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Johnny Clegg lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Hawu baba ngashada intombi yami esikolweni emoliva (Oh father I married my girl at the school on Mooi River) Kwashunqa uthuli kwandlovu madoda silwela lobuhle (The dust was rising with all the preparations at Ndlovu's home) Usipho wakipha izinkomo ezamalobolo ezinamasondo (Sipho paid the bride price with a motor car) Wadlala umukwa wami, wadlala engalindile (And my father-in-law performed an unexpected war dance on the spur of the moment) Wadlala umukwa wami engalindile kwakhikhiza abafazi (My father-in-law performed an unexpected war dance and the women encouraged him with shrill cries) Ngisho izulu eliphezulu lalihleka kancane (Even the Heaven above - i.e. the Zulu King - gave a small laugh) 'Zulu eliphezulu lalikhona lalihleka kancane (The Heaven above was present and he gave a small laugh) Emoliva, emoliva (At Mooi River) Chorus: Yamnandi lendaba ngaze ngashada emoliva ngiyabonga webanguni (It was a wonderful event, for I eventually got married at Mooi River and I thank you people of the chunu clan) Ngaze ngashada ngaze ngathola nowami (I eventually got married, I eventually even got my own wife) Wemzila wangincelisa amasiko ngaze ngaba wumuthu (Mzila! you suckled me on the traditions and customs of the Zulu and I became a person) Hawu wemakhabela nangikhulisa ngaze ngaba wumuthu (Oh you people from Makhabeleni you raised me until I became a person) Kungathiwani ngani banguni nahlanganisa zonke izizwe (And what can be said about you, Machunu people, for you brought together all the nations) Nahlanganisa zonke izizwe ubesehlulekile ubotha (You brought all the nations together, Botha long having failed to do this) Nahlanganisa zonke izizwe ngobuhle ubesehlulekile ubotha (You brought all the nations together in good spirit, Botha having long failed) Emoliva (At Mooi River) Chorus (Here I call out the praise names of various people who have been important in my life, most of whom were present at my marriage) Chorus

Headaches And Woes

Aceyalone "All Balls Don't Bounce"
Intro: oh man i got a splittin' headache and my heart is broken up into a thousand tiny little microscopic pieces Chorus: i got a head full of headaches a heart that's full of woes i'm constantly singin' them downhome blues and not many people knows that leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as i know it and i guess i got no choice but to be a poet Verse One: now in my natural habitat i gravitate towards having that and i elevate on having that and i'll never get caught in your rabbit trap from Yellowstone to Venezuela Nigeria down through Australia there's somethin i learned that i gotta tell ya there's a whole lot of us ain't wrapped too tight now i could been your doctor or your lawyer or come to your house and clean up for ya self destruction won't destroy ya if you got somebody that's lookin out for ya men are murdered women raped people gettin beat on videotape and people elsewhere tryin to escape just to come to America to lick the plate helicopters scope the land hell is here so i hope you 'stand hip-hop culture is African and rappers like me gon' rule the earth Chorus Verse One: now everyday i manifest and i generate and smoke cannabis and i penetrate and i innovate and i demonstrate from Los Angeles from Amsterdam to the Northern border Panama Spain to Atlanta Georgia somethin' i learned that i haven't told ya brothers like me don't live too long now i know you know it ain't who you know but do you know you see cause you could go just like any Joe and that's for sho' true so if you're straight and you're narrow and the snake's in the barrel and the serpent is under the rainbow and you're head over heels instead of the reals then you're bound to be tangled cause brothers are singin' and dancin' and rappin' like they was a vaudeville act but knowledge is wealth and you gotta know self and you gotta know God's still black cause every so often i sit and i wonder why i even trip at all cause half are down when i get down the other half wanna see me fall waitin around all heaven bound and you seen that your L-7's round and when the sky falls to the ground and you found that the only way up is down don't give me no additives no sedatives or preservatives or repetitive rhetoric you give just let it live yet my head is poundin' i'm dealin' with this load on my mind i got a head full of headaches a heart that's full of woes man i'm constantly singin' them downhome blues and not many peoples knows man that leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as i know it and i guess i got no choice but to be a i got no choice but to be i guess i got no choice but to be a poet i guess i got no choice but to be a prophet i guess i got no choice but to be a griot a gangster a athlete a bum a nobody a criminal a convict a black man a MC a MC a MC Chorus Verse Three: mmmhmmm you know that's right that's why people got to get their high so they can get high they blast and they passed the pipe to get high just like a Jedi never said i would i even if i could i didn't do it but i just rather get a little shut eye so i sleep from dawn to dusk in a bomb shelter cause ya never know when the man is gonna drop that big one oh pelting, people burning melting alarm the farmers armageddon karma psychic readings greetings earthlings i'm from mars got two more planets to go and then i'm on my way to the stars oh no there i go through the ozone layer hole where the men are the men and they mean it down where the wind don't blow where the indo grow in the snow and everybody po'

Fall Back

BIG L "The Big Picture"
[L] Yeah, check this shit out [K] Kool G. Rap and my dog Big L [K] Holdin it di-down, ya heard [Big L] Aiyyo; I heard your single, you better make a whole new song If they said that shit is hot then they told you wrong Clown niggaz, you ain't got a chance at all Big L Corleone too advanced for y'all I make moves and boss all across the world so don't be upset if I toss your girl I got cheddar to blow, pockets never get low Bitches sweat me wherever I go I cruise in a GS Lex', Cartier specs Nautica sweats with the fresh Gortex Jewels with baguettes, swingin like the Mets Throwin the dice and takin all size bets Never bummy; sip rummy, get money When I hit honies you felt the dick in her tummy On the le-low I see dough from here to Rio Flamboyant Records, C to the E-O - what Chorus: Kool G. Rap Yo - all of y'all weak people fall back G. Rap and Big L, we all that Goin back to back where they brawl at Swing and walk with tall bats Leavin big holes with small gats Have 'em all fallin where the wall at All of y'all weak people fall back G. Rap and Big L, we all that Goin back to back where they brawl at Swing and walk with tall bats Leavin big holes with small gats Have 'em all fallin where the wall at [Kool G. Rap] Yo, from the spot to the cellblocks Hot as hell blocks where shells pop Where they sell rock to cop the SL drop Hood bitches in nail shops; no good snitches that tell cops People find bodies in lobbies, you can smell shots Niggaz turn stale on the Rock until they bail drop New York livin, got a nigga four-fifth limpin Send you as a gift to the mortician if you forfeit livin - my fortune is forbidden I say it one time before spittin then I leave your forehead drippin I laid low then came back for more bread grippin More thread flippin More head from chickens, it's time to turn the ape loose Bust out the cage and let the gauge loose Blow the feathers out of your Nordface goose It's G. Rap comin back with a click of brave troops Have y'all niggaz runnin for homebase like Babe Ruth Have you holdin holes in your body like you play flute Lay you down til you get found up in the sprayed Coupe Prepare for the takeover - give you the face makeover the seedier row and sheet draped over Be found on the block with the street taped over or comin out of deep coma, your speech made slower Corona Queens shakedown; I'm comin with the nickel-plate pound to trade rounds with all you fake clowns get down in the unsafe town Lacin it down, black guerilla fams kid we takin the crown ya heard Chorus 2X [Kool G. Rap] Yo Kool G. Rap, holdin it down with the hazardous Big L Knahmean {*echoes*}

The Dying And The Dead

Aus-Rotten "...And Now Back To Our Programming"
Thiry thousand auto workers have gone to work to find That they've been downsized form the assembly to the unemployment line The employed seeking job security content with what employers give Thinning out the job market keeps the workers competitive The upper one percent receive the tax breaks, social program cut's commence Educational funds take a back seat to America's defense These education cuts are an investment in the prison industry An occupational restructuring towards a slave labor economy The chance of survival on death row disappears,theirright to appeal is deprived Worker strength and solidarity depletes with union officials bribed Raising taxes to build sports stadiums while the homeless are ignored Refusing to supply the health care benefits most people can't afford The newly founded citizen review boards' members are all police The gap widens between the cost of living and the inflation increase Those in power own the media machine it's the vehicle to their views They bury all of their corruption under fluff reported news They bombard us with statistics to influence public opinion The more ridiculous the lie the more people seem to listen It's the people with no money that are responsible for the rest of us being poor We'll just eliminate the welfare system to even up the score Our conditions never imporve no matter how many programs we stop The money always seems to circulate back to the people at the top The occasionl whining criticisms keep the public satisfied The rest are busy escaping reality with drugs the CIA supplied It's always the most oppressed who easily fall victim to ignorance Even with all that they've been through they still pledge allegiance To their country and flag that has caused all of their grievous pain Patriotism leads to natonalism which in turn proceeds to fascism Poor and working class people are the tools of sick corporate perseverance Shit on little puppets exploited in the trials of human dominance But still the pride goes on blindly and in so-called freedom they gloat Waving the flag but cursing the politicians they think they elect when they vote Behind the trails of our peacekeepers lie the dying and the dead There are millions of starving chilren that are waiting to be fed Because executive orders demand that economic sanctions are applied If they'd have bowed down to our pressure, relief may have just arrived As the worlds only super power we rule without regret We don't let these children survive and grow up to be a threat Love of this country is based on nothing but the fear of living somewhere worse And gratitude shouldn't be the reaction to someone else being slaughtered first

What It Takes

featuring K.C. Thomas and Afrolistic (Choclair) aiyo wassup yo it's me yo wassup the Choclair brother represents the T dot the O dot chiznock rocks it non stop so come and take a ride on the parinormal side (Afrolistic) aiyo wassup yo it's me yo wassup Afrolistic represents the T dot the O dot Afro rocks it non stop come and take a ride on the paranormal side (K.C. Thomas) aiyo wassup yo it's me yo wassup K.C. Thomas represents the T-dot the O-dot K.C. rock the block come and take a ride on the paranormal side (Afrolistic) yo catch the feeling of the sub-human being forever seeing things you can't see cause I was born intraverdly cutting wind with my lyrics like the sword of Shinobi was on the down low (but now people' bout to know me) the signifigance of this is get you bliss and keep you hungry my style never duplicated it metaphores constently while other brothers be actin real phony I be wettin' ladies with my punchlines beggin for me tony (Choclair) now you never seen this brother comin' from the Eastbound (Eastbound) to coin a phrase and have the shhh locked down (locked down) to throw a show an clock the reds and the browns clown people get clowned and jack-fakers beat down I rock it from the borough break down to Doomstown and milk some ----- out in 'Saga city and laughin' with my cousins up in Brampton stylin' profilin' while East York calls down the fort peace to Julie Black who lives out in North York yo these people try be dissin' me I ask 'em what for you got no credentials or potential to step into the realm of the sexual (K.C. Thomas) now first things first k-c-t h-o the m-a-s bring it to your face brother or to your chest I'm nice times twice I use this mic as a lyrical sacrafice got you in my grips like vice I represent the T-dot and I'm known to keep a hot spot flows like blood clots know my abc's and what-nots from a to z including p's and q's and if you's rhyme alarming your's is on snooze I'm addiciting like booze like Parker Lewis can't lose your lacking a smacking my rhymes are known for beat-jacking and brain-cells for packing persona full of lady-macking stop acting like you're shifty Jack be nimble K.C. be nifty this lyrical hit can dis the and make a grown woman miss me come on now I see why you actin' kinda sissy (Choclair) ha ha ha I laugh when I kick ass sometimes I wear my contacts sometimes I wear my glass now don't be confused 'cause of my body mask and tone dark skin body shape slim fast sit down and wonder how a brother like I can stick out and penetrate like I'm between two thighs people gettin' hog-tied they riled up droppin' more shhh than stars paranormal big (ahhhhh) smiling on people think they rule like Castro they run around the board but they never pass go Choclair the ill flow sexual chiznock that represents the T-dot (K.C. Thomas) now this be the fifth verse different from the first leave you ice cold like a body in a hurse I likes writin' hip-hop use me innovate your thirst I'm bright like the sun with the flavor ready to burst I run with two in this rap game three including moi mabye three joining a freaky setion menage-a-tois this bomb shock heavy loading explosion K.C. quiet but causin' up comotion smooth like lotion imagine hot baby oil where you want it (right here baby) how you want it (right there baby) you know you like being spoiled temperature risin' and now you're folding up like foil next week the same place the same time the same staton the same climax of elevation baby (Afrolistic) yeah check out my stats I throw more bombs than quarterbacks never surronding myself with fictional description only facts freestyle on a daily is my aerobics no impaired vision clear focus stretch my lady's limbs like if she was warmin' up for gymnastics I leave you adolescent like pee in your bed matress I'm way beyond the year of '96 you still stuck in '86 stick to your tricks and porno flicks bruise the knicks and leave with my goal of makin' my scriputes aincent like startin' a fire with two wooden sticks (K.C. Thomas) it's like cocky style 1-2-3 we got what it takes Chiz, Afro and me we roll by the trio east coast all the way past Peurto Rico we smooth it out like my vedos what up taqino to bubble this track like splimate bambino you know what I mean-o yo check this my style moves non-chelant sometimes reckless gleamish eyes from the jetta to the lexus may God bless this ya know I mean (whoomp there it is) like Tag Team we keep it tight like the firm got plans like A-Team no black van we'd rather cruise by in a triple-beam one day for now we chill and pave the way we pickin' up ??? of baileys and alazhay memories that make me happy yeah reminisce like Mary J it's all that real love in my blood that keep my lyrics tight like my butt and my nuts brother what I'm all eternal like your guts and that shhh that's caught up in your butts what up (Afrolistic) oh let me get my groove on now ill scripts and heiroglyphs is my motto burn the word tommorrow watch the way I catch wreck on my plantation paranormal illa sub human-being's what you're facing mentally blazin' with my squadron as we take turns givin' mc's thrid degree burns anybody who is a decipticon will be laid down by this autobot with a peiricing verbal shot now who I be is someone who you can't see rockin' with my paranorms and f-o-s we be the circle bangin' kootchie walls so hard it be turnin' purple my moves so caseful balerina style graceful (Choclair) forget the nonsense it's all about shocks I makin' movements with verbal interacton with people who pop the cool shhh Chiznock sexual who breaks it down got some ladies that'll go downtown so fellas hush it always sayin' how you wanna bus' it talkin' but when it comes time you're skywalkin' now listen you better start with --- kissin' cause when it comes time for confrontation you'll be beggin' intermission I gotta moby dick in my ward now I'm fishin' yo people claim they hard rocks but never stop ------ they either hate it or then ya love it some girls say they don't do it huh shut up and ---- it you need to understand Ill B breaks it's down as un-deux-trois baby (Afrolistic) yeah once again wassup yo it's me yo wassup Afrolistic represents the T-dot the O-dot Afro rocks it non-stop come and take a ride on the paranormal side (K.C. Thomas) once again wassup yo it's me yo wassup K.C. Thomas represents the T-dot the O-dot come on rock the spot come and take a ride on the circle that's inside (Choclair) once again wassup yo it's me yo wassup the Choclair brother represents the T-dot the O-dot chiznock cold rocks the block now you got the fix with the Ill Behaviour mix

Looks Like A Job For...

Big Daddy Kane "Looks Like a Job For..."
This is a world premier and I'm here.. - gt; _It's Hard Being the Kane_ [Big Daddy Kane] Nobody move, nobody get hurt And I won't have to do no-body work The minute I come on stage and take position A demolition, where rappers catch a bad decision, huh I start to swingin it, puttin my bad thing in it Soon as I start flingin it, girls'll start clingin it People'll start singin it, noise oh I'm bringin it To show and to prove to the people the man that really is the king in it Cause I take the cake like Hostess No, not the one you wanna play high post with Warm it up Kane, warm as a snorkel Snatch the microphone and do a nigga somethin awful I give him the rhythm-a-jazz pizazz finesse and yet the flavor to jam and slam the land I flip the script like nobody can It's like they lack the crowd to get live and raw from all the brothers who smothered the mic They're frank with force, cause you know, Kane comes off See me and the mic go together like neighbors And if that's too fast, here's a slower flavor You see.. I.. am.. the.. man.. to.. stand.. top.. brand.. No.. band.. at.. hand.. and.. yes I can can, yes I can can rip the microphone to shreds Buck buck, rough and tuff, and a little bit raggamuffin For havin a rapper that try to battle will stress me You shouldn't address me cause you can't impress me So don't test me, boy, I say you better move over Yeah, yeah, huh Many people tried to say I fell off He went R amp;B, now his rap is all soft But if you say that on stage, I'll prove you wrong And wax that ass, rappin off a love song Cause with the street in all battles I'm still hard like a mallet, servin competition like salad I'm gonna give you some damn good advice G Break out, before there be some sugar honey iced tea Cause now you're comin in the danger zone There no man, can withstand, or hold his own I burn a rapper so bad that it bruise even if you put a condom on the mic that I use That won't protect ya, I still can effect ya Cause I flip the script, like a movie director I'm makin the non-believers believe what I'm dishin up And people that's still fans, will be air conditioners Why golly gee, I'm the hypest The power to maintain, and sustain, cause I'm righteous In other words, by knowledge and degrees you gotta say God bless, and I don't mean when I sneeze A black man, you know I got, SOUL for rockin the track and sparkin the mic that I hold Not just been flowin for the fellas so for the ladies I didn't forget you.. mm-wah *kiss sound* A lot of rappers today, know how to flow Also, a lot of amateurs turned pro But if I ask for the mic at your show Aiyyo, I think you better let it go! Cause I go in a rage on stage The rap it never stops til I get my props And if you don't know my style, well look here my friend You saw _Faces of Death_ Hehe yeah yeah aight then I'm tryin to tell my competition the scoop That I'm breakin down, any soloist or group And even though, some of them try to play souped When I come on stage, they spread they wings like Troop And fly away, cause I don't play I slay, okay, okay The king of combat, my competition scat Pockets stay fat, oh hells yeah, I'm alllll that The one they like to follow, bite and borrow Lock into my style, just like a Rottweiler So you wanna know the meanin of hardcore Looks Like a Job For.. * cut n scratch Big Daddy *

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