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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - In My African Dream

Tough Enough

Original and similar lyrics
LOMHLABA UNZIMA, LOMHLABA [this world is a harsh place, this world] Picture the end of a cycle here's the fire from heaven There's a tired planeet closing down no more news at eleven somewhere the last of a species has died somewhere a child is born when I hold you, I tremble inside can we ride out the storm? Are you tough enough -- can you take the strain? Are you tough enough -- to walk in the burning rain Are you tough enough -- can you take the change? Are you tough enough -- baby just say! Chorus: Into the heart of the human dream into a strange new world remember me under the Tree of Man where I first heard your words gonna make it through, I can feel it What we need is a miracle what we need is some time what we need is an angel of Mercy in this life Are you tough enough -- can you take the heat? Are you tough enough -- to walk in the burning street Are you tough enough -- can you take the change Are you tough enough -- baby just say! Chorus... There's your mama and your papa waving good-bye in the cold moonlight in their eyes the confusion of a world gone by and you hold me tightly as we step out into the morning light and I know you are thinking that for something to be born somthing has to die. Chorus... Vele vele we mama kunjalo [It is true, it's obvious. Mama, it is just as you say].

One Child

NATALIE GRANT "Natalie Grant"
The seed, it grows and somehow becomes a life It moves, she knows that her baby has arrived, She's so scared, but she's so blessed She lays down her fear for the hope at her breast for she knows... CHORUS: One million chains could never hold back this moment in time One thousand dreams could never dream what this moment truly means Heaven and earth, they cradle the infinite Joy born on this night For it only takes one Child to forever change the world He stands beside her, he'd share her pain if he only knew how He whispers 'I love you' as he gently strokes her brow He's so scared, but he's so blessed There's a thundering pride pounding deep in his chest For he knows... CHORUS Christ is born, we are blessed Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess That we know.. CHORUS This Baby cries and for the first time The world hears the voice of God weep Mary sings a lullaby As the Hope of the nations gently falls asleep She knows this is the one Child To forever change the world.

Don't Change

KAREN CLARK SHEARD "The Heavens Are Telling"
[phone rings] (hello?) (hey mama) (yeah) (can we kick it?) (can we kick it?) (I'm sorry, can I talk to you for a minute) (that's more like it) (well here's my story) [Verse 1] (becoming a lady) (yeah) There are so many things to learn (uh huh) About life and things that we're made of (now I see where this is all going) Don't wanna be mistaken For not being a christian girl (uh huh) And my fear is being made fun of (baby let me tell you how to cope) (tell me) 'cause ya mama went through the same thing (I bet you did) Be not justified by what your friends might think [Chorus] (mama I do my best To obey the rules that you and daddy set To keep me from doin' somethin' that I might regret Even though it's hard mama don't change) (being a mama ain't a easy task It's more than examples on how to cook and dress Discipline and values I know you need to get Even though your hard headed don't change) [Verse 2] (I know that I am special) (yes you are) Because I am a child (mama's baby) of the king But in the school they be thinking that I am arrogant (what now hold) I don't understand it (well) You told me to be proud of myself (yes I did) Why does it seem like I'm doing all the wrong things (let me tell you how to be When your attacked by the hands of the enemy Hold you head up high And in him you must believe) [Chorus] [Verse 3] (mama I know it looks like I'm not listenin' But I hear you and daddy too Thank you for showing me what to do) (we know you try we know it ain't easy to live this life sometime) (but as your by my side) (we can make it together) [J-Moss] I know what it means when you see them things on the T.V screens make a sista wanna (scream) You wanna make it quick everytime you see 23's or 24's thick on the floor But mama knows best Daddy told you whenever you come come correct Take your time baby and be a young lady You whole of your life a head of you don't change [Chorus x2] (can we talk anytime Can I tell ya what's on my mind Your my friend till the end Can I come Can I call Will say the right thing And explain what cha mean (I will) Can you show me (watch me) how to get through We I can see oh oh)

Good As She Could Be

Well she was a millionaire Before she was fourteen But there was an emptiness there That to practically everyone else could be seen She hit up on the drug of love Though there was no hole in her arm There was a hole some place else About as big as dady 10.000 acre farm CHORUS: Oh, she was dying for it For all the world to see Ah, she was as good as she could be Well she had a baby at eighteen Never finished high school Her husband beat her for money and sex Till that cadillac finally ran out of fuel One disaster led to another Down to her and her baby son Born with a silver spoon in her mouth Headed south now Cause she was never born to run CHORUS TWICE Well her momma died last year And her daddy he called her back home But when he opened the door He could not recognize This spectre of hair and bone But it was his own baby child Though she looked like an old woman now Well she lived ten lifetimes in five years Anywhere that the law would allow CHORUS TWICE Yeah, she was good as she could be Ah, she was good as she could be

Trust Me (This Is Love)

AMANDA MARSHALL "Amanda Marshall"
I look at this mountain So many heartaches wide And I can't help but wonder Where's the other side I've got to be honest I've got my doubts These tears are asking me What's this got to do with love? Baby, I'll tell you something To help us through this long, dark night Chorus When this trouble passes over You and I will walk away Knowing that our love survived Another test of faith You and I can walk on water The river rises, we rise above It may not look that way right now But trust me, baby...this is love. Love isn't easy I'm torn, I confess When a heart is uncertain It's bound to second guess This love won't forsake us So dry your tears I promise you Chorus I'm here for you baby There's nothing I want more Our day is coming And we'll reach that peaceful shore Chorus When this trouble passes over You and I will walk away Knowing that our love survived Another test of faith Cause you and I can walk on water The river rises, we rise above It may not look that way right now But trust me, baby....this is love One more mountain what Trust me baby...this is love. Written By: D. McTaggert, D. Tyson

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Dead of the night baby We're finally alone I'll pull up the shades If you'll unplug the phone Put on some music Marvin Gaye's real nice Once we get settled I'll turn off the lights Chorus: Don't be afraid of the dark Don't be afraid of the dark I'll be there to hold you Don't be afraid of the dark It might be scary Til your eyes adjust Don't fear the shadows Me you can trust I'm at my best In a pitch black room Hold on tight baby You'll feel the power soon Chorus You might tremble You might shake Scream out loud Maybe even pray I know which moves Suit you right You'll beg for more You'll forget about the night Chorus

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