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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Shadow Man


Original and similar lyrics
Chorus Siyayibamba siyayilanda Ngithibamba siyayilanda Sithibamba siyayilanda Fetch it siyayilanda (We are fetching our future, grabbing our tomorrow) Repeat Human figures in a dream Heard them singing -- Siyayilanda (we are fetching it) You've got to get up And carry on sing this song -- Siyayilanda There's a mean machine Tear the bone clean, tell you Where I've been -- Siyayilanda Eat, sleep on your feet You're going to speak -- Siyayilanda Chorus A falling star in the night Comfort the weeper -- Siyayilanda You turn to the left and you turn to the right, Losers, keepers -- Siyayilanda Hold me close I'm trapped in A night of seasons -- Siyayilanda A new sun rising up ahead Coming your way -- Siyayilanda Chorus I can feel it in the air My day is coming nearer My day's a little nearer

Here's To The Atom Bomb

away to the side you move your head gravity fingers dig in your back the strangest man won't let you breathe rocking on you in a movie scene his words fill your mouth his guests bleed sick devoid of touch he lets out to the streets where you were raised sittin' home waiting for the coming age you had to wait your turn you had to wait your turn wake up early, wash up late satellites connect you to your hate your patience grows but your skin is thin the pager signals they're coming in through the hole in the wall you left a hole in the wall here's to the atom bomb may everyone find a way to get on [] seven is all you seek in the same old re-run week after week their faces make you want to kill their little piece of heaven singing on the window sill no lights can turn you on pixelate the night feed in the words of your eyes on the streets where you were born sittin' home waiting for the coming dawn you're the hole in the wall you left a hole in the wall [Machina II version] clung to the sweater from the day you were born never knew better, that's what you swore mother hugged you cause the walls were thin in saturnine sweetness and ratio no boy could spell you out in the grass at night beneath the stars you grew right past the streets where you were raised sneaking out early to a secret place like a hole in the wall like a hole in the wall into the bed you hang your sleep watch your man as he sinks beneath you cut out his heart and watch him die so we can know you and that you're alive as the hole in the wall you are the hole in the wall noone can know your soul kisses and noise now you belong to them all awake to the dawn and scratch your eyes light the prayer candles that you remind to send you a boy that you could waste a little piece of heaven to set you straight through the hole in the wall you are the hole in the wall noone could tell you why the tape's full of hiss and sons who cry to the night of the dead and the wishing ghost beating on you to drain morose through the hole in the wall we are the holes in the wall we are the [cut off vocals]


APARTMENT 26 "Hallucinating"
Hallucinating Who are you? Who are you? I don't know Turn my back, turn my back, then I'll see you Never seen, never seen, like a sixth sense Who am I tonight? Coloured lights, doubted twice, resurrecting In my mind, countless signs, misleading As I pass, see the last, ever changing Lifted up, interrupt, all knowing Chorus: Something in my head - Telling me to feel like this Something in my mind - Wanting me to think like this I can feel, I can feel, fell your presence Good or bad, good or bad, nothing to me Come to me, come to me, truest comfort Who am I tonight? Peeling glass, feel the past, never ending Feel my hands, cross the lands, revealing Morphing eyes, true disguise, while predicting Passing time, come to mind, all showing Who am I supposed to be, If I don't know who I am If I don't trust in myself to be what I'm supposed to be (Repeat) Chorus What are we, what are we, mental mischief Too alive, too alive, never living Coming down, coming down, living 2-D Who was I last night? Waking up to a world non existing Shake you head, wake the dead from sleeping Positive, negative, come to find out Just as real as it feels, it's growing Chorus

One More Time

JOHN HIATT "Overcoats"
Mama's in the bathroom Waitin' to be saved Papa's in the bedroom Just diggin' up his grave Brother's in the kitchen Playin' with a knife Sister's in the attic Just laughin' at her life CHORUS: And it's one more time All the grapes are on the vine And I'm gonna take what's mine One more time Everybody's nervous The window shades are down Angels flutter up above The flame where love is found Sit down at the table Say a little grace Put on your dark glasses And try to find your place CHORUS Crawlin' up the stairs Cause I know your love is there You don't have to tell me All that I've done wrong It wakes me up at night And keeps me up the whole night long But sooner or later Everything's the same And everybody's guilty Of the pleasure and the pain CHORUS Diggin' down deep Baby please don't fall asleep CHORUS 4 TIMES

Better Than This

Edwin "Another Spin Around the Sun"
She tripped on her words again She stopped trying to make sense By laughing at me I feel sorry for her she doesn't know better I ask her to stay away She tries to say something intelligent to me (chorus) Any place would be better than this all hurts hanging like a specialty fish Never been born you don't even exsist Trade in your days to the night to find the light comes through and haunts your brain So you walk on water to save your soul again last night couldn't turn away your dogs who bite Hey i i must rise to face you shakin all over the world tonight and i'm stuck in this room (chorus) say i save a second to fly over the moon tonight you profit from the pain if it feels right hey i i'm waiting to come why don't you take somebody home and take it from me you know (chorus) Feeling too good for the mood for i know there's a goodbye coming me all the time

Endless Night

Graham Parker "The Up Escalator"
(E) A E D A D E Uh, I had the time but I blew it, I had the power and I knew it D A D E had the energy, but outgrew it, the identity but saw through it, yeah E D A D E I had the walk, but got trampled, had the taste, it was sampled D A D E Had the engine dismantled, had the flame, but no candle CHORUS D E I can't bear to see how it all looks in the light, keep it hidden now D E F#m If I could only find a switch that turns on the endless night E D A E F#m That turns on the endless night, that turns on the endless night E D E that turns on the endless night ah ah ah uh Ah, if there's a wire, must cross it, if there's a coin, must toss it If it's dirt can't wash it, It's my head, d-don't cosh it There's a door, but they shut it, we all bleed, they cut it It's so dark when you don't fit, it's a gauntlet you gotta run it oh baby A E REPEAT CHORUS (plus) Turn on the endless night Instrumental verse (then) B Turn on the endless, turn on the endless, turn on the endless If there's a cross, then bear it, if there's a loss, then share it If it's a risk let's dare it, if it's blindness, outstare it REPEAT CHORUS (plus) D A E F#m That turns on the endless night, (That, just, and) turns on the endless night E D E Let's turns on the endless night ah ah ah uh (repeat with variations and fade)

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