's life [MC zombie chorus guy] -Maybe this isn't so bad Better than my last job -Taking it in the ass for cash 20 bucks a pop -Maybe things will turn around Being a zombie's pretty cool -Things couldn't get worse anyhow (get's tackled by MC necrophiliac) [Talking] [MC necrophiliac:] Yeah that's right uuhh. [undoing fly/zipper] Oh you're gonna get it you little dead bitch. [Chorus Guy:] No! No! Ahh! [getting raped] ow ow, I spoke to soon [MC WCSITPT:] UUGH! That used to be so gross! [MC Nausious:] It's just a guy having sex with a dead body. There's nothing (BLURG) [MC invisible:] Dude! you just puked all over me! [MC Nausious:] sorry [MC constipation:] That's a good idea, I should get an enema [MC cock-blocks himself:] Enemas, puke, guys having sex with dead bodies... you ready to go back to my place ([girl:] uugh (walks off)) What am I doing wrong? [MC fatigue: (wakes up)] Did I miss anything?

Waiting For The Miracle

Baby, I've been waiting, I've been waiting night and day. I didn't see the time, I waited half my life away. There were lots of invitations and I know you sent me some, but I was waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come. I know you really loved me. but, you see, my hands were tied. I know it must have hurt you, it must have hurt your pride to have to stand beneath my window with your bugle and your drum, and me I'm up there waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come. Ah I don't believe you'd like it, You wouldn't like it here. There ain't no entertainment and the judgements are severe. The Maestro says it's Mozart but it sounds like bubble gum when you're waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come. Waiting for the miracle There's nothing left to do. I haven't been this happy since the end of World War II. Nothing left to do when you know that you've been taken. Nothing left to do when you're begging for a crumb Nothing left to do when you've got to go on waiting waiting for the miracle to come. I dreamed about you, baby. It was just the other night. Most of you was naked Ah but some of you was light. The sands of time were falling from your fingers and your thumb, and you were waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come Ah baby, let's get married, we've been alone too long. Let's be alone together. Let's see if we're that strong. Yeah let's do something crazy, something absolutely wrong while we're waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come. Nothing left to do ... When you've fallen on the highway and you're lying in the rain, and they ask you how you're doing of course you'll say you can't complain -- If you're squeezed for information, that's when you've got to play it dumb: You just say you're out there waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

Friend Or Foe '98

JAY-Z "In My Lifetime Vol. 1"
[Verse One:] I'm done talking Ran up in the spot gun smoking Shot it in the air, one woke him Sun-soaking, sweating in his bed like Dunlo Thinking to himself what done provoked him His thoughts is racing like a vulcan I swear I saw a lightbulb when He finally figured out who was the culprit I said yeah, remember me from Friend or Foe when I told you don't ever ever come around here no more Time to pay now, you try to rise, I wave the gun - lay down This time you're really going to listen to Jay now I try to talk sensibly, hoping that eventually you realize I had this locked and it just wasn't meant to be Plus I had sympathy when we all wore rams with your keys And it wasn't afterthought that maybe you'll try to revenge me But I was like 'Nah', Chromes had to know he was wrong And if you caught me on the foul now you would sing me the same song Plus you promised And that's really no fun Yeah I find you in this Motel 6 with all these guns And all your goons, lined up in adjoining rooms Like some wild cowboys coming to get me at high noon But my mind's like a flower in bloom *** my eyes just scower the room I'm alert, plus I paid the clerk I got it laid out You think you the first nigga I played out, in a 2 hotel town Come on now, I peep your Lexus at you Left the exit got some niggas on that side of the town Money well invested, rudely interrupted Jamaican accents *** A gun in your face and that's all you can come up with I'm done talking, back up and clap them, one in the abdomen Do me a favor dude, get 2 ice cubes I pass them Take that ice up, for the nicest MC And please yo, tell BIG, he's unbelievable Friend or foe BIOTCH!


Chubb Rock "The One"
No one can do it better [Chubb Rock] You see that black man over there, bring him here You see the one with the blunt, put him in the front cause it's time to prepare, some kind of strategy this year It's only been about ten million months that we were lost in the sauce but of course with the help of the boss we prevail and now we're on this positive scale But now it's time to take it one step further Preferably without any obvious murders If you don't ?? I don't give a shit If you do it to a man of our shade you definitely played, yourself and us and then the heritage crust will be crushed to puss cause of your lust that you must just bust a man of your own kind, you must be blind Archie Bunker and Joey's gonna snuff ya from behind One day - cause we easy prey to get It's not a threat place a bet recollect the terms met many years ago that we're inferior and inferior people shouldn't know they're really superior And yo - it's time to listen, tick-tock, tick-tock Comin from Chubb Rock so check the clock and organize! [Malcolm X] Anytime you look at yourself Be you black, brown, red or yellow A so-called negro You are you represent a person who poses, such a serious problem for America because you're not wanted No one can do it better [Chubb Rock] If the battle of the races was a basketball game, who'd reign? Look for the blacks we have Strickland Ewing Magic course Jordan is the don Isiah Dominique Barkley and Akeem Olujawon For the whites Bird ?? McHale and Paxon Shouldn't go any further you know it's gonna get wack son But if the black players have an ego, and won't let go the rock no matter how nice they are they're gonna flop Look chop - in a sold-out capacity crowd The upsets will be so loud Yes teamwork, yes y'all teamwork If a jerk wants to go for self he gets hurt, and now Dinkins is the man, so Magic form the plan Yo Strickland run the point, Jordan is the guard and organize! [Malcolm X] So we are all black people, so-called negroes Second-class citizens; ex-slaves You are nothin but a ex-slave You don't like to be told that - but what else are you? You are ex-slaves you didn't come here on the Mayflower! [Chubb Rock] I shall not have no other one but this one That is description now here's the full picture Frame it, aim it, name it proclaim it To be a Chubb Rock original.. ain't it, funny That four years ago I wasn't making an inkling of money Had to put four chicken wings on layaway and had to come back the next day for the fried rice The price you could let me chill with a quarter but I oughta just order, a lettuce sandwich with a large water, drink it down until I can make up a Chubb Rock sound that will end all this, then I take the risk And if I fail I won't do a fishtail, in the abyss That's a diss, I'm strivin not Drivin, Miss Daisy and Patrick Swayze don't amaze me or faze me Me look up to these stupid clowns - you're crazy! My mama raised me on Mama Mabley Dorothy Dandridge crossed an ill bridge The media got involved into her shit Gashed her grill and boggled up her wit Took her name like a crook And how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? Here's the hook - open your eyes and organize [Malcolm X] And we unite - on the basis of what we have in common And what we have foremost in common is that enemy; the white man; he's an enemy to all of us I know some of you all think that some of them AREN'T enemies!

Lift Her Pull Her

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
You don't know me You just left me You don't know me You just left me You don't know me You just left me You don't know me You just left me And he was a man Or so he thought Paid attention to the lessons that he taught Second hand me down blessing She was short on patience Carried person hated every day people The plight of the pessimist Habitual living daily schedule consisted of work Television and sexual moments But some times it gets so hope less When non-sense raises an oct of thought blocks With a firm grasp on the grudge they both clutched in the name of love Fear of the results had push ever came to shove Seduced for fun Produce a a lot of fight Two youths on the run Learning some truth about life And when he stares at the stars he reflects on the moon The time the talks they share walking around calhoon And when she watches the look on his face as he sleeps She recalls every inch as to how it got this deep Now how am I to know you like the way I laugh I can't read the map, no ones ever seen the path? The one you take a bath with is the same on the freeze your path Oh you going out? what time you goin be back? Cause they were two perfect kids In a two perfect worlds Today the part of man and women will be played by boy and girl Lets all take seats Please quiet during the performance Lift her pull her from the orchids Trying to read the script but keep getting trapped in the margins Lift them pull them from the gardens Your horoscope says we should share an apartment Lift them pull them apart from their gardens Now she was smart She grew up with this complex That the people that surrounded her seemed to expect the world And he was tall over six no attempt to predict the fall Though he'd seen it all Until his all became that girl She said she loves the drugs But when she comes down She speaks about finishing She's convinced its the last visit He doesn't know the difference between come and go Just give him one to grow and watch him collapse inside of a half pivot She died her hair black Maybe now she can relax Maybe now the regulars will stare half as hard He wears a old face and beer gut Existence validation printed on the monthly statements That comes from master card He thinks she sleeps to much She thinks he spends to much He thinks her friends are jokes She thinks he's out of touch He thinks she drinks to much She think he thinks to much Its all another phase turning the page in the book of growing up She's has seen a lot of sex He tried to hide his resentment But their wasn't nothing thing left for them to label new But sometimes the obvious ain't simple to see Cause even the time that they killed Wasn't something that she wasnt accustomed too She never comprehended what to make of it He was never quite prepared to study the reaching Together they shared the sacred practices of breathing The weather was fair how ever the hovering clouds weren't leaving Discover the little drama demons that hide deep inside the frame work And live in That congested brain They had old lovers on the side old flames That some how managed to spark regardless of the pouring rains And each time they mixed up the ingredients They'd recheck the recipe to see maybe they written it incorrectly Collect me consume me release me snuggle Two geniuses putting together the pieces to a blank puzzle Every time I chase a squirrel it rips apart my world Every time I chase a squirrel it rips apart my world Every time I chase a squirrel it rips apart my world And every time I chase a squirrel it rips apart my world

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