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Jumping Jack Flash

Original and similar lyrics
I was born in a crossfire Hurricane In a house (mama) in the fallin rain Well it's all right, in fact it's a gas It's all right, (now) jumpin jack flash is a gas gas gas I was raised by a toothless bearded haag I was schooled with a strap right across my back (Ya) Well it's all right, in fact it's a gas It's all right (now) jumpin jack is a gas gas gas I was drowned, washed up and left for dead I looked down at my feet and I saw they bled I looked down at the cross from across my bed I was crowned with a spike right through my head Well it's all right, in fact it's a gas It's all right (now) jumpin jack flash is a gas gas gas

Tupelo Mississippi Flash

JERRY REED "Nashville Underground"
I'm gonna tell you a story that's all about This job I had one time as a talent scout I had a hard day at the office and the boss wasn't in town The day this hired legged guitar picker just happened to come around Well, he walks into my office with a great big grin And folks that's where my story really begins He said, "Son my name is Boregard Rippy I come to you from Tupelo Mississippi I write songs that'll sing like a bird I play licks on my guitar like you ain't never heard" "But I'm down on my luck, things are just a little slack I gotta quarter in my pocket and a shirt on my back But you buy me some supper, give me a place I can sleep" He said, "I'll sing you some songs That'll knock your head to creak, I got talent boy" Said, "Back home they call me the Tupelo Mississippi Flash" Well, I knew I was in a room with some kind of a nut When he pulled out that pack of used cigarette butts So that's when I told him,'We can't use you today? So I handed the boy a dollar and I sent him on his way Well, the boss got back and we both had a laugh When I told him 'bout the Tupelo Mississippi Flash And pretty soon I had the story circlin' around About this Mississippi nut that we had in our town I said,'Watch him everybody, the boy's squirrely He walks around callin' himself the Tupelo Mississippi Flash? Well, and it happened one day while I was drivin' to my home I just happened to have my car radio on When I heard the jockey ravin' about a brand new smash By a kid called the Tupelo Mississippi Flash Well, I almost wrecked my automobile I went through a red light, I hit the traffic cop, why Well, my story's got an ending and it's short and sweet The boss man he fired me and left me out in the street But I got a new job now and I'm learnin' real fast I'm drivin' the bus for the Tupelo Mississippi Flash And his Cadillac, I'm driving that for him too And that yacht he's got, and his aeroplane Well, chauffeur, so good, I always say Tupelo Mississippi, who ever heard of it, why I'll kill the boy Help him somebody

Desperate Times

Charlie Robison "Bandera"
Jackie went to high school In a little Texas town He finished up and spent the most of next year bummin' around He couldn't find a job to hold So on a Friday night He figured he could see the world and buy a 4-wheel drive If he'd join the army Cause these are desperate times Well he came back four years later A little higher off the ground Things there hadn't changed And that just really got him down So he went off to San Antone An hour to the east And got a job workin' for the San Antone police Well he had a pistol now Cause these are desperate times Well ol Jackie he got married But his ends they wouldn't meet His wife worked at the Texas Commerce Bank just up the street Jackie got an idea To get him outta debt And they could live the good life And drive a new Corvette If he'd rob the bank he said Cause these are desperate times Well he had planned the whole thing And while his baby worked He came in after hours In a black ski mask and shirt She told him where the money was And thats just where he went The minute that he saw it he already had it spent Well it wasn't easy But these are desperate times Well he drove off to Bandera Cause that was his hometown He had it in his mind just where he'd lay that money down He went out to his mom's house And Jack went up the hill To bury that old suitcase full of hundred dollar bills Well he'd let it sit a while Cause these are desperate times Well the bank they called the g-men Cause they were insured by the Fed And Jill she rolled on Jack Cause she was in above her head The g-men gave Jack wind of this When they made his arrest And he asked her why she turned on the one that she loved best Well it wasn't easy Jack But these are desperate times Yeah ain't that what you always said These are desperate times

Looking Into You

JACKSON BROWNE "Jackson Browne"
Well I looked into a house I once lived in Around the time I first went on my own When the roads were as many as the places I had dreamed of And my friends and I were one Now the distance is done and the search has begun I've come to see where my beginnings have gone Oh the walls and the windows were still standing And the music could be heard at the door Where the people who kindly endured my odd questions Asked if I came very far And when my silence replied they took me inside Where their children sat playing on the floor Well we spoke of the changes that would find us farther on And it left me so warm and so high But as I stepped back outside to the grey morning sun I heard that highway whisper and sigh Are you ready to fly? And I looked into the faces all passing by It's an ocean that will never be filled And the house that grows older and finally crumbles That even love cannot rebuild It's a hotel at best, you're here as a guest You oughta make yourself at home while you're waiting for the rest Well I looked into dream of the millions That one day the search will be through Now here I stand at the edge of my embattled illusions Looking into you The great song traveler passed through here And he opened my eyes to the view And I was among those who called him a prophet And I asked him what was true Until the distance had shown how the road remains alone Now I'm looking in my life for a truth that is my own Well I looked into the sky for my anthem And the words and the music came through But words and music can never touch the beauty that I've seen Looking into you - and that's true


JAMES MCMURTRY "Childish Things"
The in-laws are waiting the games have begun The cell phone keeps ringing 'don't answer it hon' The whole thing's arranged just to aggravate Dad And it's amateur day on the old super slab The kids are strapped down like a half load of pipe All safe in their car seats they fuss and they gripe Well you can't hardly blame 'em it must be a bitch Counting the crosses off down in the ditch This one's got flowers, this one's got a wreath This one's got a name painted down underneath Was the road all iced up, were they going too fast Here's five in a circle left from the last holiday Holiday There's a three-trailer rig just a throwin' up spray Not legal to run on this kind of a day But god damn the smokies and the four wheelers too Stay offa my bumpers or the same goes for you There'll be none for him He that wants it the most As he hauls it on out to the Oregon coast No turkey no gravy no Zinfandel wine You just stay over right and we'll get along fine He's missing the football, missing the fun He'd play with the grandkids but he's off on a run And some hat's on the radio singing his song But it don't make a damn He's in for a long holiday Holiday Now granny she's yelling She's ready to eat She's havin' conniptions 'Cause they won't take their seats But she's got 'em all gathered now under one roof With her camcorder loaded She's gonna get proof But do you have to wear that Well I just don't see why Please pass the potatoes Aw eat shit and die Did you hear about Ellen, she's leaving, you know How 'bout those Packers, think it'll snow? And the minute it's over they'll scatter like quail Off down the freeway in the teeth of a gale Silent and shattered And numb to the core They count themselves lucky They got through one more holiday Holiday The highway patrolman He stands in the rain He just lets it run down to soften the stain Of the blood on his pant leg From working that wreck And he won't forget it In time for the next holiday Departing Chicago at 9:52 In clean desert camo all baggy and loose Sits an Iowa Guardsman alone by the gate The place sure looked different, in 1968 When he traveled with mom, first time on a plane To visit some kin, he's forgotten their names But he remembers the soldiers, still in their teens In their spit polished boots and their pressed army greens With the creases so sharp, and their faces so smooth But their eyes looked so heavy, he wondered how they could move Now he's got that same look, like his insides are black He's in his mid forties and he has to go back And he can't even smoke while he waits for his plane The uniform's different, but the mission remains To do like they tell you, don't make a fuss Why's not an issue, so don't think too much You just do what you have to, shut up and drive If you come apart later, well at least you're alive You can get you some help, you can deal with it then And life will be better, 'til it happens again 'Cause there's something inside us that won't let us be In stalks through our days 'til it's too dark to see And it's damn near as deadly as Texans on ice Lord don't they beat all Y'all have a nice holiday

Jumpin' Jack Flash

I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain, But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas! But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's a gas! Gas! Gas! I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag, I was schooled with a strap right across my back, But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas! But it's all right, I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's a gas! Gas! Gas! I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead. I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled. I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread. I was crowned with a spike right thru my head. But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas! But it's all right, I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's a gas! Gas! Gas!

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