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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Third World Child


Original and similar lyrics
Burning tyres on the freeway Noone in sight Thre's a raging calm Across the land tonight Voice on the radio says Another one's down tonight. It don't matter anymore Which side he's on. Came to your place to see If you're all right And the shadows Danced across the stairway Flight after flight And I was banging at your door But you weren't there anymore And the G-man stepped Into the light and said This is war! Chorus Uzogijima -----------(you will run away) Well I've got to get through 'Cause I know that you are near the end Uzogijima ----------(you will run away) Uzogijima kodwa -----(you will run away but there Awusekho umgodi------is no hole left for you to hide in) Wokukasha When the big wind blows The tree falls down But the reed just bends You'r missing Roadblock across my heart And a riot in my mind 'Cause I know that you are Out there somewhere Trying to find a place to hide The shadow of a ruthless hand Is hunting for your soul And though I don't know Where you are I'll never let you go Chorus.... And I want you to know That as things fall apart I'm on the road to nowhere And you're heavy on my heart And I want you to know That this state will never last Maybe better days are coming And we'll make peace with the past Chorus....

Y'all Know

WILL SMITH "Big Willie Style"
Verse 1: Will Smith Observe the high roller Mic controller Number one hip-hop son call me solar Why? cause I shine Praise the Big Willie I'm Raised in Philly I daze and thrillin' ya Don't be silly, ya can't see me Again I'm killin ya on MTV Just get with it my friend(Damn another award) Dat kid done did it again(Oh my Lord) Da fantastic Boombastic Gettin' ten times hotter than any you other cats get Practice You lack this I'm the real McCoy First with Jeff I was startin Then with Martin I'm a Badboy See more green than David Bent More juice than Tropicana You hawkin me like Atlanta MC's just flee, they rightfully concerned Big Will wants the mic back, it's my turn ta burn Verse 2: Will Smith I'm back attackin the mic Hype like a Viking Strikin like a python Blaze like Jon A hip-hop icon, MC radical Back on track from my rap/act sabatacle Nine-point-six on the richter Kicked her, hands so slickta Chicks quickta flip tha Bright glance and the tight pants for the slight chance, Big Willie can we get one dance? Why yes you may an', I'm just sayin That dress you playin, is A-Okay an This is your chance for, at least it could be for you an you girlfriend on the dancefloor, menege-boogie On the scene I fronts an dashin, fashion Lost my cream once, now I'm stashin cashin Countries and currencies, like a true Don It's a new time and this time watch me shine The way y'all blaze through the days and nights How I deal with the craze my momma raised me right Whether I'm on stage or in the studio booth 100 proof, raisin the roof, raisin the roof! Chorus: Y'all know, Can't nobody rock a crowd like me She know, Can't nobody make it bounce like me He know, Can't nobody get it hot like me Y'all know, Y'all need ta stop cause ya can't see me Verse 3: Will Smith Seven continents I bruise all cruise Adidas, kilts, or bamboos and no shoes Eskimos to Abariginies I'll test the flow of the world's MC's I'll hit you out the ball park You just all talk Don't be lookin at my script, you can't play my part See I'm a rapper thats an actor You act rap with no heart The way that I compose those flows like Mozart Gets somthin like a symphony, when I'm orchestratin' em Ever since the days of me an Jeff at the Paladium All my life I've been the cream of the crop Shoppin a dream, now I got a crop full of cream I raise mics for the flow of it, you know the show of it Not the Benz 600 four door of it(keep it real yo) I'm a rhyme regardless of earnin Long as my heart keeps yearnin I gots ta keep burnin Chorus 5x

Come On Back Home

CECE WINANS "Everlasting Love"
Since the beginning you knew He's been with you You were raised in the church so you know I'm tellin the truth Livin like you don't know right from wrong tellin yourself you're okay God's word is always right Just admit you've left the way So I'm here to tell ya it doesn't matter what you've done or where you been Just fall on your knees, confess and he will forgive your sins (chorus) Come on back home, you've been away too long God has been good to you He's brought you through and through Why can't you see the signs We're living at the end Jesus is coming soon Don't wait too late my friend Just surrender and stop the fight Go head and throw in the towel Why run from love any longer When you're almost out of time Let him restore you And break up that fallow ground All power is in his hands To turn your whole life around Let him in your heart The choice is yours you don't have to be ashamed (chorus) Please don't ignore the knocking at your door Let him in your heart, he'll forget the past and give a fresh new start And this time hold on, don't let him, don't let him, don't let him go He wants to wash you and fill you and heal you and love you like... (chorus)

Pimps, Hustlas

E-40 "Grit Grind"
(talking) Yeah, pimps up hoes down, yeah Hustlas, playas, gangstas, gangstas, yeah Fa shiggedel, shiggedy, uh, click shit down What is it, check this out [E-40] Raised in the heart of the ghetto, dipping and dodging the metro Pitching the ? and coke that's what I use to pedal Heavy metal, a j-jack of all trays Then you pimp, that's a hustler in many ways Acting bad in the traffic, the hustler with the package Serving that cha-cha, that yell, they all tragic magic Plastic baggage, jelly jars in microwaves Got to have it, backwoods and purple hayes Mess around in my side of town, get clowned down John, Jane Doe, lost and found Everybody know this young player's about his business Riches, chickens I pimp, but lickeness My L.I.P.I folks be digging this Devon, Pimpy Gear, Max Queezthis Gorilla, Scarp Down, no conscience In this occupation you can't be generous Me and my fellas be bossing, dipping the pander and flossing No matter how much it's costing we do this often cause we (Chorus - 8x) We just some pimps, playas Hustlas, gangstas [James Stomp Down Bailey] Walk that walk, when you talk that talk Get your scrilla, be a pimp about it when you on your hustle Have heart, have money, have muscle Make sure your L-I-P's be on a rumble It's like A-B-C's when I spit it Don't even spot me on the map, 40 did it When you dead nigga shitted in they bridges You got a house that's sold out full of bitches I be the proudest old son of Sick Wid It Know I'm coming cause I walk with a limp and Step to the ladder like a playa now I'm pimping Never gabbles in a hoe and come up with it Navi cars and a home there's no limit And I could rock a Prada suit and I feel it You know I'm bout to buy a bentley in a minute Fresh off the showroom floor when I spend it (Chorus - 8x) [E-40] H-I double L Side 13-24 Magazine where I resigned 1-9-7-0 Oldsmobile Cutlass is what I drive With the same colored tent as the paint, who that inside And hiding behind that cloud of smoke, waving they gun Girl that's 40 and them they some factors they all one Them playas got more paper than ?keegles? and than some I always see them at the casino bossing and smabbing Surrounded by a whole bunch of people placing they bet and Sitting at the gambling table just like some veterans Talking to they fans drinking Purken and playing Roulette and Hold up, sweet heart, I'm not done You know I'm from the Yay where all the game come from I'm O.G., like the candle light grip I'm company, Too Sheezy and Magic Mike I'm the one that named the burn out sparkies Back in the days when everybody was happy in they cabinet And bags, I know you know, that it's a drought Real brothers like me where did they go Somebody tell me where my (Chorus - 8x)

Last Light Radio 11:01 PM

From the center of nowhere Atop the shoulders of giants Above the creeping fog of disinformation that clouds the American union This is Will 'O the Wisp And this is The Last Light Radio Your last beacon of truth and defiance I've always started my shows by saying that: All ships lost in the night search for the lighthouse on the rock of the enlightened But, for truth seekers out there, the battery is fading and the light is dying I see that freedom has failed us and with no light the night's going to be a long one Woody Guthrie said: "This land is your land, this land is... my land" Great words, but this land is their land now This will be the last time your ears and my voice will be getting together Because, as of midnight tonight, the previously public airwaves will be commandeered for government approved and regulated transmission The last breath of free speech will blow itself out What rises in its place is going to be the wind of thought control Bad guys win folks! You know I don't always play a lot of music on the show, as most of it these days is processed, bubble gum bullshit - churned out by the overlords of doublespeak and made to turn a gray world grayer But tonight I won't go without leaving a message Tonight I've chosen to play the one band the American Fascicrats don't want me to play Tonight I'm going off the air with the music of Hierophant For those of you not familiar, you'll get a taste of Hierophant's music tonight Their message, their light I started you off with Wake Up from their 2009 album Bohemian Grove, their first and most radical Remember what the song says: Don't let 'em get you down The most important truth is love, all you know and all you need to know, as the poet says What was that beauty, what's the difference? Love your family, love your neighbor, love your enemy as yourself Go on loving, it's what humans do best and the one thing they can't kill Got it? This is Will 'O the Wisp The time now is no time The temperature is cold And the news is blue But for now the light still shines Off the same album, this is Triskaidekaphobia That's fear of thirteen my sons and daughters, as in thirteen o'clock You're listening to the last night on The Last Light

Dreams Left Behind

Did you see that storm coming In an instant all was turned to chaos With the wind I was brought away Somewhere to a place you never could imagine Where I woke up it was so cold There was this castle with walls as high as the black skies I didn't know I had to pay The price of my life To see this beautiful sight An invisible force made me burn within The shadow king arose behind me Walked around me with a smile Cursed his name over and over again Remained calm and gazed into his dark eyes No one will speak of this place Nor will anyone know of this place You're the last one ever to see me Tears shrouded in my eyes I knew not what I had done Never had I hurt someone In that instant my life changed forever As the beast within me suddenly awoke I scream your names I walk your grounds You will go down with me This is my dream

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