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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Shadow Man

Take My Heart Away

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus Take my heart away (repeat) To be the sound of wild geese calling To be ten seasons in a night To dance the sun beyond the tides of war and peace To put silence stained by crimes to flight I need to heart-break-loose-the wind Dedela umoya wami, Baba (Set my spirit free, father) Chorus To see your eyes shine like two desert stars To see life burning with a mission To break the empty circle of living and dying To leave a child with a vision I need to heart-break-loose-the wind Dedela umoya wami, Baba (Set my spirit free, father) Chorus Sing me the songs that won the battle Sing me the first and the last man's glory Sing me the songs that taste of freedom Thread me through with your sacred needle Liyeza, liyeza, liyeza ilanga lami seliyeza (It's coming, it's coming, my day is coming)

Love Boat

Jack Jones
THE RACE IS ON George Jones Written by Don Rollins [NC] I feel tears wellin' up cold and deep inside Like my [D] heart's sprung a big [A] break And a stab of loneliness sharp and painful [E] That I may never shake You might [A] say that I was taking it hard Oh, she [D] wrote me off with a [A] call But don't you wager that I'll hide the sorrow When I may [E] break right down and [A] bawl? [NC] Well, the race is [A] on and here comes Pride up the backstretch [D] Heartaches are going to the in-[A] side My Tears are holding back They're tryin' [E] not to fall [A] My Heart's out of the running True Love's [D] scratched for another's [A] sake The race is on and it looks like Heartaches And the [E] winner loses [A] all. One day I ventured in love, never once suspectin' What the final result would be How I lived in fear of waking up each morning And thinkin' that you're gone from me There's ache and pain in my heart For today was the one that I hated to face Somebody new came up to win her I came out in second place.

Drowning Man

ARLO GUTHRIE "Outlasting The Blues"
words and music by Arlo Guthrie I remember when I met you Underneath the evening sky Now it seems I could forget you Rescue me, I'm bound to die All the promises we made there With no words to understand And though I've tried I've come up empty Heart of stone, drowning man CHORUS: I'm going down for the third time And I need a helping hand The rooster crows and I'm sinking Heart of stone, drowning man Where are you, my dear companion How much longer must you be I'm all alone out on the ocean When will you come and rescue me It's too late for new beginnings In this world I've left behind There is nothing left worth keeping Not a thing to change my mind CHORUS How far down the road to glory Must we go without a sign Caught out on these stormy waters How can you treat me so unkind Did you know from the beginning That I'd dig this lousy hole Oh, don't leave me here abandoned In this dark night of the soul CHORUS

Be With You

How can you turn and walk away Leaving me here with things to say How can you stand and watch me fall Don't you feel no love at all I only want to say to you That it would break your Papa's heart For him to hear the things you say When we could make a brand new start (Chorus) Will you hold me in your arms or let me go Cause I want to show the world how much I know That I love you And I only want to be with you How do I know you'll always stay You're changing your mind most every day I'm telling you girl don't push too far no Just who do you think you are I only want to say to you That it would break your Mama's heart For her to hear the things you say When we could make a brand new start (Repeat chorus two times) Oh I love you so Are you ready, for a guy like me Come on baby, I'm on bended knee Are you ready to be loved by me again I only want to say to you That it would break my loving heart For me to see the things you do When we could make a brand new start Yes we could make a brand new start (Repeat chorus to fade)


When I reach out, you move away from my hands You're never telling me why We make plans to spend Time you forget and the days are just passing us by When I ask you you never understand it You don't know what you haven't done And when I try to explain it sounds like complaint And the words only make you more numb Is there a fire if you don't see the smoke? We can't get higher if you don't let it go. Ooh ooh ooh How did your heart ever get like that How did someone ever hurt so bad That you can't see that You've been kicked inside You're desensitized yeah Oooh ooh ooh How did you heart ever get so cold How did someone ever get so close That you just don't know How it feels inside You're desensitized I wanna believe that it's a phase you go through That only gets harder to tell And sometimes I think it's an easier thing to believe That there's somebody else (Sub) (Chorus) Whatever they did / Whatever they said You know it's much better just to run and forget Whatever it was / Whoever's to blame You know you can let yourself be feeling again ( Chorus Out )

Nullarbor Song

KASEY CHAMBERS "Barricades & Brickwalls"
When the fire burns out here It's brighter than the city lights Warmer than a heart of gold And dingo's howl just to break the silence The sun comes up just to break the cold Last night I woke With the stars looking back at me Swallowing the sky I felt no anger, I felt no shame I felt no reason to cry If I'm not here in the morning I'll cry a river of tears But I'll learn to live in a new town But my heart is staying here When it's quiet out here A hundred miles away You can hear the train on the line The whistle blows just to break the silence I wave just to break the time I close my eyes I think of runnin' water I think of runnin' away But the fires burnt to ashes And it's darker than before But I can see as clear as day

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