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Joke Killing lyrics - Democracy

Prozac People

Original and similar lyrics
I woke up in the darkness and i tried to see the clock It was four a.m. I was curled up like a foetus and my muscles were stretched taut I couldn't face the burden of another week of worry I was broken I took a green and yellow pill. washed down with filter coffee 'til it kicked in Get me out Keep me up Level me out I was isolated by the way i thought and felt They saw my moodswings I travelled down the longitude of opposite emotions I bi-polar In the north they saw my upside. my excitable and optimistic spirit In the south they saw my anger and my tears and my despair They saw my moodswings Get me out Keep me up Level me out I was one of the prozac people I was one of the prozac people Don't monitor this guinea pig for research any more I will try again Pharmaceutical conglomerates just count me as a unit For their product Identify the enemy. remove the source of fear Start to change my life It's a false state of elation You can join the prozac nation If you want to Get me out Keep me up Level me out I was one of the prozac people I was one of the prozac people

Too Late To Quit

Takes all my might To find a hole that feels right To bury myself In a deep sleep at night I hear a voice Coming from the hillside Says I'll show you the way I will show you the light But I'm tired I'm tired I'm much too tired I'm tired He's says I know where you were headed And you're half way there But you've got to be careful You've got to beware Some people want to hurt you Some people don't care But I'm never gonna give you Any more than you can bare [chorus] There's nothing left here to rise above We're not talking bout' that kind of love You've got people here counting on you Now's a good time To learn how to pull through Sometimes a good idea Just isn't enough You've got to do the work Now get your ass up There isn't really such a thing as bad luck Yeah, but once I shot an arrow In the sky and it stuck [chorus] You've got to keep movin' You've got to keep pushin' You're never gonna get back Anymore than you're givin' Life is for the living You've got to be willin' A song ain't a song Until someone starts singin' [chorus]

The Human Drive In Hi-Fi

CKY "Volume 1"
I can't deny it all my life It's the token of my life Something you would try For the best in the obscene Just look on the tv screen To pass away the while It doesnt matter if you're Red, black, or in the sack I've got my grip, I've got a hold Nothing ties one down like prime time in Hi-Fi But now its getting old People stop and stare Here, there, and everywhere They've got the blueprints for life They keep pretending The world is ending You'll be fictionized So stop the human drive The fierce power switching on the Ripe adolescent light Terminates in five The people standing in the lines Have seen the film a million times With a pocket full of dimes So unless it is for free You'll spin the country on its side To be intensified People stop and stare Here, there, and everywhere They've got the blueprints for life They keep pretending The world is ending You'll be fictionized It's on this tv It's on that tv It's on your tv It's on my tv It's on his tv It's on her tv It's on this tv It's on your tv screen You'll keep pretending That the world is ending... You'll be fictionized

Higher Level

KRS-ONE "Return Of The Boom Bap"
Verse One: After seven years of rockin' How do you rate me Poorly or greatly Everybody seems to be goin' for their's lately Yo mad heads be needin' money So listen very close as I conduct this little study See it's, funny to me, you can watch TV And give up your life trying to be all you can be In the Army Not knowin' your history You either fight and die or come back home in misery Yo get with me, I deal with reality Loosen your mind to the truth, and don't get mad at me No politican can give you peace If you trust Jesus, why do you vote for a beast Emancipation is long over due So overcome procrastination Because freedom is within you For some reason we think we're free So we'll never be Because we haven't recognized slavery You're still a slave, look at how you behave Debatin' on where and when and how and what Massa gave You wanna know how we screwed up from the beginning We accepted our opressor's religion So in the case of slavery it ain't hard Because it's right in the eyes of THEIR God Where is our God, the God that represents us The God that looks like me, the God that I can trust A God of peace and love, not mass hysteria I don't want a God that blesses America I could never really vote for the devil Let me take you to a higher level... Verse Two: Title, take the title from the Bible we can get there Rip the title from off the front of the Bible, God don't live there Too many inconsistencies, too many mysteries Picture the Pope and the Vatican, laughing and drinking and singing and Kissing me I stand with God whether I'm paid or whether I'm cryin' broke I like to ask these politicans would Jesus vote The way we view God is a freakin' shame Church is to blame We trust God, but bomb Hussein We simply lovin' the scripture Same scripture that whipped 'cha Sooner it'll hit 'cha Religion's gettin' richer With that European version of Christ made into a picture Our society's gettin' sicker, and sicker, and sicker... Like liquor, we are God-Intoxicated Not to the true God, but the one the government created The same governments tellin' people to vote I pray to God because the people have lost hope You either vote for the mumps or the measels Whether you vote for the lesser of two evils, you vote for evil Politics and God are not equal But the education if you don't guard, is really lethal People have more respect for a holy book Than they do for a cow on a meat hook Belivers of Jesus be denouncing Satan on every level But every Halloween they're dressin' like devils I pray to you for the light you might give them Mother make them know that you're livin' with them You begin them and end them in silence Frankly, if they knew you, they would understand violence I pray to you for the Pope and the Vatican Have mercy Mother, cause I know that you're mad at them The White Jesus deceived us awhile ago And Pope Julius the Second paid Michaelangelo I know this happened in 1519 yet This is the image we can't seem to forget Vote for God, don't vote for the Devil Let me take you to a higher level...

If The Papes Come

[Q-Tip] Uhhhhhhhh... The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away but not Hip-Hop yo, hahah And let it be known.. that we are on some umm.. ehh ahh, uhh, a-chicka-uhh ehh ahh, uhh, a-chicka-uhh And this ain't on the pop tip yo! Are y'all kids tucked in? (Yeah!!) Here we go.. People in the audience, they cry out hoe People with a gun, yo they'll cry out bo! I don't like a cop, I don't sell a rock but still the kanga's clock me, after a show Standin on the stage and we're pourin with sweat To people in the crowd I give what they get Papers make paid, babies make laid I don't really worry, nor do I fret Waitin for the gimme and boy I got some Sweat like a peach and tart like a plum I thought what I think, I rock a bead-link Legally I'll sip when I turn, twenty-one A letter to the homeboy that freaked the head dome The R man wants me to drop my microphone Gotta be brief; no orders from a chief Hot butter on what, say what, the popcorn On the tour bus we hit the truck stop A dollar for some chips, a quarter for some pop We laugh and giggle some, Phife kiss the honeybuns Ali Shaheed Muhammad keeps talkin that shop The brothers cruise on as we Quest, for the check Callin up Famous to see, if it's there yet Not a bourgeoise, hate the seminar Ignorant flip, hey Miss you must jet Flex for the funkiest but start to bounce Measure Hip-Hop for weight, by the ounce Bush on the tush, you're pullin while I push Play me for the punk then puss, feel the pounce It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) If the papes come yo yo I won't riff I just sit down and get, me a spliff With mines I was born, a child of the corn Molecules of the land they uplift Levels is straight, in fact they're rectified Adrenaline now is crazy multiplied Four and four is eight, the fraction makes the plate I make sure the Tribe is innnnnnnn.. With the quickness you bare the witness Flexin and pumpin with the fitness Movin it - UHH, doin it - UHH Those who oppose must hit the ??s-list?? Doin it and doin it with the whole frame Look what's in the mind and not, in the brain On this you can quote, we on a diffy note Quest for the future, 'stead of the fame One ninety-one brothers grabbin they thingies Forgot the name; oh, equivalent to Jimmy Slip a little bit, you think I have to quit Ali Shaheed Muhammad, with the singy-singy Slammin with a slammy you front, on the case Right or left nut Ali, plays the ace Do what you do, flam for a crew Bonita Applebum blows smoke in Sha's face Slang for the ?? I must, if ya have Dribble hops out giggle yo proper term is laugh Brothers who are snakes, I label them as fakes Instincts to Travel up the hood path, c'mon It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) It's like that y'all.. (keep onnnnnnn) Freak freak y'all... (keep, onnnnnnnn) {Thank you.. as you all know, you just can't believe everything you see and hear, can you?? Now if you will excuse me I must be on my way..}

A New Day

[Intro: A. Martinez] Yo, uh The animals are here It's a new day...yo yo uh It's about being close to the ground like dope fiends and not even fallin' Some people frontin' now they keep callin' But that's life, ain't no grudge in my heart I could sleep mornings, that's the business I just keep that shit apart, that's the wisdom In my position get hard, I deal wit people from far Very few I keep close, that's how you keep from the scars You gotta move like a ghost, cause some people are stars And all of a sudden.. they forgot who they are But look at me I'm still Angie, back wit a plan B It's a new day you could sit down or stand me I just try to be an example, bringin' the animal out When everybody doubting underhand me Its ample time, If you could not see the big picture Cause there's plenty ladies like me I'm a big sista Always on the grind through whatever you say And just incase you ain't clear its okay It's a new day! [Chours1: 2x] If you need it to be, (uh) Then it can be (yea) It happen for me, It's a new day (a new day) [Chours2: 2x] Keep hoping, Keep focus Approaching, up, A new day Reaction to my first verse in a year it was clearly unexpected Me on a record, We must yea agree it was hectic Getting here half sleep and eating breakfast in my chair How I feel, it's a new day now, that's for real I was prepared to deal wit, whatever was given People dissecting what I'm spitting on, not giving me a chance Listen and understand, they ain't know how to react off my 16 bars on that track, 'She out or she back Damn' Then came a record ('If I could go') I'm not saying my shits perfected But if I could go's the beginning accept it, connected You already know, yes is an automatic question Automatically answered cause I'm flowing like you never heard Why second one it can't be said in words Except it had to be done, in other words I'm leaving on top You mad at me huh, believe it won't stop The love it's much stronger you can not break my hunger [Chorus1: 2x] [Chorus2: 2x] See they love for you to give up, can't wait for you to slip up As soon as you hit rock bottom, they never picking you up Or never picking you out, they always out when you pick But when your outfits is sick, or you got a hit Then every other word is, 'No Doubt, When can we go out, When can we grab lunch,' I only get mad once Cause when you get mad twice you sacrifice then a punch And then a situation jumps so I grab a blunt Roll it and spark it cause you media targets Pictures is blatant ya know what I'm saying This ain't ancient this is today shit but it's a new day shit no games get played shit No time get wasted, I learn from the worst situations ('yep') And I made it, everything I had in my heart I pushed and gave it So when I say it's a new day I mean it Cause when it's the truth you must agree shit! [Chorus1: 2x] [Chorus2: 2x] ya hear me singing [Chorus1: 2x] [Chorus2: 2x] we on our way animal house macneezy

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