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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Scatterlings

Digging For Some Words

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus Wanderers and nomads have gone to see their chieftains Will this be the end of the rain and the birds? Who can send an emissary to speak to the seasons? For the ravens and the crows already soak up the skies... I'm digging for some words beneath the stones in Zimbabwe I'm searching for a drum song in the jungles of Zaire I'm groping for the blood-moon in the mountains of Malawi Looking for the Lion of Ethiopia... The setting dusk is darkened by the bark of the baboon The frogs and the owls no longer call to the moon The warlords have gathered, blue smoke hiss from teeth of chrome And the baobab lies trembling in the boiling blood-loam The fireplace is broken and the grinding stone too Its million pieces flung across the plains of Africa Each dusty fragment a seed from which grows The memory of a debt that only you and I will know Chorus Seven seasoned soldiers have been summoned from Saigon A craven walkie talkie puts their bloodshot armor on Some drink beer milk, some drink kinky-kola Sheep dogs live in Outeniqua Gun dogs in Angola Flames lick the corners of each hungry horseman's smile They have locusts in their scabbards and deserts in their eyes Passing through the air they leave a sea of fetid rumors As they ride across the skyline on a secret trail of lies Chorus I found some words beneath a stone in Zimbabwe I heard a distant drum song in the jungles of Zaire The blood-moon spoke of war in the mountains of Malawi But I never found the Lion of Ethiopia Chorus

Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Nightfall In Middle-Earth"
Noldor Blood is on your hands Your bane's A tearful destiny Black clouds will carry Rain of blood I've seen it rain We were lost On grinding ice In fear and hunger Dead winter reigned In Araman prebridge: (You) can't escape From my damnation (Nor) run away From isolation bridge: Guilty spoke the one THis deed can't be undone Hear my words Fear my curse chorus: I know where the stars glow (And the) sky's unclouded Sweet the water runs my friend (But) Noldor Blood is on your hands Tears unnumbered You will shet and dwell in pain Your homeless souls Shall come to me There's no release Slain you might be Slain you will be Slain you will be And the lost Who will not reach the House of spirits (Will) grow old and weary prebridge bridge chorus I've seen this bitter end As I've foreseen The storm and ice And I could see it (How) a million died And I The blame's on me Cause I was not there prebridge bridge chorus Dead winter reigns And tomorrow's still unknown Lies Condemned and betrayed Now everything is said See my eyes Are full of tears And a cruel price We've paid But still I can't claim That I'm innocent Lost

Michael From Mountains

JONI MITCHELL "Song To A Seagull"
Michael wakes you up with sweets He takes you up streets and the rain comes down Sidewalk markets locked up tight And umbrellas bright on a grey background There's oil on the puddles in taffeta patterns That run down the drain In colored arrangements That Michael will change with a stick that he found (CHORUS) Michael from mountains Go where you will go to Know that I will know you Someday I may know you very well Michael brings you to a park He sings and its dark when the clouds come by Yellow slickers up on swings Like puppets on strings hanging in the sky They'll splash home to suppers in wallpapered kitchens Their mothers will scold But Michael will hold you To keep away cold till the sidewalks are dry- (CHORUS) Michael leads you up the stairs He needs you to care and you know you do Cats come crying to the key And dry you will be in a towel or two There's rain in the window There's sun in the painting that smiles on the wall You want to know all But his mountains have called so you never do- (CHORUS)

WTF Collective 2

JON LAJOIE "I Kill People"
MC Confusing back in this bitch With a parking sandwich and a chicken ticket I got a liquid face lift from a fig with big tits And my wrist got twisted by a Brit with fake spit And you don't understand it, 'cause you're not supposed to Like a candy cane snake in a jealous cartoon And I'm gonna leave soon, but first I need to Drink a Chevy chase face and rape Robocop 2 Yo, I'm MC Historical Inaccuracy I drop lyrical bombs like Hiroshima in '73 I write rhymes like Shakespeare when he wrote Ann Frank's Diary Which is about the civil war of 1812 in Germany I'm like the Spanish inquisition when they killed Jesus And Abe Lincoln's suicide was the theme for my thesis Like Moses when I focus I can split the Red sea Like he did in 1950 with the Chinese army I'm MC Don't Know How to Pluralize Word I got so many rhyme and I sleep with all the girl When there's more than one of something you're supposed to pluralize But I never learned that through all the year I've been alive Hello, I'm MC Canadian Stereotype I'm about to get started, so let me get off the ice But I don't want any trouble, and I am always polite Now let's hop on my snowmobile, and I will tell you what I like But first I'll turn of curling and turn down Avril Lavigne Et j'vais dire une phrase en francais, parce qu'ici on est bilingue Oh boy, I fell of my igloo and I hurt my knee Let's go to the hospital, don't worry, here in Canada it's free, eh MC Fatigue, did you miss me I'll be awake for five minutes, 'cause I had a coffee I'll try to get through my verse, but I really don't know I drank that coffee about five minutes ago (snoring) They hired me again to sing this motherfucking chorus I haven't found a fucking job yet so I gotta do this bullshit (I can't take it, I'm done) I don't think I can sing another fucking chorus I think I'm gonna jump off a bridge, or shoot myself like Kurt Cobain did (I think my dad has a gun) I'm MC Knows Too Many Facts About Bees 15 miles per hour is their average speed A queen can lay up to 3000 eggs in a day Just because I know a lot about bees doesn't mean that I'm gay I'm also MC In the Closet Homosexual I hide it 'cause it's easier to be heterosexual We can't even get married in most states here in America It's fucked up Gay marriage is legal here, in Canada I'm MC Homophobic Fucking Asshole Being gay is evil and it is unnatural Jesus said to love thy neighbour, but only if they are straight Penises go in vaginas, anything else is just insane I'm MC Extremely Inappropriate Rhymes I shake things up like J-fox when I get on the mic And I drop my enemies just like Christopher Reeves' horse Then I put them to sleep, like Heath Ledger of course (woah) I'm MC Extremely Politically Correct I disagree with the previous MC's lyrical content It's offensive, insensitive and in very bad taste Just like that guy who wrote that song when Michael Jackson passed away Yo, MC Final Verse here to end this song One was enough, we didn't need a sequel Jon Make a fourth Show Me Your Genitals or another Normal Guy But for now let's end this stupid song with a suicide This is the last time that I will ever sing a chorus My dad's gun was in his closet and I'm gonna end this bullshit (I had a good run) I'm gonna pull the trigger as soon as I finished the chorus Sayonara and farewell, I guess I'll see you all in hell (Four, three, two, one)

Dutch Wonderland

Josh Joplin Group "Useful Music"
Beneath the snow lies a dream that I once had And I know that I'll never go back To the Christmas colored neighborhood as thoughtful as a card With a plastic baby Jesus in the yard CHORUS It was all and it was nothing at all It was all and it was nothing at all What we didn't know we didn't think to ask The world was just a globe they used in class Where the gym teacher was always mad and as far as we could tell He only exercised his right to yell CHORUS As the kings of boredom we ruled as we knew how Or at least as long as our curfews would allow Couple skates, love-sick songs, in moments without pause As Johnny Cougar amplified our cause CHORUS We were the great believers that dreams came with stars And freedom just depended on the car Until one day the sky fell in and freedom lost control And ran off the road and hit a pole CHORUS Beneath the snow lies a dream that I once had

The Forest Of Nathrath

In the nocturnal fog, shadows dancing and whisper the Satanic Glory, before the flags of hate and lies embrace themselves, there on the hills. The pentagram hordes, the riders of doom, drink the christmen blood. tomorrow we'll hunt them beyond the dark forest, beyond the blood... In the forest of NATHRATH! War til death, war til the end. Spilling the ecclesiatsics blood, invoking the supreme shield of eternity. Annhahal NATHRATH! Huffah Bethud urieh dielveh! HAIL SATHANAS! From my altar, I invoke the dark age, the battle against Christianity. now the day of perveristy, our day! Today we treat Christians like damned souls were treated by their god! After the master will be the infernal prince, again by the last time all Christian's kingdom will shive by fire. The flag of hate, sons of perdition we arise us. black souls against god's concept to slay you all. In the forest of NATHRATH! Annhahal NATHRATH! Huffah Bethud urieh dielveh! HAIL SATHANAS! From my demon-horse I observe the battle against Christianity. now the nearest victory our will, the carnage is done. there in the woods... in the forest of NATHRATH! This was the tales... of the Satanic wars. the battle of hate and lies! Of hate and lies!!!

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