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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Shadow Man

Human Rainbow

Original and similar lyrics
Baleka uzohaqwa! (Escape before you are injured!) Uwahaqwa! (Too late he is injured!) Webaba sicel'impilo (Father, give us life, save our lives) At the end of all bloody human storms As the last embers and flames glow We peer up into the wounded sky And search for the human rainbow And in the fading light I wonder why We can never free it from the sky Wangitshela lendaba (You have told me of this thing) I can see it, but never be it, until I free it From the sky Chorus Same old human story The saddest winds do blow While we are trapped in the language of dark history Underneath a human rainbow An angry young man draws in the air Political equations But time corrupts the fruit they bare And leads to more desperation While in the sky -- it's a trick of the light Shine the colors of all creation Chorus Ngizokutshela! (I will tell you, that's how it is). Same old human story Same old human story

The Story

E-40 "Tha Hall Of Game"
Chorus: Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Verse 1: I think it goes, ya live by the dirt, ya die by the shovel You can repent and come with god or you can know a devil You can go and get a job or you can do some federal but if I were you, I'd straighten up and do some next level I often tweek when I drive (drives) How can a small town like Thelel have all these homocides Man, fools be droppin like flies Maybe we need mo brothers sellin bean pies And it's a fool cuz everybody mama's know each other It ain't cool, but you know black folks like to act they color Wonder why all the good people get put through some many different changes of the web And all those folks that do wrong seem like they live forever I wish I can rewind time Remember when we used to get free lunch, and the city bus used to cost a dime Runnin around, talkin about you got the cooties Liftin up skirts, and touchin girl's booties Boy, take those shoes off before ya come up in dis house And whatever you do, don't you sit on grandmama's plastic covered couch Why is it that when all the homeys get togethor, we get back in the dayz And I can remember a time we get drunk somebody bring up AIDS Life is something you catch ball and give back Here today and gone tomorrow Just like that Pat yo rats on yo back (Patch your rats on your back) Take some time out yo waltz (Take some time out yo waltz) And tell your love'ems that you love em as all Chorus Verse 2: Uh, Uh fatty is the key to end all your walls Contemporary crib, cash cards and clothes But then it cause problems like guns and spids Familys fall out and don't talk for years Like my cromey (Like my cromey) They called him big breaded His first cousin set him up and left his ass for dead Churches, wakes, nothing unusual, seem like every other damn day I'm buyin and brand new suit for funerals Have yo pockets ever lost weight, and you ain't even tried Did you wonder if yo cash was on da diet See, when you're up, everybody wanna come around But when ya down, ain't nobody out there to be found If you love someone you should tell em often Ya never know when they'll be layin in da coffin Dedicated to my peoples up in jail Ya partner 40 water gotta story to tell (a story to tell) Chorus Verse 3: Takin tert da ninja out da getto (the getto) But not the getto out da ninja, give me life for 3 rocks But I won't surrender Oh he's a heven (heven), nigga da way he dress He must be dealin (dealin) how did he get that Lex Of course, if it ain't used get spokes, it's crime and coast It's all dey work Shootin shit up and actin tough, ridin around with gold n stuff It's rough How much money you earn, enough, I own my own law firm Don't need a tux, I twerks picoods and kakis (kakis) Levis and t-shirts (Levis and t-shirts), whatever the street's works (street's works) Partner doutch, you been actin kinda funny lately since you even got a few bucks But I'm still folks with some pac, remember three flies up And this goes on, again and again Dis goes on, again and again Ain't nothin changed but the tad toy Same time, different day, different star Chorus

Holy Fire

Eden's Bridge "Sunrise in Eden"
I remember a past life, a life long ago memories are reveries and visions fading into gray I behold the paleness, with the glimpse of an eye there's no friend in no man's land streets leading to wild frontiers (pre-chorus) let the torchlight shine above you scan a flashlight of a dream take the spell and hold the spirit of the flame and rise up with the light (chorus) holy fire, glimmering eve follow traces until you believe light a candle for the magical ring and wait until you see the night's breaking in am I walking the false path, the one of no return counting strides the mind divides the ever-turning wheel of time then I'm crossing the border, beyond the no man's land lizard eyes and painted skies the turning point right on my way (pre-chorus) (chorus)

I Can Tell (When You're Telling Lies)

John Wesley Harding "The Name Above The Title"
I can tell when you're telling lies I can see it in your smiling eyes I can't help when you're telling lies I can see it in your lack of surprise I can see just where the truth doesn't lie Watching you cut through the bind that ties Once upon a time a story with a happy end But that's all in the past now, it's all around the bend You can't appease me now, those hopeless things you send And you can't please me now and we can't start again There's too much history, and no clean sheets When I get to hear his story, it puts my feet to sleep It's all romantic nothing about a heart in a rage Murdered by some cartoon villain who ripped out the last page (Chorus) Happy ever after, a prince apparent and his bride All his disarming charm and her unfaithful side He's scouting for success and she's his girl guide The day the die was cast, it was the day I died And now your hips are up for grabs and now the chips are down I could be jetting with the set instead of with this clown You want it to be unabridged, all bridges should be burnt Sometimes you must recross them, that's something you never learnt (Chorus) There are some tricks you can't pull I mean the wool that is Over my eyes That's what happens when lookng for love Becomes a game of I Spy I know you're combing someone's hair, or someone's soothing you A lie may well fool someone else but it tells the truth About you to you (Chorus)

What's The Difference?

ANTI-FLAG "Mobilize"
the constitution crumbles beneath the weight of facists no right to assemble - no free speech for the masses seattle '99 the mayor's decree anti - W.T.O statements are grounds for an arresting! (chorus) our leaders decry tianamen and dare to speak of freedom as they unleash our cops on us so...what's...the fucking difference? behind locked doors in session world sponsored coroporate politicians structure policy to build more coroporate strength FIGHT STRENGTH - WITH STRENGTH! at news conference they claim, we listen! while they lockout their own constituents so we march on to raise our voice because we are left with no choice!!! in china, nike pays workers fifty cents a day in the U.S. lawmakers give china free trade human rights-based sanctions just washed away when our lawmakers are owned by multinational;s money (chorus)

I Am

CANTON JONES "Dominionaire"
[Rap:] I am nothing without Jehovah Try to hide it but it's obvious like a comb over Nah baby, can't do it, can't take them chances Life is more to me than smoking and drinkin, exotic dances yeah Get plugged in, Jesus is the bright light Make your colors show kinda like a light bright Ready set go, push the button With God I can do all things Without him, absolutely nothing, nothing [Chorus:] You are I AM and I am cause You Are [x2] I Am, You Are, You Are, I Am You Are, You Are, I AM [Rap:] Yo, It's K-J to the 5 T, W, double E-Z-I-E That's who I be, so when to find me You got to show him all the time Kinda like it's I.D. Cause He's the one who gave my peace So get the blood transfusion like it's I.V. Show I can show him off Kind of now in High D Efinition what I mention really got me IRIE So what I speak is for the cause of Him Stand out like the hair on Kate Goselyn He paid the cost of men, for the cost of sin It's finished, take the towel, you can toss it in He got knocked out of Friday like it's Debo And came back to win it all, Tim Tebow We need to line up, it's kinda like a free throw Sign up for the service like it's Tivo [Chorus] [Rap:] We are not strong cause sin deceived us We are wimpy kids, we got the cheese touch And the only one who can free us is Jesus That's why He gets the credit just like some visas Into His love I crash just like some cymbals I am goin in just like a dimple He is so complex, I am so simple He sort of like an IPad, I am a kindle My weather forecast is always the same Cause every single day, Jesus Christ reigns And the sun shines, He's sort of like a nine Aimed at my head, yeah the Lord blows my mind There is no match, nobody's on par You're like my phone company, You gave me these bars I walk among lions like Belteshazzar I am what I am because of who You are Superstar [Chorus] [Outro:] I am nothing without You You put super on my natural Oh and every trial, every test I win every battle and conquest

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